Chapter 1



This chapter will be divided into two major sections:
    A.   an Introduction for the purpose of clarifying — the Primordial Ray and permanent atoms;   the Term 'systemic';   the Galactic Atom in Vedantin terms;   Systems in relation to periodical vehicles;   the Logos ensouling His Atom;   Fours and Sevens;   Remarks on Fohat;   and
    B.   the Physical System names of Humanity, planetary and solar Logoi, Sirius, and Sirian System from the point of view of 3 major systemic divisions.
The work will follow in 6 more chapters, discussing the names of the planetary Logos on the remaining six planes of our solar system.   Each of the planetary `names' is discussed on five levels:   human, planetary, solar, star Sirius, and the Sirian System of seven solar systems.

This set of 8 papers I have developed as a means to help organize my own studies of AAB and HPB, and I hope it will serve others as well.   Its main purpose is to clarify the distinct names and terminology DK uses throughout his books to 'place' his discourse in relation to the planes; to allow contrast and differentiation to deepen reflection and enhance cognizance of a "meticulous Entirety."   I cite chapter and verse, not out of dogmatism, but to facilitate further study and reflection.   Its main purpose is to clarify the outlines of a vast visualization form for meditative practice and contemplation.

    •   Sons of Fohat [spirit of the Earth,] or the Fires of the physical globe;
    •   Planetary Entity (inherited Form aspect, astrally polarized [687]);
    •   Divine Manasaputra (mentally focused personality aspect);
    •   Heavenly Man (soul or causal aspect);
    •   Ray Lord (triadic aspect);
    •   Spirit Before the Throne; Flame       (monadic aspect); and
    •   Planetary Logos (solar systemic function within the greater Whole).
Abbreviations within the text itself will occasionally include CHs for Creative Hierarchies, EGs for Egoic Groups, Ks for Kingdoms, and RRs for Rootraces, the psychic life of a nation (not the physical/material/socioeconomic).
• All simple page notations refer to Alice A. Bailey's A Treatise on Cosmic Fire unless otherwise indicated by a 2/3-letter abbreviation.
• All citations to Helena Petrovna Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine are to the Theosophical University Press centennial (facsimile) edition of 1988.

SONS OF FOHAT within the Planetary SYSTEM


On this basic plane of our solar system, we are dealing with the solar permanent atom.   Permanent Atoms are held and appropriated by the lives which embody the centers of the Entity in question, while atomic plane matter per se goes to compose the rest of the energy and light body (517).   While the physical body or system is never considered one of the principles, the permanent atoms are held within the periphery of the causal body between successive cycles of incarnation by the Entity — the Great Sacrifice — Who is incarnating through the monadic units as His physical system of economy.

The human permanent atoms are held and governed by the Raja Lord devas of the Planes (515), under the control of the 4 Maharajahs (112), the 3rd group of Lipika Lords (517) (See Chapters 4 & 5).   As AAB writes:   "...the seventh principle of each sheath gathers to itself the achieved qualities and stores them up — under the Law of Karma — to work out again and to demonstrate as the plane impulse at each fresh cycle of manifestation." (516)   The Great Symbol of this lowest plane and its corresponding sheathes is the occult Solar Dragon of Wisdom, OUROBOUROS, swallowing its own tail (as 1 rotation or Ring of a 7-fold spirallic Round [SD1.167-81]), and shedding its successive "skins" after each of the 7 Rings, Rounds, Chains, and beyond.   These cycles convey Ray impulses (236).   In fact, "... these 7 [Creative] Hierarchies are (as says H.P.B.) the sevenfold ray of wisdom, the dragon in its seven forms." (146; SD1.71-81,166-8,642-3; SD2.505)   DK's tabulation at 533-5 deals somewhat with the relation between permanent atoms and principles within the solar system, and is provocative enough for several decades' work.

"...[W]e are dealing with what HPB calls the Primordial Ray and its manifestations in matter." (73)   It represents the cosmic spiritual impulse of our 2nd, Ray II, solar system operating through the Brahma Aspect upon a vast plane of matter inherited from the earlier Ray III solar system.   As the impulse of this Downflow Vortex RAY impacts the material PLANE emerging from the pralaya of a mahamanvantara, the Atoms "dig holes through space," and the "black hole" created in intelligent matter is immediately surrounded by the "triple spiral of 2½ coils" (Occult Chemistry, 28).   These externalize the 2½ upper Planes until now held in latency within the Brahma Aspect on those `higher' or `wider' levels.   They are immediately succeeded by the 7-fold spirillae extroverted by the force of the 7 Ray emanations of the Vishnu Aspect Divine Ray (38-40), which arrive from the next higher 3½ Planes, through the 7 centers on the 4th or middle Plane above.   Here we have demonstrated the "constant rotation of Rays and Planes...." so frequently mentioned by DK (598; 152-3).   The Mahadeva or Shiva Aspect Cosmic Ray of Intelligent Will or Cosmic Mind (40) controls from the 1st or Adi plane.

These Three Aspects emanating the Primordial, Divine, and Cosmic Rays, constitute the PERSONALITY OF THE LOGOS of our Sirian System (64), and ensoul the incarnation of our 2nd solar system through these THREE RAYS.   Here we are treating primarily the Solar Atom, but also its correspondences above and below, in Galactic, etc., Constellational, and Planetary systems.   Of course, the Names of all these systems can be used as the symbolic names for Globes, Rounds, Chains, and Schemes on planetary and higher solar, systemic, and even cosmic levels — just as the name "Jupiter" is used for the 2nd or 6th chain in our local Economy.


On this first plane, it is important to determine the specific usage of the term `systemic' on these `systemic,' physical, etheric, 3-fold vital, and dense physical levels.   For instance, if we look at the 7 subplanes of the cosmic physical plane, what are generally called the `solar' planes, we must ask several questions.   Is it entirely a dense body, i.e., is it the physical dense body for an Etheric Logos 3 planes further up (cosmic buddhic), where that Logos would constitute Its chakras?   Are just the 3 lower planes of our Three Worlds the physical body, i.e., is our local physical plane the physical dense body for a Logos incarnating through "etheric" chakras on our buddhic plane?   What type of Logos incarnates through our familiar local physical plane and its ethers, the plane in which we experience extension in space and time?

Besides the usage of 'systemic' in the most general way to indicate the overall interactive systems level of what little we can perceive of solar Life, DK uses this term to indicate at least 5 levels:

Figure 1.   The Seven Wheels, or Systems.

Cosmic Wheel
1)   the 7 cosmic planes of the Sirian Systemic dense physical SYSTEM focused on the 4th or cosmic buddhic, where the 7 Rishis stand for the Name of a Sirian System or supercosmic CHAIN;   the Name of the single sun Sirius standing for a solar Chain.   Of course, the term Sirius is used because we ourselves, i.e., our Sun, is in That SYSTEM;
Systemic Wheel
2)   the lower 3 cosmic planes of the Sirian logoic dense physical;
Solar Wheel
3)   the 7 cosmic physical subplanes of solar systemic dense physical evolution;
Wheel of a Planetary Scheme (1087, 1092)
4)   the 5 planes of planetary scheme and chain interactions of planetary systemic dense incarnation within the solar periphery, focusing on the buddhic and mental planes since "... the groups of causal bodies are the lowest forms through which a Heavenly Man manifests, just as the physical body ... [of] a human being ..., and this in its etheric connotation." (271);
Wheel of Chain
5)   the 3 lower `solar' planes of our Three Worlds as the solar logoic dense physical Body;
Wheel of Globe
6)   and the 7 subplanes of the planetary systemic dense physical body, that is, of our familiar physical plane.
Wheel of the Three Worlds (1087)
7)   the 3 lowest subplanes of the planetary logoic dense physical — includes the Monadic Wheel of 3 solar systems (1088-9), monadic systemic wheel, monadic planetary wheel, and the egoic cycle which contains the wheel of the chain, globe, and RR (1092-3).
DK generally uses logoic dense when referring to the 1 and the 3, or the 3-fold lower physical (683); to the systemic dense when referring to the 7 strata or planes (EA 48) which include the 4 physical etheric subplanes.   Of course the seven-fold systemic dense physical tends to reflect more clearly the livingness of the subtler vehicles on all the planes above.   The one-stratum gross physical of the sthula sharira planes and subplanes must be distinguished from the 3-fold dense physical strata.   In other words, there is a clear distinction consistently made by DK among the three terms — systemic dense of 7 subplanes, logoic dense of the 3 lowest subplanes (sometimes abbreviated "dense"), and the "gross physical" of the one lowest subplane (sometimes abbreviated "gross") referring in turn to its 3 lowest (non-etheric) physical subplanes.   On different orders of magnitude neither the logoic dense physical nor the gross physical are considered a "principle," because both terms refer to substance below the 4 etheric subplanes — the etheric representing the true "physical" principle.   Many more usages are found throughout DK's books when his qualification of terms is further recognized.   Among other purposes, this article attempts to place the `solar' planes in the context of a Cosmic Scheme (295).

To put this into a larger substantial and astronomical perspective, the Cosmic Wheel, or a system of 7 constellations, falls in with millions of other septenary constellations, under one of 49 groups of such millions of systems.   DK mentions these 49 Groups as subordinate to the Wheel of the/a Universe (1085).   One Group of Cosmic Wheels would seem to approximate the order of magnitude of a Galaxy.   Assuming the average number of 150-500 stars for a `7-star' open or galactic cluster (or constellation) to be the norm, 7 x 150-500 x 1-100M would indicate a range of numbers of stars from 1 x 109 to 3.5 x 1011 — roughly from the size of the Small Magellanic Cloud to the size of Andromeda! Our Milky Way galaxy is generally considered to have 2 x 1011, or 200B stars.   Our twin galaxy, Andromeda, contains around 3 x 1011, or 300B stars; local galaxy Maffei I somewhere in between the two.   Evidently, a single Group of Cosmic Wheels (1 of 49) is equivalent to an astronomical Galaxy.


