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PISCES   2017

Labor of Hercules
Capture of the Red Cattle of Geryon
Go to dark (island) Erytheia where Great Illusion is enthroned, King Geryon monster of 3 heads,   3 bodies, 6 hands who unlawfully holds Herd of Red Cattle;   [ saving all] return them to Sacred City;   invokes Helios fire in the Sun and Golden Chalice appears;   kills 2-headed dog Orthrus, spares shepherd Eurytion, kills Geryon arriving in dust with Flaming Arrow;   drives cattle from island in Chalice (or over Alps to Italy), pins Eryx, kills Alcyoneus w. his own rock;   arrives, offers Red Cattle to Athena.
Motto:   I leave my Father's home and turning back, I save.
(Pisces takes from all the signs)

Pisces II
Pisces, the Creative Hierarchies, and the Antahkarana

[ This article (and the recent ones on esoteric Libra and Pisces) is the beginning of a series attempting to bring clarity to the comparison of Alice Bailey's Tibetan master – clearly a dzogchen and tantra master – and the formal schools of Yogacara, Tantra, and Dzogchen.   I intend to bring out many illustrative passages from Bailey to illustrate these distinctions and similarities in points of view. ]
[ NOTE ] In regard to dzogchen and lamai naljor (guru yoga), personally I only read books and study with Tibetan lineage holders and with the few western students who work with them as translators (lotsawas).   It is crucial to preserve the transhimalayan lineage lines in all their purity and detail – this takes an utter transcendent life commitment.   I recommend the same study and practice guidelines to others.

Why discuss so many other signs in an essay on Pisces?   “Pisces takes from all the signs.” (EA 333)   While Virgo is considered the second, or mother aspect, as in mother earth and mother nature‒   so far as humanity is concerned, Pisces is the cosmic mother present at the death of all forms, the principle of restitution, and governess of differentiated substance during group rebirth.   The Pleiades umbilical cord from the previous solar system mediated by Saturn and its three rings is severed at the death of the Mother (Form) aspect with the birth of the Son of God (not just the manasaputra ‘son of mind’).   [INSERT HERE] The astral chart, or the chart of the integrated Psyche, ruled by Taurus, represents the psychological impact of ALL the planets in the solar system.   DK said humanity is not ready for this astral chart, but by this it seems clear he meant we were not technologically ready to analyze and assess such a mass of information without bollocksing it up, besides the obvious fact of our being somewhat infantile as a (human) race ― witness mutually-assured destruction, and weapons of mass destruction (weapons of mass distraction, as has been noted and remarked in the case of T-Rump).   The only thing we get out of incarnating life experience is that for which we pay our attention.   As a race of ambitious and timid human animals with a baboon-like hierarchical society, we seem to prefer being amused or abused to death.

The Taurian astral chart of the Heliocosmic thread, spirilla, or solar Sutratma created by all the planets, can be depicted by the spiral-cyclic trails of the Heliocosms (geo-helio alignments of sun-earth-planet) around the Path of the Sun moving vertically ‘north’ toward the star Vega.   This can be visualized or depicted as a column, tunnel, or hole through ‘time-space’.   Vega will become the Pole Star about 14K years hence, taking the place of Polaris.   At present, Vega is opposite the star Sirius, but in larger cycles this will inevitably shift, just as Orion is gradually shifting into the position of Gemini and Ophiuchus into that of Scorpio. (Alessandra 1987, Jep 3/2)  Our Sun ‘rotates around’ the Pleiades, illustrated by this ‘open cluster’ of stars (many more than 7 stars) receding from our Sun with a radial velocity of 5 and at 126 parsecs (c.444 light years) distance.   The Pleiades is just one of at least 7 open clusters [from top to bottom aka approaching/receding by light-year distance] — Ursa Major, Sirian System (which includes our Sun), Coma, Hyades, Pleiades, Perseus, Praesepe (Beehive cluster).   only the Coma Cluster (in the 7-constellation cosmic logos) is neither approaching nor receding, indicating a significant specific diagonal within the Spiral-Cyclic BODY of the Paracosmic Logos which creates this effect and should be investigated by astrophysicists in relation to our Gould Belt (tiny subgalaxy within the Orion Arm of our Milky Way galaxy).   Our place within this rotation is best illustrated from the perspective of Vega (at an arbitrary 190 parsecs distance for visualization), which is illustrated on the back cover of Guy Ottewell’s Astronomical Companion (Dept. Physics, Furman U., Greensboro SC, 1979).   It shows our direct relationship with Aldebaran, the Hyades and the Pleiades.
Paracosmic Logos — Charts

Cancer and Virgo are the two most ancient signs, both associated with the wisdom mother or birthing and nurturing principle.   Cancer can be seen coordinating with Neptune as a vortex of birth for the IVth Creative Hierarchy of human monads, first arriving as groups of triads.   Virgo governs the natural and eventual arising of the Christ nature from intelligent Form.   Virgo may not be able to see the forest for the trees, but it also may not see all the trees for their mystical unity with Nature’s cathedral of the forest.   It governs all forms which are etheric in nature.   Virgo will bring about the rebirth of the Earth with the help of Jupiter, just as it did humanity with the Lords of the Flame.

