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SCORPIO   2017

Labor of Hercules
Slaying the Lernaean Hydra

On knees to lift the evil writhing Hydra into wind and light — the mystical 9th head of power buried under a Rock.   Kundalini with Fire of Mind and Spirit conquer the entrenched reptilian instincts to become Asklepios and Healing Shaktipat;   Scorpio wrestles again with Antares (cf. Gemini) as Ophiuchus and Hercules;   Victory when the 9-headed Hydra seen as a unit.
Motto:   Warrior am I and from the battle I emerge triumphant.
(Scorpio stages the release of Leo)

The Crises of the Soul — Battleground, Birthplace/Labor, and Burning Ground — All Testing is self-engineered, no matter how clouded one’s apprehension.   All initiation is self-administered, otherwise it would not be fully conscious.   With Capricorn, Scorpio rules the Twelve Labors of the Sun God Hercules, and particularly the Hydra’s Nine Tests of psychological hygiene.   In Scorpio we find how spiritual values and life are anchored in daily struggle and ephemera.

Scorpio II
Scorpio, the Centaurs, and the Scorpio-Centaurus Association

Under Construction

A new planet is arising in the sign Scorpio.   It is Chiron.
The Centaur asteroids represent the past expression of the sign Sagittarius in ancient humanity, and now represent the personality character tests in Scorpio, and the Mentor and Healer when exalted in present-day Sagittarius.

This transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius — from the Scorpionic waste of personal and group resources in ‘self-medication’ by the Centaur returning from battle debilitated by the wide range of PTSD and neglected disability conditions, to the oblivious self-assured elites drugged on OCD/ADD economic or political power through personal control of resources — to Sagittarian Chiron the wounded and self-rehabilitated Mentor can be seen in the thousands of town and state initiatives that have begun to recognize that the wounded are the best healers, whether in the much abused and neglected veteran population or in the addictions of the general population in social despair and economic desperation.   The condescending dismissal and refusal of recognition for this value of redemptive service since the 2016 election is another illuminating example of the war between these two groups — between values of redemption and conservation of society, versus conservative self-serving greed behind veils of ‘social conservative’ hypocrisy or stupidity;   between bought and purchased (and blackmailed) public representatives versus public servants with souls intact;   between labor and capital (when will this last social kindergarten lesson be learned by the accidentally and unconditionally privileged and entitled cunning social gambling and experimenting social cybernetic (automated social control) game-theory set of degraded human-animal elites?   — The world is aghast at an escapist America that should be a light-bearer on world problems.)

Chiron and the Centaurids are found in the direction of the Scorpio-Centaurus Association (the Southern Stream or “Via Combusta” (noted by Charles Jayne and Michael Erlewine), an open cluster which is disintegrating on the opposite side of the star-birthing Orion O-Association, which two Associations frame our Gould Belt of seven clusters including the Ursa Major cluster and our own Sirian System cluster on either side).   See Hypotheses Derived from DK’s Treatise on Cosmic Fire and Esoteric Astrology, JEP 4/2 1988.   Our Sirian System is composed of stars of (0-20) light-year (ly) distance between that of the Ursa Major Moving Group and the Hyades.   These closest stars to our Sun appear to be spread out across the sky (because they are so close).   Being able to visualize in four kinetic dimensions helps.   The centroid of the Southern Stream is at 26° Scorpio (1950), close to Rigil Kent at 28° Scorpio (Alpha Centaurus).   Antares, which once used to be considered a foreground star, not discernibly a member of the Scorpio-Centaurus Association, is now recognized to be a member.   Its stars range at 130-425 light years distance, from late Libra to late Sagittarius by ecliptic longitude.

Seven Constellation System

The motions of the seven open clusters of the Seven-Constellation System all converge around Lepus, which is why I included the graphic of a classical Greek krater of a young (star-birthing) Orion running in a circle, pursuing the constellation Lepus the Hare when discussing the Seven-Constellation (open cluster) System in 'Three Cosmic Decanates and Their Axial Coordinate System'. JEP 5/2 1989.

