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LEO   2010

Labor of Hercules
Slaying of the Nemean Lion

Chase Lion in circles to Cave, block one entrance, leave weapons behind, and strangle Lion, unseen by the people.
Motto:   I am That and That am I
(Leo seeks release in Scorpio)

Leo, Sirius and the Sirian System

Leo is ruled by the Sun on all three levels (personality, soul, hierarchic). These three levels are associated with the three aspects of the Sun — the central spiritual Sun (Uranus, Vulcan, Pluto), the Heart of the Sun (Neptune, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury), and the physical Sun (the Grand Trigon 20-year generational conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter, Saturn ruling the solar physical permanent atom and Jupiter the 3 major forces pouring through the physical Sun as they impact man, the microcosm).

In connection with the Mutable Cross, the rays of the Sun in a threefold form (combining the lowest energies of the threefold Sun) pour into and through the man, via Jupiter.   Jupiter is the agent of the second ray which the Sun expresses—cosmically and systemically. (EA297)

Through these three Solar-planetary rulerships, Leo is also related in a direct way to the Three Crosses ruled by Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter.   There is a difference between blind attachment to Change (Mutable Cross, lower Mercury) and consecration to human development, improvement, reform, and Evolution through crisis and conflict (Fixed Cross, Saturn).   Living Synthesis through the Cardinal Cross and Jupiter comes later. (EA 350)   Leo is particularly related to the Fixed Cross of Light and is centrally the emanating source of the “Fires of God” (planetary, solar, and cosmic) in the Triangle of Aries-Leo-Sagittarius. (EA 293)

These Three Crosses also bear relation to the work of the adept after the causal body no longer exists.   The Mutable Cross of Change ruled by Mercury must now express through the ‘mayavirupa,’ a ‘self-created’ or ‘spontaneously appearing’ body for the expression of monadic purpose.   The Fixed Cross of Crisis ruled by Saturn now expresses through the spiritual Hierarchy where Universal Will and little human self-wills are mediated by a “focused unit of all-inclusive buddhic awareness” to promote development and evolution.   The Cardinal Cross of Synthesis ruled by Jupiter retains the crucified adept while he remains on the Earth Path along the Way of the Higher Evolution.   Here the 5th, 6th, and 7th kingdoms in nature work in Shambhala with the planetary Antahkarana and its essential nature through the sutratma and its correspondences. (RI 481)

Leo rules the higher Ego and the principle of solar (fusion) radiation.   The Ego is not the soul or the causal body.   The Ego is the Thinker in the causal body.   The causal body is the sheath of the Ego on the mental plane. (CF 161)   The Ego and the egoic body (whether polarized on or identifying with any given plane) is the result of the union of the spiritual Monad and matter. (CF 229)   This just reiterates the essential nature of Humanity as Mercury, or the IVth Creative Hierarchy of monads, spoken of technically as human ‘units’ or ‘sparks’.   Leo is ruled on all three levels (personality, soul, hierarchic) by the Sun — Mercury, Vulcan and the Sun are One.

Leo is “intensely self-conscious” and finds itself in one of three processes associated with the periodical vehicles — personality integration, transmutation (Technique of Fusion or soul-infusion), or magnetic radiation (Technique of Duality).   We leave personality integration to the evolution of developmental psychology in Exoteric Astrology.   The (higher) processes of Transmutation are achieved through rotary-spirallic activity. (CF 1075)   Radiation involves spiral-progressive activity, development and unfoldment. (CF 1070)   Radiation liberates the living ‘entity’ from the form aspect, just as the Egoic body resulted from the union of Spirit and Matter.   It is only the conjunction of electric fire with fire-by-friction that produces the solar fire of Consciousness. (CF 231)   He is also a dhyani, a member of the 5th Kingdom in nature and a strand of the planetary antahkarana, yet for a long evolutionary period unconscious of that fact.   When these are more consciously employed through the Technique of Duality, the two major head centers utilize these two fires to focus work in the three and five worlds.   Radiation is defined as the raising of the vibration of the inner life (entity) in relation to the initial ‘prison’ of form that makes passage beyond the ring-pass-not of the systemic atom or form (and back) a possibility.   It definitely entails a “death” experience, whether the form is vacated or retained.   In a way this choice is symbolized by mystical and occult paths, respectively, or focus of life purpose.   This is yet another theme of the third initiation, the blending of the two Paths.   Man is both the Path and the Burning Ground.