There is some confusion in the terminology employed by the several schools of Indian Philosophy regarding the Ultimate Principle and its 3 Logoi.   In technical theosophical terminology, the Vedantin sequence of categories are preferred for what might be called an ultimate or cosmic plane:   Parabrahm, the Unknowable, Ineffable;   Mulaprakriti, primordial Substance, which is objectively seen as a veil or Sea of Fire by the Logos;   Ishvara, the Logos;   and Daiviprakriti, the light of the Logos.

In this traditional sequence, Shabda Brahman is generally used when discussing the coordination of cosmic principles with the Sun and solar system, through the 4 modes of Vak, or Speech (the Law of Vibration).

On the plane of the solar system, esotericists generally prefer the Samkhyan terminology since the plane of solar matter or substance is at issue.   Hence, on this plane Mulaprakriti is seen as Samkhyan Pradhana (primordial material substance) and Pranava (AUM or energy in vibration/activity) which unfolds through 4 Matras or modes.   The 1st matra is called Parabrahm and has caused some confusion, due to its higher correspondence on cosmic levels.   The 2nd matra is Ishvara / Sutratma, which is quite evocative when examining our solar system and galaxy, of which more below.   The 3rd matra is named Hiranyagarbha, Golden Womb or Egg, and is the basis of the astral sentient aspect of the 'cybernetic' nervous system.   The 4th matra is Vaishvanara or Agni as Lord of all the 49 solar Manus or primordial humankinds, collectively the vehicles for solar psychic expression.   Subba Row further explains these 4 matras as respectively Atma, karana sharira, sukshma sharira, and sthula sharira — the 4 Upadhis, or Bases, for substantial or Form manifestation.

Figure 2.   The Four Upadhis

PARABRAHMMonad   /   AtmaParabrahm / ParabrahmBlack Hole & Vertical Jets
1st Logoskarana shariraIshvara   /   Pranava4 Subgalaxies & Dwarf Galaxies
2nd Logossukshma shariraMulaprakriti   /   Hiranyagarbha
  /   Akasha
Galactic Core & Globulars
3rd Logossthula shariraDaiviprakriti / Vaishvanara
/ 7-fold Vayu or Prakriti
7 Galactic Spirillae

Philosophical Context of Systems

To describe our galaxy in terms taken from the Indian Schools of Philosophy, its Ultimate or PARABRAHM Aspect would correspond to the 'Atomic Vortex' Black Hole at the center of our galaxy.   The Black Hole as form ('anti-matter') or unmanifest (avyakta) Ishvara 1st Logos aspect would relate to the `sutratmic' Vertical Jets as the manifest (vyakta) 1st Logos as Sutratma.   These Jets suggest 'vertical' relations with other galactic Systems (16 to 25 if our calculations hold), and are related to our 9-12 Dwarf Galaxy systems.

The strong radio sources at the center of our galaxy relate to the unmanifest or avyakta Mulaprakriti 2nd Logos aspect, the vyakta or manifest Mulaprakriti relating to the Black Hole like a veil in the form of the Sea of Fire of our galactic Core, the image of the infinite primordial AKASHA of the 2nd Logos Appearance.

On the plane of the galactic system Mulaprakriti is seen as Pradhana excited by 1st Logos Pranava (AUM) or Shabda Brahman, and forms 4 Subgalaxies which are somehow related to the 4 apparent Ripple/Rings or Arms of our galaxy, as the 4 Matras are related to the Vak (Speech or Vibration) of Shabda Brahman issuing from the cosmic Parabrahm and 1st Logos Ishvara Darkness of Absolute Light (SD1.40-41,110; 2.162) which stand behind the 2nd Logos Hiranyagarbha bright galactic Core in Sagittarius (SD1.69-70; Row 1888), surrounded by the spherical Halo of Globular Clusters, globular concentrations of millions of stars.

Ishvara and Mulaprakriti, or the 1st and 2nd Logoi, manifest and unmanifest, are inseparable in their capacity as Akasha (primordial Bhuta or element, related to the Mahat-Tattva creation psychically) and Prana (primordial energy or vibration, Pranava and Vayu)   (See Vivekananda, "Cosmology" in Jρana Yoga, Collected Writings).   This is particularly so in what is called their anivadatam or 'Non-vibrating Atom' state.

To paraphrase Vivekananda, when akasha is struck repeatedly by prana, the action produces vayu (vibrations, winds), which increase in frequency and become tejas or heat, which produces apah (liquefaction) that, in contact with the primordial Bhuta (elemental substance) hardens the Atoms.   This is the process which leads to the differentiations or emanations of what is called the 3rd Logos, or Daiviprakriti, the Light of the Logos (SD1.136,216,293,17,430,602; 2.38).

The 7 emanations or differentiations of Daiviprakriti, the Light of the Logos (Ishvara), are the 7 Spirillae of the solar permanent atom, both as the 7 Sons of Fohat and as Daiviprakriti plus the 6 Shaktis, the latter 6 naming the 6 Creative Hierarchies (SD1.216, 292-3, 290-1), not including the lowest (EA 35).   Psychically, looked upon as deva substance, or as cosmic Shaktis (1224), these Spirillae form the 7 planes of our System (693) related to the physical permanent atom aspect.   These 7 Shaktis with their Husbands, the cosmic buddhic plane Rishis, find Their Union in the 7 Heavenly Men and their Causal Bodies (630).   They are concerned with the transmutation of desire into thought (903-4), in relation to the cosmic buddhic plane.   This may partially explain the goal of the Agnishvattas to create a mechanism with which Humanity may become conscious without the manasic vehicle (703), and the responsibility of the New Group of World Servers to work with "... ideas, emanating from the buddhic levels of being (the first or lowest cosmic ether) ..." (TEV 189)   This is why our Heavenly Men are positive "transmitters, via the 7 schemes, to the 7 stars of the Pleiades" (378), and the Pleiades are negatively polarized to our 7 schemes (377), even though the Pleiades "are connected with the evolution of manas in the 7 Heavenly Men." (347)   These are the reasons why, from the solar Logoic point of view, "Manas is, really WILL working itself out on the physical plane..." (353), and expresses the fact that "the Pleiades are the feminine opposite of Brahm[_]." (156)


It might not be out of order here to describe the Spirillae of our Galactic Atom, surrounding the "atomic vortex" First Logos.

Figure 3.   The Galactic Atom.

        Black Hole / Vertical Jets
        Dwarf Galaxy (9-12) Systems*
        Subgalaxy (4) Systems*
  1)   Dwarf Galaxy (9-12) Systems;
  2)   Arms, or Ripple-Rings (4) (including "Spurs");
  3)   H2 / Association Systems (17) along one Arm;
  4)   "7"-Cluster / Constellation Systems within one H2 Association;
  5)   "7"-Star/Sun Systems or Clusters, within one (7-Cluster) 7-Constellation System;
  6)   Solar Systems within one Cluster System;
  7)   Planetary Systems of 7 Sacred Planets (See Jour Eso Psych 4/2 [1988], 63; 5/2 [1989], 72-4).
* Subgalaxies (4) include the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, a 3rd Cloud in Gemini-Auriga, and the 4th in Cancer, "Snickers."
* Dwarf galaxies (9-12) are much smaller and at a greater distance from the galactic core.   They include Leo I, Leo II, Ursa Major, Sextans, Ursa Minor, Draco, Sculptor, Pegasus, and Fornax (Please see Jour Eso Psych 4/2 [1988] 47, for background to this model).   Globular Clusters are not covered in this model.   [Dwarf galaxies in the Local Galactic Region (the 3 major spiral galaxies M31, M33 and our own Milky Way) are now said to number 35 (Nature 395 [29 October 1998]).
(See larger version of Atom graphic.)
This makes 7 Spirillae in all, spiralling round the downflow VORTEX at right angles to the systems both above and below (70), very similar to Babbit's model of the esoteric atom (1181).   In the context of Time and because they constitute Spirillae, perhaps these systems at 'right angles' should be visualized more like spheres being turned inside-out as they sequentially subdivide into a lower 7 and move up and down the 'sutratmic' 'chain.'   In our presumably familiar Galactic System perhaps, after all, we are looking at the ATOM and CHAKRA Systems of a UNIVERSAL LOGOS (1085).

DK seems to indicate that our solar Logos represents the Second Logos or Mulaprakriti, when discussing the 7 Systemic Laws of our solar system (574, 569).   These 7 Laws are subordinate to the Sirian Law of Karma (governed by the 5 Lipika Lords of our system);   which in turn is subordinate to the 3 Cosmic Laws (Economy, Attraction, Synthesis) of the 7-Constellation System reflected on our cosmic monadic plane.   The 2nd Law of Magnetic Attraction or Love governs among the 3 Cosmic Laws.   The 3 Cosmic Laws are said to be solar Laws under AKASHA (1167), which can be `visualized' as a correspondence to the 3 Logoi under Parabrahm.   They must be solar MONADIC.   These three sets of Laws give Names to the 3 periodical vehicles of our solar Logos, and clearly represent the Living Laws on those High levels of much greater SYSTEMS.   On KOSMIC planes They have been given the Names Ishvara or Shabda Brahman, Mulaprakriti, and Daiviprakriti.

If the "Big Bang" occurred around 15B years ago, as most scientists concede, then we have started our 4th Galactic Cycle of 5B years (as suggested in JEP 5/2 [1989], 72-4) for the Galactic Atom.   If we take the 2.5B year period of LMC rotation around the Galactic Center, then we have completed 6 cycles and have entered the 7th.   These numbers are extremely suggestive juxtaposed with the 4/7 Manu controversy (SD2.308-9).   If our present Manu Vaivasvata is the 7th, then He is the 1st or Root Manu of our 4th Round, allowing 1 Root and 1 Seed Manu for each Round to understand the reasoning behind the 14 Manus of our Chain.

