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This updated section will contain very brief observations, emphasizing the SIGNS.

SIGNS trump PLANETS trump HOUSES in exoteric astrology.

In Esoteric Astrology...
THE MAJOR CONSTELLATIONS (Ursa Major, the Seven Solar Systems, the Pleiades, Sirius) govern on a solar and planetary level. . .
SIGNS and their CROSSES the Soul aspect,
PLANETS concern the Personality aspect,
HOUSES are for housekeeping on all three levels.

Significant Current Events

JUPITER in VIRGO • • • [ - ]
VIRGO . ruled by Mercury (personality), Moon/Vulcan/Uranus/Neptune (soul), Jupiter (hierarchic/ planetary)

December 2015 to July 2016 (7Ί orb)
This 8-month period should bring major and minor crises to force reevaluations on ground level. I am thinking of planetary changes that will alert and reinforce the nation’s and world’s values and behaviors regarding sustainable energy and restoration of sane infrastructure maintenance policies.

MARS in Extended Tenancy in SAGITTARIUS (= Mars Retrograde)
March through September 2016 (revisiting SCORPIO in June/July)
Joins SATURN (7Ί orb) the last two weeks of April, and from August 7 to Sept 7

— • • • —

This page is under continuous construction.
I left the pages below about 10 years ago, and haven't looked back.
"Sufficient interest may allow me to pick it up again in the next year (2008-09)."



From my point of view, the U.S. chart is ruled by its GEMINI Ascendant as an egalitarian and humanistic supra-national Soul fostering brotherhood among the nations, and by its SAGITTARIUS Ascendant national Personality as a political and risk-taking group animal among warring idealisms and ideologies, tending to blithely and enthusiastically lay waste to human, economic and natural resources. . What I am essentially saying is that the developmental war between soul and personality found in all of conscientious humanity is being expressed on a national basis in the experimental democracy of the United States. . Until it faces and solves the war between capital and labor, it will never grow up for its own good, or evolve into its true enlightenment mission for the planet. . It must also be said that in esoteric astrology, opposite signs form a creative unity in the psychology of highly developed individuals. . In standard-issue humanity, the sign opposite the sun sign often represents the native's tests, self-defeatism, and potential downfalls (all generally self-engineered).

. . Pluto in Sagittarius has been transiting the U.S. chart, opposing Saturn throughout 2001-2. . This has brought all the decadent political refuse and power complexes in this nation into full view - at least for those with eyes, since the media doesn't help much. . Government and statesmanship stopped, and the nation's capital was extorted almost immediately. . The media seem captivated by simple (light-minded, formulaic, mindless?) reactions to the present (2000-2004) administration's self-willed policy of Applied Poverty - in intellect, compassion, and America's human and material resources. . Though they appear in 2004 to be sporadically waking up to their challenge to at least nudge the brainwashed into a semblance of alertness, this does not genuinely serve to inform an enlightened public opinion necessary to true democracy. . A controversial symbol of this Sagittarian trend might be the blue-collar Republican wannabe, who delusionally thinks he will be economically (and perhaps socially) included by his predatory superiors, but is just a happy victim of the 50-year Republican economic sucker-punch since World War II (and finds it hard to calculate relative actual income or hidden inflation). . This group sometimes seems determined to act out the cartoon of the happy slave in the modern socio-cybernetic armageddon, perhaps better expressed as a modernistic and increasingly technological perpetual war of all against all. . This tendency to reduce the public to disposable socioeconomic units and encourage an unconditionally-special socioeconomic towny-trash elite with junior high values represents the antithesis of America's egalitarian and freedom-based values. . These comments are not meant to disparage philosophical or historically-informed Republicans, or those who might be considered enlightened conservatives or promoters of truly humanist culture. . However, all these unregenerate Sagittarian traits are testing America's Gemini Soul and its intensely humanistic ideals and predispositions to their limits, especially while Pluto is in opposition.

