My Twentieth Century
[Bar Harbor]
Bar Harbor, Frenchman's Bay, at my happiest

[Mr. Cedar]
Touchstone, Beadsman, and Loyal Friend — Cedar the Cat

My Twentieth Century

[Teapot Dome Nevada]

Nuclear Test Flyover, Turk Test, Teapot Dome Series, Yucca Flats, Nevada 1955
It was interesting seeing everyone in x-ray vision (photo-negative vision due to intense gamma radiation) for a few minutes, walking skeletons, etc.   The airmen calmed the adults by letting them know the color would come back to their bodies soon.   Silly adults, didn't recognize illusory quality of appearances staring them straight in the face.   I just enjoyed looking through my hand at the internal biological structure as the color 'illustration' returned.   I wasn't aware academically at that time of the first physical subplane atomic ether, just enjoyed it as a child.
In March 1955 my family, as military dependants, were granted the privilege of flying over an atomic bomb as it was being detonated at Yucca Flats, Nevada (location of Bush’s proposed new all-purpose national nuclear waste site).   I was six years old.   Last year (2002) I discovered this particular bomb was 3 times the size of Hiroshima’s.
  The C-130 flew at about 15-20,000 feet at about a 45-degree angle to the bomb.   I got to watch the initial blast through exposed film (so as not to go blind) and saw the beautiful pink spot before the black film was grabbed by others eager to witness the detonation.   As I looked away from the window, I could see everyone’s skeleton with x-ray vision from the intense gamma radiation burst, and as people looked up, we gazed at each other’s strange nakedness in amazement.   This lasted for around a couple of minutes or so.   In a short time, the plane ran into turbulence as multi-colored clouds raced past the windows.   For the next half hour or so, everyone was screaming, crying, and puking.
  When we arrived in San Francisco, on our way to join my father in Japan, I became feverish.   Within the next few weeks the skin on my hands, forearms, and face became red and extremely swollen.   The medics slopped some goop on them and eventually the outer layer of skin fell off.   I guess I’m lucky it wasn’t worse.   I don’t wish to discuss the family’s health history in detail here.   However, only recently I reviewed the memory of learning my own name.   It was in the back seat of our car in Japan, and everyone seemed overjoyed.   It finally dawned on me that I was seven years old and living in Japan.   I was not just two years old when I learned my name and how to speak.   I had to relearn my name at age seven.   It was a case of nuclear sickness and fever creating amnesia.
  As I understand it, there were at least 500,000 “atomic soldiers” deliberately exposed to nuclear blasts in the 1950s and 1960s by the military/government, and around 200,000 still survive.   However, they had a problem finding “atomic babies, women, children, and grannies” besides those who lived downwind of the Yucca Flats Testing Ground and on Pacific Islands near to those chosen for hydrogen bomb testing.
  My mother, my 6-year-old self, two baby brothers, and grandmother fit the bill perfectly, since the military had charge of the medical records of military dependants for 20 years.   There must be many more out there.
  Please feel free to contact me, or direct me to a relevant site.   Thanks.   I hope this account is useful, or at least amusing to whomever reads it.

[Hurricane Carol]       [Goddard]       [Goddard]
Early Years
Hurricane Carol on Narragansett Bay
swept over the 15 foot seawall and sent
5-10 foot waves in our direction
as we evacuated our home.
Houses with people floated out to sea
in an age before helicopter rescue.
      Vermont & Goddard College       Cambridge
A teen in 60s Cambridge, life was kind
[Pete and Peter]       [Goddard]       [Goddard]
Early Years       Vermont & Goddard College       Cambridge
[Pete and Peter]       [Goddard]       [Goddard]
Early Years       Vermont & Goddard College       Cambridge
[Pete and Peter]       [Goddard]       [Goddard]
Early Years       Vermont & Goddard College       Cambridge