Interestingly, astronomers have recently suggested that the Large Magellanic Cloud of our Milky Way Galaxy will have been completely absorbed in 20B years (NYT 6/8/93, C-9), which reasserts the idea of 7 Rounds in the intriguing number 35 (15B + 20B years).   It appears as if science has finally discovered the spherical sheath surrounding the Galactic Atom, as they previously did around the solar system (helio-sphere/pause), and planetary systems (magnetopause), a phenomenon that DK described decades ago:   "... [all Logoic scheme] spheres of manifestation, are simply composed of the four cosmic ethers and the cosmic gaseous." (849)   Yet most scientists still insist on dark material gravitational bases to substitute for what are the higher etheric Forces of much greater Systems Magnetic Fields.   To put contemporary science into proper perspective, a quote from the early 1920s might be useful here:
"Science recognizes certain effects, leading and tending to the general coherence of the universe, just as the general laws of social order among men are theoretically appreciated, but the true scientific realization of energy-radiations emanating from the etheric bodies of all these suns and groups of suns, and from all the planets and groups of planets is little understood." (796)


(Vehicles) (Planes)
3 Systems

1 System10 Schemes(1 Kalpa)
1000 Mahayugas
(7/10) Mahamanvantaras
Atmic1 Scheme7 Chains1 Mahamanvantara7 Manvantaras
Atma/Monadsolar pralaya (SD1.172)
1 Surya (solar) Manvantara (ML.97)
144 Mahayugas
144 x 7 = 1008
144 represents the completed work of the CHs (WM.199)
Buddhic1 Chain7 Globes1 Manvantara7 Rounds
Buddhi /Soulplanetary pralaya
1 planetary Manvantara (reign of 1 Manu)
72 Mahayugas
72 x 2 = 144
(7 Rounds in 1 Manvantara
Manasic1 Globe7 Rings (SD1.167) 1 Round7 World Periods
Causal Body(7 Rings / 7 Kingdoms [ML 97])
globe pralaya

(1 Planetary Round [SD1.160])
(1 Raja-Lord Plane rotation [1087])
• 18 x 4 = 72 Mahayugas – 4th Round
• 18 is the # of our 2nd solar system

Sentient1 Ring7 RRs1 World Period7 RRs (1087)
Personality(1 Physical Globe [383])
7 minor pralayas of round

1 Terrestrial or Globe Round [SD1.160,166-8])
(1 [objective] Kingdom)
• 4.5 x 4 = 18; — 5th RR

Physical1 RR7 SRs1 RR Round
MentalContinents shift around.
An 'eclipse' of the central spiritual sun submerges the continents (SD2.250)

(1 Planetary Center rotation)
• 4.5 / 4 = 1 Mahayuga; — 5th RR

Psychical1 SR7 BRs1 SR (Yuga [SD2.147])
Physical1 BR(7 Nations)

In this tabulation, which represents an attempt to sketch out the diagram at (690, fn.29), the monad is associated with Atma or the atmic principle (from the distinctly human perspective), as it is in classical theosophy.   However, it must be remembered that the lifetime of our monads continues on through a Monadic Wheel, which unfolds throughout the period of 3 solar systems (1088-9), two levels higher than indicated by this Table.   The deceptive simplicity of this table is belied by the fact that the 7 Lords of the Globes have 2 permanent atoms within the 7 subplanes of our solar system, and the 7 Heavenly Men or Chain Lords (533) have only one.   (See Chapters 3,4,5 below)


CH III   Planetary Buddhic Saturn (Libra) Jρanashakti

Ist, IInd, IIIrd Creative Hierarchies, corresponding to Sun, Jupiter, Saturn (EA 34-5), and conveying solar Logoic mental, astral (and physical) vibrations, respectively (1196).
The Planetary Threefold Personality (EA 362)
"He who sees in the dark light of Shamballa penetrates to that which lies beyond our little sphere to that which can be sensed behind the holy triangle (Venus, Mercury and Earth, AAB)..." (EA 594)
CH IV   Planetary Mental Mercury (Scorpio)* Mantrikashakti

If human monads are the force centers of a planetary Logos, this is the limit of incarnation for the planetary Logos and the Creative Hierarchies of monads (356), but not for the (buddhic plane) Heavenly Men.
*   (See "The Grand Trigon in Scorpio," Jour Eso Psych 7/2 [1992], 62-124), keeping in mind that Mercury (Thoth, Hermes, Christ) is the hierarchical ruler of Scorpio.

CH V   Planetary Psychic Venus (Capricorn [in this World Period]) Icchashakti

If the human units found in the egoic groups indicate the limit of physical incarnation in a dense physical Globe (356) for the Heavenly Man of a scheme (271) as cells in His body (353, 358), this is the limit of incarnation for the (buddhic) Heavenly Men and the egoic groups (271), but not for the (mental plane) Divine Manasaputras. (See Chapters 3 & 4 below)

CH VI   Planetary Physical Earth / Mars (Sagittarius) Kundalinishakti

The Divine Manasaputras incarnate through the Kingdoms in Nature, but particularly the Animal Kingdom in the 3rd (Lunar) Chain (687) and Round, the Human during the 4th Chain and Round, and the Kingdom of Souls during the 5th Chain and Round (EP2.4-8)   As the Monad produces the personality, so the Universal Mind produces the Manasaputra (WM 359-61), ruling the Brahma or creative aspect (EP2.4).

The evolution of the 7 RRs in a Round describe a spiral in their downward and ascending cycle (SD2.300).   If the RR Tree found at SD2.434 is superimposed upon the planes as above, the 'Tree' would appear more like the veins and structure of a `Leaf' of Linden or Basswood — one lobe higher and closer to the 'Stem.'   In our 4th Chain we as Humanity started with Atma and finish by including the Monad and its monadic plane awareness in the Entity Who ensouls Humanity.   Three-fifths of Humanity during this 5th RR (Kingdom, Ring-Round-Chain) are anticipated to attain the 2° with the return of the World Teacher, and many are expected to take the 3° and pass on to the 4th plane from our 5th (WM 391).   In the next Round spiritual goals, in regard to the principles, will extend to even higher planes, such as the buddhic (649).   For instance, the "returning nirvanis" of the next solar system will have to wait for the preparation of 5 lower planes (in contrast to our 3) before they can individualize (687).

In some respects, from the point of view of midget humans, the 3rd or Lunar Chain may as well have been the previous solar system, since we went into a planetary pralaya before returning in this 4th or Earth Chain.   This is a question that arises more than once in HPB's and DK's writings (e.g., 578, on the "failures" of System I).


Whatever our answers to all these open questions, the 3 strata of systems under consideration in this chapter (involving planetary, solar, and Sirian sets of planes) are the expression of physical, personality, or periodical VEHICLES of Logoi.   They are PLANES for us, since we make up those very Logoic Bodies, and not necessarily the planes Their Bodies are Active upon — the Planes in which They Live, Move, and have Their Being undoubtedly include the 3 lower or elemental kingdoms of our planetary life, and perhaps further such unimaginable Kingdoms for solar and cosmic Entities.

Conversely, "[The] Seven Paths ... are not ray paths, nor are they governed by the seven rays,...   They are more definitely related to the seven cosmic planes than to the seven rays; ..." (RI 361)

Rays circulate throughout the Schemes (598) looked upon as Sirian Systemic chakras, since the 7 Rays all issue from the Seven Suns of our Sirian System, and "a scheme is but a replica of a system" (359).   The primary Ray of a Scheme is said by DK to have its 1st subray in the Chain, 2nd subray in the Round, 3rd subray in the World Period, 4th subray in the RR, 5th in the SR, and 6th in the BR.   It is only with the Chain that we begin to be able to investigate the Globes in the context of Time (382).

What appears as Time to us, sequential programs and agendas for days, months & years in a human lifetime, might appear as a single day's program of activities for our planetary system;   as a single activity or event for our solar system;   or as an insignificant sensation — if it had not already dropped completely below the threshold of consciousness as an autonomic solar systemic response for the solar ENTITY.   Since we are attempting to clarify the Time aspect and the part it plays in the "Great Illusion" of (local) Universal Maya, the following Figure may help to visualize Globes, Rounds, Chains, and Schemes in the dimension of Time, in addition to Space.

Figure 4.   Space and Time.

Human perception of time illustrated by light years, a key to human apprehension of the (decreasing) number of the perceptible permanent atoms (on our solar planes) in increasingly greater Systems/Entities in the "Present" (532-5; Ferris 169-173).


This Figure depicts what have been called "Time Cones," which are defined as the light which is able to reach us at any given moment at the speed of light, i.e., Orion is approximately 1000 light years distant and so its light takes 1000 years to reach us.   > This also means we see Orion as it appeared 1000 years ago.   Therefore our `knowable' past is limited to the area within this time/light cone.   > Human perception and knowledge are very clearly and philosophically dependent upon Light.

The straight line of time at the center of each cone is purely a convention;   it could look like a squiggle, not because the speed of light fluctuates, but because relative position in space and relative motion of a galaxy can alter over time.   For this reason one could say that spatial velocity traces out various patterns within the light cone over time and this fact rather thoroughly illustrates the principle of relativity.

I say "Unknown Present" for at least two reasons.   Events taking place in our human "Present" are totally invisible to us, especially in terms of astronomical time.   If we look clearly, it is the Mind that sees or senses, not any of our five senses.   They only register the apprehensions of higher mechanisms of response.   The vertical line joining our galaxy with Andromeda and Maffei-I also figuratively represents a 5th dimension in relation to Time.   To suggest an analogy, on a physical or systems level these time/light cones relate directly to our year-to-year lives.   It is often difficult to know the locations and developmental phases of all our loved ones and acquaintances.   We rely more on remote communication, and psychic or psychological rapport to 'keep up.'