. . One of the last Pluto-Saturn oppositions took place 1866-Nov-01 in Taurus/Scorpio. . The year after Lincoln was assassinated, the Ku Klux Klan was founded in May 1866 by influential wealthy-white-trash-wannabe lawyers in Tennessee, just before Tennessee became the first border state to be readmitted to the Union with the beginning of Reconstruction. . Andrew Johnson was Governor and then Governor General of Tennessee before becoming one of our unelected Presidents. . He had insisted on Union rather than warring petty fiefdoms, but ultimately he would not stay the course of American manifest destiny and in compromising with brute monied force and prejudice, betrayed America's basic egalitarian ideals. . On a positive note, the 14th Amendment to the Constitution was passed and ratified in spite of him, and a couple years later the obstructionist Pres. Andrew Johnson was impeached.

March 2003
PISCES . ruled by Jupiter, Pluto, Pluto

AQUARIUS . ruled by Uranus, Jupiter, Moon
These two planets, to speak briefly for now, intensified the effects of JUPITER in the same sign throughout the year 1997 -- until recently this February 1998 when JUPITER entered PISCES. They can be expected to have a similar effect to that of Jupiter last year (devastating or demanding on personality levels to some of us), but on broader and more pervasive levels for nations and society at large. (For the spiritually-oriented, this could be a Godsend for anchoring higher-octave principles and ideals.)

Jupiter is placed here before Saturn because of its rulership of the esoteric Triangle of planets that rule the Three Crosses.
. . JUPITER . rules the Cardinal Cross of Initiation and the spiritual Syntheses that can be produced by Crisis.
. . SATURN . rules the Fixed Cross of Light and the Crises that produce developmental growth.
. . MERCURY . rules the Common Cross of Change and the conflicts that we semi-consciously engineer through our circumstances in order to understand and adapt, usually through learning how we best communicate - with others, and especially with ourselves.

JUPITER in CAPRICORN • • • [ - ]
CAPRICORN . ruled by Saturn, Saturn, Venus

SAGITTARIUS . ruled by Jupiter, Earth, Mars

JUPITER in SCORPIO • • • [ - ]
SCORPIO . ruled by Pluto/Mars, Mars, Mercury

September 2004
JUPITER in LIBRA • • • [ - ]
LIBRA . ruled by Venus, Uranus, Saturn

August 2003
JUPITER in VIRGO • • • [ - ]
VIRGO . ruled by Mercury, Moon/Vulcan/Uranus/Neptune, Jupiter
Jupiter rules Virgo esoterically on the hierarchical or spiritual level, just as it rules Aquarius on the soul level. . For spiritual students it can bring drastic change, decisions, and relocations, as well as major ensuing insights and initiatives. . Jupiter in Virgo brings a very high vibration to the physical plane that can be used powerfully for those who are prepared. . Virgo rules the second testing ground of the labor pains incident to the birth of the human Soul within the integrating human personality. . (The first testing ground is the battleground in Scorpio bringing total personality integration; the third is the burning ground of the living spirit vivifying and expressing through the human monad in Aries.) . Ultimately, hierarchical Virgo is a blessing for the spiritually oriented who do not waver or at least remain stable. . For the unregenerate and ignorant both, the price of self-interest and self-absorbed stasis must be paid before moving on. . After all, the lower aspect of Mercury is said to be represented by the Medusa Head of paralyzing gaze, the Gorgon of fascination with fate (Saturn) slain by the spiritual warrior Perseus with the gift of Mirror Wisdom (immortal lord Hermes).

August 2002
JUPITER in LEO • • • [ - ]
LEO . ruled by Trigon/Jupiter/Saturn, Neptune, Uranus

July 2001
JUPITER in CANCER • • • [ - ]
CANCER . ruled by Moon, Neptune, Neptune

June 2000
JUPITER in GEMINI • • • [30 June 2000 - .......... 2001]
GEMINI . ruled by Mercury, Venus, Earth
• Mundane •
• Integrated Personality •
• Living Conscious Soul •

June 1999
JUPITER in TAURUS • • • [28 June 1999 - 22 Oct 1999] [15 Feb 2000 - 29 June 2000]
TAURUS . ruled by Venus, Vulcan, Vulcan
• Mundane •
• Integrated Personality •
• Living Conscious Soul •

