The Christ Principle in Esoteric Astrology

MUTABLE CROSS     Planetary Christ     Gemini-Sagittarius-Mercury   /   Pleiades

  Gemini [re]incarnating Christ — Gemini necessary for evolution/unfolding of Christ principle (345)
  Birth of the Christ child on the physical plane is consummation of Gemini force (388)
  Virgo the Christ life/cons is hidden and Christ-child is embryonic (318) — Gemini rules Mutable Cross (345)
  Virgo rules process of illumination and revelation of Christ-consciousness (120)

FIXED CROSS     Individual Christ     Taurus-Scorpio-Mars   /   Six Systems

  Mercury — [Hermes]/Christ related to logoic quaternary through Virgo-Aries-Gemini-Scorpio (271-2)
  Mercury thru Aries and Virgo takes birth as individual Christ in Capricorn (100)
  Virgo individual Christ-consciousness — avg. humanity beginning to grasp this thru Neptune (322)
  Virgo Christ consciousness (468) — Capricorn Christ life / consciousness in full fruition (171)
  Virgo Birthplace Crisis leads thru self-cons Leo to birth of Christ-cons initiate in Capricorn (101)
  Pisces life expression & active appearance of Christ-consciousness in Form (346)
  Pisces emerges as World Savior thru work of Virgo & Gemini (627-8) / Virgo-Gemini-Pisces POV of Humanity
      result of will aspect of Second Ray / Gemini-Virgo-Pisces from POV of Shambhala
  Capricorn assumption of matter to heaven & earlier Scorpio Hercules lifts Hydra over head into air (260)
  Capricorn Crisis of Initiation in 5 stages, thru Christ-Life dominating Christ-Cons. = group consciousness (266)
  Cap-Saturn birth to Cap-Venus transfiguration; Capricorn initiate to Aquarius world server & Pisces Savior (168)
  Capricorn birthplace of Christ, second birth, emergence of 5th Kingdom in Nature (102-3)
  Leo / Scorpio(Mars) / Capricorn = human / warring-dualities / initiate consciousness (286)
  Leo/Capricorn – self/Christ cons; ? force pours thru ?, relates Shamballa to Humanity, via ? active thru ? (442)
  Capricorn carries will of Shamballa to Hierarchy & initiates, to complete will of God on Earth (632-3)
  Scorpio-Mars slant to Christianity thru St. Paul (213)
  Scorpio Christ-child strangled 2 serpents or pairs of opposites which no longer have control (566)
  Capricorn – “Esoterically, all world Saviors or Sun Gods are born in Capricorn” (169)

      Aries-Libra-Sun / Ursa Major

CARDINAL CROSS     Cosmic Christ     Cancer-Capricorn-Saturn   /   Sirius

  Aries-Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius = Cosmic Christ crucified on the Fixed Cross of the Heavens (193)
  Gemini – Ursa Major – Pleiades = Triangle of the Cosmic Christ (348)
  Sirius thru Scorpio relates Sirian & Earth Hierarchies; cosmic Christ works on systemic Christ-principle (197)
  Pisces consummates Virgo; Scorpio Tests to Taurus Illumination – human True Triangle of UMaj/Pleiades/Sirius (481)
  Virgo and Hierarchical Jupiter indicate Purpose of Cosmic Christ (189)
  Pisces consummation of divine desire, “desire of all nations,” the Cosmic Christ (232)
  Aries [Uranus] and Virgo [Jupiter] consummated — the Cosmic Christ, universal and individual (243)
  Libra & Aries-Taurus-Gemini-Capricorn-Aquarius relate to expression of Christ-consciousness in the world (247)
  Moon — Cancer/Virgo/Aquarius — mass/Christ/universal consciousnesses related through Neptune (321)

  Sirius Cancer-Capricorn Saturn [EA 465-7]
    Sensitivity Probationer learns to feel
    Saturn / Earth Libra-Capricorn-Aquarius  
  Pleiades Gemini-Sagittarius Mercury
    Illumination Probationary Disciple becomes Accepted Disciple, learns to see
    Mercury-Gemini Aries-Virgo-Scorpio
  Six Systems       Taurus-Scorpio Mars
    Desire to Spiritual Will, Divine Purpose     Discipleship
understood only by Initiates above 5°,   Originators of Conflict in re IVth CH
  Ursa Major Aries-Libra Sun
    Inspiration Initiate learns true meaning of Being thru transcended feeling & Vision

Source:   Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Astrology.   NY: Lucis Trust.

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