Waxing metaphorical, why are galaxies flat and disk-shaped, found surrounding great Voids in universal space?   It would be interesting for scientists to learn if these galaxies clustered at 2 (or more!) POLES around those same great Voids in Space.   Why are snowflakes flat and disk-shaped (like flat accretion disks), and found in rotating storm systems circling the Northern & Southern Hemispheres and Poles of our "present" physical Globe, as well as round the 'black holes' at the center of cyclonic systems?   Not to be unnecessarily obscure, but if "Neptune were opposing Vulcan," (597) and the spherical surface layers of our Globe were turned inside out (Scientific American, October 1993), how would things look like in actuality?


The psychical aspect of the interdependent incarnation processes of these 7 levels of SYSTEMS may be made plain by the following tabulation.   This should be suggestive regarding the two types of Rounds, as well as Manvantaras.

Figure 5.   Physical Systems.

[Phys. Globe/Ring][Globe/Round] [Chain][Scheme]
Planetary GlobeSolar SystemSirian System      7-Constellation System
Solar SystemSirian System       7-Cluster SystemAssociation
Sirian System7-C SystemAssociationGalactic Arm/Ring
7-Constellation System       AssociationGalactic Arm/Ring       4-Arm or 4-Ring Galaxy

This tabulation should help to make it clear why DK chose the System of 7 Constellations as the topmost system directly discussed in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire.   In the above table it is found at the lower left-hand corner.   It occupies the middle or 4th position in a galactic or Cosmic Wheel (solar Egoic) Group context (a solar CHAIN).   This 4 Set / 7 System tabulation really does seem to illustrate the general limitations of our 4th scheme, chain, and round 'position' at present.

Other rationales include a nod to HPB's chart of only 4 Kosmic planes above her 7 Prakritic (AAB's cosmic) planes, implying the unknowable 5th;   the 7 Rishis found on AAB's cosmic (or Samkhyan Prakritic) Buddhic plane;   4 major Upadhis in the Vedantin system;   the 4 Major Constellations discussed at EA 427 and elsewhere;   the Sirian Systemic LORD incarnating through the 3-fold Sirian Systemic DENSE physical, constituted of our 3 lower cosmic planes (the Sirian Systemic GROSS to be found bringing coherence to our 3 lowest solar planes — our Three Worlds);   HPB's summary compilations of all the Lower and Higher Quarternaries;   AAB's focus on 4 Cosmic Decanates (JEP 5/2 [1989]);   and 4 major Subgalaxies as well as galactic Arms or Rings, whichever you prefer.   It might also be mentioned that "our world," the planetary World Period or Ring, is found on the 4th strata in the above 2 tables.   The above are all related in one way or another to the 3 Solar Laws under the great Law of AKASHA, or 7-fold Mulaprakriti.

8.   FOURS and SEVENS   (691)

All of these above citations are suggestive of the 4 centered among the 7 subplanes unfolding from the central (4th etheric or buddhic) plane.   Furthermore, it suggests the central 5 at the center of the 9 (TABLE B) of the 9th or Puranic Kumara creation (SD1.456-7,75,450-1; 2.585,446,576-9).   Regarding the 4 at the center, the 4 upadhis would relate to the 1-3-5-7 ray line — but unfolding from the central 4th plane which generally represents the chakras of a higher-order system and Entity.   Those 4 precipitate the negative (or passive) hosts of lives on higher planes, represented by the 2-4-6 Ray line, into manifestation.   That is why Indra, presently understood as "Deva Lord" of the cosmic buddhic plane (WM 390), was associated with the Solar lokas or worlds in Vedic, Epic, Puranic and even Buddhist literatures (See Kloetzli, Daniιlou).
Looking at HPB's RR Tree (SD2.434) and at the small numbers 1-7 in re A, B, C on the same diagram, it becomes apparent that the "4 among the 3" (343 = 49 x 7) relates in some way to the Atomic/Monadic Downflow Vortex and the 3 Outpourings during each Manvantara or Round.   This is why only 4 Kumaras are active at present (407, 413), and the 4th Kumara, Sanat Kumara, controls as the Personality aspect of our planetary Logos (_____, 75) in conjunction with the Triad of the 3 Buddhas of Activity.   But the above deserves fuller exposition in a later article.


When examining the Three Fires on planetary and solar levels, it is most important to distinguish among:
      i.   passive avyakta or undifferentiated) Mulaprakriti as the emergent Sea of Fire (43, 79)
in relation to Akasha, the noumenal source of 7-fold Prakriti (SD2.255-6); and
      ii.   the undifferentiated Daiviprakriti Light of the Logos (SD1.136, 216) and its 6 Shaktis (SD1.292-3),
in relation to active or differentiated Fohat (43, 65), the Thought of the Logos, running along the 7 principles of Akasha (SD1.110).

We might add Aether as well, since it remains the most mysterious of the energetic or etheric planes, viewed systemically.   Equally important is the distinction among Spark, Flame, and Fire, the periodical vehicular Names on the psychological level of human evolution of consciousness (as distinct from that of form).   This is facilitated by a comparative study of HPB's Secret Doctrine with the Treatise under consideration.   Both HPB and AAB have labeled the Fires of our `solar' planes as Sea of Fire, Akasha, Aether, Air, Fire, Astral Light, and Ether (43, 519).

The term Fire found on the mental subplane illustrates one of the reasons why, on the planetary Personality level, the Egoic Heavenly Men are called the Fires (72), and explains the tabulation at CF.630.   This tabulation also reinforces the argument that our solar planes are the planes of evolution for the planetary Logoi, and represent the cosmic Evolutionary Field where the lesser cosmic Entities carry on Their Lives (See Table C).   This also makes it clear that the 49 Fires of the 7 (planetary) Sons of Fohat are ruled by that Fire on higher cosmic mental levels functioning through the permanent atom aspect, one of the 7 (solar) Brothers of FOHAT (358-9).   The Brothers of Fohat are spoken of as planetary Logoi, not as systems (76), but together they form 1 solar chakra (58-66).   That is why Fohat is called divine Thought in association with divine Energy, or Shakti (43).

Because human chakras (mental, astral, physical) are organized from monadic or atmic levels (EA._____), the Sons of Fohat, or 7 Rishis to be found on the cosmic buddhic plane, give Their name to the physical body of the Logos.   Also, the sutratma ultimately relates to that part of the vital constitution which can be organized by Atma (CF.69, 114, 77).

It must be recognized here, as introduction, that until an exhaustive study of the 343 Fires of the solar system (905) is undertaken, the 49 Fires understood on these most dense systemic levels will be incomplete.   Until "the 4 between the 3" is understood, the "mystery of the 8th sphere" will remain such.

Chapter 1
SONS OF FOHAT within the Planetary SYSTEM
The Physical Globe within a Chain



          Etheric Body of Monadic Wheel   (1092)
          In our IVth Creative Hierarchy in the Five Worlds of huuman evolution, only matter of the five higher subplanes is used to build the physical and astral bodies (576, 789)


Three types of life condition the human during incarnation:   the life transmitted by the monad through the soul;   the elemental life of the 4th Kingdom;   the life of the spirit of the Earth (EH.637-8).

Elementary Liability
Disintegrating Moons (794);   kingdoms, races, species.   'The Earth is a satellite of the Moon" (SD1.180), i.e., "as the Soul is today the satellite of the Form" (EA.665).

Substantial Focus   Inherited 5 Instincts, 5 Senses
Metaphorically speaking, the planetary physical heart can be seen in its gaseous or breathing aspect through the coherence of egoic group formation initiating more inclusive social, programmatic and institutional forms which foster evolving human cultures and ensuing civilizations.   Fluid circulation can be seen in the flux and cyclicity of magnetic relationships and interactions among social entities — spiritual, aspiring, and mundane.   The planetary dense physical heart is seen in the numerous stock types (EP2 202-9) constituting the chambers and departments of human psychic life (given the `temporary' planetary astral focus in our solar 2nd Aspect system) within the greater `Anima Mundi.'   Its intelligent activity is actualized and expressed by the 2nd Ray planetary Heart/Soul life (EA 47).   This includes distribution of subtler energies from, for example, the 2nd plane (702).


Chakra Focus on Plane   Human monads are found active as cells in the body of the Heavenly Man (353) and form His centers (356).   The question naturally arises whether all our Heavenly Men incarnate through Earth Humanity monads in the 20th century, for instance.   This may be safely entrusted to opinion.   However, it is easy to see that the petal substance and chakra energies of all the centers within the body or ring-pass-not of our Heavenly Man are found embodied by a very broad spectrum of extant subhuman, human, planetary and solar types (861) in their group formation.

Virtually all spiritual students are familiar with the concept and teachings regarding the centers or chakras, found discussed in all of the world's major esoteric and yogic traditions.   The Hindu system of 7 centers associated with the awakening of Kundalini will be the most familiar.   The Laya and Spanda systems are less well known.   The Tibetan system of 5 centers (base and ajρa glossed over) associated with the Six Yogas of Naropa, particularly including the pair of Clear Body and gTum-mo or purificatory psychic heat, are attracting more attention among western students.

As to the colors, sounds, gemstones, herbals, etc., associated with the centers, each tradition has its system.   However, it must be said that most of the correspondences found in 'new age' literature should be recognized as basically derivative from 19th and early 20th century works.   The New Age, in CAPs, finds its fittest exposition in the best of our 4000-year `historical' past, until soul or ashramic consciousness is definitely attained and informs us more cogently.


Skandhas   Five non-sacred planets govern the pitri groups of (semi-formed or integrated) human personalities (EA 512) (See PART 7 on astrological correspondences, Global Harmonics).   The human skandhas were covered above (§ 1), under the IIIrd and IVth Creative Hierarchies.