While the technical term “Ahamkara” is only beginning to find resonance in western philosophy, and in theosophical circles is often associated with the little ego and separativeness, it is also a truism that one cannot get the personality out of the way without honestly disclosing it, and perhaps even discussing it in esoteric (or even occult) psychological terms.   For the latter (practicing occultist), consultation of the Hevajra Tantra is recommended (preferably through a Tibetan Buddhist lama who offers initiation into these specific teachings which involve the Breaths, Interludes and merging of ultimate truth or actuality with the higher and lower minds).   In a deep sense this involves the reemergence of ‘self-consciousness’ or ‘identity’ with that of the manasadevas or dhyanis active during the involutionary process in building the proto-antahkarana and causal body.   AAB/DK also pointed out the urgent need of ‘ahamkara’ for the Agnishvattas who are working to fully vivify the fifth spirilla of the permanent atoms (CF 712, 1103)   Ahamkara, or ‘I-ness,’ is governed by the Three Buddhas of Activity, with the Buddha of Love and the Fifth Kumara in the evolution of human consciousness.

After the third initiation which involves mastering the energies of Pluto and Vulcan (1st), Neptune, Jupiter and Venus (2nd) and finally Mars and Moon (esoterically veiling Vulcan, Neptune and Uranus) (3rd initiation), the three periodical vehicles are working together — Monad, Soul and Personality.   These three periodical vehicles are represented by the triangle formed by Sun, Venus and Earth – the Venus heliocosm.   This 3rd ‘initiation of the threshold’ represents the first solar initiation.   This five-pointed star will eventually rise above the head of the 5th degree adept at the first Sirian initiation.

The liberation from karma associated with the completed antahkarana demands atomic control from the atomic subplanes with a simultaneous submission to the karma of the Heavenly Man expressing through the egoic groups, and ultimately involves the dissociation of the human atom from the lower vehicles. (CF 802)   Considering this in relation to the 3rd Creative Hierarchy ruled by Saturn and Libra which cannot step outside the planetary ring-pass-not is productive of many questions and some insight.

Leo radiates.   It is the radiation of Being that must master consciousness and naturally transfigures the Form.   Hence the Leo emphasis on Life and Consciousness over Form.   The result is the Quality aspect.   This distinction between living Entity and external Form can also be illustrated by the solar-planetary Anima Mundi (on the planes of the Triad) in relation to the Three Worlds, expressing human, planetary or solar (cosmic) astral (or kama-manasic) polarization.   These three levels are in turn supervised by Sirian Kama-Manas under the governance of the four Sirian Lipika Lords of the Sirian mental unit, supervising their solar and planetary representative Lords of Karma.   On the human plane, these psychical factors or centers are represented by the Ego in the causal body and the egoic groups that form and participate in any one of the 49 solar systemic centers (not groups). (CF 548)

In Neoplatonic philosophy of Hermes Trismegistus, deity as Nous or mind functions through Psyche (Anima Mundi) and expresses outwardly via Physis (Soma) or the Body of deity in the Three Worlds.   This is in relation to what corresponds to a solar Logoic personality which is not soul-infused but triadically or monadically polarized.   This third aspect periodical vehicle is termed the Quaternary when etheric and gross physical systems are distinguished from each other.   The Quaternary, or our Three Worlds of the solar ‘Personality’ vehicle is synthesized in this second solar system with the solar Logoic Trinity through Sirius, Leo and Jupiter related to Hierarchy, our planetary heart center. (EA 416)

Esoterically, Leo relates the divine Trinity to the solar Quaternary (represented by Virgo) in the constitution of the solar Logos.   This is the reason Leo is so central in relationship to Humanity.   On this level it represents and illustrates the Hylozoistic principle that all creation has consciousness and sentiency.   It is the understanding that we are all cells in the Body of God.   This becomes clearer when studying the Prakritic or cosmic physical subplanes in detail.

It is most likely at the 4th initiation that the quaternary of Sirius-Leo-Mercury-Saturn becomes active, governing the major quaternary of spirit, soul, mind, and brain. (EA 299)   At the 4th and 5th initiations the Three Fires are united and the tabulation at EA 301 takes effect.   While the three Fire signs rule the three Fires, so do the three rulers of Leo — Uranus, home of fire electric;   Neptune the repository of the solar Flames;   and Jupiter the threefold lower fires of the systemic Sun, Jupiter sometimes denominated a ‘failed sun’ because of its size and the immensity of its magnetic field compared to all the other planets.

