Chapter 2


•   Sons of Fohat

[spirit of the Earth,] or the Fires of the physical globe

•   Planetary Entity

(inherited Form aspect, astrally polarized [687])

•   Divine Manasaputra

(mentally focused personality aspect)

•   Heavenly Man

(soul or causal aspect)

•   Ray Lord

(triadic aspect)

•   Spirit Before the Throne;   Flame    

(monadic aspect)

•   Planetary Logos

(solar systemic function within the greater Whole)

Abbreviations within the text itself will occasionally include CHs for Creative Hierarchies, EGs for Egoic Groups, Ks for Kingdoms, and RRs for Rootraces, the psychic life of a nation (not the physical/material/socioeconomic).

All simple page notations refer to Alice A. Bailey's A Treatise on Cosmic Fire unless otherwise indicated by a 2/3-letter abbreviation. All citations to Helena Petrovna Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine are to the Theosophical Univesity Press centennial (facsimile) edition of 1988.

This set of 8 papers I have developed as a means to help organize my own studies of AAB and HPB, and I hope it will serve others as well. Its main purpose is to clarify the distinct names and terminology DK uses throughout his books to 'place' his discourse in relation to the planes; to allow contrast and differentiation to deepen reflection and enhance cognizance of a "meticulous Entirety." I cite chapter and verse, not out of dogmatism, but to facilitate further study and reflection. Its main purpose is to clarify the outlines of a vast visualization form for meditative practice and contemplation.

Chapter 2

Planetary ENTITY of an individual GLOBE (383)
cosmic, systemic, planetary "SONS OF NECESSITY" (80-81; SDI.74)

On this plane we are dealing with the Anima Mundi aspect of the sentient consciousness, or the psychic aspect which incarnates through any systems level. This has been called, on solar and cosmic levels, the physical manifestation of the Vishnu Aspect, or the psychic sentient "body" of (cosmic astral plane) consciousness behind the physical manifestation of the Yajña Purusha (Spirit of Sacrifice)(81). This is the source of the name “the Great Sacrifice" for our planetary Logos. Elsewhere, Yajña is identified with the nature of Space as an Entity (880), or the Great Sacrifice. The Logos is called the “Watcher” on manasic (and higher manasic or atmic) levels.


      personality, astrally-polarized

Elemental Focus. It is said that within the human astral constitution, desires represent elemental forces while aspirations represent deva lives – the elementals evolving into deva lives through the human cultivation of aspiration (67).

Later, the upward-pointing arrow of spiritual aspiration returns as the arrow of intuition (EA.____).

Substantial Focus. Humanity is described (WM 527-8) as constituting the brain (neither mind, nor head centers) of the planetary Deity; the predominant mass of Atlantean kama-manasically focused minds being analogous to the vast numbers of brain cells that remain unstimulated and unused. From this point of view, aspirants and disciples are tuning in on the Plan in the Mind of God, the first group expressing soul purpose and the latter, group-conscious purpose. Initiates express planetary purpose, while the occult Hierarchy of the planet corresponds to the substantial `light in the head' experienced by disciples. It is curious in this regard that the word `cell' is not used in connection with Hierarchy in this particular passage (WM.527). The mass of brain cells which Humanity represents on this planetary sentient plane can be metaphysically considered prison “cells” for all those who identify with form, but as “cells” of consciousness for those who have spiritually transcended the stage of “prisoners of the planet.” (WM.521-38) As DK sagely put it, “Some lives are prisoners and know it. Others are prisoners and know it not. The clue to the suffering lies right here in th realm of mind.” (WM.531) These observations are keys to understanding Vedantin teachings of the manifestation of Buddhi or Mahat through Aamkara or Manas. This is further clarified at (WM.276). (See compilation on “Three Sirian Groups of Manasadevas,” TS in Boston 1993; Some Thoughts on Gita 18, 134.)

