The Venus Diary

Venus Retrograde Conjunctions
2001 to 2033
(Heliocentric View)

The Venus Cycle & Heliocosm
A Cycle of Soul Opportunity

—— Spiral-Cyclic Motion in Action ——

Venus Conjunctions
1985 to 1993
(Geocentric/synodic View)


To Isabel Hickey of Boston (1903-1980)
a Bailey student who first introduced me to astrology,
and to my mentors / colleagues / students
Linda Clave and Kate Rafferty
at the Theosophical Society in Boston
© 2009
© 2011 rev. ed.
Peter Kubaska


The Venus Diary
Using the Venus Heliocosm to Aid the Individual


Why Study the Venus Cycle or Heliocosm at All?
Why study the Venus Heliocosm at all?   Why study the Venus Cycle in relation to Earth and from the point of view of the Sun?   The cycle’s placements are the same for everyone.   There are no extra planetesimals or interplanetary dust to make the personality more unique than it already is.   It would seem to present the same problem as people born at the same moment in the same hospital.   The combination of Venus Arms differs by generation, depending on the c.9-month phase the native chose for birth as a soul.   It appears to be a static dead end.
    From the Sun’s point of view, heliocosms are both geocentric and heliocentric, hence their exceptional value and the focus on conjunctions and oppositions only.   Looking down on the physical Sun and planetary orbits over time, these geometric or heliocosmic patterns emerge as alignment points with the Earth.   From the Earth’s point of view they appear as consecutive or sequential conjunction alignments with the Sun, which often blots out the planet involved.
    Another way of looking at apparent stasis in both orthodox and esoteric astrology is to recognize the difference between individual and individual/group focus.   Orbital transits on static natal positions may be fine for mundane interpretation.   If you are looking at the individual within their chosen groups and their conscious/unconscious participation in their egoic groups, then transit positions which are the same for everyone –such as (heliocosmic “solar-world”) cycle transits– serve to bring out the unique individuality of the chart so much more, by witnessing the individual response.   Also, regular, universal cycle transits place the individual in a much more clarified relationship to the group, given the greater number of points within a geometric spiral-cyclic structure.   How do individuals and groups use the same energy, and how do they coordinate their efforts?
    Spiral-cyclic (heliocosmic = “sun-world creating”) cycles such as those of Venus and Mercury provide a kind of universal 4th dimensional context.   When people can see the ups and downs within a given cycle, they can be more understanding of themselves and others, as well as more accepting and adept at coordinated timing when working together.   That is the purpose.
    Then again, studying apparently static placements is not much different than studying orthodox Venus by sign — only 12 choices, modified by degree, aspects and house placement (yet one orthodox vs. 5/10 heliocosmic prenatal positions).   The Venus Cycle provides 125 points for a 100-year lifespan.   All uniqueness in either case comes from the Science of Relationship with all the other elements one chooses to include in the natal chart, plus the synthetic grasp and interpretive power of the chosen astrologer.   Then, to get a wider group, social-set, or collective perspective, there are all the astrological relationships and events occurring outside the chart.   With orthodox Venus, one placement — with the Venus Cycle, 5/10 placements before birth, putting both personality and soul within a solar current conditioned by Venus, soul of the Earth.
    The Venus Cycle puts the burden on the esoteric astrologer to see the personality/soul in a much wider perspective, similar to looking at the lifetime transits of the outer planets in orthodox astrology.   It demands doubling or tripling the multidimensional task of the contemporary astrologer in deriving a synthesis of understanding.
    From the vantage point of the Sun, one interesting (rotary vs. spiral) difference is that standard Venus transits are moving forward in a predictable orbital path around and around again.   Venus Cycle transit positions move backward through the signs, digging deeper into the psyche and natal chart through spiral-cyclic (not rotary) motion.   This is parallel, in a way, to the mystical path constantly striving upward, only to find that the next step forces the mystic to focus downward into service — the dilemma of the Capricorn motto, “Lost am I in Light Supernal, yet on that Light I turn my back.”
    Venus Cycle transits are also much more rare.   They suggest that the timing for taking advantage of Venus’ spiral and geometric energy is limited to small phases in one’s life, though its impact on the individual can be observed by their response, degree, and type of transformative change later during the same lifespan.
    For example, and from the solar viewpoint, if the Venus (solar) heliocosm transits the natal Sun during one’s lifetime (or any other planet), it only strikes around 5-6 times by close 0-3 degree orb every four years, creating a 20-24 year phase of impact that trails off in 4-year ‘reminder’ pulses for the remainder of one’s life — whether individually polarized or group polarized.
    Will the individual take advantage of this phase or not?   And how?   Venus Cycle transits are not static like the orbital repetitions of geocentric Venus that continue throughout one’s life.   Even the heliocentric position of Venus in the chart is orbital-rotary in nature.   However, it discloses its spiral-cyclic nature when the Earth or geocentric position is included during alignment with the Sun as a heliocosm.   This is Isis Unveiled, but just the first veil.
    The Venus Heliocosm gives you a short phase and challenge:   will the person measure up to the soul’s intent and maximize its ties within the scope of its auric sphere of influence (Jupiter) or relationship — group conscious, self conscious, or groping?   This experience (as observer or as subject) is a bit like waiting to see the effects of transits of the outer planets, those beyond Saturn’s ring-pass-not.