As regards human evolution, when Self-Determination (in the trinity of Self-Determination, Sacrifice, and Choice) is achieved as a result of Individualization, Self-realization, and eventually individualization of the monad, one of the central goals of Deity incarnating through this second solar system is achieved.   This is also expressed as the achievement of the fifth initiation by a certain proportion of humanity by the end of this solar systemic cycle of manifestation.   This the “triple energy of the WILL” accomplishes through the major planetary triangle of Leo-Pisces-Capricorn which represents the will to manifest as a self-conscious being. (EA 537-48)

At the third initiation, contact with Sirius begins.   Here it is important to make a distinction between the star Sirius and the seven solar systems that compose the Sirian System or constellation, which constellation includes the three major centers of Sirius, Our Sun, and Regulus as head, heart, and throat.   Hence the statement that Sirius (the constellation) influences our solar system psychically via the three synthesizing schemes of Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn – directly associated with the three solar rulerships of Leo.   Sirius (the star) is the source of solar logoic manas, as the Pleiades on the cosmic buddhic plane are for the seven Heavenly Men, and as Venus is for the Earth.   Within the Sirian System or constellation, three ‘influences’ from the star Sirius are focused upon our solar system through the sun Regulus, Heart of the Lion (the Lion representing the roar of the personality aspect in relation to the Unicorn or sutratma).   This is responsible for Regulus’ association with kingship, rulership and control through the ages and cultures.

The adept creates his own opportunities.   Leo identifies with the problem of becoming a cause and conditioning agent rather than a pitiful parochial who identifies with his own karma — family, town & country, transient state and arbitrary political regime.   Karma does not begin to end until a larger consciousness of history and precedent demand change, disputation and a new living synthesis brought about my awareness and ingenious application of solutions to the problems of society and humanity.   This demands asserting one’s destiny and purpose (whichever ray) over society’s obsessive-compulsive and addictive precedents.   Karma essentially denotes Action over fossilization, cause over effect —   through the triangle of crisis, Leo-Capricorn-Libra, precipitating change through the nine constellations associated with Virgo. (EA 266, 271)   This involves the string of correspondences to the number twelve, especially the 12 creative hierarchies, the 12 zodiacal constellations, and the 12 planets associated with the three periodical vehicles in the microcosm.   In this solar system karma is conquered through love.   As to the Leo themes of conscious evolution, control and human and divine love, here is the refrain from a popular Greek song of the 90s, something for disciples to consider, neoplatonically…
Δώδεκα   ϑεοί   με   ϑέλουν ,   και   τις   νύχτες   μου   μαγεύουν .
The Twelve Gods, They want me, and so they enchant my nights.
Δώδεκα   ϑεοί   με   ϑέλουν ,   την   αγάπη   μας   ζηλεύουν .
The Twelve Gods, They want me, but of our love They are jealous…

The ‘Seven Solar Systems’

We are to understand the seven solar systems bear relation to the 4th Ray and IVth creative hierarchy through the higher transmutation of desire into will and the process of lovingly and intelligently turning crisis into opportunity on a societal scale.   This is the mystery of higher transmutation hidden in Neptune, soul ruler of Leo, the One Initiator, the Trident-holder and bringer of earthquakes and tsunamis. (EA 297-8)

If we had to choose seven major stars for the Sirian moving cluster (constellation) by distance in light years, the stars Alpha Centaurus, Procyon, Altair, Fomalhaut and Vega (at 1-8 light-years distance) would be added to Sirius and our Sun.   However, nine other stars are contestants at 11-21 light-years distance — Pollux, Denebola, Castor, Caph, Rasalhague, Zosma, Menkalinan, Regulus and Alphecca.   Alpha Centaurus, Zosma, Menkalinan and Vega have the largest proper motion (movement in relation to our Sun). (JEP 4/2 1988, p. 65)   AAB/DK was quite explicit in the definition of a constellation as “two or more solar systems or series of suns with their attendant planets.” EP1 152   At one point these seven solar systems are associated with the seven kingdoms in nature. (WM 275)   At another point they are associated with the creative hierarchies as the living entities embodied by the seven systems.