Principles   The etheric nature of the human unit expressing through a monadic wheel can be more easily appreciated in the context of the principles.   In theosophy, a distinction is made between dense (sthula sharira), vital (prana), and etheric (linga sharira) vehicles.   Prana as a principle is rearranged in at least 4 different orders by HPB for 4 distinct stages of developed expression:   1) between linga sharira and body;   2) between kama rupa and linga sharira;   3) united with kama rupa and with the living body, on either side of the linga sharira as the vitalizing principle;   and 4) as the living physical vehicle immersed in the ocean of prana (SD3.398,433,465).   If we are to believe the mass of material presented in Vedic, Sutra and Puranic literatures, these different stages are determined by the relation of the individual's chakras to their own kundalini principle;   the Shaktis (1224,395-6) in relation to the Creative Hierarchies, or the Mother of the World (887,900; EH 362-3) in relation to the flood of golden sparks or atoms, fragments of Herself sent out into the cold and empty world of humans.

It is Atma, or the highest aspect of the monad's triad, which organizes and builds the distinctly pranic principle or vehicle of the jiva (77), and this it does through the inbreathing and outbreathing (SD3.392) of the pulsating Atma, the atomic subplane vehicle for the spiritual monad.
Atma must be understood as the energy of space purified by unceasing rotation, like a great churning.   One must understand how the spirit and Atma cooperate like electron and proton ... (Hierarchy, 241)
Ultimately, the pranic principle is absorbed by the Auric Egg of Atma (SD3.421, 435).   Again, the Sutratma unifies the body (sthula sharira) and the 5 permanent atoms and their sheathes (including the mental unit) with the egoic auric egg and the monadic auric egg (1159). <  This describes the basis and the stages in the work of building both he karana sharira and the antahkarana (399).

Although the physical body, both gross and etheric, are not considered principles for humanity in this Ray II solar system, in the previous Ray III system they were thus considered (EH 305).


          7Sons of Fohat in Wheel of Globe,
          7Brothers of Fohat in Wheel of Chain (358, 1093)
          7Lords of Fire (65-6, 76, 71-2)


The physical elemental of the planet, the spirit of the Earth (EH 634-5).

Elementary Liability
Decomposing planets, or asteroid belts (793-6).   "The Moon is a dead planet from which all the principles are gone.   It is a substitute for a planet which seems to have disappeared from view." [SD3.459]

Substantial Focus
Perhaps the distinct influences of each planet (and their associated hierarchies of devas) will some day be recorded geoseismically through a closer analysis of Earth core harmonics (along the lines of helioseismicity);   this in conjunction with fractal geometry permutation and chaos theory super-calculations.   These influences might be expected to have an observable and perhaps predictable effect upon volcanism and ensuing plate tectonics.   A subtle effect on atmospheric and meteorologic conditions might even be noted.

Actually, since initially writing this (early 1991), geophysicists have identified a sort of planetary harmonic heat engine, drawing down crust material from subducting tectonic plates into transition zones between the two mantle layers and between the lower mantle and outer core, where they form transient "continents" before emerging in plumes of molten lava millions of years later (NYT 6/15/93, C-1).   These relatively stable (geologically speaking) mantle plumes have more recently been identified with surface feature that are now called "large igneous provinces," such as the Deccan Flats and the Hawaiian Island Chain (Scientific American, October 1993).

Planetary atomic level, or the permanent atoms of lives embodying the composed planes.

7 Heavenly Men as solar physical Heart.   Jupiter effect.


In his substance aspect he is Agni as Fire by Friction (Vedic Agni/Puranic Pavamana [602]), composed of 7 planetary Raja Lord(s) of the gaseous dense body of the solar Logos (626), in relation to 7 Deva Lords of the fluid dense, which are in turn related to the 7 Sons of Fohat of the Fires of the 4 dense physical ethers.   These in turn have a special relationship with the 4 buddhic plane Maharajas, Who coordinate the activity aspect of the lower and higher quarternaries within the planetary ring-pass-not.   In a later cycle, the Lords of Karma Who adjust karma outside the ring-pass-not will be increasingly active.   (The ring-pass-not, or dhyanipashu, represents the boundary between rupa and arupa realms, form and `formless' in relativity.)

Chakra Focus on Plane
On our planet Earth, only 5 centers are active at present, enumerated by DK as the cities of Darjeeling, Tokyo, Geneva, London and New York; 2 future centers are to emerge in Australia and Africa.

The etheric chakras of the planetary Logos are found on the plane of the 4th solar ether within the solar Logos' etheric body, the 4th cosmic etheric plane, our systemic buddhic plane (861).   They are the 7 Globes of a single planetary Chain (206).

The 7 Heavenly Men in their Fire aspect are centers in the body of the solar Logos (290), that is, as 7 planetary Chains (204-6).



As Form
This is "the spirit of the earth, the Ruler of all the lunar lords [not angels or pitris]..." (EH 646).   The gestating Form of the Planetary Entity at 4th month of etheric conditioning (371), and psychic appropriation by the logoic Soul/Personality.   The VIth CH is said to rule the life of the forms of all the etheric bodies of every tangible object (EA 50).

As Sensation / Feeling
As Raja Lords on the astral subplanes of the 7 planes, the Logoi infuse the planes with their substance.   Psychically, or as innate active intelligent sentience and psycho-physical mobility, they are the 7 schemes (267-8), "psychic" understood in the Neoplatonic sense as psyche or soul consciousness, which includes mental, astral/psychic, and physical evolution (305, 264) and the consequent evolutionary flow of incarnating monads (687).

As Perception / Five Senses
The 20th century human Kingdom is just beginning to respond on this planetary scope.   The human kingdom is intended to be the guardian and developmental initiator of the 3 lower Kingdoms in Nature, through wildlife and resource protection and management, sane agricultural practices, and right husbandry.   Human nations are beginning to awaken to this planetary responsibility, even as environmental "savaging" and "food fights" continue to erupt.

Choice and Conditioning are the dichotomies humanity faces in confronting the principle of Sacrifice.   Units of consciousness such as humanity are alternately imprisoned and freed in a sequence of forms of a planetary and solar nature.   As such, they are conditioned by planetary and solar karmic trends, as well as actively participating in this `structural' reconditioning and reconstituting of the forms inhabited by the consciousness principle.   As "prisoners of the planet," humanity has the basic choice of taking responsibility for its own part in reconditioning of consciousness and its lower instruments, or to reiterate and reinforce its social and attitudinal clichιs to remain lightminded or unselfconscious slave constituents of an arbitrary or vagrant external authority.   This does not even begin to address the more advanced factor of group consciousness in action.   Facing the necessity for continuous self-cultivation is basically an issue of taking responsibility for one's own psychosocial growth and the larger sociopolitical restoration of group health.   Ultimately, sacrifice is only the free-will choice among options which present themselves to consciousness.   Cognizance depends upon the quality of the mechanism of response.   "Dying daily" is only daily self-resurrection, as Hellenic civilization knows so well.

It is the 7 Heavenly Men Who, as (soul aspect) Chain Lords, work on the desire consciousness of the planetary Logos (1043).

They are the 5 schemes of Manas by which the solar Logos achieves full consciousness of His ring-pass-not (292-3).   "The Heavenly Men are, by virtue of their physical manifestation, Fohat and His Brothers." (443)   As Ray Lords, the Heavenly Men interact dynamically with the planes, and give one in particular its qualities and coloring (442) through the 5 manasic Schemes of the planetary knowledge petals.

It is only as Divine Manasaputras (690) on this mental plane of our system (689), that the solar Logos takes incarnation — as a result of the heart impulses of the Heavenly Men (684-5).   > This process of incarnation is fully established through the work of the 7 Brothers of Fohat working with the 7-fold Raja Lords, Deva Lords, and Fires of the 7 Sons (629,631).   These Heavenly Men / Divine Manasaputras work in higher order conjunction with the 7 Shaktis, their wives or feminine counterparts (SD3.403; 684-7), who have a peculiar relation to planetary Manas and the 5 manasic Schemes of lunar pitris or human personalities.   Presently, "standard-issue" human mental sheathes are composed of only 4 subplanes of mental matter (1098).   As souls on the 5th subplane, they have 5.   Even though the higher subplanes of this 3rd plane are technically considered formless, the soul itself, as a causal body, is an organizing form.   These Divine Manasaputra Globe Lives work with the intelligent consciousness of the planetary Logos (844).

Fivefold Planetary Causal
See section in Chapter 0 on the Creative Hierarchies, Egoic Groups, and Human Kingdom Rootraces.   Also, Chapters 3 and 4 on the Divine Manasaputra and on the Heavenly Man.


          7 Brothers of Fohat (76, 71-2)

          Lord of Fohat in Solar Wheel [or Scheme] (358, 1031)


Systemic "lunar" lords (834) of disintegrating suns (the "planetary nebulae," once so-called).   Elementally, all planets are considered Brothers of the Sun, not Sons (SD1.448-9, 1.588-9).   Also called "cosmic moons," since the dying solar system has a relation to our Sun such as the Moon has to our Earth chain.   Further, it conveys 3-fold influences to the 1st or atomic manasic subplane via Saturn (1112-3).

Substantial Focus
From the human perspective, viewing the physical sun in the sky, what we overwhelmingly perceive is the radiating energy-center aspect of the heart within the Sirian System of 7 solar systems of the atomic chakra aspect, as an atomic fusion generator.   However, it could be said that our solar system, with all the visible and inferred evolutions it carries with it through space, is indeed the dense physical heart within the Sirian Logos system.   Our inability to easily perceive (i.e., lacking etheric vision) the substantial hierarchically stratified ranks of fiery and devic lives composing this gigantic Cardiovascular System, characterizes our myrmidon status as five-sensed human manasic units nearing the approach of the Fifth Round.

