America: A Reference Archive of Foundational Events
Illustrating America’s Aquarius Soul and Gemini Personality

Grand Trigon Full Cycle
Saturn-Jupiter Conjunctions
1425 to 2200
(Heliocentric View)

—— Spiral-Cyclic Motion in Action ——

Charles Thomson’s initial design for the Great Seal
Adopted by Congress in June 1782

Dedication & Acknowledgement

To Isabel Hickey of Boston (1903-1980)
a Bailey student who first introduced me to astrology,
to the Theosophical Society in Boston,
and to my mentor and patron
John David Laing of Montreal

© 2009
Peter Kubaska


America: A Reference Archive of Foundational Events
Illustrating America’s Aquarius Soul and Gemini Personality


What Methods are Best for Charting Groups and Nations?
Working with group astrology demands many new formats, best tailored to the situation, question, or group at hand.   Every astrologer has their preferred method of charting, plus techniques of analysis.   Working with groups or nations will necessarily be more demanding, also entailing an in-depth grasp of history and biography.
    It is arguable that the most important events and actors on the world stage remain invisible and unrecorded.   To use that as an excuse not to mobilize the resources we have at hand for groups and nations is like saying it is not possible to read an individual chart because their physical appearance does not disclose all their thoughts, reactions, motives, significant social connections, or those invisible and unpredictable opportunities that may present themselves in the future.
    As the Chinese say, the palest ink is better than the clearest memory.   That is doubly true because a written recorded entry tends to trigger scores of associated memories and information.   Not to keep a spiritual or biographical diary, even in the form of calendar entries, is wasting the closest and most reliably present subject of inquiry and exemplification at hand — oneself.   The same goes for history, and “living in the present” in a world of forms.   This particular effort to grasp the predominant soul and personality sign for America uses a timeline (which can be greatly expanded), paired with astrological/astronomical positions of the planets, plus the Venus Cycle related to the soul of our Earth.
    There is the intention to identify the most consistently involved and representative participants in the founding of the nation.   It then selected ten significant individual charts to see how they correlated with timelines, cycles, and hypothesized national ruling signs.   There is an attempt at graphic synopsis.   This process should reveal preconceptions as well as interesting principles at work behind perceived outward appearances.
    Working with small groups, it is easy to set up solar, lunar positions of the members in a particular group and discover what planets and aspects they have in common.   The next question is what do these results mean in the larger social context (or in the esoteric)?   Clearly, esoteric astrology has a long way to go before a truly thorough and systematized analysis can take place.   Once the mountain of ‘evidence’ or timelines, or compilations and assessment of factors is in place, the essential and simple dynamic factors will remain.
    If the past is any indication, educational and scientific examination and application only become more complex with data overload, demanding a diversified and integrated group or team effort.

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