Mercury joins with Scorpio to govern our IVth Creative Hierarchy.   Mercury rules the Mutable Cross of Change, and comes under the tutelage of:

Saturn, Libra, and Creative Hierarchy III.   Saturn rules the Fixed Cross of Crisis, and the triple flowers revealing the triad, engineered via the ‘stage-management’ of Mercury.   Saturn is brought under the lineage tutelage of:

Jupiter, Virgo, and Creative Hierarchy II.   Jupiter rules the Cardinal Cross of Synthesis, revealing the nondual principle of identification with the monad, leading to:

Sun, Leo, and Creative Hierarchy I.   The Sun, veiling and utilizing Pluto, Vulcan and Uranus, brings consciousness or awareness of Universal Life.

The transition from the seven (7) Creative Hierarchies of the cosmic physical (prakritic) planes to the five (5) Liberated Hierarchies of the cosmic astral plane involves a transition from Crosses to Triangles from the viewpoint of humanity.

Triangle of Cancer/Capricorn―Sirius―Saturn, governing the past-future Axis and Path of the Sun through the Heavens, the Creative Hierarchy on the verge of liberation with a focus on Neptune and in the midst of its fourth cosmic initiation;   the fifth cosmic initiation being its goal.   This goal of our solar Logos is represented to the mass consciousness of humanity as His relation to the Lodge on Sirius.   Neptune found here relates to the triple rulership of Leo and the triangle of Leo‒Alpha UMaj―Polaris, which transmutes the desire nature into intuition, integrating the threefold personality and coordinating with buddhi.   As Leo is ruled by the Sun on all three levels, I see the Sun functioning through the Grand Trigon (Saturn solar permanent atom and Jupiter three solar currents, as seen through Saturn and Jupiter placement and aspects in the chart), and take for granted Neptune and Uranus for soul and hierarchic rulers respectively.   With Leo we are dealing with the evolution of consciousness as a whole (associated with CH I).   It particularly supervises the 1st initiation and its sporadic nature as those self-interested and self-deluded integrated personalities who rule the world (not full Aspirants) awaken to the inner world of the soul’s values and norms as budding spiritual Aspirants, technically speaking.   Later, through Neptune (Jupiter and Venus) they will experience the worldly inconveniences of a growing inner soul life as Probationers, predominantly mystical in nature.

Triangle of Gemini/Sagittarius―Pleiades―Mercury, governing the bulk of humanity on the spiritual path, Gemini and Sagittarius distinctly related to the Earth and humanity at large.   Here is where the probationer and disciple learns to “feel” his way in the higher sense.   Here the mind is developing focus, flexible and tensile strength.   Under planets ruling the Earth, we must consider a higher influence of Saturn and Ray Three operating through the planets Saturn (mental), Mars (astral), and Earth (phys.)   This is carried into the next Triangle via the Air triplicity (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), and invoking and developing spiritual individuation through Alcyone/Pleiades/Taurus, Alcyone the star of the individual and of intelligence (vs. intellect).

Triangle of Taurus/Scorpio―Sirian System (of seven solar systems)―Mars, governing the imposition (from every direction) of the principle of Conflict (through Mars, Mercury, or Uranus from Aries on high).   All of these four Triangles of the Liberated Hierarchies are Dynamic in nature, except for this Triangle, which is Magnetic in nature, governing the project of humanity (essentially Mercury, and the transition from throat center activity to the planetary ajna center) through Ray Four of Harmony achieved through Conflict.   Taurus and Vulcan are related to the Pointer nearest the Pole (Alpha), Kratu/Dubhe, which forms a triangle with Leo and Polaris governing life on the Mutable Cross and the psychic/astral approach to will, associated with “the problem of desire”, turning astral desire of the psyche into intuition.   I see the Vulcan process as directly related to the plasma aspect of the Sun, which has an 11/22-year cycle related to Jupiter.   Hence I would recommend my Jupiter Pilgrimage Diary to those who feel they have Vulcan strong in their charts.   It is possible that these plasmas are either too subtle to record as yet, or that perhaps they occasionally coalesce into semi-permanent vortices that show up as a visible ‘object’.   This triangle governs humanity, as represented by its disciples, and indicates the stage of development ‒human, planetary, and solar‒ as it relates to the horizontal arm of the Fixed Cross, which must perfect its expression through Leo-Aquarius governing the first and seventh Creative Hierarchies and their perfected coordination (both ruled by Uranus, the Hierophant or Bodhisattva).   This seems to imply the stage of fusion of head and base related to a perfection of the expression of Mercury (i.e. Humanity), during the stage where kundalini shakti merges with jnanashakti, pointed out by the tag 'water' by DK Jvala-Kula ['fire gens'] (see CF 35)

Triangle of Aries/Libra―Ursa Major―Sun, governing the dynamic awakening and focus in pure Being, and in relation to the Father aspect associated with the Sapta (7) Rishis of Ursa Major in relation to the ‘7’ Pleiades and the star Sirius (source of Mahat/Manas and distinct from the Sirian System of seven solar systems).   The perfected Equanimity of Aries-Libra enables the the revelation of the nondual nature of being and the life aspect.   It will eventually reveal the ‘true nature of the world’ (a compelling phrase) as conceived on cosmic buddhic and mental planes (CF 114-5), beyond the ‘sumtotal of manas’ to be found permeating the cosmic astral plane of Sirian Kama-Manas.   This is particularly related via Aries to the Pointer furthest from the Pole (Beta), Pulaha/Merak, which in relation to Pisces and Pluto transmutes self-will to spiritual will along mental lines.