What and where are the seven solar systems?   From the present point of view they are the seven suns of the Sirian System, our most local constellation –sometimes said to form part of the Ursa Major moving cluster– of which our Sun is a member.   They are associated with the IIIrd Liberated Hierarchy (Taurus-Vulcan) in relation to our IVth Creative Hierarchy (Scorpio-Mercury) of human monads.   One can speculate on each Sun’s resonance with the seven great Constellations in which –at this present point in the ETERNAL NOW of the three solar systems of our solar Logos– one Sun of each of the seven constellations will be active in relation to our Sun.   This points toward the nature of cosmic Schemes and Chains made up of Suns rather than planets — all coexisting in the NOW, with one or a triple element active.   We are speaking of cosmic systemic levels.   This study will undoubtedly intensify as greater numbers of the sons of man take on work relating to the ‘Inner Round’ associated with Mercury.   Perhaps our Star Brothers, extraterrestrials, travel with regulated ease among designated constellational ring-pass-nots among the chains and schemes in the BODY of the cosmic LOGOS.

It is easier to see, given our Sun’s position within the Sirian System moving cluster or constellation, that at the third initiation where contact with star Sirius begins, and from the Sirian (Probationer’s) point of view, the Sun and Moon are both simply ‘planets’ to be ruled by the initiate. (EA 300)

The Sirian Logos is to our solar Logos what the Ego is to the Personality, that is to say the Ego associated with the head center (not the seven head centers used by the monad) governing the personality aspect functioning through the heart of our astrally-polarized solar Logos while in incarnation. (CF 593)

The Great Bear and the Sirian System constellation –as two centers in the seven-constellational body of the UNKNOWN LOGOS– are both racing toward the solar apex in Capricorn.   The five other closest moving clusters (groups of stars moving together as a unit or living constellation) are all racing in the opposite direction toward the star Sirius and Orion.   Therefore it is correct to say that our sun as a solar system revolves around Alcyone in the Pleiades (associated with evolution in the previous solar system).   Our Sun as the Son or living cosmic Entity standing behind the Form of the solar system is, however, part of the Sirian System Constellation and both (Sirius and our Sun) revolve toward the Great Bear, Ursa Minor, and Draco.   It is important to recognize that the Ourobouros is not actually biting its own tail, but only appears to, as head and base complete one spirallic turn on the Orion Arm as their spiral-progressive motion and direction perpetually faces Capricorn and the galactic center.   It may be that the expansion of the universe creates the illusion that Ursa Major and Sirian Systems (constellations) are moving in an opposite direction from the other five moving clusters or constellations.

The Three Sirian Periodic Vehicles

Third Aspect.     Just as our Heavenly Man on cosmic buddhic plane functions through the Divine Manasaputra on the 3rd subplane of the cosmic mental plane (star Sirius governing the solar Logoic mental permanent atom and the four Lipika Lords governing the mental unit and mental chakras on the 4th cosmic manasic subplane [and probably higher]), so the Grand Heavenly Man (solar) functions from the atomic or fohatic 1st mental subplane through a triple jewel (a reflection of the three solar systems of the ETERNAL NOW) and seven tiers of petals.   The solar avatar named the “Karmic Avatar” bears relation to the Sirian Lipikas for the solar Divine Manasaputra or Entity (CF 724), another association of humanity with the fifth round.

Sirian System Soul.     The seven Rishis on the cosmic buddhic plane form the seven head centers (causal body or soul chakras) of the Seven Heavenly Men on Their Own plane (cosmic) before taking incarnation in the solar system as the Lesser Heavenly Men focused on the systemic monadic/triadic planes. (LS 82)   The seven Rishis of the Great Bear are the Prototypes of the Seven Heavenly Men, and are to Them what the Monad is to man the microcosm and his seven head centers — the buddhic causal jewel is the eye of the monad, as the third eye and brain are the eye of the soul. (CF 273, 1130; EP1 132; WM 215)

Sirian System Monad.     Similarly the seven Grand Heavenly Men (solar Logoic soul embodied in the system) of the Sirian System or constellation find Their Prototypes in the seven Rishis on Their Own plane, the cosmic monadic.   For the ‘Lesser Grand Heavenly Man’ (solar Logos in incarnation on cosmic and systemic planes), the seven Rishis of the Great Bear on their Own plane represent the Grand Heavenly Man’s seven head centers, and mediate the energies coming from the UNKNOWN LOGOS through HIS seven constellations.

