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SCORPIO   2017

Labor of Hercules
Slaying the Lernaean Hydra

On knees to lift the evil writhing Hydra into wind and light — the mystical 9th head of power buried under a Rock.   Kundalini with Fire of Mind and Spirit conquer the entrenched reptilian instincts to become Asklepios and Healing Shaktipat;   Scorpio wrestles again with Antares (cf. Gemini) as Ophiuchus and Hercules;   Victory when the 9-headed Hydra seen as a unit.
Motto:   Warrior am I and from the battle I emerge triumphant.
(Scorpio stages the release of Leo)

The Crises of the Soul — Battleground, Birthplace/Labor, and Burning Ground — All Testing is self-engineered, no matter how clouded one’s apprehension.   All initiation is self-administered, otherwise it would not be fully conscious.   With Capricorn, Scorpio rules the Twelve Labors of the Sun God Hercules, and particularly the Hydra’s Nine Tests of psychological hygiene.   In Scorpio we find how spiritual values and life are anchored in daily struggle and ephemera.

Scorpio I
Scorpio and Chiron

A new planet is arising in the sign Scorpio.   It is Chiron.
Chiron and the Centaurids are found in the direction of the Scorpio-Centaurus Association (the Southern Stream or “Via Combusta” (noted by Charles Jayne and Michael Erlewine).   The stars of this Association are found from late Libra to late Sagittarius and include the totality of Scorpio.   This is one reason Chiron is the basic ruler of Scorpio in the context of the transition on the Reversed Wheel from Libra to Scorpio to Sagittarius.   This also explains why the later stages of evolutionary development and expression in Scorpio are focused on Sagittarius. (EA 210-11, 203)

Chiron is in detriment in Taurus.   Chiron is exalted in Sagittarius.
Chiron stands for both the newly discovered planetoid as well as for all the Centaurid asteroids.
Chiron’s orbit includes three planets — Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus.

Jupiter.   Chiron uses Jupiter to bridge the two groups ruled by Saturn (Piscean dependence upon ‘parental’ control of unruly personality with external sanctions) and Uranus (Aquarian autonomous self-possession with independent soul-based ethics and acknowledgement of social norms).

Saturn.   Chiron uses Saturn to foster self-mastery through discipleship (autonomous self-discipline) and to anchor progressive social norms in society.   At present (2017) with the Chiron-Square-Saturn postwar-active generation (born 1935-1952), we have experienced a jolting halt to international progress, cooperation, and unity associated with the U.S. lagging behind in its responsibility to resolve the problem of Labor and Capital, and with over 20 years of stubborn crypto-republican (Repugnican) obstructionism which has already resulted in massive corporate and banking theft by the central banks which lead to the economic crash for citizen taxpayers and lucrative bailout for the miscreant financial perpetrators in 2008.
Saturn-Chiron angular aspects are highly irregular in duration.

SATURN-CHIRON — Hard Aspects
Conjunct 1819 1883 1966 2028
Square 1828-29 1913-14 1875-76 2034-59
Opposition   1859-60   1922-23   1986-2006   2067-69  
Square 1871 1935-52 2016-17 2080

Chiron conjuncted Saturn in 1966, and squared Saturn for two years, 1975-1976.
Since 1986, the year the Venus Heliocosm experienced an arm-shift from Virgo to Leo, Chiron has been in opposition to Saturn until 2006.
We are now experiencing a brief return to a 2-year Chiron-Square-Saturn period from December 2016 to November 2017, with the antics of wastrel centaurs creating a great mess which we can only hope will act as an object lesson to the wishful voters suckered by a Twitter-in-Chief with ego-stroking behaviors who is playing defense with weapons of mass distraction.   When the weapons of mass destruction come out, it will be too late.
Chiron conjuncts Saturn in the year 2028, and then the Chiron-Saturn Square does not return until 2039-59, when it will involve U.S. and European relations with China and Russia, and a tendency to retrogression in all the South American strategic unions and treaties that exist at that time.
From the groundling level in the skewed playing field, all the above involves the common grubby materialist interests and focus on “exchange with conditions” found in the 8th house and Scorpio unredeemed by soul consciousness.   In human social evolution, this oblivious distraction normally shifts into the desire to share and exchange knowledge interests ‒teaching exchanges‒ at first with familial relations, clans, communities, local and state affairs, and later widens to include spiritual interests and wisdom purchased by experience.   Exempla gratia: Quailgate 2006.