[Krater (1989)]

When Scorpio-Centaurus is examined in relation to the Pole Star and Draco in our Local Gould Group system, it is as though Draco is casting off an old skin of redshift stars in the Scorpio-Centaurus direction as the proper motions of all the 7-9 clusters of the Seven-Constellation System speed toward the Orion star-birthing O Association in Gemini, along with the expansion of our galaxy via our local Orion Arm within which the Gould Belt is situated.   This image makes sense if one takes the Ourobouros icon as spiral-cyclic in nature rather than simply circular.   The head of our Seven-Constellation System, Ursa Major (80 ly) or Saptarishi circling the Pole Star (precession star) with the much greater distant Draco (and the still birthing but dying Sco-Cent (500 ly) Association) might well indicate a Round in both the cosmic and esoteric sense — the head of Ourobouros (Ursa Major) appearing to bite its own tail (Scorpio-Centaurus).   The System of seven constellations between Scorpio-Centaurus and Orion (Ursa Major Moving Group stars (80 ly distant), our Sirian System stars (0-20 ly distance), the Hyades, Coma, Pleiades, Praesepe and α Perseus open clusters) are on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, with its axial points in the direction of Polaris (29° Gemini) and the Galactic Center (GC), calculated at various points between 27° Sagittarius and 0° Capricorn.   As this indicates, our Solar System’s and Earth’s “north” as defined by the Pole Star are pointing in the direct opposite direction from the Galactic Center.   The Sun’s Way, its actual apparent direction “north”, in relation to the 25K year precession cycle, points toward the direction of the star Vega (14°Capricorn) in Lyra, the Lyre of Apollo the Sun god.   Amazing how these systems “name themselves” for both the astronomical and astrological communities.

The Gould System (our "Local System") containing the Seven Constellations is c.3000 light years across.

The Scorpio-Centaurus (Sco-Cent) Association is c.380-470 light years from our Sun, and c.100x300 ly in size.

The Orion OB Association and star-birthing region is c.1200 light years distant. Our Local Bubble (or Chimney) of hot, diffuse hydrogen plasma is 300+ light years across.   Its Loop I Bubble was created by the detonation of 1-2 supernovae in Scorpio-Centaurus within the past 4M years, though there have been 14-20 supernovae during the past 11M years.   It is suspected that any supernova c.130 light years distant would have a major impact on Earth.   As it is, the strong stellar winds from star formation and supernovae 4M years ago in the Scorpio-Centaurus Association (others say 1-2M yrs) may also be linked to extreme ultraviolet sources above the galactic disk, thus creating a “Chimney” through the galactic disk associated with the Local Bubble.

Between 40 and 150M years ago, it is suspected that Sco-Cent was spherical in shape and c.7100 light years from our Sun in the (present) Sagitta-Vulpecula direction and was disrupted c.40M years ago to take its present oblong shape in three subgroups from 11M to 15M years in age and position at 380 to 470 light years from the Sun. (Erlewine)   However, the mystery of moving clusters, which have motions expressed as straight lines (in the case of the seven-constellation system converging around Orion and Lepus) are suspect because of the pervasive spiral-cyclic nature of motion in our galaxy.   The mystery of the long-term open cluster movement within larger systems —involving radial velocity, proper motion, transverse velocity, and space velocity— has not been solved definitively by astrophysicists.

For example, the Sun was assumed to be periodically moving north-south on the Orion Arm of our galaxy into a possibly hazardous ‘dust cloud’ when it is now known that the motion is rotary spiral-cyclic (accomplishing the same result).   The question remains whether we are being invaded by a rogue Sco-Cent cluster coming from a great distance and which is being repelled, or whether it has always been with us as a cluster which is now cast off and dissipating.

The old red-shift (receding) stars of the departing Sco-Cent Association are exploding into supernovae, blasting our solar system with their stellar dust and bow waves of UV ultraviolet radiation.   The intensity of these blasts depends on their size and distance from our solar system.

Until the force of the cosmic lunar Lords is sought for, the fact of there being entire constellations beyond our solar system in process of disintegration in time and space in a manner similar to the disintegration of the moon will not be known nor the effects of this traced.   (Bailey, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, pp.834-35)
While DK is speaking above of constellations, such as the Sco-Cent OB Association, we can definitely take a look at the particular solar systems within that ‘constellation’ that have died and whose effects (of decay) may be traced in the environment, in humanity, and in the kingdoms of nature on our Earth and more broadly in our solar system... [See compilation on Cosmic & Systemic Moons]

“They are not the lunar pitris, as that term is commonly understood, but have a direct connection with what is called “the cosmic moon” or to that dying solar system which has the same relation to our system as the moon has to the earth chain. (CF 1112)
The debris from two of the most recent supernovae “cosmic moons” in Sco-Cent has been identified via FE60 concentrations in sedimentary fossil record seabed layers from cores taken in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.   FE60 has a half-life of 2.6M years, and so only two of the FE60 sedimentary depositions can be dated, although older depositions exist, with probably more to be found.