Chakra Focus on Plane. As regards the planetary physical substance body functioning through the 7 Kingdoms in Nature (TEV.81), and focusing through our 4th Kingdom or Vth (IIIrd) Creative Hierarchic animal personalities on the third plane in the case instant, mankind is the brain (of the planetary Deity [WM.527]), animals the heart, vegetation the throat, minerals the solar plexus, and three elemental kingdoms the lower chakras (WM.360). These are the correspondences found in SD (______) where HPB is discussing the nature of the kingdom life-waves through the Rounds. (See Sinnett, Esoteric Buddhism; Barborka, The Peopling of the Earth.) Except for the 3 elemental kingdoms, the above Kingdoms are organs or organisms which are referred to (WM.21), all tied to etheric force centers on the 4th subplane, with head, heart and throat on the 1st through 3rd subplanes respectively (817). They express the astral aspect of the "soul of all things," or the anima mundi. HPB noted that, in a sense, humanity is the macrocosm or the personality aspect of these subhuman kingdoms (IHS.22), and will become their causal body as the 5th kingdom in nature (TEV.125).

Since the "entity" aspect could be said to rule the cohesiveness of the organism as a whole, through astral and etheric sentience, and since the primary expression of human sentience is communication through a combination of innate and socialized (conventional) language, the human Kingdom in its organismic aspect is mentioned as corresponding to the vocal organs as well as to the brain (EP1.220). This has direct relation to the Buddhist recognition of the verbally conditioned, active psychic aspect of the human constitution as "Speech" in their traditional categories of Body, Speech and Mind, paralleling the contemporary esotericist's Physical, Astral and Mental vehicles and planes. In Vedic literature, Speech (Vac) is included with the (5 ?) indriyas and mind, particularly in relation to the psychophysical dimension of the manifold teachings surrounding the Seven Rishis (See Mitchiner, Traditions of the Seven Rishis; Kloetzli, Buddhist Cosmology.)

We might compare this sentient "system" with the solar system as an "accretion disk," for example, with regard to the skandhas on this 6th or 2nd plane, since the 3 skandhas of sensation, perception and volition are found compressed within the kama-manasic principle as far as our present stage of human development and evolution are concerned. This has a peculiar resonance (in the present cycle) with the 3 planes of the Vishnu Aspect psychologically compressed into the familiar astral or kama-manasic lower psychic feeling, conditioned perception or attitudes, and `determined' lower will –– all of which are confused by the general public with the true faculty of will.

Skandha Focus on Plane. A 5-fold elucidation of the inherited aspect of the sentient body is presented at WM 297 ff. in terms of 5 instinctive emotional dualities: Fear/Survival; Depression/Hilarity; [Discontent-Discomfort]/Desire for Satisfaction; Desire for [release from suffering]/for Happiness; Desire for Liberation/[Desire transmuted in future stages into Aspiration-Striving, and then Pure Intuition-to-Achievement].

In the very early Lemurian era, after the period of the "sin of the mindless" (563), humanity represented the gonads related to the sacral center (EP1.221). In this very abstruse observation, one can imagine svadisthana or sacrally focused work with the Lemurian “gonadic” conscious to encourage an incipient "continuity of consciousness" in the humanity of that period regarding a very primitive "identity formation" stage of discrimination between self and not-self, within the context of familial clans and extra-familial “packs.” This describes many people today. The sacral center (or 2nd vital principle) is entirely instinctual in its contacts, registering no thoughts yet demonstrating a basic type of aspiration (TEV.114, 116). Gender and sexual bargaining in the context of the instinctive territoriality of primitive tribes demanded new levels of communicative interaction. This "gonadic work" eventually engaged an astral-sentient cohesion with the nervous system which could be looked upon as a precursor to Atlantean consciousness and the development of what we would now recognize as true human "speech." This transition through the 3 Rootraces -- Lemurian, Atlantean, and 5th Rootrace -- quite vividly encapsulates what 5th Rootrace consciousness experiences as the 3 modes of the astral plane -- instinct, desire, aspiration. A higher order enumeration of the 3 modes for the spiritual student is desire, aspiration, intuition. Whether these 3 are looked upon from manasic, astral, or physical-systems levels, there are clear threefold correspondences with these same 3 (levels).