Quailgate 2006

Uranus.   Chiron expresses through Uranus, the home of fire electric, when the Three Fires merge within the human energetic and physical etheric constitution, and through the sign Aquarius (physical permanent atom) completes the experience of the Fixed Cross.   Here the disciple changes the self-interested and distracted focus on sensory and worldly Experience, to the attitude and discipline of alert Observation, where “new and more subtle identifications take place.” (EA 208-9, 220)   Hence the hierarchic ruler Mercury governs the success of Scorpio and Mars effort, when Mercury is understood as One with Vulcan (Taurus) and the Sun (Leo).

On the level of mass consciousness or primitive self-consciousness, Uranus rules the Aquarian fascination with technological toys and methods that give outward expression to more valuable and innate faculties and realities such as telepathy, psychism, and the basic workings of the mind, all which have been the focus of spiritual traditions for millennia.

In this very common and now pervasive tech-toy context, these technologies are then used symbolically or metaphorically to describe the human constitution and world in materialistic terms to avoid upsetting materialistic delusions, social and careerist investments, or to generate thrills of nugacity in conversation, particularly when regurgitating clichés on the computer-like functions of the brain.   The essential nature of the mind has yet to be recognized and examined.   Despite the talk of "thinking," the Thinker is as yet a rare occurrence or encounter.   Recent research work in neuro-psychology and physiology will help in the rehabilitation regime.

Chiron joins Mars, the personality ruler of Scorpio, as the drunken, greedy, aggressively ambitious Centaurs operating in pack formation, held off by Athena, Zeus and Apollo as depicted in the frieze of the temple to Athena on the Acropolis in Athens.   In contrast, it then expresses the esoteric (soul) influence of Scorpio as the teacher, researcher and mentor.

At present we are seeing the rapine factor linked to centaur pillaging, emerging in the '#Me Too' movement, as Chariklo (the larger asteroid wife of Chiron) is joining Pluto in Capricorn.   This will peak in 2019.   Roy Moore's Chiron-Moon conjunction in Scorpio is T-square Saturn-Pluto and Mars (N / S) on the heliocentric planetary nodes of Neptune respectively.   Both Chiron and Chariklo have ring systems a two of the largest Centaurids.   This, while Chiron and Nessus find themselves in Pisces along with Neptune.

From the soul and hierarchic point of view, this involves the triangle of Mars / Earth / Mercury, which indicates the matter aspect of kundalini latent, active, and fully unfolded, respectively.   Taking this into consideration, we can add Earth to the Mars-Chiron soul ruler for Scorpio.   Again, this is strictly from the soul and hierarchic points of view, and takes into account the three triangles of Scorpio’s hierarchic ruler Mercury with the sign Gemini, whose hierarchic ruler in turn is the Earth.   Sagittarius has Earth as its planetary soul ruler and represents the goal of both Scorpio and Chiron.   Chiron is exalted in Sagittarius.

The Rulers of Scorpio are Pluto/Mars,   Mars /Chiron /Earth,   and Mercury (Vulcan, Sun).

MARS   (Personality rulership)

The world is run by two groups of integrated personalities, symbolized by the two aspects of Chiron ‒ the undisciplined chief of centaur mobs who broke open the cask of wine which was to be shared in conclave alone (the wheel turning backward through the signs for the ambitious but unaspiring personality), and in contrast the wounded healer (on the Reversed Wheel moving forward) who emerges triumphant from battle with the Enemy — the unredeemed Ego and its reverberations.   PACs of centaurs roam the halls and bureaus of power, and it is interesting to note those active individuals with strong Chiron-Mars positions and especially those with one of the three major axes (Asc/Desc, Sun/Earth, Lunar Nodes) conjunct or square the heliocentric Chiron and Mars nodes, heliocosms, or planets.   (e.g., Bannon, Gorka, Nigel Farage, Thatcher, Pruitt, Paul Ryan, McConnell, Kushner, Roy Cohn, Chris Christie, Zinke, Merkin, LaPierre, Stephen Paddock)   This becomes particularly ugly when accentuated by prominent Neptune placements, as was previously the case in the 20th century Nazi group.

The essential task in Scorpio for the esoteric astrologer is to determine whether the individual is functioning as a personality or as an aspirant and soul.   This involves determining the stage of soul consciousness as well as the focus of the individual life effort.   The difference between the two stages of development is experienced through extremes in the sign Scorpio.   The lower group is highly susceptible to the non-sacred planets Pluto (ruling the solar plexus) and Mars (ruling the gonads).   This low-note focus they display through their control of the media, albeit indirectly or actively in ill-informed experiments with social automation and with dubious or disruptive social demographic results.   These two centers are associated with the animal gut-brain, instinctive reactions and essentially mindless 'protoplasmic' attitudes plugged into massive data mining which are only subjugated and ‘out-lived’ with the hierarchical ruler Mercury (about which more below).   Lower Mercury can express through mass political manipulation (lying, misdirecting and thieving), and through the interminable battle between greedy or thinking ‘knights of the sword’ and ‘knights of the pen’. (See the archaic and primitive side of Mercury in N.O. Brown, Hermes the Thief).   But ultimately, Mercury works through evocation of insight and the gradual substitution of the ethers, which brings on systemic consciousness (awareness) on the Cardinal Cross.   Mercury, Vulcan and the Sun are One.

