The Destiny of the Nations Revisited, Vol. 1

Grand Trigon Full Cycle
Saturn-Jupiter Conjunctions
1425 to 2200
(Heliocentric View)
A Full Cycle of 39 to 40 Steps � Water/Fire/Earth/Air

(Geocentric/synodic View)
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—— Spiral-Cyclic Motion in Action ——

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To Isabel Hickey of Boston (1903-1980)
a Bailey student who first introduced me to astrology;
to the SRI Conferences, 1987 & 2008 in particular;
to Linda Clave and Kate Rafferty of the Theosophical Society in Boston,
our stalwart triangle who shared ideas, observations, and methodologies
over many years of Full Moons and monthly gatherings;
and to all my friends over the years
who I love and miss.

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The Destiny of the Nations Revisited, Vol. 1
(Excerpts from 87 pp.)


What Methods are Best for Charting Groups and Nations?

Working with group astrology demands many new formats, best tailored to the situation, question, or group at hand. Every astrologer has their preferred method of charting, plus techniques of analysis. Working with groups or nations will necessarily be more demanding, also entailing an in-depth grasp of history and biography.

It is arguable that the most important events and actors on the world stage remain invisible and unrecorded. To use that as an excuse not to mobilize the resources we have at hand for groups and nations is like saying it is not possible to read an individual chart because their physical appearance does not disclose all their thoughts, reactions, motives, significant social connections, or those invisible and unpredictable opportunities that may present themselves in the future.

As the Chinese say, the palest ink is better than the clearest memory. That is also true because a written recorded entry tends to trigger scores of other memories and information. Not to keep a spiritual or biographical diary (especially for an �astrologer�) �even in the form of calendar entries� is wasting the closest and most reliably present subject of inquiry and exemplification at hand � oneself.

The Unknown Present

Astronomically. We live in an Unknown Present astronomically, with solar flares taking hours to reach the Earth, and the fact that all the stars and galaxies we �perceive� in �space� are light years away and display only their past conditions and mere appearance. For example, a supernova may have occurred in a star 200 light years distant, but we won�t see the explosion (or experience the utterly disastrous effects) until 200 years from what we call �NOW�. The ETERNAL NOW for the solar Logos (not the solar Grand Heavenly Man except in what corresponds to His �egoic consciousness�) is experienced through three entire solar systems (three �Permanent Atoms�?).

When dealing with these immense cosmic ENTITIES we are also dealing with our complete inadequacy in attempting to perceive Their nature through the miniscule window of our c.100-year lifespan and through attempts at expanding our mental horizons through our construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction of �knowledge� and of �history.� Knowledge, history and science seem to drastically change each decade and century. What is important to reflect upon is that a planetary or solar LIFE exists in a vast Sea of Time � the active globes of a �scheme� or �chain� of any sort, speculatively speaking, may exist in our �present,� but light years away in distant systems within the greater ENTITY.

This reveals the significance of Sirian Kama-Manas, its lower correspondences, and the fact that humans ACT not on clear mentation or consciousness, but primarily on instinct, lower or higher psychic �perception,� congealed lower mental attitudes, ideals, incentive, and aspirations � on basic IGNORANCE, beginning to be transcended by Intuition in its highest technical sense.

Psychologically. Just as we live in an Unknown Present astronomically, the same applies to our human society. When we don�t even know our friends, colleagues and spouses � the hundreds of significant events in their lives and unpredictable complexes that produce unanticipated interactions � it is even more important to know ourselves. What were the 100 major events in the life of your best friend or spouse? Just think how this ignorance of our own �family� is exponentially deepened genealogically � just who were the parents (or changelings)?

Most of the chaos in societies and in the world arises from Ignorance, lack of knowledge, keeping secrets for various reasons, and withholding information for the �good� of one�s associates. Thank God there is a call for greater transparency, brought on in good part by our present technological revolutions. We can even now see it extending into the psychological, community, and familial realms. Unfortunately, the technology may be run, supervised, and assessed by the 50% solution of self-confident morons (with degrees & certifications) in the population.

The Network of Thought. Krishnamurti�s deep insight into the differences among instantaneous awareness, consciousness, knowledge, and the construction of a network of thought with �memory� or mere adopted clich�s can be found dealt with in his book of the same name. His book is meant to spark further Insight.

Knowledge and History �as well as our own psychological �reality�� are constructions. They are constantly changing, and serve the �present� period or purpose relevant to the larger social and historical context and the flow of evolution within which they find themselves fashioned. Hopefully within our lifetimes we are allowed to see their shifts as stepping stones. Trained Observation makes many demands. Observation is the object of these booklets.

Some Basic Approaches

The previous effort to grasp the predominant soul and personality sign for America used a timeline (which can be greatly expanded) paired with astrological/astronomical ingresses and placements of the planets. The Venus Cycle positions �the planet related to the soul of our Earth� are included in the form of its Arm- or Sign-shifts in the present tabulation. This approach intends to identify the most consistently involved and representative actors and factors in the founding of a nation. Then a number of significant individual charts are examined to see how they correlate with timelines, cycles, and hypothesized national ruling signs. There is an attempt at graphic synopsis.

