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VIRGO   2017

Labor of Hercules
Golden Girdle of Hippolyta
Told little by Eurystheus and Nereus.   Hippolyta of the Moon cult offers Hercules Venus' girdle of unity.   Hercules won't listen and kills her – failure in War of the Sexes.   Rescues Hesione from the throat of monster of the deep, the great Sea.
Motto:   I am the Mother and the Child.   I, God, I, matter am.
(Virgo hides the light which irradiates the world in Aquarius)

Virgo and Substitution of the Ethers

“Virgo is believed to be the director of the energies, developed and recognized in the first solar system.” (EA 280)
Virgo rules the mother aspect in the solar system.

The planetary rulers of the Three Crosses are clearly seen in the rulers of the zodiacal sign Virgo, associated with Mother Earth.
      MercuryMutable Cross of Resilience & Change
      Moon / Vulcan / Saturn (default)     Fixed Cross of Crisis
      JupiterCardinal Cross of Synthesis

MERCURY     [Mutable Cross of Resilience & Change]

While Venus rules the nervous system as we consciously experience it, namely the sympathetic nervous system assailed by impacts of all kinds, Mercury could be said to rule the autonomic nervous system which controls the breath and all unconscious life functions.   Control of the breath (and speech) by Mercury is one of the few doors of access to healing both nervous systems and the physical body, while promoting longevity.
Mercury rules the ethers in the head, and particularly those associated with what is denominated in Russian the ‘back brain’ which governs all the lowest ethers related to the physical form through the cerebellum, reptilian brain, the governing nerve trunk of the spinal column, and later the alta major center.   This is one of the reasons for the high incidence of basal ganglionic neurological disorders caused by those competing in professions which use physical, psychological, and mental force and coercion to the detriment of intelligent assessment, discernment, and cooperation ‒ the legal profession being a case in point.
Mercury always has two sides (at least), and the lower mind chattering away eventually gets interrupted by the ‘mind of emptiness’ whose essential nature is Light.   Mindfulness keeps them in good order and relation.   This ‘space’ between each individual thought or impression is the essential background nature of the mind itself.   Isabel hickey used to relate this to Mercury and Uranus in radio transmission — Mercury the signal bounced off the background field of radiation (Uranus).
Mercury rules the hands, and also the individual nerves and nerve plexi.   Even nervous response could be said to be autonomic and unconscious, since it is automatic and instantaneous.
In short, it is Mercury which mediates between lowest and the highest (one is capable of aspiring to) and enables an organized, methodical, systematic (and intuitive) approach to the actualization and creation of one’s co-creative lived experience.

MOON / VULCAN / (SATURN Default — Karmic Condition of Etheric Body & Endocrine System)     [Fixed Cross of Crisis]

While the moon rules the physical form which is a result of karmically inherited etheric constitutions merging with human animal genetic flesh, it remains vulnerable to conditioning by the ‘environment’ and its toxins and to self-conditioning by habit and self-perpetuated predispositions to psychological poisons.
Vulcan governs self-will as well as goodwill, and expresses the endurance aspect of Ray One.   Perseverance, forbearance, gratitude, humility, and patience are qualities of Vulcan in stark contrast to the Vulcan-influenced (but abortively conditioned) types of self-will, self-interest, competitive careerism, and an ambition which will brook no perceived assault upon its pride of relative (and empty) status.

As Mercury rules the Mutable Cross of Change and is seen as the personality ruler of Virgo, so Saturn ruling the Fixed Cross of discipline can be seen as standing behind Vulcan and the Moon.

Triangle of Sirius / Saturn / Cancer-Capricorn
Saturn rules the endocrine system, conditioned by pre-natal (karmic) and post-natal etheric conditioning, self-induced, habituated or ‘environmental’.   Saturn rules the Seven Crises of the soul through the signs Leo, Libra, and Capricorn.   These have a direct relationship to the seven centers in the human etheric constitution.

Because the Moon veils Vulcan, Uranus, or Neptune (and Saturn by ‘default’), its relation to the Pleiades, the Mother aspect of active intelligence inherited (through Saturn) from the previous solar system, is paramount.   This intelligence aspect, associated with Aquarius and Alcyone in the Pleiades, is highly conditioned by Leo-Aquarius governing the inherited astral and physical permanent atoms.