On a mundane (personality) level, one often learns that the loudest, most ignorant and ill-informed but ambitious and aggressive bullies rise to the top in virtually every field.   They are not afraid to use primitive Mars qualities such as talking over others in conversation, turning all conversation into self-referencing competition inflicted passive-aggressively, not to speak of direct coercion, or coopting individuals and groups by forming packs of political animals that blithely gather the clueless for nugacious leverage or delegated scut work at a 'plausible denial' remove, all with no shame.   This is not Mercury intelligence;   it is Mars animal cunning.   On the other hand, great intrepidity and courage in battle lead to greater empathy and compassion once the 'Dwellers' of PTSD, disability, or temporary defeat are faced or worked out.

Negative Chiron is not very well appreciated among contemporary astrologers, who have the honest intention to focus on and encourage Chiron’s most positive traits ― hence the ‘gravitation’ toward Sagittarius.   As mentioned earlier, Chiron has an interesting dance with Saturn, and current world circumstances and particularly American politics can be somewhat explained by Chiron and Saturn in square from 1935 to 1952, the birthdates of most of the ambitious stage-effect managers running rampant post World War II.   This is about to change.

MARS / EARTH / CHIRON  (Soul rulership)

With all Scorpios, however ‘secretive’, private, or subtle, there is an instinctive desire to teach, as in ‘teaching a man to fish’.   It is the best part of parenting and friendship in the School of Life.   The soul recognizes that learning to teach is learning from one’s presentation and from one’s students;   learning from a professor involves learning about their limitations as well as one’s own, which leads to deeper questions, hopefully shared and discussed together.   I am speaking of humanistic education here, not the rank intellectual technical (and academic) training of technocracy maintenance workers.   Education denotes a basic humanism and aspirational learning, reflective understanding and actually having a thinking life, related to humans who share insights and expertise while working in cooperative groups;   Training suggests supervised rote and rank hand-me-down technical iteration and repetition with material and career-survival interests more proper to animals (animal-man).

The world at large is undergoing the second initiation by virtue of the specific gravity and light generated by those second initiation aspirants, probationers, and disciples — all to become the Initiates of the IVth Creative Hierarchy ruled by Mercury and Scorpio. Here we are dealing with disciples and world disciples on the Fixed Cross, communicating with each other through the sign Scorpio.

The power of Venus is lessened in Scorpio, primarily because the solar angel gives way to the angel of the Presence, more related to both the involutionary and future work of the cosmic manasadevas as the individualized soul returns to its group source.   “Scorpio stages the release of Leo.” (333)   This transition is explicitly related to the nature of the 5th kingdom in nature and to the “egoic groups”.

Four signs related to Ray Four “brings Humanity to a revelation of divinity”. (EA 549)
These are Aries, Gemini, Virgo and Scorpio.   We earlier discussed the Triangles formed by Mercury and Gemini with these three additional signs.
These four zodiacal signs are found as four arms of the Venus Cycle ― with Capricorn (transiting from Aquarius) — and rule the generation born between 1964 and 1986.   These individuals should start flourishing around age 30 from 1994 to 2016.   Other instances of this combination in the Venus Cycle occur from 1462 to 1485/88,   1713 to 1735,   and in the future from 2215 to 2237 for those with any interest in human history or the 4th kingdom human race.
Here we have the Venus Vth Creative Hierarchy subordinated to Ray Four and Mercury, governing the IVth Creative Hierarchy goal of Humanity.

MERCURY   (Hierarchic planetary rulership)

From the soul and particularly the hierarchic point of view, this involves the triangle of Mars / Earth / Mercury, which indicates the matter aspect kundalini latent, active, and fully unfolded, respectively.   Taking this into consideration, we can add Earth to the Mars-Chiron soul ruler for Scorpio.   Again, this is strictly from the soul and hierarchic points of view, and takes into account the three triangles of Scorpio’s hierarchic ruler Mercury with the sign Gemini (EA 358, 357), whose hierarchic ruler in turn is the Earth.   These three triangles (ninefold energy) that relate the Three Crosses to each other, are paralleled by the activity of Virgo in the substitution of the ethers, and whose planetary rulers (Virgo) govern the Three Crosses ― Mercury (Mutable),   Moon /Vulcan /Saturn(324) (Fixed),   and Jupiter (Cardinal).   Sagittarius has Earth as its planetary soul ruler and represents the goal of both Scorpio and Chiron.   Chiron is exalted in Sagittarius.