It is quite interesting to see how this parallels the (1st Ray) Brahmanic religion's sequence of Prajapati, Mahat, Ahamkara, Vac, and generation or refusal to generate, in their account of Creation. Here we can begin to see that we are dealing with the lower-creative sacral center (2nd vital principle) of the spirit of the Earth, viewed from solar levels (WM.284-6). (See §6.3 below)

Kama-Manasic Focus. In the later Lemurian period, however, mankind manifested as the lower brain, or the solar plexus area -- in turn related to the solar plexus center (WM.360; EA.454; TEV._____); animals the sacral, etc., which by inference would have been the focus of manasic sentience during that period for the IVth Creative Hierarchy (_____). In the very early Lemurian era, after the period of the "sin of the mindless" (563), humanity represented the gonads related to the sacral center (EP1.221). In regard to the Building Entities of the Grand Heavenly Man, or solar Soul aspect, Humanity remains so (565).   (See Chapter 4.)

The psychological dichotomies or “polar opposites” should be considered a subset of these great developmental psycho-spiritual dualities; the dichotomies expressing quanta and personal quality, the dualities expressing pure quality and the living impulses enmeshed in an interdependent relativity which, through ensuing transmutation and uplift, open on to higher strata of spiritual livingness. The Central Asian Sufi, the Gurdjieff, and Arica groups that utilize the enneagram/enneagon dichotomies, see the dualities and dichotomies as unified in their system of assessment, practice, and realization.

Manasic Focus. Advanced Humanity -- in their various capacities as worldly ambitious, Aspirants, and Probationers -- function as [alta major,] pituitary, and pineal bodies at present (WM.276). The first is clarified to some extent by the rakshasa or asura class' initial obsessive arrogation and eventual uneven responsibility for social control. The aspirants' and probationers' focus is on wisdom or compassion, depending upon ray composition of their vehicles, expressing themselves through striving toward selfless service.

[ responsibility / creativity here ]

Initially, it may seem difficult to understand Humanity as the sacral center, but it is easier to see in the context of the 1st initiation where sacral energy is transferred to the throat center. As the lower creative drives are harnessed to the service of the higher creativity, it is easier to perceive the result of this transfer of emphasis in the opening up of awareness by integrated personalities (TEV.190) and aspirants to Humanity's life as a true whole. Looking down at Humanity as a unit among the 7 kingdoms as a whole, i.e., from solar levels down into the incarnated solar chakras (EH.179), 4th kingdom humanity represents the sacral center in relation to the 5th kingdom throat center (EP1.221). The 7 kingdoms are also the centers of the Heavenly Men focused on the systemic buddhic plane (_____). This type of inclusive awareness is a hallmark of the 1st initiation.

Preoccupation with sports per se does not necessarily illustrate the striving for complete physical mastery found in the 1st initiation, as does active involvement in the Olympics and other physico-etheric disciplines such as gymnastics, kung fu/qi gong, and tai chi. (One only has to imagine the impulse and themes of an A. Schwartzenegger film to understand the peculiar testing and dramatization of 1st initiation trials – assuming, of course, a strong 6th ray component in this instance.) Humanity demonstrates a striving need and spiritual aspiration to express excellence (1st initiation) through association with a small group, which is met enthusiastically by a larger audience, and yet the wider purposes, contexts, and causes behind these enactments are rarely recognized or articulated. Usually many lives are passed during the tests preparatory to the next, 2nd initiation.

When humanity's relation to the animal kingdom (including his own human-animal vehicle) alters from one of force and bloodshed (6th Ray Mars) to intelligent (buddhic) coordination and spiritual energy (6th Ray Neptune), as well as to the more intelligent use of language in conflict resolution and in crisis intervention and orienteering, then humanity as a whole and as a unit will have taken a major step toward 1st degree transmutation of sacral to throat energetic creative expression (EP1.199,222; EA.208-9, 217-20).