There is increasing discussion linking the second supernova event to the Permian marine mass extinction period on Earth c.200-300 million years ago (one of the “Big Five” extinction events on Earth).   Scientists have not determined the mechanism, although massive UV radiation destroying Earth’s ozone layer has been discussed.   However, at 100 ly, another ‘blast’ factor is most probably implicated.   This suggests impacts on the Kuiper Belt and the continuing generation of comets, asteroids, systemic debris, and possibly the exchange of asteroids for planetary moons.

These two supernovae can be found (epoch 2000) at 26° Scorpio 46’02.5” (-05 57 lat.) (c. 2.3M yrs BCE) and 27° Scorpio 57’45” (-26 27 lat.) (c. 1.5M yrs BCE) in Ecliptic longitude and latitude.

While these dying solar systems are "not the lunar pitris", it is through the refinement of Mars and Chiron that the lunar lords are brought under the control of the solar lord.   This project of self-possession of individuated self-control begins and is supervised on the Mutable Cross by the great planets Jupiter and Mercury (Sun).   Jupiter and Mercury are simultaneously the planets that refine and control affairs on the Mutable Cross (as in buddhi, and meditation).   Mars and Chiron operate in Scorpio on personality and soul conflictual levels, and in Sagittarius on the hierarchical plane as the goal for IVth Creative Hierarchy humanity on planet Earth.

In the Chart: It is curious to relate these points to individual charts, strictly recognizing that contact with the outer planets represents a generational factor, and secondly that any negative effect of de-generation, corruption, or decay can be turned to spiritual and humanitarian advantage by the soul.   I have added Alcyone positions, along with the planetary (heliocentric) nodes of Mars and Mercury — because they are so close, and all these Scorpio placements need to be made distinct.   Both planets rule conflict — physical/mechanical/concrete mind conflict exhibiting as coercive force, and the contrived conflicts of the fluid/manipulative/lower mind (both seen in the case of the population now being considered).   Additionally I include the Chiron Node since this is our topic of consideration.

Here are some hits from a few example charts in one of my more recent folders.   The groups covered in the following tables include the Trump administration and advisors, plus the three latest rulers, Presidents or Prime Ministers of the major nations (west and east).   A few exceptional/notorious recent/contemporary individuals are added.   Also included are a few events of planetary significance, keeping in mind that nations, international institutions, and events must be interpreted differently to human individuals.   As a double-check, from over 200 charts of historically prominent psychologists and philosophers I found almost no conjunction aspects to these two Supernova points at all (Freud and his daughter Anna were exceptions).   [more later...]   Perhaps the most this ad hoc observation of current affairs (in the U.S.) says is that these two supernova points are not as significant for self-starting thinkers or forerunners;   and perhaps they only partially characterize those who can only be limned as ambitious and sub-par niche-fillers.