Here we can begin to see that each solar system in the body of the Sirian System –or the seven solar systems associated with Taurus-Scorpio of the 3rd Liberated Hierarchy and 4th Creative Hierarchy of human monads– is each responsive to one of the seven constellations (or moving clusters) of the UNKNOWN LOGOS.   The names Orion (Orion hot white star-birthing Association), Antares (Scorpio Centaurus dying red giant Association) and Draco (solar Apex direction up the Orion Arm of our Milky Way galaxy) and our Sun included as a ‘constellation’ are blinds for four moving clusters as well as indications of our seven-constellational ENTITY’s larger environment in which HIS constellational (moving cluster) chakras interact.   This larger environment is the Gould Belt, set at an 18-degree angle to the Orion Arm on the plane of the galaxy, composed of around 100 million stars, and generally considered a small sub-galaxy still retaining its spiral motion that was engulfed by the Milky Way at some time during galactic history.   After all, as to the tiny Gould ‘subgalaxy’, science has no generic term for such subsystems yet, and is unlikely to until projects like Hubble provide even more questions to answer.   Those four constellations of the UNKNOWN Quaternary have been suggested as the Hyades, Coma Berenices, Perseus, and Praesepe (the Beehive) astronomical moving clusters of the “Local System” or Gould Belt subgalaxy on the Orion galactic Arm. (JEP 4/2 [1988] 66-67)   For the Sirian Systemic Quaternary, they are associated with:
      Aries and star Merak in Ursa Major;
      Leo and star Polaris with the Ursa Major Pointers, Pluto and Vulcan;
      Scorpio and star Sirius in the Sirian System (constellation);
      Aquarius and star Alcyone in the Pleiades. (EA 193-202)

Leo’s proper realm would seem to be solar fire, but we cannot get perspective on its nature without considering its function in the three types of cosmic Logoi with which we are familiar.   It is as though the hosts of solar and planetary bodies we can witness with our physical eyes to some extent on the gross and etheric plane of the microcosm man, form ‘solar’ and ‘lunar’ pitri hosts for a cosmic Logos taking incarnation as a “Lesser Cosmic Heavenly Man” from the cosmic monadic plane, and organizing ITS physical system through the cosmic buddhic and mental planes viewed as 4th etheric and gaseous respectively, necessitating hosts of monadic solar and lunar (planetary) units to regulate ITS ‘physical’ SYSTEM.   It is necessary to keep an open mind in these matters.

If the above scenario were the case, these hosts of solar systemic and planetary pitris would bear relation to the composition of cosmic lower and higher mind in each of the Cosmic Logoi, just as they do in the microcosm, leaving the first cosmic aspect ‘occult’ — truly the OAWNMBS.


Seven Constellations

Stars of the Ursa Major (head center) moving cluster are relatively close to those of our Sirian constellation moving cluster, suggesting the latter forms the ajna center in the UNKNOWN Logos (manifesting through 7 constellations – not solar systems).   The star Sirius is the source of solar Logoic higher mind or manas, the seven Pleiades as a constellation relate to the soul aspect in this ENTITY, while the seven stars of the Great Bear (one constellation or moving cluster) stand in as the seven Rishis —the seven head centers on the cosmic buddhic plane— of the cosmic Logos, and seven Rishi representatives of the seven constellations on the cosmic monadic plane. (Cf EA 28)

Thus we have the three cosmic periodical vehicles — seven head centers for the monad relating to seven constellations;   seven Rays and Tiers of the cosmic soul relating to one constellation (the Pleiades);   and a single star (of a sevenfold system) representing the manasic permanent atom or at least the higher mind regulating the kama-manasically polarized ‘personality’ or 3rd aspect mental unit Lipikas of the ‘lower mind’ — this in unique relation to each of the millions of solar systems forming our Local System (Gould Belt) situated between the more massive Orion and the Scorpio-Centaurus Associations.

As a corollary and as an aside, it should be noted that non-sacred planets are sensitive to the energies pouring through “Sirius” while the sacred planets register a contact with the Pleiades — the solar Logos with Ursa Major. (EA 503)

Of course, as we view the starry sky with our eyes we are looking light-years deep into the Past.   As we observe it with our minds we are witnessing millions of systems at varying stages of stellar evolution.   This is the starry Veil of the Great Illusion from which we draw so many analogies to human society and experience.