Nevertheless, the dense physical vehicles of these higher order systems remain for the most part invisible from the human point of view.   If we, as cells in the body of a great planetary Being, for instance, were to direct our gaze upward into His Body, so to speak, perhaps we would see:

•   the circulatory system in the great traffic surrounding the swarming monad-filled cities of Earth; the nervous system in the growing exostructure of modern communications systems and interplay through the "telecommunications superhighway";

•   the oxygenating and vivifying respiratory system in the work and sleep cycle associated with the ceaseless passage from day to night and back again, burdened by environmental pollution and the incineration of oxygen-producing forests;

•   the cell-cleansing liver and lymphatic systems in our great human medical establishments and natural forest preserves;

•   the thinking brain in our universities and disenfranchised and non-funded thinkers and writers;

•   attitudes and habits in the academic, business and political communities and in their lowest form by the predatory-demographic oriented cinematic, demographic advertising, electoral and media establishments, their higher forms found in the newer forms of honest educational, documentary, discovery media, etc.;

•   volition in the collective choices made by political and governmental institutions under the great pressure of past decisions, institutional forms and collective karmic (historical) practices.

The chakras of these greater planetary or solar organisms, looked at from the substantial point of view of the four ethers (atomic, magnetic, plasmic, electric) might appear as:
      1.   physically and chemically heated cores of our planets and atomic-powered cores of suns of energy with their geoseismic/helioseismic waves and harmonics;
      2.   solar/planetary magnetic field lines and their attendant fields, extra-solar or cosmic winds or Breaths (WM 289);
      3.   coronal/volcanic eruptions on their slowly seething fractal/tectonic surfaces;
      4.   interacting with the Gaian cyclically self-regulating atmospheric and meteorologic soup — all sustaining and vivifying lesser forms of life attached to Gaia/Ouranos' crust.

While all these natural processes have recently been characterized as chaos in recent theory, seen hylozoistically, the beautiful interactive orders and patterns of living interdependent networks clearly emerge.   It is clear that those who 'discovered,' isolated and described this new area of inquiry were in actuality 'rediscovering' the classical Greek term and apprehension of that inchoate and formative stage just before the many variations of the old creation myths (SD1.345).

It is said that at the 3rd degree, the initiate begins to get a glimpse of these energies circulating within solar and cosmic peripheries (EA._____), the cosmic rays, magnetic fields and their associated plasmas flashing forth to illuminate interrelated nodal points of cosmic, solar and planetary systems within the Jewel Net of Indra(-Agni), Lord of the cosmic buddhic(-mental) plane (WM 390; 638,493), source of the monadic Sparks of cosmic Buddhi (1226).

Kshitigarbha, or Earth Store Bodhisattva (Jizo Bosatsu), ruling the Agnichaitans
In this light it must be seen that the tabulation on page 633 is a veil for the deva classes of the entire Brahma aspect, a 'lower' correspondence to HPB's comment on the Kama rupa aspect of the Law of AKASHA (SD1.527; 1167) for the entire solar systemic plane.   These are embodied by the collective lives of Three Cosmic Worlds of the solar dense physical Body — cosmic physical Agnichaitans, cosmic astral Agnisuryans, and cosmic mental Agnishvattas — their governing Deva Lords ruling the lower three subplanes of each of our Seven Systemic Planes.   Looked at collectively in this way, they illustrate Subba Row's characterization, this time oN solar levels, of Mulaprakriti as a sort of veil thrown over Parabrahm, from the 1st Logos' (Ishvara's) objective point of view (SD1.10; Row 10-11,16).   Kshitigarbha is the Deva or Raja-Lord of the 49 cosmic physical plane subplanes in our solar system, reflecting AKASHA, Pradhana, and Daiviprakriti.

The Agnichaitans or fire elementals and lesser builders of the solar system are the "Sea of Fire" related to the solar correspondence to Mulaprakriti, or Pradhana.   They are called the great Mother by DK, when speaking of the sacred word AUM (Samkhyan-Vedantin Pranava or 3 Gunas) hovering as a great breath over the Sea of Fire (887, 43), the 1st Adi plane "root of akasha" (79), Mulaprakriti (574).

To mentally visualize this, it is helpful to think of the relation of the (greater cosmic) Tanmatras to their Tattvas (SD1.450-3), or the Rays to the Planes or Spirillae (1180-2) of the Solar Physical Permanent Atom of the Logos on our solar systemic levels (SD1.572).   The solar Logos also uses this 'Lipika' aspect to 'look out' beyond His dhyanipashu (between rupa and arupa) or ring-pass-not (553) in an etheric/energetic sense.

The Kumaras and Threefold Brahma
The Kumaras, reflected down into the buddhic and mental subplanes of the cosmic physical plane, rule the relation of the 7 Logoic head centers to the solar Logoic dense physical Body.   Only 5 of these centers are active, out of the 7, (9) or (12).   On planetary levels these represent the 7 head centers of the planetary Logos in their capacity as both representing and manifesting planetary Schemes (IHS 30,39,29) (in turn related to His 7 chakras which are the 7 egoic groups — in their energetic aspect as planetary Kumaras).   "[T]he remainder of the [dense physical substantial] body is composed of deva substance..." (637), which devas "far outnumber the human."   The agnichaitans are divided into 3 general classes, corresponding to the 3 periodical vehicles of the 3rd Brahma Aspect Personality of the solar Logoic Trinity.   Using the (1-3-3) division of subplanes, they are the 1st subplane atomic, the 2-3-4 subplanes pranic aspect, and the 5-6-7 subplane dichotomous matter aspect (650).

•   The 1st Aspect of Brahma, or Agni, represents on planetary levels the planetary Karana Sharira and Antahkarana (349) as defined Vedantically by T. Subba Row (1888), Lord Agni Himself representing the same factor on solar levels — "... that portion of the logoic Ego which is reflected down into His physical vehicle." (603)   "...[T]he planetary Logos Himself is focused [not polarized] in His mental Body." (WM 390)   Both are polarized in Their astral vehicles.   It is said that Varuna governed the last planetary transition into a New Age, new World Period, new civilization and new continent.   This time it will be Agni, and in the next World Period, Indra.

•   The 2nd Aspect of Brahma is planetary prana, expressed by the 3 Worlds of Triad, included in the solar Logoic etheric levels of our 7 cosmic physical subplanes.   The relation between the human causal body and antahkarana (959-60) and the 9-fold choice of "egoic outpost" for the dual triadal focus (177) should make the necessity of positive and constructive thoughtform building plain.   By doing so we are anchoring ourselves in ourselves in future solar cycles, work, and Life.

•   The 3rd Aspect of Brahma on these planetary levels is vividly depicted by our Three Worlds so pervasively conditioned by duality;   the duality of our present planetary purpose somewhat hindered by karma from the previous chain (392).   This duality and handicap is also discussed by DK as the 7 Ray Causes of Karma associated with the 7 Heavenly Men (EH 292-305), which Causes predispose human groups to unredeemed expressions of "intelligent materiality," reflecting the failures of previous cycles.


From the point of view of our solar Logos, the rupa subplanes of our Three Worlds — i.e., everything below the causal lotuses — are considered the "unprinciples substance" inherited from a previous solar system (RI 359).   This great physical System — our Three Worlds — is not a principle to the solar Logos.

Chakra Focus on Plane
Although there are 343 Fires in our solar system (905), there are 49 fires connected with the dense or solid vehicle of the solar Logos, composed of 49 groups of agnichaitans (635) on the total 49 subplanes of each of the 7 cosmic physical subplanes, our entire Seven Planes.   These 7 Planes represent a higher correspondence to our physical plane found in the Three Worlds, which is essentially planetary, from our point of view.   Given that human beings are denied personal access to these solar and planetary molten cores, the human physical plane is that which constitutes only the great surfaces of the spheres of these vaster physical systemic entities, including all that substance denominated environmental resource or sustenance, and genetic material (or food, depending upon your Kingdom point of view!)   (See TABLE C, The Planes).

The 7 Heavenly Men in their Fire aspect are centers in the body of the solar Logos (290).   Since Heavenly Man is the name for the 7 sacred planets on our buddhic plane, it corresponds to the solar 4th or middle subplane (lowest) ether.   Hence, DK points out their function as solar chakras (259), in cooperation with the gaseous or mental plane Divine Manasaputras (planetary name for our mental plane).   But this is only in the context of the greater "Entity of Whom our solar Logos is a reflection," (296) or in the context of which planetary chains (soul aspect [382]) are being vivified in the 7/10 solar schemes, which Entity DK denominates as God (259).   It must be remembered that our 3 solar systems are but the eternal NOW for our 4th Order solar Logos, and "He is but a cell in the body of the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID" (295) within the cosmic scheme, and in the context of our 7 cosmic planes.

These 3 Solar Systems are inhabited by the solar cosmic Entity (393) on cosmic levels.   Therefore these Cosmic or Prakritic planes are the true solar planes (See Table C) in terms of solar Logoic evolution.   Our 7 planes are 7 solar planes for the evolution of planetary Logoi, and represent evolutionary fields for Humanity.   The 7 cosmic planes are Sirian System planes for 7-sun greater cosmic Logoi, are the planes of evolution for the solar Logos/Logoi, and represent evolutionary fields for planetary Logoi whose causal bodies are on the 3rd subplane of the cosmic mental plane.   The set of 7 supercosmic planes (HPB's Five Kosmic planes) are 7-constellationed planes of the Cosmic Logoi or the UNKNOWN (293), are the planes of evolution for 7-sun greater cosmic Logoi, and represent the evolutionary field for solar Logoi Whose causal bodies are related to the monadic sparks of the planetary Logoi on the 1st subplane of the cosmic mental plane.

The relation of the solar ethers to humanity's Three Worlds is treated in detail by HPB throughout her Secret Doctrine and by DK at EA 38-50 (esp. 40,43-4,48-9) in the context of discussing the creative hierarchies as they relate to form (rupa) and formless (arupa) groups.   Here clarification is provided by the distinction made between logoic dense and systemic dense physical bodies.   The logoic dense includes our entire Three Worlds (excluding our 3 lowest physical planes, or the logoic "gross").   The systemic dense physical body only the 4 etheric subplanes of our physical plane (EA 48), occasionally adding gaseous, liquid and gross physical subplanes.