Sagittarius rules the three groups of lunar pitris ‒pitris, angels, and lords‒ with their karmic relation to the “Burning Sons of Desire” of the 1st/VIth Creative Hierarchy.   These lunar angels and lords (CF 886, 937, 1187) associated with Mars and governed by the VIth Creative Hierarchy find their redemption through the solar angels or agnishvatta pitris of Venus, and triadic and cosmic manasadevas of Mercury.   We are dealing with humanity on Earth as a unit, predominantly ruled by Gemini and Sagittarius (veiling the constellations Taurus and Scorpio). — “Taurus rushes blindly until Sagittarius directs.” (333)

From the soul and hierarchic point of view, this involves the triangle of Mars / Earth / Mercury, which indicates the matter aspect — kundalini latent, active, and fully unfolded, respectively.   There is no getting around this matter aspect, so to speak, with regard to human evolution and the relation to 3rd, 4th, and 5th Kingdoms in nature.   Discussing the kundalini shakti here we are speaking strictly about a natural arising of this energy within a single individual due to a sustained, balanced, and normative spiritual life.   We are speaking of the union of base and crown centers within the etheric constitution and its impact and effects upon the internal and outer physical form.   This must necessarily involve the ‘substitution of ethers’ as found in Alice Bailey’s book Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle.   It involves the merging of the Three Fires within the physical etheric body, which can have the side effect of burning without due caution or vigilance.   The important point to emphasize is that this basic energy arises in a contemplative state.   As the three fires unite, it leads to what AAB describes as “the waxing of the soul light and the waning of the light in matter itself.” (EA 360)   This involves the readjustment and substitution of the ethers, and leads naturally to the release of Mercury from the deep and habitual conditioning of Mars in Scorpio.   This process leads on to the project of the elevation of Earth and Mars in the sign Sagittarius, which clearly involves energy from the Scorpio-Centaurus Association mediated by its foreground star Antares (EA 15), in relation to Alcyone in the Pleiades governing the redemption of the Son of God and Light, buried and latent in the sign Taurus.

Speaking on a practical level, after the lower centers are synthesized by the solar plexus, and the solar plexus is made subject to the heart, the solar plexus becomes a center of health and longevity and begins its task of protecting the heart from inevitable insults experienced upon the Path in the world. It should be clear that at a certain point the solar plexus must be stabilized again, this time supported in turn by the base, aligned with the crown, to defend and protect the individual from often unconscious and unwitting insults, direct assaults, and threatened detonations arising from an increasing disparity in vibration and arising from that impact upon others and groups. This is part of the story of irritation and imperil, and hence the focus on harmlessness, equanimity and practice of the Four Immeasurable Meditations of the trans-himalayan traditions.

The triangle Mercury-Gemini Virgo is involved in the substitution of the ethers for their higher correspondences on triadic, monadic and ultimately universal solar systemic planes.   Virgo, ruling the mother aspect related to the Pleiades and the previous solar system, shelters and nurtures the Christ life.   The layers of conditioned substance inherited from the mother are immediately transformed by the will or desire of the incarnating soul, and by Vulcan in the light of the Sun and Mercury.   Scorpio represents this inner life ‘getting its legs’ by engaging actively in the world and assimilating the lessons inevitably learned from the give and take of life.   Virgo and Scorpio are both signs of engagement and assimilation –one ‘inner’ and the other ‘outer’‒ on either side of the worldly Libra.   Both are triple-glyph signs which relate soul to spirit. (EA 480-81)   This relation of soul and spirit is brought out by these three Mercury-Gemini triangles we are examining;   Gemini with Jupiter (hierarchic ruler of Virgo) bringing the soul face-to-face with the Cardinal Cross of Synthesis.

The triangle Mercury-Gemini and Scorpio rules all issues associated with the gross physical body and the matter aspect in relation to etheric transmutation and energetic transformation of the lower threefold personality vehicles, ultimately leading to the "elimination of the personality thoughtform". (EH 515).   This takes place during the long and steady stimulation by the soul of the latent esoteric constitution of each human individual.   The transformation of individuality has a major esoteric impact on world affairs simply by remaining silent and standing in Being.   These individuals also work simultaneously as forerunners advancing progressive social evolutionary ideas and programs.   This triangle leads to world service in Aquarius through Uranus and the Sun, which govern the greater Triangle of Ursa major ‒ Sun ‒ Libra/Aries.   Here we have the expression of Antahkarana work with Aries (analogous to the mental permanent atom) and Libra (the mental unit) transforming the internal structure of the causal body with the overshadowing Angel of the Presence (‘externalizing’ in Scorpio).