Why Pisces?   Esoteric astrology needs to ask why Pisces is put at the head of the Creative Hierarchies, even though it is said to be a blind.   As we are leaving the Piscean Age, why is it said that the Aquarian precessional period is still subordinate to a 500K year Piscean cycle?

Virgo, the redemption and resurrection of Earth
Gemini and the presence of the Sirian Lodge supervising the individualization of humanity
Sagittarius when humanity as a form and kingdom in nature blossomed on Earth.
Gemini-Libra are said to be strictly human’ signs because we are the 'project' Humanity, the subject of focus on Sirius and on the Earth.
The signs Leo-Aquarus and Virgo-Pisces are left out of the four great Triangles above, because they are the stage for the unfoldment and manifestation of Earth in relation to the Creative Hierarchies and initiations into soul consciousness and above.

Finally, facing Pisces, we may begin to see the end of evolution from the beginning as One.   It is interesting that this last sign focuses attention on Virgo, its opposite, governing the IInd Creative Hierarchy with Jupiter (vedic ‘Guru’), our highly magnetic, systemically homeostatic proto-sun which governs the Cardinal Cross and the principle of creative Synthesis.

Students forget, particularly those on the mystical path of aspiring and feeling (and not the ordinary garden-path variety of comfort and sensation seeking), that at the third initiation in Capricorn, the disciplined spiritual worker turns his back on the light in order to impose or introduce that light of spirit that tames toxic or non-constructive circumstances and attendant persons in a subtle and dynamic way that seekers on the path of aspiring feeling cannot.

This quasi-‘involutionary’ procedure in Capricorn is illustrated by an abbreviation of the planetary sequence above in relation to the Creative and Liberated Hierarchies.

From Mars, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Sun ― to Neptune-Saturn, Mercury-Venus, Mars and Sun.

This reinforces the point that Leo and the Sun are influential in all five initiations (most commonly the first with a vivid and energetic self-consciousness ‘evoking the (perceived) environment’ with its inevitable impacts/results/feedbacks/blowbacks).   Leo governs the long path of evolution of consciousness, until consciousness is finally superceded by Awareness, or a sustained monadic state beyond consciousness as we know it.

The Antahkarana of HPB’s teachers in its aspect of the Great Bindu, Drop, or Sphere (thigle chenpo) of the Auric Egg, presents Akasha and its 7 faces, layers, and stages to a human consciousness transformed into the presence of pure primordial intrinsic awareness.   This view of the antahkarana was the fountainhead and source of Alice Bailey’s seven treatises on the seven rays ― esoteric psychology, esoteric astrology, esoteric healing, and the rays in relation to individual and group initiation.   Here (below) HPB discusses the antahkarana in relation to the Unmanifest, or First Logos (by implication).

[ NOTA BENE: Parabrahm and Three Logoi:   1. Unmanifest Mulaprakriti (nondual, Sirian System) Logos,   2. Purusha-Prakriti (Solar Logos),   3. Prakriti-Mahat (Planetary Logos). ]

“…There are seven divisions in the Antahkarana. […]
A.   Mulaprakriti is the same as Akasha (seven degrees).  Mahat is the positive aspect of Akasha, and is the Manas of the Kosmic Body.   Mahat is to Akasha as Manas is to Buddhi, and Pradhana is but another name for Mulaprakriti.
    The Auric Egg is Akasha [Second Logos] and has seven degrees.   Being pure abstract substance, it reflects abstract ideas, but also reflects lower concrete things.
    The Third Logos and Mahat are one, and are the same as the Universal Mind, Alaya. [alayavijnana]
    The Tetraktys is the Chatur Vidya, or the fourfold knowledge in one [devachan, the mental unit], the four-faced Brahma.”
  — H.P. Blavatsky, ‘Answers’ from Secret Doctrine, Vol. 3, p.526.

The laughter of dakinis from the snow and ice-covered peaks of forested mountains, shows they are willing to allow unfortunate and unnecessary death to a deluded and distracted suicidal humanity, playing with its nuclear toys.   They know life will go on and how Earth can intervene.
I prostrate to (Troma Nagmo) the mind-erasingly beautiful midnight-blue and black wisdom dakini Tara, resplendent in golden ornaments, Guardian and Protectress of the wisdom teachings on death, healing, and awakening into primordial awareness.
I prostrate to the primordial guru and mentor Padmasambhava, self-born from a lotus in Dhanakosa Lake.

Inspiration:   Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Astrology, and her 24 books on esoteric studies.
NY: Lucis Publishing Company – website (http://www.lucistrust.org/en/publications_store).

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