Labor of Hercules
Strangle Cerberus in Hades;   Save Prometheus

Purity-Initiation-Two men attacked by cattle / strangles Cerberus / saves Prometheus [ saving coworker]
Strangles middle throat of Cerberus (sensations / desire / good intentions);   Tail of Serpents is fear of failure.
All Sun Gods born in Capricorn go to Hell to save Humanity – intense suffering and loneliness.
Motto:   Lost am I in light supernal, yet on that light I turn my back.
(Capricorn consummates the work of Scorpio)

America and the Capricorn/Aquarius Transition

Fighting for Spiritual Values — We’ve all heard of the Path of the Warrior, but what does this mean?   Armageddon is not a conclusive catastrophe but the steady-state affairs of unregenerate humanity — the ongoing chaos of warring idealisms.   We see politicians attempting to use crises for mediocre goals and narrow self-will — yet they are evolving too.   How does one evaluate motives and negotiate costs?

What can explain the present world financial crisis but an unbridled and gross materialism.   The present crisis of trust and misuse of financial instruments is due to decades of materialist and political elements persuading government to treat citizens as consumers (while the majority acquiesced), succumbing to the political ploys of financially-interested lobbyists.   This focus on a consumerist waste machine, presumed to be infinite in scope, is why we see no inclusion of private citizens on financial restructuring panels – as someone has suggested, a sort of jury duty.

These are all lower expressions of Capricorn — ambition, attachment to power aka ‘ends justify means,’ financial and political ascendancy and predominance, “forces native to the underworld,” prestige, presumption, credibility and status anxiety.   The tail end of Capricorn is what faces the challenges of material attachment and fossilization, entrenched reactionary force, and the attraction of the inevitable crystallizing and shattering karmic boomerang.   Karma is simply action and its results.   Stupid, greedy and non-cooperative attitudes will only invite the same from the environment — thus an unavoidable self-injury and cascading destruction.

The higher expression of Capricorn always demands a new cycle of effort and struggle.   Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the Lord of Karma which “forces us to face up to the past and prepare for the future.”   The ambitious human animal becomes the aspiring soul and spirit, symbolized by the Unicorn.   All of America is aspiring to better norms and conditions.   It is said that the (Aries) Idea in the Mind of God becomes the Plan in Capricorn.   Nous, or the Mind of God, is said to rule through the air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.   These are the influences we need in the present situation, plus the determined goodwill to bring in the true and the Good.

In April 2000, the 20-year Grand Trigon cycle (Jupiter conjunct Saturn) in Taurus, conjunct the Pleiades, brought in the actors that would bring these material issues to a crisis point in 2008.   The Pleiades were said to be on the meridian when Troy fell, for instance.   (Esoterically, the Pleiades rule the matter aspect in consort with the spirit aspect ruled by Ursa Major, the Great Bear or Drinking Gourd.)   Instead of concentrating on the past, it will be best to look forward and plan for the Grand Trigon of 2020, which will be in Aquarius.

The financial crisis turned into a kind of panic in year 2008 as Pluto entered Capricorn (January), and political and economic actors scrambled to maintain appearances and avoid legal dismemberment, while the public at large saw how very little they mattered to the factotums of influence.   Unfortunately, Mars was in Cancer opposite Pluto and retrograde at the time, the worst timing for taking successful initiatives.   Wall Street greeds were simply determined to steer straight for the rocks on their ship of self-interest.

This type of obdurate and ambitious Capricornian gambling with lives and resources is presently illustrated in the Israeli-Palestinian internecine conflict, locked in a codependent sado-masochistic brotherly embrace for 60 years — our own Sixty Years War, apparently competing with that Reformation sporting event of the Catholics and Prots in the 1600s.   Israel decided to gamble with other peoples’ lives this December when 5 planets were in Capricorn, particularly Sun, Mars and Pluto.   Capricorn and Pisces both rule Israel.   It could have had the sense to exercise more mature, ingenious, and diplomatic means to a common-interest end.   Instead, its thuggish defense minister forced a bloody gamble that will boomerang to its own self-injury and long-term exclusion from civilized credibility.   Those tall defensive and exclusionary walls are often found as a kind of exoskeleton in Cancer and Capricorn types, the scuttling crab and those butting horns.   Contemporary political scientists have denominated this phenomenon a "garrison" or "ghetto" state.   One has to ask oneself and society, what does this really mean psychologically and socially, and is it really necessary among mature actors on the world stage?   Admittedly most of first- and second-world humanity lives in a kind of kindergarten regime, but run by a slightly more advanced junior-high mentality adult-children elite set with an excessive tone of the popularity contests found in grammar school (US endless political campaigns), or in deadly personality cults and regimes (witness Burma).   But is the status-quo social evolutionary stage any kind of true justification for persistence in evil — that which we have outgrown but is still a reactionary and pugnacious attachment?   Another definition of evil relevant to Capricorn:   evil is 'pure' intelligent materialism — without benefit of Love-Wisdom.
Enough allegorical illustrations...