The triangle Mercury-Gemini and Aries lines up Mars, Mercury and Uranus to inspire and fight for improvements and advancements through initiatives in all spheres of human life.   These are focused to a great extent upon taking responsibility as humanity to protect, preserve, and coordinate sustainable circumstances for all the lower kingdoms in nature.   Mercury ‘engineers’ the revelation of the triad, which comes into fruition through Mars effort. (354-5)   Mercury also engineers or stage-manages a carefully timed confrontation of opposing forces in order to generate equilibrium.   Mercury conquers War through Vision.   Mercury and the 5th Kingdom govern soul control over the lower kingdoms in nature, within oneself and in the world.   . It is only later that this triangle of Aries and with Uranus begins to work with adjustment of the fires.

It seems particularly relevant at this time (November 2017) to quote AAB:
“When Gemini, Scorpio and Mercury are correctly related we shall see the United States moving also on to the Path of Discipleship through a release from its present self-centred policy, its well-meaning evasion of responsibility and its innate fears and distrust.” (EA 361)
Back on earth, with a Sun-conjunct-Uranus in Gemini in office we can only hope that the strobe-like distraction effects are a blind and stimulus for deep (if unwitting or unwilling) change.   The Venus generation born after 1986-1987 (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn arms shift) will bring this adjustment to the fore.   They were age 20 by 2007.

Some Comments on the Redemption of Mars by Mercury

Most students looking at the Mahayana Middle Way (Emptiness of Self and Other), Tantra, or Dzogchen initially fear the mind stops or is erased by some kind of substantive or “absolute”(not Ultimate) emptiness at illumination and identification.   This can just represent apprehension and voicing of fear, not necessarily the emotionally entrenched attitude of nihilism.   On a level of the ultimate nature of Mind or of Reality, not to speak of lower states of (distracted) mind, we are in a state of union with karmic manasic and kama-manasic imprints/impressions that seem to invade, but simply pervade the mental continuum from our situational point of view within much larger universal Lives ― planetary, solar, and cosmic.   There may not yet be the willingness to persevere in simple direct nonattached Observation for the sake of realizing directly the subtle relationship of soul and spirit, and their united and dynamic allowance of (time for) all lower vehicles to recognize and then See non-attached service engagements on other subtler levels altogether. Words fail.

This is the reason for the very first statement on dzogchen practice ― take care to distinguish between mind (citta-chatter in all its various dimensions) from the Nature of the mind itself.   When the mind is absorbed in illuminating contemplation on the nature of mind, with naturally arising insight into the subtleties of this distinction (between mind and the nature of mind), that contemplation and alert observation are said to be undifferentiable from the nondual state itself.   Dzogchen literature makes this clear.   Once one is distracted, one is in a post-meditation, post-contemplative state.

To put this in graphic terms, when one is in a nondual state, what is occupying the body, speech (breath /prana) and brain?   All that perceptually exists is the natural luminosity of the (capacity) of the mind that experiences.   Engagement with the world of karmic imprints continues.   Tulku Urgyen calls this “rainbow painting”, since dissolution of the physical body in a lattice of rainbow light is the benchmark of the advanced dzogchen practitioner. Everything is light.   There is such a truth of persevering as light on a path of light, as that light itself.   This is what makes many wonder whether the master Jesus did not study these teachings in an ascetic sojourn along the Silk Road to northern India, where such teaching traditions were revered.   Regarding the sign Scorpio, while St. Paul was emphasizing the torture, blood and passion, Christ himself returned whole with the “Good News” (Mercury) to commune with his disciples and the people.

Scorpio rules relations and communications between disciple and disciple, as well as between disciple and initiate.   Scorpio arrives at Capricorn through Sagittarius.   “Capricorn consummates the work in Scorpio.”   Capricorn governs communication and relations with the planetary Hierarchy.

Capricorn esoterically ‘turns its back’ on the light to serve and redeem matter.
At a certain point the matter aspect must be transmuted through the union of the Three Fires (friction, solar, electric) through their correspondences in the esoteric (yogic, tantric) human constitution.

Please watch this site for an upcoming article on Chiron.

Inspiration:   Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Astrology, and her 24 books on esoteric studies.   NY: Lucis Publishing Company – website (http://www.lucistrust.org/en/publications_store).

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