Working with smaller groups in the past, it is easy to set up solar, lunar positions of the members in a particular group and discover what planets and aspects they have in common. The next question is what does this mean in the larger social context (or in the esoteric)? On a tangent, it is interesting to tabulate musicians in this manner and discover how signs and personal preferences relate. Clearly, esoteric astrology has a long way to go before a truly thorough and systematized analysis can take place. Once the mountain of �evidence� ‒or timelines, or compilations and assessment of factors‒ is in place, the essential and simple dynamic factors will remain. However, if the past is any indication, educational and scientific examination and application only become more complex with data overload, demanding a diversified and integrated group or team effort over time.

What is a �Nation�?

Nation-States as City-States. City-states have existed for thousands of years, while �nation� states are a fairly recent construction arising out of the revolutions, civil wars, and open conflicts of city-states, principalities and monarchies (particularly in the mid-1800s) simultaneously with the now-unavoidable mass risings of publics who demand dignity and human rights under a rule of law most easily provided by an administrative state apparatus and balance of power among �estates� or governmental departments. These events and developments run parallel to new demands for �national identity� among publics who wish to avoid future victimization by elite predators, or paralysis and violence deriving from temporizing political factions.

Nation-States as Dynasties. Meanwhile, the dynastic lineages based on more-or-less feudal caste powers of warriors, financiers, religious potentates, and the merchant and peripheralized creative artistic groups remain consistently present in the deep background. Monarchies derived their creds from religious or secular bases � anointed �divine-right,� elected �elite-popular� or simple brute force introduction. These lineage strata can be categorized qualitatively, ethically, and esoterically. There are many bases for the argument that these �dynasties� of interconnected families, �teams� and groups retain a majority quotient of planetary political and governmental power to this day. Glamour is all-pervasive in human society. Power and pleasure-seeking opportunists recognize each other, as do thieves.

Nations as Identity. Many bases for national identity have been forwarded � language, �visible� ethnicity, cultural traditions, devotion to religious traditions, attachment to traditional forms of political and collective negotiation, and even to philosophical and ethical ideals, if only wistfully and rhetorically.

Languages in the West and written accounts in a basically recognizable �modern� form basically derive from the period 1000-1500. Before this period and even after, Latin and Greek were the diplomatic languages of the western and eastern Mediterranean states. The ability to communicate one�s own as well as one�s state interests seems the most logical and rational basis for identity, but it should be remembered that mono-lingualism and mono-cultural decay is a fairly recent and �modern� devolution when observing commercial city center diversity in relation to remote and isolated village societies. Resistance to multi-lingualism in the semi-isolated continental nation of the United States is a case in point, even though it inevitably defers (with reactionary unprincipled blips) to its better half as a nation of immigrants committed to inclusive universal humanitarian ideals over the long haul.

�Nationalism� Nationalism as we understand it today is basically derivative of the demand for more legal accountability of rulers and the rise of administration and bureaucracies to handle the various strata of social contracts as humanity evolves socially and becomes more conscious in larger and more complex societies � until now, in the 21st century � the �playing field� is clearly planetary.

Inspiration:   Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Astrology, and her 24 books on esoteric studies.   NY: Lucis Trust.
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Table of Contents, Cont'd

�Premature Nationalism”
�Long-Distance� Nationalism

The Approach of this Work
The Method of this Work

Geopolitical Finance Networks & State Competitors
(Primitive Early Attempts at the Unification of Europe)
The Hanse (Ari/Pis) & Hanseatic League c.1241-1600
Bruges (Sag/Gem) Bourse, Flanders � 1309
Medici (Leo/Sag) Bank and Network � 1397-1494
Fugger (Lib/Cap) Network from Augsburg Germany � c.1400-1600

Collective Unconscious and Genealogical Karma
Shifting Personality Rays of Nations
America 1774 � 1797

Table of Contents II — Planetary Keys

Abstract Introductory

Relevant Planetary Synopses
�Higher Octave� Planets in General
Brief Esoteric Commentary
The Grand Trigon and Venus

( ) Venus Five-Arm Cycle
( ) The Grand Trigon
( ) Pluto Cycles
( ) Uranus Cycles
( ) Jupiter Cycles


United Kingdom / France / Poland
Abstract / Introductory
Planetary Synopses
Higher Octave Planets
Orthodox Astrology
Esoteric Astrology � Planetary

�Esoteric Section� — (Brief Cosmic Context)
Esoteric Astrology � Planetary
Esoteric Astrology � Solar


Pluto and Venus

Aries and Uranus
Uranus Triangle of Sign Rulerships
Saturn Triangle of Sign Rulerships (Triangle of Crises)

The Nature of Jupiter
Jupiter Ingress through the Signs
Jupiter Helicosm Cycle
Jupiter Ingress �Wheel Shift� Cycle
Uranus, Jupiter and Venus Cycles

The Format

Gemini / Taurus
London � Leo / Libra

Pisces / Leo
Paris � Virgo / Capricorn

Taurus / Gemini
Warsaw � Capricorn / Pisces

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