Nations, Egoic Groups and Collectivities
The Venus cycle is applicable to all.   While nations take decades to build (long-term cycles actually representing national charts far more accurately than single-day symbolic events), groups have a collective group life and generational effect and are also better represented by cycle spans than by single-event charts.   Of course, both approaches work together.   This proactive approach, contrasted with the predictive or fatalistic, distinguishes the esoteric astrologer's work with solar and heliocosmic cycles in the human lifespan.   It is not possible without mental capacity or the Method of Soul Approach denoted "The Factor of Analysis" associated with Ray Five and Venus.
The human being in his eventual recognized group relationships is of more importance than appears in his individual life, which the orthodox horoscope seeks to elucidate.   It only determines his little destiny and unimportant fate.   Esoteric astrology indicates his group usefulness and the scope of his potential consciousness.   EA 99
    In egoic groups and mundane group charts, we are looking at impersonal cycles that affect all units simultaneously, such as heliocosmic cycles based on the soul’s spiral-cyclic nature.   These longer-span cycle charts are far more expressive of the uniqueness of any given group (particularly spiritual or focused groups), since the group’s effects often persist and can be traced through these same cycles long after the units have died.
    Another advantage of the Venus Cycle four-year positions is to help focus the consciousness and visualize one’s work over the period of at least a full year as well as within the four-year pulsation.   Using the Venus Cycle proactively demands continuity of consciousness to command the multitude of factors in one’s work.   It helps cultivate patience in the face of Infinity.   It presents multiple opportunities to visualize the organization of one’s life over 100 years.

Venus and Heliocosmic ‘Resonance’
In individual charts one can note the Venus Cycle continuing to have a four-year pulsing effect in terms of that individual’s impact and work, after apparent ‘death.’   The effect appears to be much stronger and noticeable in the charts of groups, particularly in those of social movements and progressive projects.   The Graph at the center of this booklet demonstrates this exceptionally well in the HPB, AAB and Offshoot lineages including School for Esoteric Studies, Meditation Mount, and the Seven Ray Institute.   I’ve tried to communicate this to many individuals over the past 20 years or more, but hints or discussion are not enough to take my meaning and go with it.   So I’ve decided to graph these cycles out and hope to share my earlier group charting and layouts with those who are interested in the archive.
    In the individual geo/helio chart wheel with heliocosmic and nodal placements that I use, it is sometimes difficult to trace or follow the shorthand necessary to write in the Venus heliocosmic transits, for instance.   The Excel tabulation accomplishes the depiction of the cycle much better, but doesn’t allow one to see it ‘in the Chart Pattern.’   So I suppose both are necessary to complement each other.   I go into narrative detail in the pages that precede and follow the graphic presentations.   (See Charts and Graph.)