In the body of a cosmic Logos the solar Logos is a center (298), the heart center.


Agni as Solar Fire (Surya / Suci), the 5-fold Mahat to the Skandhas.

The 3 Bodies of the solar Personality, as Principles of the solar Soul/Spirit, are given the names of 3 constellations (801;   See rationale implicit in Figure 5).


Our solar Logos responds to the entire cosmic physical plane as pranic (external, Not-Self) and akashic (internal, Self) fluids and currents (553).   These energetic subplanes are given the names of the solar planes by Alice Bailey.   HPB denominated them in their fiery aspect as the Sea of Fire, Akasha, Aether, Air, Fire, Astral Light, and Ether respectively (43,519).   Ether supervises our familiar 4 elements in this arrangement.

The solar Logos, a greater cosmic Entity, can express His Personality to the consciousness of human monadic units only when time is understood sequentially and in its infinite range of cyclicity.   Many martyrs were burnt at the stakes of orthodox deluded for confessing the grand concept of an infinitude of worlds and world views.   For those who study it, contemporary astronomy provides a metaphor for severely limited human perception in the visualization of its concept of light years and in the `age' of photons arriving from stars at vastly disparate distances.   Time seen from this perspective has an almost spatial, rather than temporal quality.   Conversely, space and substance clearly become subordinate temporal factors, as one increasingly identifies with and becomes polarized in one's own higher vehicles.

The 3 great Laws of the solar Logoic PERSONALITY, subordinated to the 2nd Law of Attraction and Repulsion, are in turn subordinate to "a greater cosmic Law which is the principle of the intelligence of substance," the Law of AKASHA (1167), which represents the physical evolution of the (as yet) Unmanifested Logos, or the One About Whom Naught May Be Said of the 7 solar systems (of which our Sun and Sirius are members), again in turn a responsive part of the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID of the 7 constellations.   HPB noted this when she remarked over 100 years ago that all Suns in Kosmos are the Kama rupa of AKASHA, the (6th principle) noumenon of the solar 'physical' body or 7th principle (SD1.527) in Cosmos.   In other words, we are seeing the solar Logos reflected in the solar 'Anima Mundi' as it relates to and conditions solar systemic life and affairs.   Here HPB is speaking of the "subjective Sun" in relation to the three major aspects of the solar Life — Physical Sun, Heart of the Sun, and Central Spiritual Sun (CF.______).   In this case, particularly in relation to the physical Sun.

The solar Logos is said to respond to 5 of 7 energies on cosmic levels.   This is definitely conditioned by its 4th Order status in relation to the Five Kosmic planes above.   They are identified as arriving from the akashic fluids of the cosmic physical plane, the psychic emanations from other cosmic entities on the cosmic astral plane, vibrations from His Own higher Self, from Sirius via the cosmic mental plane, from the 7 Rishis of the Great Bear (particularly those governing the 5th and 7th Rays), very remote vibrations from the LOGOS of the 7 solar systems, and those from the constellation which is His polar opposite.   Four are fully registered, and those of the 5th Order are beginning to be received in 3 of His chakras (552-4).

The 7 Heavenly Men, the soul aspect of the planetary Logoi embodying chains (382,847) are the 7 centers in the body of the solar Logos (181), the psychical centers.   Volitionally, the 7 planetary Logoi work with the will and purpose of the solar Logos (1043).   Since only 2 aspects are active in the 2nd solar system, only 2 sets of 7 centers are expressing at this time — the 5(7) Kumara head centers and the 7 planetary chakras of the egoic groups.   The etheric centers of the Heavenly Men are situated on the buddhic plane (683).   That is why it is said that "the globes correspond to the chains" in the life of the planetary Logos (413).   They are the 7 (Globe) chakra reflections of the 7 (Chain) head centers of the soul aspect.   They are the 7 Kumaras, Who are "Chain Lords."

Only 4 Kumaras are fully active at present, the control of the 4th is emerging (407,413), and the 5th (or 1st) is controlling.   These 5 correspond to the 5 Rays in incarnation during any particular local planetary cycle, during this world period.   On the planetary psychic evolutionary level (264), They are the embodied Principles of the planetary Logos, conveyed and actuated through what corresponds to Their Own Monadic Principles (752).   Only the 1st Kumara, the Lord of the World, is a Kumara of a (triple-centered) Scheme, or 3-fold solar center (412, 373).

This is also the reason why Neptune is considered "archetypal" (1147-8) as the 1st Chain of our Earth Scheme (385), on a purely solar systemic or physical level.   Again, the 7 Chains of a Scheme are the expression of a single planetary Logos.   The 7 Heavenly Men are expressing themselves through a Scheme of 7 Chains.   Each Chain of 7 Globes represents the 7 centers of one of the Heavenly Men (206).   "In each Round, one subplane of the cosmic astral plane is brought under control." (291)
The 3 major centers of the Sun (physical Sun, Heart of the Sun, Central Spirital Sun) are closely related to the 3 mental vehicles (and hence the periodical vehicles) of the solar Logos or Divine Manasaputra — the manasic permanent atom, causal body, and mental unit (698-9).   These relate directly to the 3-fold categorization of human solar Pitris as Lords, Angels, and Pitris.

This material is necessarily quite abstruse to Bailey students until the one commits oneself to the intensive study of HPB's presentation of Chains, Rounds, Globes, Rings, etc..   Sinnett's book, Esoteric Buddhism, is very thorough and presents a vivid picture of our "Scheme of Evolution" (SD1.____).   See also Geoffrey Barborka, The Peopling of the Earth.


          [Solar Soul] Chain

          Sirian Lord in systemic wheel / solar Orders (1086)


Substantial or Atomic Focus
Under the SIRIAN LAW OF KARMA which governs our solar Logoic causal (592) consciousness and work are found the 7 Systemic Laws of the cosmic physical plane, which in aggregate form the 3rd Aspect Law of Economy (569) of the solar PERSONALITY or Brahma.   These 7 Systemic Laws describe and govern solar physical life on our 7 Planes, which planes in turn may be considered the 7 spirillae of the solar physical permanent atom (1180).

Sirian Entities named Lipika Lords supervise the 7 Systemic Laws of solar life, particularly on the 4 lower cosmic physical planes of the solar lower Quarternary, reflections of cosmic buddhic-mahatic interaction and 4th-5th cosmic mental subplane purpose.   They also supervise the Dhyanipashu or Ring-Pass-Not, which is transcended during what corresponds to the dream and meditative states on these High Planes.


Chakra Focus on Plane
The 3 Aspects of the Sun — physical, heart, and central — are found on this level of Solar Fire.   They are more closely associated with the Three Aspects (Brahma, Vishnu/Surya, Shiva) of the Solar PERSONALITY, and are related to the solar PERSONALITY, SOUL, and MONAD, but are given planetary systemic names, and are much higher.   They are the most immediate Reflection as well as local source for the externalized expression of the 3 solar periodical vehicles, but they only serve to convey the rays, energy and force from these much vaster centers of livingness, which exist on sets of planes 2 and 4 times removed from our 'cosmic' and 'solar' planes.   The THREE SOLAR PERIODICAL VEHICLES are more properly related to the names of 7-sun constellation 'GLOBES' in a Solar CHAIN (_____; EA 50,416,466-7).   Finally, these Three Aspects of the Sun and solar evolution stand as the soul does to the 3 Solar Systems of the solar Personality.   They relate to the Three Fires, or the THREE ASPECTS of the Sirian Systemic PERSONALITY as the soul does to the Monad, or solar Triple Jewel.

Thus, distinctions must be recognized when DK speaks of the 3 aspects of the Sun as periodical vehicle correspondences, and when he is discussing the 3 major solar chakras on higher solar etheric levels in relation to the lower four — or however many there may be, indeed!   Once all the planes and subplanes of the systemic level are memorized, they become a symbol for the Greater LIFE Which stands behind That physical, systemic Appearance.



Agni, in His capacity as Ruler of the 7 Sons of Fohat (solar) of the 3-fold Brahma Aspect (628-9).   Three sets of 7-fold Fires are ruled, respectively, by Raja Lords on the mental plane, Deva Lords on the astral/psychic, and Fires on the physical (629).   These 7 Sons are collectively called the Gandharvas as the Forces of the solar-fire (SD1.523), and as the 7 Rays (SD1.515).   Indra's 7 Rays are to be considered the 7 Tanmatras of the Primordial Ray (38-41, 75, 45).

Returning to Indian mythology, the Gandharvas were the celestial musicians of Indra's Loka (or world) to be found at the top of Mt. Meru in the Puranic and Buddhist Cakravala cosmological systems.   Mt. Meru is the uppermost section of the Kamadhatu realm which is ruled by Indra, Whose palace was established above Mt. Meru, or the solar system (Kloetzli, 29).   His consort, Lalita, presided at the head of Meru over the 10 Mahavidyas or wisdom goddesses of Hindu tantra.   The next higher realm, the Rupadhatu, is usually called Brahmaloka.   Of course, Mt. Meru and the 7 island continents (Puranic) or mountain ranges (Buddhist) correspond to the Sun and 7 Sacred Planets of the physical solar system.   These gods and devas represent Aspects of the subjectives LIVES Who stand behind and ensoul the `external' system — the Silent Watchers.

Psychically, the 7 subplanes could be said to be depicted in the mythology of Skanda (Mars), or Karttikeya (SD2.382).

In this context Lord Agni can be said to rule, on this plane, the antahkarana or Makara nature of the solar Logos in direct contact with the solar Sirian causal body (592).   As Lord of Solar Fire, He presides over the Hierarchy of Souls in their Three Departments, their 7 major and 49 minor Ashrams, as well as presiding over the evolution of the general classes of solar pitris of the egoic groups (SD2.88-91; 840-55,821,878,698-9).   This level of the solar Soul (Sirius) bears special relation to the streams of Agnisuryans under Lord Varuna, who governs the Rivers or RRs of incarnating human kingdoms, souls, (and monads) (SD2.605-6).