Pluto is a generational planet which takes a bit less than 250 years to go through the signs.   It is the great symbol of the Unconscious which operates generationally through the interaction of an increasing number of group-conscious individuals and groups with the mass of unconscious and self-interested humans, unredeemed by lack of contact with their own souls.   Hence the timing of this worldwide Capricornian financial crisis, and the recent episode of 'soccer violence' in Israel.

Moving from a Piscean to an Aquarian Age, we can expect a rapid growth in group-consciousness, for which internet and multimedia instant-communication is but a precursor.   It is easy to see why the American people chose to vote as they did.   All the rubbish of Wall Street was in clear sight.   But so was the inspiration and aspiration of group cooperation for survival, headed by a truly American/multiracial presidential candidate who spoke for intelligent cooperation and unity, a great stalwart vice-presidential candidate with an exemplary record, and an enduring promise for women in the cabinet who had promoted normalized health and welfare for decades.

Esoteric Astrology relegates the standard Cancer Sagittarius U.S. chart to its capitol, Washington DC.   This is the chart of the status quo establishment of elites who are materialistic, believe in a gambler’s non-rationalized casino capitalism, and would like to enforce a passive consumership over active citizenship.   Pluto was found at 27 Capricorn for the standard US Chart of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.   Pluto represents the will-to-power, and in Capricorn it can be rigid and brittle in lower-grade or unfortunately typical mundane self-willed and self-interested ambitious types.   "If you want to test a man's character, give him power." – A. Lincoln.   As to a single-day chart, the Decision and Vote for independence took place two days earlier, on 2 July, prompting John Adams to suggest celebrating that day instead of the 4th of July.

Esoterically, however, America is said to have a Personality ruled by GEMINI and a Soul ruled by AQUARIUS.   Let me explain why.   Nations are composed of numerous groups who must live together or fall into civil strife.   Groups and nations are built and exist over generations, so personally I find a single day for the astrological chart of a nation sort of rationally unsustainable.   The United States represents groups with conflicting ideals and interests, high and low, brought together in a federation of states.   America was and is a group effort brought to birth over a 20-30 year period when Pluto was in Capricorn and Aquarius, and Uranus was found between Gemini and Leo.   Saturn occupied Libra from the Battle of Concord Bridge, through the formation of the Continental Army and the Declaration of War, to the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the period where the Articles of Confederation were being argued by the states.   Libra is the one sign where growth and evolution do not take place through a series of crises.   Libra presents growth through the establishment of balance and free-will mediated choice.   Libra represents the rule of Law, so maligned and manipulated by recent administrations.

Let’s take a look at:
Pluto in Capricorn (1762-1777) and Aquarius (1777-1797) and
Uranus in Gemini (1774-1781), Cancer (1781-1787), and Leo (1787-1794).

Uranus entered Gemini close to the First Continental Congress of 1774 and remained there at least until the ratification of the Articles of Confederation in 1781.   1781 was the year Uranus was discovered by Herschel (March 13), close to its north node in early Gemini.   In October of that year Cornwallis was defeated at Yorktown VA, which essentially ended the war of independence, consolidated with Franklin’s Peace of Paris in 1782-84.

The last real attempt at negotiation with Great Britain and the Six Iroquois Nations (through a royal continental assembly of colonial delegates) took place in Albany with Franklin’s Plan of Union of July 1754.   It failed and was succeeded by the French and Indian Wars of 1756-1763.   Pluto was in Sagittarius.

The major struggle for independence took place with Pluto in Capricorn, for instance, at 3 degrees in 1764 when the NY colony Legislature petitioned against taxation by Great Britain.   Pluto continued in Capricorn throughout the revolutionary years until 1778 when the Articles of Confederation were signed with Pluto at 0 degrees of Aquarius.

The major work and results of our independence took place with Pluto in Aquarius — the U.S. Constitution (1787, 1789), a presidency in place of a king (1789), and the Bill of Rights (1789, 1791, 1868).   France, a Leo nation (Pisces soul, Leo personality), decided to have its Revolution (September 1792) when Pluto and Uranus opposed each other in Aquarius and Leo respectively.   Pluto rules Pisces on the soul level of this advanced nation, who introduced a simultaneous Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen in 1789.   It's Revolution ended quite appropriately with a Republic in Pisces, only to face the Napoleonic Interlude with Pluto in Aries.

To conclude, the United States has not seen a Pluto in Capricorn/Aquarius transition since it became a nation.   Pluto remains in Capricorn from 2008-2023 and will occupy Aquarius from 2023-2043.   Let’s hope for another good start... — right from the beginning!

Inspiration:   Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Astrology, and her 24 books on esoteric philosophy.
NY: Lucis Publishing Company – website (http://www.lucistrust.org/en/publications_store).

Peter Kubaska © 2008       AWE @ TS in Boston 2008 December