Heliocosms in Esoteric Astrology
Spiral-Cyclic Positions in the Astrological Chart

Grand Trigon Full Cycle
Saturn-Jupiter Conjunctions
1425 to 2200
(Heliocentric View)

—— Spiral-Cyclic Motion in Action ——

Venus Conjunctions
1985 to 1993
(Geocentric/synodic View)


To Isabel Hickey of Boston (1903-1980)
a Bailey student who first introduced me to astrology,
and to my mentors / colleagues / students
Linda Clave and Kate Rafferty
at the Theosophical Society in Boston
© 2008
Peter Kubaska


Heliocosms in Esoteric Astrology
Spiral-Cyclic Positions in the Astrological Chart


The Heliocosm

Heliocosm ('solar-node world, or creation') is a word I've coined for the spiral-cyclic motion nature of the planets, as distinct from their rotary/orbital positions on a flat fixed 'time' chart.   Heliocosms can only be understood in their spiral-cyclic motion around the Sun over a period of decades and centuries.   It is easy to visualize the 'long body of the solar system' of the Path of a central Sun speeding toward the direction of the star Vega and constellation Capricorn (Solar Apex) surrounded by all the planets spiraling around at different distances and speeds.   Over 250-1000 years it is easy to imagine this spectacle as a Ray or as a Spirilla in a larger (Sirian System) organism of seven suns, for instance.   These facts resemble the Hindu iconography of solar Indra, his golden palace at the head of the Three Worlds, and the Buddhist Net of Indra composed of a network of sparkling gems, node points 'heliocosms' each reflecting all the others in Yajna, Space as an Entity;   also the word for 'sacrifice' and denominating 'The Great Sacrifice' and the practice of yajna yoga.

From the Sun's point of view, heliocosms are the only planetary positions that are both geocentric and heliocentric in nature, hence their exceptional value (and the technical focus on conjunctions and oppositions only).   Looking down on the physical Sun and planetary orbits over time, these geometric or heliocosmic patterns emerge as alignment points with the Earth.   From the Earth's point of view they appear as consecutive or sequential conjunction alignments with the Sun, which often blots out the planet involved.   (See the book Heliocosms and Esoteric Astrology, SRI 2008.)

Since the influence of a Ray and its energy is dependent upon alignment, heliocosms are a direct expression of this divine geometry which exists whether one chooses to recognize it or not.   The influence of a Ray must be distinguished from Energy, which is life and consciousness related, and from Force which relates to the shell or form.   One of the major projects of planet Earth is to subjugate force for constructive purposes, rather than applying it to persons or populations through arbitrary coercion, perpetual war and its ensuing plagues.

Humanity has the choice between its own true essential nature IVth CH Mercury (Vision) and that of parochial, dumbfounded but aggressive VIth CH Mars (War and Plague).   The forces and energies of Mars and Mercury, sword vs. pen, might vs. right, have been battling it out on the human stage for millennia.   Mars and Mercury, “stars of conflict” on physical and mental planes respectively, produce the conflict of ideas, ideals, and popular idols that obsess a humanity addicted to crisis and conflict before deciding to think and reflect.   Working in tandem the two produce spectacular results of engineering 'on physical, group, social, national, and now on planetary levels of cooperation' primarily through Science, ruled by Venus and Ray Five.

The Grand Trigon Cycle of conjunctions of Saturn with Jupiter every 20 years I take as a heliocosm for several reasons.   During the Trigon year in question, the Sun passes through their conjunction point.   Also Saturn as Ring-Pass-Not is indeed the solar systemic permanent atom.   The threefold forces of the physical Sun pass through Jupiter, a once incipient Sun, and into planetary life.   Jupiter rules any entity's magnetic Sphere of Influence.   Both planets are deeply related to Leo and Rays One and Five (Pluto and Venus Cycle).

Inspiration:   Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Astrology, and her 24 books on esoteric studies.   NY: Lucis Trust.
NY: Lucis Publishing Company – website (http://www.lucistrust.org/en/publications_store).
H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, Centennial facsimile ed. LA. Theosophical University Press, 1988.
The Agni Yoga Books, published by the Agni Yoga Society, Inc. (http://www.agniyoga.org/)

Table of Contents


Introductory Remarks
General Remarks on Esoteric Astrology
Purpose of this Book
Venus — Soul of the Earth

Rotary-Orbital   /   Spiral Cyclic   /   Forward Progressive

Rotary Motion   [Squares or Crosses]
Self-centered motion associated with the 'Physical Sun', Saturn, and the non-sacred planets Earth, Mars, Pluto, (Sun) and (Moon)
Heliocentric/Geocentric Alignments (Conjunctions and Oppositions only)
Sidereal in Relation to Tropical positions

Spiral-Cyclic Motion — The 'Heliocosm'   [Stars]
Solar-geometrical motion associated with 'Heart of the Sun' and Neptune, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury

Forward, or Spiral-Progressive Motion — Planetary Nodes   [Triangles]
Sirian system forward motion associated with Central Spiritual Sun
and 1st Ray Planets Pluto, Vulcan, Uranus, Mercury-as-Sun

The Inner Side of Spiral-Cyclic Motion

The Nature of the Esoteric Atom
Indra's Net
The Long Body Of The Solar System   (Mithraic Zurvan)
The Higher Quaternary
Comments on Hierarchic Charts

Venus in relation to Mercury and Mars
The Five Arms of Venus
The Venus Cycle and the Rays
The Grand Trigon and the Venus Heliocosm

( To Be Cont'd )

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