26° Scorpio 46' ‘cosmic moon’ (-05:51:15 Lat)   (c. 2.3M years BCE)
NEP Alex Oakes 0°,   Zury Rios-Sosa/Montt 0°,   Rene Guenon 1°,   Pruitt 1°,   K.Nielsen 2°,   Hargan 2°,
URA   Zhukov 0°
URA-Sun   Oswald Mosley 0°
SAT opp. Rubio 0° (= Alcyone 2°)
Chiron Julius Evola 1/2°,   LaPierre 1°,   McMahon 2°,
JUP S.Hadley 0°,   Roy Moore 0°,   Pence 1°,   Cruz 1°
JUP-Moon     Romney 0°
MARS   Mao 0°,   Goldwater 1°,   Pelosi 2°,
MA-ME   Rahm E. 0°/1°
VEN Stalin 0°,   Gorka 1°,   Price 1°
MER Ted Bundy 1°
SUN H.Dean 2°,   Theon 2°,   Boehner 3°,
Earth Duda 0°,   Coats 1°,   Zuckerberg 2°
N.Node   Madoff 0°
S.Node   Lighthizer 1°
Moon Tsipras 1°
27° Scorpio 57' ‘cosmic moon’ (-26:27:36 Lat)   (c. 1.5M years BCE)
NEP Acosta 0°,   Zury Rios-Sosa/Montt 0°,   J.Morales 0°,   Vucic 1°
URA Kushner 1°,   Goebbels 1°
SAT T.May 1°,   Nixon 1°
Chiron Goldwater 0°,   Golda Meir 0°,   Pr.Charles 1°,   opp. Safra 0°
Chiron-SUN     Bolton 1°,
JUP Assange 0°,   Lighthizer 0°,   Beer Hall Putsch 1923 0°,   Schleicher 0°,   Chas Koch(Bros) 1°,  
S.Hadley 1°,   Blair 1°,   S.Harper 1°,   Macri 1°,
Ceres McCain 1°
MAR   Mao 0°,   Stone 2°,   Roy Cohn 2°
VEN Giuliani 1°,   E.Stern 1°
MER Bossie 1°,   Maduro 2°,
SUN 'Twitter' Dorsey 00°,   Judy Woodruff 0°,   Biden(+Venus) 1°,
Earth Pope J.Paul 0°,   JM Rothschild 0°,   E.Poniatowska 1°,
N.Node   Geo.Wallace 1°,
Moon London Blitz 0°,   Kaiser II 0°,   vonBraun 0°,   Andreas Gunter Lubitz 1°,   (opp. Chas.Jos.Whitman 1°

Alcyone 0° Gemini 00' (Epoch 2000) / 28° Taurus 36' (Epoch 1950)
PLU     Hideki Tojo 1°
NEP Ben Gurion 1°, JF Dulles 1°, Guenon 2°, Rubio 2°
URA Milosevic 1°, J.Keane 1°, B.Sanders 1°, Klaus 1°, E.Barak 2°
SAT Milosevic 0°, N.Haley 0°, B.Sanders 0°, Rubio 1°, Hoffa 1°
Chiron O.Hatch 0°, J.Chretien 0°, Schuster 0°, Huckabee 2°
JUP Blair 0°, Rubio °0
MARS Roy Cohn 0°, Pruitt 0°, Macri(opp+Jup) 0°
VEN Farage 0°, Madoff 0°, Giuliani 0°
MER Avigdor.L 0°
SUN Duda 3°
Earth Maduro 0°, Bolton 1°
N.Node     Pr.Harry 0°
S.Node T.May 1°
Moon H.Kohl 1°
ASC Komorowski 0°,   E.Olmert 0°,   Vidocq 0°

To further clarify and distinguish the Chiron/Mars relationship and degree placements in Scorpio:

Chiron Node 28º Libra/Aries No/S   Mars Node 19º Scorpio So/N   Mercury Node 17º Scorpio So/N  
NEP N Sarkozy 0º,   T.May 0º,   Bannon 2º,   Donilon 2º,   L.Graham 3º Pierre Laval 0º -----
NEP S Coolidge 2º, K.McCarthy 0º Farage 0º,   Pompeo 0º,   Scaramucci 0º,   Palin 0º,   Kiska 1º,   Varela 1º,   Nisman 1º,   Azer 3º,
URA N DeGaulle 1º,   Marc Rich 0º, Reid 0º,   Pelosi(+Ven) 0º,   Petain 1º -----
URA S Hitler Rearmament 0º,   Manson 0º,   Feinstein 1º,   Grassley 2º,   E.Edwards 1º J. Peron 0º,   Scott Taylor 2º,   Orrin Hatch 2º Scott Taylor 1º,
SAT N Madame Nhu 0º,   JEB Bush 1º,   Kirchner 1º,   Chao 1º,   GeoHW.Bush 2º Gorka 1º,   Kim Il-sung 1º -----
SAT S M.LaPene 3º Sarkozy 0º,   Rios Montt 1º,   JIANG Zemin 1º,   Ifill 1º,   S.Miller 2º Sam Ervin 0º,   SunYatSen 1º,   Ifill 1º,   Donilon 1º,   L.Graham 3º,
Chiron     N ----- Soros 0º,   R.Castro 0º FDR(+Jup) 0º,   Soros 1º,   Gorbachev 2º,   Yeltsin 2º
Chiron S Roy Cohn 0º,   Kotleba 1º,   Hindenburg(opp.Plu) 1º,   Thatcher 2º ----- Goebbels 0º
JUP N Morell 0º Chao 0º,   Marino 0º,   Putin 0º,   Dindic 0º,   Stone 1º,   Corker 1º,   Shulkin 2º Steele 0º,   K.McCarthy 1
JUP S Farage 0º Perdue 1º,   Saa 1º Sessions 0º,   Perdue 0º,   Saa 1º,   LeeKwanYew 1º
Ceres     N ----- ----- -----
Ceres S John Major 1º Koresh 1º Nixon 1º
MARS N JF Dulles 1º,   Komorowski 2º G.Ford 0º,   Soros 0º,   McConnell 2º Thomas Paine 0º
MARS S Vucic 0º,   Koizumi 0º,   Timerman 1º,   J-M.LePen 3º Tsar Bomba 1961 0º,   D.Ortega 0º,   Dick Morris 1º,   Zinke 2º,   Marino 2º,   McMahon 2º,   Joe McCarthy 2º Tillerson 1º,   Mattis 1º,   Primakov 1º,   Wm.Bennett 1º,   Grassley 2º
VEN N Lighthizer 0º,   Berlusconi 0º,   D.Ortega 0º,   Zeman 1º Peluso(+Ura) 0º R.Castro(+Mer) 1º
VEN S J.Morales 0º,   Gyurcsany 0º,   H.Kohl 1º,   XI 2º,   S.Paddock 3º Mnuchin 0º,   Ross 0º,   Perdue 0º,   Bannon 1º,   Nunes 1º,   R.Guenon 1º Mnuchin 0º,   Cruz 0º,   Bannon(+Mer) 0º,   Hillary(+Mer) 1º,   Wolfowitz 1º,   R.Guenon 1º
MER N Nunes 0º,   Ifill 0º N.Orban 2º, Albright 0º,   J.Reno 0º,   Lukyanov 0º,   E.Barak 0º,
MER S Blair 2º von Papen 1º,   Tillerson 1º,   Mattis 1º,   Colin Powell 1º Churchill 0º,   Rohm 0º,   Flake 2º,   United Nations 2º
SUN N Gorka 0º,   Hicks 0º,   Netanyahu 1º,   Y.Shamir(+Mer) 0º/1º SunYatSen 0º,   de Blasio 0º,   Kelly 1º,   Ashcroft 1º Evita Peron(+Mars) 1º,   de Blasio 1º,   Blair 2º
EARTH   S ----- Manson(+Ven) 0º/1º 2016 US Election Day 0º,   Kristallnacht 1938 0º,   LaPierre 1º
N.Node N Reid 0º,   Tsipi Livni 0º Reagan 2 C.Wray (N Mer/N Lunar) -----
S.Node S Scott Walker 0º,   Ribbentrop 0º,   Avigdor.L 1º,   Soros 2º,   Manafort 3º, P.Martin 1º -----
MOON N Azar (?) B.Clinton 0º,   A.Sharon 1º,   Reagan 2º McGovern 1º
MOON S ----- J.Chretien 2º Goering 1º
S J.Chretien 0º

[Walter Crane painting]

A secondary effect of these detonating stars is to dislodge Kuiper Belt objects, to send them galloping like waves into the orbit of Neptune and from thence, herded by Neptune, to join the Centaurs (Centaurid minor planets) to engage in celestial battle with Jupiter-Athena and the Sun, as is found on the Acropolis' Parthenon frieze (Elgin Marbles in the British Museum, western frieze in the Acropolis Museum, Athens).   Many centaurids become unstable upon entry and as comets attempt to plunge into the Sun.   Most are deflected by the magnetic field of proto-star Jupiter and held captive between the orbits of Jupiter and his grandfather Uranus.   Saturn, Jupiter’s father, is helping them work out some loutishness in their collective karmic clearing-house, as this brief Dec. 2016-2017/18 Saturn-square-Chiron instance illustrates.

To be continued…..

Inspiration:   Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Astrology, and her 24 books on esoteric studies.   NY: Lucis Publishing Company – website (http://www.lucistrust.org/en/publications_store).

Peter Kubaska © 2017       AWE @ Sevensuns.org 2017 December 15