The sacral center ruled by Sagittarius is a center (along with the spleen) most directly connected with our Earth (EA.80). It is ruled by Mars (EA.78) and is active and controlling in undeveloped humanity (EA.76). Earth and Uranus are both direct products of Ray III activity (EA.200, 138-9); the impact of Uranus continuing from the previous solar system. Uranus now rules the sacral center according to some compilations. Both represent the results of conflict on the IVth Creative Hierarchy, producing an increasingly intelligent response. Scorpio – ruled by Pluto, Mars and Mercury –from a more planetary perspective, represents the driving force of kundalini or the life principle at the base of the spine, progressively unfolding sentient and intelligent response through the human kingdom in nature. This is one of the reasons Mercury is said to rule the base chakra in the later stages of initiation. I like to think of Scorpio’s motto as Reason through Conflict, parallel to the Harmony through Conflict of humanity’s addiction to crisis and conflict to truly think things through and produce the harmony of its Ray 4 soul. Aries takes this use of conflict to an even higher perfection through its parallel rulers of Mars, Mercury and Uranus, leading eventuallly to universal harmony or Brotherhood through inspired and intuitive living (Uranus).

From another angle, as Humanity progresses from domination by the integrated personality form vehicle ruled by Mars and its lower forms of will (EA.210), and relies more upon the conditioning will of the causal body or soul vehicle as Mercury or Messenger to the 3 lower kingdoms, it will begin to respond more to our Aquarian Age of Discipleship, in anticipation of the Capricornian Age of Initiation to come (_____). It is the triangle of Earth-Mercury-Uranus which enables humanity to refocus itself as the 5th Kingdom of Souls (EA.438).

There was a common motto from the Renaissance which expressed this human reality –– Tam Marti Quam Mercurio –– “As much Mars as Mercury,” or “As much Brawn as Brains.” Unlike Pallas Athena of the Greek city-states, who symbolized strength and excellence combined – the bringer of light (Fixed Cross) – the guardian of Rome was the goddess Fortuna, capriciously elevating and degrading her votaries, breaking them on her Wheel (Mutable Cross). This latter goddess has symbolized the planetary status quo for too long, and is being superceded by the former (who rules science and technology) – just as the form-control and form influences of Mars and Saturn are being superceded by the more intangible knowledge and wisdom interests of Venus and Mercury, over time. Symbolically they represent the Aquarian changeover of humanity’s 5th ray personality and 4th ray mental vehicle from its previous 3rd ray personality and 5th ray mind (_____), where its 4th ray mind finally reflects its 4th ray soul.

Yet it is only as humanity passes definitely into the 5th kingdom in nature that we can understand the distinctions between the dense physical and etheric or vital planes for the planetary Logos (604). The Buddhist tradition calls this the boundary between the form and formless realms (rupa and arupa dhatu). Hence its emphasis on buddhi or bodhicitta, the mind of compassion – buddhi, pure reason.


      planetary Entity (105, 933)
      planetary Entity (WM.432) as the astrally-polarized planetary Personality functioning through its 3-fold mechanism
      self-conscious Entity (619) as the Heavenly Man, viewing Him as a solar Deity, a self-conscious Entity –– in re the lunar & solar pitri devas/builders, as deva force & substance, or prana & the etheric Body (of the planetary Logos)
      lesser Entities (631)
      lesser cosmic Entity (393)
      spirit of the Earth (EA.59; WM.431-2) –– NOT the (monadic) planetary Spirit

Elemental Focus.   The Ist CH level of the "blinded lives" and its etheric double, the IInd CH of lunar pitris, form the inherited intelligent material substance from the earlier Ray III solar system. It is the evolutionary status and karma of what DK sometimes calls the elemental of our planet, the spirit of the Earth, which is the cause of disease in all the kingdoms in Nature, through its "magnetic power" upon all forms and "isolated lives." (EH.634-7) This (non-sacred) planetary situation is parallel to the merging of the first set of dualities, the etheric and dense forces, that takes place on the Path of Purification in the life of probationers in our present Ray II solar system of "intrinsic duality" (love-wisdom). (EA.54)

Within the planetary Entity, groups of lunar pitris constitute correspondences to the three major centers. Those who build the human form represent the head centre, the pitris of the vegetable kingdom forms correspond to the heart centre, and the pitris of the mineral kingdom are “analogous” to the throat center (1139).

