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The Moon



The Seven Rays spiral out from the Atom of the Sun and cycle through all the Planets - except the Moon and asteroids.

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Even though the Moon is a dead satellite of the Earth (physically/etherically dead, though some say astrally still decomposing), it still has three aspects, like all the other planets. . The position of the Moon itself in the houses and signs is related to the Personality aspect. . The lunar cycle of New and Full Moons and their Eclipses is related to the Soul aspect. . The Lunar Nodes and Axes are related to the impact of the Spirit aspect upon form and substance, which latter the Moon rules. . In Hindu astrology, these nodal points are called Rahu and Ketu, or the Dragon's Head and Tail, respectively, and represent orientation of consciousness in form.

Even though the Moon is said to only reflect the light of the Sun or Being, it has a very powerful effect upon the world of Form, which it rules, and which in turn rules the human planetary lower vehicles composed of planetary substance. . In this sense, the Moon is planetary (in the sense of being Earth-bound) in nature. . Esoterically, this fact is related to the mystery of the lunar pitris conferring Form, as distinct from the solar pitris, angels, or lords conferring Consciousness. . (Consciousness is not fully understood by our present culture, and so it is grossly materialized.) . We will stop at this very technical observation in esoteric astrology for the time being. . (See H.P. Blavatsky, or A.A. Bailey)

Since the Moon rules the human subconscious nature, it is deeply related to the planetary Life on the form level - the Gaia or hylozoistic principle. . These three levels upon which the Moon functions --and the Moon rules function (process or flow) rather than constitution or energy per se-- are all permutations of the instinctive intelligence and love expressed by the human lower vehicles. . These essentially animal, reptilian, and vegetative instincts are the result of long evolutionary development. . For this reason, they are profoundly integrated as a dimension of the planetary Life, and so they have a powerful effect upon our human purposes, goals, and plans, since at the very least these lower factors may act as obstructing forces if not coordinated. . The Moon (with Mars and Saturn) rules force as distinct from energy per se (ruled by Sun, Mercury, and Venus). . In their best aspect, they are the forces which bring manifestation, hence they demand great poise, persistence, and commitment if the manifesting form is not to be aborted - whether it be a physical, etheric, or astral form, or a mental thoughtform. . As distinct from both forces and energies, ray energy, or the Seven Rays represent an even more powerful and refined divine energy, accessible only to those who understand the consciousness principle and the place of humanity within the body of God.

Attitudes or thoughtforms are not thoughts - pure thoughts are spiritual impulses taking form, and so are much more related to rays, energies, and conscious forces. . True thinking, in actuality, has more to do with pure volition, will, and telepathy. . Thus, few people are esoterically called true "thinkers." . As has been observed, most of us wait for conflict or crisis to spur us to reflect, ponder, or truly think. . Trying to think with the Moon is like trying to see accurately through the rear-view mirror. . Most people confuse dead habits and conditioned attitudes with thought. . However, our lunar nature is not without its own guidance system.

Gurdjieff once said "Don't let the Moon eat you." . It might be added "...or pulverize you into a fine dust." . Since the Moon is related to obstruction and the dead weight of deep habit to a considerable extent, it also is the best measure of spiritual advancement, as seen in its mastery or secondarily in its degree of perfection. . The Moon, or what it represents within the human constitution, is ancient and far smarter than our ability to control anything through mere rank intellect, fragmentary logic and assessment or through emotional accommodation, manipulation, and reaction - all of which tend to build up a backfire effect. . The Moon, however, can be mastered by the enthusiastic Soul and Spirit. . On ground level, the Moon represents the dynamic between Resistance and pure Psychic Feeling. . This represents its 'gyroscopic' orientation system. . Its mastery represents the ability to live in the Joy and Flow of Actualization. . Something beautiful and rare.

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