February 1999
JUPITER in ARIES • • • [14 Feb 1999 - 27 June 1999] [23 Oct 1999- 14 Feb 2000]
ARIES . ruled by Mars, Mercury, Uranus
• Mundane •
• Integrated Personality •
• Living Conscious Soul •

February 1998
JUPITER in PISCES • • • [4 Feb 1998 - 13 Feb 1999]
PISCES . ruled by Jupiter, Pluto, Pluto
• Mundane •
• Integrated Personality •
• Living Conscious Soul •

February 1997
JUPITER in AQUARIUS • • • [Feb 1997 - 3 Feb 1998]
AQUARIUS . ruled by Uranus, Jupiter, Moon/Vulcan/Uranus/Neptune • Mundane •
Every twelve years Jupiter enters Aquarius, which it rules esoterically, that is, on the level of the human soul, rather than on that of the conditioned personality. This always produces challenges to the established order on international and national levels, and to the status quo on more parochial social levels. It is usually a period when humanity as a whole and groups of workers in particular find their work flourishing in a progressive sense, but at the same time are apt to find themselves running into the very limits of the present period of history in terms of social development. It is a time to move quickly forward, but also to remain mindful and preserve patience when unavoidable limits or obstructions present themselves.
• Integrated Personalities •
This is a time for humanity at large to stretch itself out and consider alternative options for growth. In a negative sense, it is a period when petty local tyrants exert their influence, but also find themselves defeated -- usually within the year (often with severance or the 'golden parachute'). For marginalized people who honor work or service (including idealists and people who honor ethics and principles), it is a time when our outer lives are challenged to the fullest, and we may feel and even appear somewhat disoriented as we grow into new capacities, roles and self-initiated programs.
• Living Conscious Soul •
For spiritual students working in the great classroom of the world, this is a period when we can achieve our greatest goals and ideals in the outer world. Opportunity is often presented through obstructions or suffering, waiting to be transmuted into insight, reorientation, and re-mobilization. If this period does not bring social or inner insight, it often brings new skills through reflective absorption or review. Usually this entails working closely with smaller and larger groups, but sometimes it means taking initiative individually in order thus to take group responsibility, and ultimately to take responsibility for our lives and principles in this world. For mystically oriented students, this can be a time of disorientation which ultimately brings about a fresh and vital reorientation of the entire life. For spiritual students in particular, this can be a very challenging and demanding time, because the very world and its human civilizational (or cultural) overlay is making those demands on our spirits.


March 1999
SATURN in TAURUS • • • [June - Oct 1998] [1 Mar 1999 - 9 Aug 2000]
TAURUS . ruled by Venus, Vulcan, Vulcan
• Mundane •
• Integrated Personality •
• Living Conscious Soul •

June 1998
SATURN in ARIES • • • [7 Apr 1996 - 1 Mar 1999] [in TAURUS June - Oct 1998]
• Mundane •
The individual is called upon by major opportunity, necessity, or personal illusions to focus on modes of activity lower than ones standard polarization. This challenges ones strength of ethics, ingenuity, and social responsibility because one is under greater self-interested or self-imposed pressure.
• • Mars • • personal/public ambition, transient material interests, self-assertive competition
• Integrated Personality •
Plunges the spiritual student into the depths of their individual capacity through their will-to-serve, and tests both strength (persistence) and flexibility (contingence) of decision, to conclude by making clear ones focus in Mars, Mercury, or Uranus with regard to intelligent action. Mars, Mercury and Uranus stand for the action of personality, soul, and spirit, respectively.
• • Mercury • • public service, knowledge-interests, insight, intuition, intelligent cooperation, compassionate action
• Soul-Infused Personality •
Tests of vigilance or conscious awareness, alertness in action, and mobilization.
Test of being able to take the calculated or intuitive plunge, to actualize betterment or to discover oneΥs own illusions, weaknesses, and blind spots both of which are valuable.
• • Uranus • • planetary service, wisdom-tradition interests, work using/imparting inspiration, revelatory work, awakening work, work on the mental plane and above
• Spirit-infused Soul and Personality •

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