Triangle of Pleiades / Mercury / Gemini-Sagittarius
Virgo, through its three planetary rulers oversees the redemption of the Mind principle in terms of the active intelligence aspect inherited from the previous solar system. This has particular relation to the Triangle of the Pleiades, Mercury, and Gemini-Sagittarius. Giving birth to the Christ or Bodhisattva within assumes the realization that one is one’s own parent, that one’s reliance (co-dependence) on one’s parents in this lifetime is transcended (yet not severed), and one realizes oneself as mother-father within — what HPB terms the Second Logos in regard to the human triad (and monad).   In an historical vista, gender is almost totally society or peer conditioned and delusional (astral), except perhaps in the aesthetic arts, poetry, and in vernacular chat.   We return to basic gender as 'generational'.

The battle between Mars and the Moon at the third initiation is more easily understood when the planets veiled by the Moon are taken into consideration. The “way of feeling” on the mystical path (Neptune, governing personality-soul integration) is superseded by spiritual science and the occult life (through Uranus, the Hierophant or Bodhisattva). Both paths, mystical and occult, merge after the 3rd initiation through the experience of Vulcan (in Taurus and Pisces), brought on by the ceaseless interaction of Gemini-Sagittarius lifting the duality of higher and lower mind into an examination of the nature of Mind itself through the relentless inclusiveness of Jupiter, which reveals and establishes the higher duality of the life principle with the principle of consciousness. This is enforced (on the Fixed Cross) by Taurus-Scorpio, and their hierarchical rulers Vulcan and Mercury, when the Son of Mind (manasaputra) or solar angel and pitri give way to the Son of God as a self-aware manasadeva or angel of the Presence (intrinsic awareness). This latter angel reveals the greater Presence which is our planetary Logos.

Similarly, Vulcan and the Moon (veiling Uranus and Neptune), governing soul evolution on the Fixed Cross in Virgo bring about a focus on the Heart of the Sun (Neptune-Venus-Mercury triangle) in conjunction with the triangle of Mercury-Venus-Earth, with which the Lodge on Sirius brought about individualization through uniting 3rd and 5th kingdoms in nature, producing the 4th.

Triangle of Seven Solar Systems (Sirian System) / Mars / Taurus-Scorpio
The third great Triangle of the seven Solar Systems, Mars and Taurus-Scorpio relates directly to the three triangles formed by Mercury-Gemini with Aries, Virgo, and Scorpio.   This implicates the process of ‘substitution of the ethers’ associated with the development of the antahkarana and the relationship between the back-brain alta major center and the creative throat center.   (The antahkarana is dropped at the 4th initiation. IHS 173, CF 538)   The healthy relationship of these two centers is recognized when instinctive buddhic love takes the place of instinct as commonly understood.   The greater triangles above relate to the science of identifying which triangle of chakras in the human constitution are in charge.   This assumes the ability to energetically scan and distinguish among atomic, cellular, gross physical body, health of physical organs/systems, etheric quality and vigor, psychic quality and refinement, four distinct characters of the mental unit, causal development, and emerging buddhic (triadic) energies.   In this greater triangle we are seeing how animal man (Mars) and the Vth Creative Hierarchy measure up to soul and monad.

Antahkarana Work
  AriesMercury-Uranus-Vulcan-Sun     mental permanent atom     reflection of Atma
  Venus-Jupiter-Neptune     causal bodyreflection of Buddhi
  LibraVenus-Saturnmental unitinheritance of Manas
  Scorpio     Mercury-Marslower mind Application

Uranus (veiled by the Moon) with Mercury cyclically shatters, disrupts and elevates the personality nature while on the other hand stabilizing the esoteric human constitution in the 5th kingdom and IVth Creative Hierarchy of monads (Mercury).   Thus the fiery rhythmic hammering and refashioning nature of Vulcan and its unity with Mercury and the Sun, is revealed.
The nature of Mind (not simply mind of citta-chatter) is disclosed through the Ist (Sun-Uranus-Vulcan-Pluto) and IInd (Jupiter) Creative Hierarchies governing life ‒as we are capable of knowing it‒ on the planet.
This is disclosed and embodied (on the Cardinal Cross) by the greater Triangle of Aries-Libra with Ursa Major and the Sun in the revelation of Being.

It is now clear that Virgo’s hierarchical ruler Jupiter, ruling the Cross of Synthesis, takes charge from here.

The ethers and the light in the head (Vulcan) generally become active during the transference from the Fixed to the Cardinal Cross, in other words through the interaction of Vulcan and Jupiter.   If the exact times of such experiences of etheric impact, detonation or illumination are recorded, it will often be found that the Moon (the Form that is impacted) will be rising or otherwise strongly placed in the horary chart.   Hence its recognized emphasis in earlier sub-himalayan tantra and vedic astrology.