Three Constellations

Strictly as three constellations (the Intimate Constellations) They are associated with the solar causal triple jewel and concern Themselves with regulating the cosmic third aspect, or the four-faced Brahma aspect (the mental unit regulating chitta or mental substance, in contradistinction to the Vishnu aspect regulating the permanent atoms).   This triple Jewel finds a reflection in the triangle of Polaris and the two Pointers of Ursa Major, ultimately expressing divine will on cosmic mental, psychic and physical levels.

As seven constellations they are concerned with the seven Tiers of petals of our local cosmic Logos, the Sun or Son — Deity.   Just as the Ray Lord or atmic aspect of the incarnating ‘cosmic’ planetary Logos or Ray Lords are concerned with the causal body of the microcosm (while still serving as planetary/‘lunar’ pitris or lower mind on their own cosmic mental [or cosmic etheric/gaseous] plane to the cosmic Logoi).

There is little we can say about the seven constellations functioning as a UNIT beyond mentioning that they are associated with the Creative Hierarchic hosts which stand as the living cosmic Entity aspect behind the solar systemic physical system.   It should be recalled that the term Entity is the astral or psychical 3rd aspect personality vehicle associated with Sirian Kama-Manas in the logoic constitution — lower and higher mind, respectively, associated with the Lipika Lords of Karma and the star Sirius (source of Logoic manas) in the Sirian System constellation.   (See CF 1172, WM 312 for a definition of terms on our planetary level.)

Bringing this home, we are essentially ‘dhyanis’ or fivefold kumaric entities as manasadevas uniting with the fourfold wick of the mental unit to create the causal body for the Ego.   The 12 Creative Hierarchies relate to the 12 constellations (zodiacal) and thence to the 12 planets of esoteric astrology.   However they relate to the seven/twelve Constellations cosmically.   The Creative Hierarchies are neither planetary nor systemic in nature. (EA 268)

The lesser Heavenly Man, or the planetary soul nature taking incarnation in a physical system, operates from the systemic monadic plane as the Seven Spirits Before the Throne, Who represent the synthesis (EA 595) of the seven Rishis of Ursa Major and the seven Sisters of the Pleiades in union with Each Other. (EA 268)   The Ray Lords on the systemic atmic plane represent the seven solar systems in Magnetic relation to the Dynamic energy of the Seven Spirits. (EA 50)   The lesser Heavenly Man’s manasic nature is found on the atmic plane.   These atmic Ray Lords are each an expression of one of the seven solar systems (of the Sirian System, locally speaking) and related to each other and all seven solar systems as both (physical) systems and (psychic) Entities. (EA 26)

This is made more clear through initiation to the microcosm by the tabulated sequence of the four ‘Quaternary’ Triangles found at EA 466-67.   Sirius and Saturn introduce the opportunity for the (solar?) Probationer to FEEL on the Path.   The Pleiades and Mercury enable the Disciple to SEE on the Path.   We can leave the other two Triangles and four zodiacal constellations to considerable speculation and discussion.   For the microcosm, man, Faith is lost in Sight.   Individualized monadic Being is something else entirely (Ursa Major, Sun, Aries-Libra).   We have attempted to take a look at Leo in relation to Sirius and the “seven solar systems.”

The Sun may be a Great Magnet, but in terms of Leo and Being the helio-seismic aspect of the Sun should not be forgotten.   The Sun is an atomic bell ceaselessly ringing in the Sky — like all ‘Atoms.’   Working from the atomic level, thought is amplified by the megaphone of space (think here of the Entity – Space – or Yajna).   The gravity of responsibility for the results (of spiritual impulses taking form in Ideas, avoiding the 'low note') is a considerable multiple of that of the physical earth.

Inspiration:   Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Astrology, and her 24 books on esoteric studies.   NY: Lucis Publishing Company – website (http://www.lucistrust.org/en/publications_store).
Source:   Alice A. Bailey, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. .   NY: Lucis Publishing Co., 1925, 1962 ed., 1982 pr.
Source:   H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, Centennial facsimile ed.   Los Angeles.   Theosophical University Press, 1988.

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