Substantial Focus.   Esoterically, the 3 subhuman Kingdoms are associated, in their substance aspect, with the 3 classes of lunar Pitris (1139), which the human-kingdom solar Angels control.

What constitute (hosts of) involutionary planetary entities in this solar system will become one of 3 dominant evolutions in the next, or 3rd solar system. While AAB termed this (corporate) planetary Entity the spirit of the Earth – as distinct from the planetary Spirit (7 Spirits Before the Throne) or planetary Logoi – she suggests that “Surely planetary entities will convey a more accurate idea than planetary spirits” (ALE.63) (compare 105, 107)

Since we are dealing here with the lower physical-kamic planetary personality and not necessarily the manasic or soul aspect, as regards the planetary force body – lunar pitris of the human forms correspond to the head center, those of vegetable forms to the heart center, and those of the mineral Kingdom analogous to the throat center (1139).

When HPB discusses the evolution of the "lunar monads," it is in this discrete stratum of planetary Logoic Life to which she refers, as well as in its relation to the planetary psyche or Soul aspect -- in other words, Globe and Chain interactions within planetary or solar systems (SD1.159-60, 170-82). The elemental aspect of the 4th Kingdom in Nature is but an aspect of the life of the spirit of the Earth (EH.638), and is responsible for certain aspects of the Earth chain's dual nature (414). This is the key to Humanity as a whole corresponding to the ajna center [not third eye] within the (lower) planetary Life (EA.454) – this because we are looking at the planetary centers from the planetary Entity's point of view of kingdom and rootrace rounds and development. Humanity was once the solar plexus (in this context), and will later shift from the 5th ray ajna (459) to the heart center in future, particularly with regard to the animal kingdom.

Kama-Manasic Focus.   Anima Mundi   (WM.37)
In each round, one subplane of the cosmic astral plane is brought under control (291). The Heavenly Man of our scheme is perfecting control on the 4th subplane (291). The implications of this were discussed in the previous paragraph.

This focus represents the kama-manasic lower Personality of the Heavenly Man reflected down into his physical vehicle (570, 687); here expressing as the lower and higher psychic aspects of Agni, the manasic aspect of the Planetary Triad (ruling from the atomic subplane) where the logoic consciousness focuses itself (693). Agni is “that portion of the logoic Ego which is reflected down into His physical vehicle; He is the life of the logoic Personality, with all that is included in that expression.” (603) Of course the planetary Entity as well as the Heavenly Man aspects are focused on Their own cosmic planes (respectively cosmic astral and buddhic), but must reveal Themselves to us through Their physical sheathe found on the 7 systemic planes of the cosmic physical plane (608). The Heavenly Man, unlike man, works consciously on cosmic levels with the great building devas (632) on the 2nd plane (systemic subatomic), which is where His etheric centers are to be found, and which gives some sense of His stage of advancement. These Greater Builders are agents of cosmic force on the evolutionary arc (627), the lesser Builders being solar and lunar in nature.

The Deva Lords (631) are in charge of the evolution of the lunar and solar pitris and the substance constitution of the planes on this non-principle logoic dense level. (See next section on Solar names.)

Somewhat tangentially, but in the context of planetary psychic life, and symbolized by the sign Libra (EA 244-5) it is said that the 3 subhuman Kingdoms hold the keys to human understanding of the mysteries of money, sex, and law.