Esoterically, Saturn cannot follow man on to the Cardinal Cross. (EA 105)

JUPITER     [Cardinal Cross of Synthesis]

Jupiter governs the Cross of Synthesis and the entire process of the substitution of the four lower ethers found in the basic human constitution with the four higher ethers of the prakritic or solar planes — buddhic pure reason, atmic spiritual will, monadic intensity, and logoic universal life.   This is related to the conscious opening of the door to the Creative Hierarchies which takes place on the Cardinal Cross, bringing systemic consciousness.

Jupiter, or Guru in Vedic astrology, represents the magnetic ring-pass-not in both the solar system and in the human psychological constitution.   It is a sphere of inclusiveness that enables creative work as a group, even through 'isolated unity'.   Jupiter can be visualized as a buddhic Sphere rich with magnetism (akasha), a flaring magnetic ring-pass-not, deflecting cosmic rays and debris.   Jupiter and his crown-born daughter Athena help humanity hold back the Centaurs galloping in from Chaos.

While Humanity is considered the IVth Creative Hierarchy (Mercury) as spiritual monads, the vast majority are preoccupied and identify with the Vth Creative Hierarchy (Venus) as souls, and with the VIth Creative Hierarchy (Mars) as personalities and the sensory life conducted by animal man.   This is why yoga and Patañjali focus on subjugating the senses in the initial stages.   This is very much like the emphasis in Buddhism on understanding ‘emptiness’ in order to see the truth of actuality through dismissing distraction with trained and concentrated observation — a pure reason that transcends attachment to knowledge interests and sees things as they are, directly (and given the nature and capacity of the mind that experiences), as intrinsic awareness or Being.

Carrying this a bit further, it is easier to understand the 4th kingdom status of humanity (in relation to the IVth Creative Hierarchy) as it aspires to the 5th kingdom of souls.   It is Saturn (with Mercury), the ruler of discipleship (strict mental discipline) which governs the IIIrd Creative Hierarchy (the Triple Flowers) that enables this transition to the 5th kingdom. It is Jupiter (with Uranus), the merging of soul and spirit already in unconscious union and later producing a state of vivid awareness and being beyond consciousness, which is enabled by contact with the IInd Creative Hierarchy (Jupiter) on the inner planes and which in turn gestates the 6th kingdom in nature and conscious participation in planetary life in a way inconceivable earlier.

Finally, the union of Sun, Vulcan, Mercury and Uranus (and planet/s ‘hidden by the Sun’) bring the disciple with systemic consciousness to the door of the 7th kingdom in nature through subtle inner contact with the 1st Creative Hierarchy, and into states of Identification which cannot be put into words. (RI 129-30)

Triangle of Ursa Major / Sun / Aries-Libra
This last Triangle implicates Jupiter’s participation in the recognition and utilization of the power of the auric envelope and ‘auric egg’ — monadic, egoic, and physically present.   The three solar mysteries of the 5/7 initiations are revealed. (See IHS 168-75)   The signs Aries-Libra demonstrate the hierophant Uranus as planetary hierarchic and soul ruler respectively.   This swings Mercury into action and participation through Virgo (personality ruler) and Scorpio (hierarchic ruler), on either side of Libra.   Mercury the messenger on all levels descends into hell and the lowest reaches of human endeavor, and with the help of Libra and Scorpio stretches human development into its highest purposes in human evolution.   These two signs are intimately connected with antahkarana work.   This is the reason the 6th house has been associated by some astrologers with the antahkarana;   the processes of assessing, sorting, and assimilation.   This takes place on human and systemic etheric planes.

All this is the supervised (and later unsupervised) work of initiation brought about in conjunction with the substitution of the ethers in the constitution of the relevant disciple ‘taking initiation’ — perhaps ‘introduction’ is an equally apt term for sequential introduction into hierarchically organized groups of Being.   Similes of pouring water into water seem quite appropriate here.   There is a beautiful parallel of Buddhist emptiness (shunya) and Vedic infinite fulness (purna) when words do not quite suffice.

The first law of all initiation is asserted by Vajra Yogini in Tibetan tantra — brilliant ruby red, naked, a razor chopper in her right hand over her own head, and a skull cup or chalice containing the emptiness ambrosia of her own body chopped into atoms in her left.   She asserts that in tantra or higher yoga, all force and energy (and rays) necessarily pass through one’s own body and constitution before they are applied in the world.   Using force on oneself or others to achieve worldly or spiritual ends is a hazardous enterprise and must have its karmic or instantaneous repercussions.   'Issie' (Isabel Hickey) used to remind her students of the second 'occult law' — “mind one’s own business”.

Astrology, A Cosmic Science: The Classic Work on Spiritual Astrology

Never Mind (a biography)

Inspiration:   Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Astrology, and her 24 books on esoteric studies.
NY: Lucis Publishing Company – website (http://www.lucistrust.org/en/publications_store).

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