Venus and the Science of Initiation
For the Ray One Venus cycle there is the sequence Aries – Capricorn – Scorpio – Leo – Gemini at present (1987-2022).   This is the period where Aries, Leo and Capricorn are to be found among the Five Arms of the Venus Cycle (Ray One).   Aries, Capricorn and Scorpio are the three major signs associated with initiation and the tests of initiation.
The initiatory cultural process which has in view the stimulation of magnetic radiation or transmutation is but an experiment.   It was tried first on Venus, and on the whole proved successful, resulting in the consummation of the planetary purpose in five rounds instead of seven.   This was what made it possible to utilise Venusian energy upon the Venus chain and the Venus globe of our scheme and thus cause the phenomenon of forced individualisation in Lemurian days.   It was the intensive stimulation of the third kingdom of nature during the third root race which artificially unified the three aspects.   The process of stimulating through the medium of Venusian energy was really begun in the third round when the triangle of force was completed, and ready to function.   It is this factor which occultly makes the third Initiation of such tremendous importance.   In it the human triangle is linked, the Monad, the Ego and the personality, or Venus, the Sun and the Earth are symbolically allied. CF 1076-7
The flaming pentagram is a shield in time of battle.   In the midst of special tension man represents such a pentagram — the larynx burns as if aflame, the extremities of hands and feet are ablaze;   thereby, like an unconquerable shield, he rises, protecting the manifested works.   Of course, such a condition is especially dangerous in life, where so many petty betrayals occur.   I advise silence in order not to ignite a number of centers, especially the heart.   Such a self-sacrificing and flaming heart is an especial joy for the Highest World.   Like torches, these hearts radiate above all the pressures of the world.   — Heart 174
One must decide whether they express passively or proactively in one’s life.   This spiritual and mental discernment or the ‘esoteric sense’ is the true Touchstone test because initiation works through the Mind and what lies behind it and uses it.   Take a look at yourself and your diary of events or dreams.   This is why all esoteric schools recommend a spiritual diary.   It is as necessary in a long life as the daily Recollections.
Dreams may reflect the past and the present.   Dreams may reflect the already patterned cliché of the future.   But besides these earthly reflections there may be reflections of the Subtle and Fiery Worlds.   Of course, people are often unable to precisely identify these last two types, because they are evanescent and, being of a different nature, are little applicable to earthly measures.   Only the flaming heart can retain in the consciousness these sparks of far-off worlds.   The same also occurs with visions.   One may see stars belonging to constellations other than those visible through a telescope.   For this, the fiery body must already be sufficiently molded.   Of course it always exists, but it may be chaotic and unconscious.   Yet the path of striving passes through all bodies, and then the triad shines.   — Heart 258
Step number one in this process is understanding oneself.   Humans at large –not just royalty and heads of state– have the habit of continually rewriting their own history, not just for self-presentation or status-anxiety needs and competitive positioning, but also for reformulating aspirations and identifications with new goals and orientations.   To avoid the slippery slope into self-delusion and madness, it helps to keep notes.   One does the best at ascertaining the ‘truth’ with the consciousness that one has.   But there is nothing like a spiritual diary or even an event or appointment calendar to keep track of exact timing.   When one’s perceptions of what has passed are in a fog or blur, then it is hard to justify any rationalization based on memory, the past, or even on any human ‘perceptions’ — all having become a relativistic mush in the mind.   Of course the traces of events, persons, contacts, and experiences can be ‘read’ in the physical form and motion or in the tones of the voice, but why consult someone else –a divinator or psychoanalyst for instance– to know oneself?   Why not take responsibility for oneself and one’s own development?   Why not take a proactive attitude toward timing with regard to one’s chosen field of work?   A concrete record may be biased, but it retains the ‘aroma’ of the time and circumstances during which it was written.   This can be decoded in the future by the discerning mind and heart — one’s own heart and mind.

    Please feel free to keep a spiritual diary.

Inspiration:   Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Astrology, and her 24 books on esoteric studies.   NY: Lucis Trust.
NY: Lucis Publishing Company – website (
H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, Centennial facsimile ed. LA. Theosophical University Press, 1988.
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Table of Contents


VENUS — From the Point of View of the Sun
Venus and Spirituality
Venus and White Magic
Venus as Mediator Between Saturn and Uranus — Exo & Eso Psychology
Venus and the 5th Kingdom in Nature, the Kingdom of Souls
Venus and the Three Crosses
Venus in the Larger Cosmic Context
Venus in the Solar and Planetary Context
The Long Body of the Solar System
(Illustrations of Heliocosmic cycles)

THE VENUS HELIOCOSM — From the Viewpoint of the Sun
Another Uranus to Venus Effect in the Long Body of the Solar System

The Human Lifespan
Pre-Natal Placements
Venus Cycle Heliocosms as Transits
(H.P. Blavatsky Chart with Heliocosms)
(A.A. Bailey Chart with Heliocosms – Pisces Ascendant)
(Two-page Center Tabulation (in Excel) of the Five Arms of Venus, covering H.P. Blavatsky’s life, work, and offshoots – to 2012)

An Argument (2009-01-24)
Date Sources

Characteristics Associated with the Arms
Assign KEYNOTES to One's Experience of the Arms / Signs
Assign Proactive GOAL PHRASES for the Arms / Signs
Venus in the Cardinal Cross

VENUS AND THE TRIAD OF MERCURY-VENUS-MARS — From the Point of View of the Sun
Venus to Mars
Mercury to Mars
Venus to Mercury
Venus and the Future in Solar and Sirian Constitutions

VENUS AND THE SCIENCE OF TRIANGLES — From the Point of View of the Sun
Virgo’s Nine Signs
Venus and Spirit / Matter in Relation to Humanity
Triangle of Crisis — Leo, Libra, and Capricorn
Triangle of Assimilation — Cancer, Virgo, and Pisces

VENUS AND THE SEVEN RAYS — From the Point of View of the Sun

RAY ONE Ruling Signs in the Venus Cycle     Cycles starting BC 505 to Present and their events
RAY ONE Ruling Signs in the Venus Cycle     Cycles starting BC 470 to Present and their events
RAY SIX Ruling Signs in the Venus Cycle     Cycles starting BC 628 to Present and their events
The Remaining Rays and the Venus Cycle
Some Reflections on the Ray Periods of Venus

VENUS AND THE CENTERS — From the Point of View of the Sun
Venus and the Splenic Center
Venus and Balancing the Ajna-Throat-Sacral Axis for Health & Longevity

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