The Sirian Law of Karma rules the 7 Solar Laws of our system.   The Sirian Law in turn is governed by the 3 Cosmic Laws of Economy, Attraction, and Synthesis.   The purpose of Karma is always, essentially, to liberate (RI 429).   This will be the cause of the manifestation of a new Ray above our 3 Major Rays, whose name approximates the word `Liberation.'

All the 7 Rays are subrays of the cosmic Ray of Love and Fire (RI 460), streaming through the Heart of the Sun and our 7 Sacred Planets.   These are mediated by the 3 groups of Lipika Lords who are the karmic cause of solar manifestation — the 4 Maharajas, 4 Lords of Karma, and 4 Lipika Lords (1033).   They represent the 3-fold nature of the solar causal vehicle, in one sense.   It is the 2nd Cosmic Law of Attraction in particular which governs the Sirian Law of Karma and it, along with the Law and Avatar of Synthesis, will bring in the /"new culture of freedom."   This 2nd Cosmic Law is also controlled by a greater cosmic Law which is "the principle of the intelligence of substance," or the Law of Akasha (1167).   All these Laws array themselves under the Great Law of Freedom or Liberation (RI 414-417).

Systemically and psychologically, Indra (in the Veda) is the cosmic principle of MAHAT (SD2.614), and rules the 5th human principle of manas in relation to buddhi — in other words the karana sharira or causal body (at present).   For the Sirian Logos, the mental and buddhic levels are given the names of Sirius and the Pleiades (904).


          [Solar Monad] Scheme

          ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID in a cosmic wheel (1085)


Cosmic lunar lords (834) of disintegrating constellations.

Substantial or Atomic Focus
FOHAT represents the activity aspect on the cosmic plane (72), as the cosmic Lord of Fire (65).   AGNI, in His etheric aspect of Prana coordinated by Atma (77), can be said to rule our buddhic plane as Indra-Agni (602, 638, 493), as mentioned above.   This is true of both cosmic and solar 4th Ethers.


Chakra Focus on Plane

Agni as Electric Fire (Indra / Pavaka).

Agni, in his etheric force aspect, is named Agni/Shiva as solar Raja Lord of the cosmic mental plane.   As such, He governs the physical force expression of the 5 Groups of Souls of Earth Humanity (as well as their forms) during the 3rd period Outpouring (of the first planetary crisis of Individualization) — Lunar, Lemurian, Atlantean, 5th Rootrace, and rare Planetaries.   These 5 Groups in turn represent 5-fold solar (Sirian) MAHAT (_____).   A similar set of soul groups is said to be associated with the Planetary School of Mars (1179).   As 7 Groups they represent 7-fold Sacred Planetary Manas.

The 7 stars of Ursa Major are what we see of the united 7 head centers in the Sirian systemic dense physical body, the ONE GREATER THAN OUR LOGOS, the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID (182).   This is the "greater cosmic Logos" of the 7 constellations, rather than just the 7 suns.

The jewel found at the center of each life is an undetached electric spark of cosmic buddhi (1226), due to the 'Astral' focus of this 2nd, Ray II, or Vishnu Aspect solar system.   These Jewels are bathed in extra-solar energies called 'Breaths' or Rays (WM 274-5, 289), which are a higher correspondence to solar energies and planetary forces, looked at from this angle (WM 290-1).   It is crucial terminologically to distinguish among Rays, Ethers, Energies, and Forces, if one wishes to work intelligently with these "physical" plane strata.

Understood as AGNI, Cosmic Lord of Fohat (ruling the 3 planes of the cosmic dense physical body), the 3 elder Brothers of Fohat (cosmic buddhi) are given reign over our adi, atmic, and manasic planes (65).   This is because the life aspect (1-3-5) always holds sway over that of matter (2-4-6 planes), which planes are called 'fallen' (EA 39,44).

Since AGNI is "that portion of the [solar] logoic Ego which is reflected down into His physical vehicle," (603) His Three Fires can be looked upon as the 3 subplanes of the Sirian 3-fold logoic physical vehicle;   While His 7 Fires of Akasha (607) embody His Fire by Friction, or the 7 Sons of Fohat (628) of the Sirian systemic dense physical body.   His 3-fold logoic physical vehicle is ruled by His 2nd or cosmic Astral Force aspect of the nervous system controlling His systemic dense physical body (including the 4 higher ethers) (623, 634) — which 'ANIMA MUNDI' is sometimes called 'Sirius,' or 'Sirius-kama-manas' (624), coordinated by the 7 Brothers of Fohat, Deva Lords, and Raja Lords of the planes (65, 629).   These 3 groups of Lords in turn coordinate with the 4/5 Maharajahs or Lords of Karma, ruling from soul levels and our buddhic plane, but with a curious impact through certain highly-developed human mental units on the 4th mental subplane.

The above Three Fires, and particularly Solar Fire, bear a close relation to the 3 groups of Agnishvattas (of the solar Triple Jewel).   The Agnishvattas in turn bear close relationship with the solar pitris, lords, and angels (869) which entify the solar petal substance (821).   I say solar petal substance due to all the correspondences covered above, and to the fact that the Agnishvattas are Sirian substance active on scheme or Sirian chakra levels (777) — the Globes of a Chain being the planetary Logoic centers;   and the Chains of a Scheme the solar centers (706).   Also, at the 4°, the 3 higher groups of solar pitris go to the Central Sun, the lower 4 groups returning to the Heart of the Sun related to Sirius (878).   This also represents the Kingdoms in Nature being abstracted into the Creative Hierarchies (of the human monads) during planetary pralaya.   Here it may be remembered that the distinguishing characteristic of our planetary Hierarchy is monadic contact at the 3rd, 4th and 5th initiations.   In other words, the IVth Creative Hierarchy of human monads incarnates through the 7 egoic groups of souls, as well as the 4th and 5th Kingdoms of human personalities in Nature (698-9).   Therefore we can see that when speaking of our planetary Hierarchy, we are indeed referring to our IVth Creative Hierarchy as it awakens to consciousness over time and cycles of waves of manasaputras entering into incarnation under planetary chain or solar chakra stimulation (706).   That is why the Rays are said to circulate among the schemes (depending upon chain vivification) (598).

The 9 Buddhas of Activity, Love, and Sacrifice, Their correspondences on chain and scheme levels (873), and their special relationship to the 9-fold causal vehicle as a result of the combined work of the Fathers, Agnishvattas, and Manasadevas, or the solar Pitris, Angels, and Lords, can now be seen to correspond to the 3 Periodical Vehicles of the solar Logos (705-12).   On the human buddhic sphere, they can be said to correspond to the 3 groups of Manasadevas (embodying Buddhi, Ahamkara, and Manas) that make up the causal body and its consciousness.   (See compilation "Three Sirian Groups of Manasadevas" 1995.)

Agni as the Universal MONAD, Brahma Viraj, or Vaishvanara, emanates from within Himself as Akasha all the Cosmic Monads which become the myriad solar systems.   "Each Cosmic Monad is `Swayambhuva,' the SELF-BORN, which becomes the Centre of Force, from within which emerges a planetary chain (of which there are seven in our system), and whose radiations become again so many Manus Swayambhuva (a generic name ...) ..." (SD2.311)   His Fire is 7-fold (SD2.568), and emanates the solar pitris, the 7 classes of Vairajas (Vayu Purana), or elder Agnishvattas (Harivamsa), the heart of the Dhyan Chohanic Body (SD2.91); each of the 7 Classes of Pitris being divided into a further 7 classes.   The planetary chain, as a solar center of force, conveys "the Seven Rays of Surya ... made ... parallel to the Seven Worlds (of every planetary chain), to the seven rivers of heaven and earth, the former being the seven creative Hosts, and the latter the seven men, or primitive human groups." (SD2.605)


To understand this overarching Law of AKASHA, we must look upon AGNI as FOHAT channeling the cosmic (Sirian System) PERSONALITY Ray vivifying the lower quarternary and the 4 lower spirillae (72).   This may be understood as what HPB called the Primordial Ray of Motion or Active Matter (73-4) inherited from a previous solar system, or Kalpa.   As such, it is active on all our solar planes.

These Sirian System dense fires are ruled on each plane by one of the Brothers of Fohat (65-6) or 7 Lords of Fire, under the supervision of the 3 great Rays (62-3), in turn regulated by the 4 Lipika Lords (74) supervising the Sirian Law of Karma under a greater Lord from Sirius (570-1).   Akasha is here posited as the Sirian System form skandha.   This is clarified by the recognition that the 7 classes of Agnichaitans are found in 3 great groups (654, 650, 947) corresponding to:

Figure 6.   Three Groups of Agnichaitans


(628, 654, 710)
Electric FireSolar FireFire by Friction
Adi plane 3 Triadic planes Three Worlds
dynamic energyradiant energyatomic energy
atomic ether3 cosmic ethers3 permanent atoms
divine evolutionspiritual evolution human evolution

This is the key of the 343 Fires of the solar system, 49 fires on 7 planes, or the "fourth between the 3" (905).   These 343 Fires have a definite correspondence to the 343 groups of solar systems (not constellations) in a Systemic Wheel (1086) of our Four-Armed Galaxy — another, extraordinary reason to identify our solar Logos as of the 4th Order.   (See Figure 5.)

Although there are 343 Fires in our solar system (905), there are 49 fires connected with the dense or solid vehicle of the solar Logos, composed of 49 groups of agnichaitans (635) on the 49 subplanes of each of the 7 cosmic physical subplanes, our entire Seven Planes, a higher correspondence to our physical plane in the Three Worlds.

(Due to its size, please write the University of the Seven Rays to request TABLE C : Hypothetical Extension of AAB's Solar and Cosmic Planes.)

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