Right relationship to the mineral kingdom involves right use of natural resources through holistic understanding of planetary ecosystemsand humanity’s inseparability from them. Increasingly this is being fostered by intelligent response and coordination of finance through democratically-minded and representative collectivities and initiatives. The UN's work on the Law of the Sea is one instance of intelligence in the service of wisdom. Perhaps global warming will be the next crisis to be addressed, once it can get past the financially-invested corporate and academic “expert” consultants. In academic circles, rationality generally signifies "self-interested" rationality, which definitely has its place in the developmental processes of socioeconomic or social-Darwinist-beglamored nationalist interest groups of various sorts to be found among rank intellectual strata. This interest-addled “rationality” actually represents an improvement upon feudalism or anarchy, for instance. True Rationality in expression, however, represents the coordination of the 3 aspects of the mind -- pure abstract mind or impersonal and intelligent love brought into contact with concrete intellect or discursive cognition through the middle principle of the Son of Mind, the Soul, the archive of past life experience found preserved in the causal body. It involves a willingness to sacrifice covert selfishness for wisdom interests. The current emphasis in academia on political economies symbolize the beginning of a willingness to address these issues.

Right relationship to the vegetable kingdom on the planet allows an understanding of the law of Attraction or Magnetic Interplay -- of species to habitat, of adaptive mutation and hybridization, of Gaian self-regulating interdependent ecosystems. Violation of this kingdom by its own husbandsmen through pollution, deforestation and desertification will literally choke humanity to death from lack of oxygen, just as a failing heart and circulatory system will interact with the pulmonary system, producing edema, flooding, and erosive collapse, which we find exhibited on a planetary level in the Amazon and in Mozambique, for instance.

The concept of right relationship of conflict-addicted humanity to the animal kingdom allows a fresh perspective on one aspect of the debrided human understanding of the principle of law under an assumption of self-regulating chaos, through the interplay of coercive territoriality and mass migration or "refugee flow." This represents, basically, human society’s bovine brain-dead indulgence in its own human constitution of the animal kingdom’s “fight or flight” helplessness. In the animal kingdom migration is due primarily to food resources and climate. In the human kingdom migration is due primarily to mental malfunctions involving conflicting ideologies and antiquated nationalisms which distract and disguise true causes of disaster -- such as greed, arrogating coercion, political blackmails, and stupidity -- as well as lack of intelligent human cooperation and coordination of resources held in trust and in common. These human dis-integrations were most frequently engineered by the low-grade type of "elites," though this state of affairs is rapidly changing with the help of a more "rational" science, based on subordination of human knowledge interests to wisdom and to a true will-to-service. For a while there was little distinction between animal and human kingdoms in terms of territoriality/migration primitive greed, unbridled appetite and passion, reactionary coercion and the use of force to achieve limited means – except perhaps for the greater degree of human cruelty, and perhaps for its abject justification by misused human language and traditional legal artifact. “Food fights,” or the artificially-engineered withholding of comestibles to force political or extort economic interests are a good example of global “primitive” culture. Perhaps there are reasons to hope, however, nearing the end of our 20th century and the 2000-year Piscean Age.

Manasic Focus.   The degree of integration with which planetary skandhas (tattvas) cohere to the solar lives (tanmatras), conferring consciousness, purpose and intelligent cooperation, would seem to point to the stage of our planetary Logos' evolution on systemic levels.   Our planetary Logos is focused on the 5th subplane of the cosmic astral, working on control over the 4th subplane, and beginning to become more fully conscious on the 6th (291).   That is why it is said that students of the Earth School take their tests on the 3rd (5th) subplane of the cosmic astral plane (1178).   This is reflected in the interrelations of 4 predominating rootrace consciousnesses, while humanity anticipates the coming in of the 6th fused subraces in the Americas, Europe and Russia, particularly.

The Earth's alter Ego, Venus, is working on the 6th (cosmic astral subplane), having dominated the 5 lower subplanes. This is still very difficult to fathom, an understatement given the fact that humanity hardly yet "knows its place" in constructive planetary terms, much less so within the scope of solar expression. Nonetheless, previous correlations in past planetary cycles help to clarify the course Humanity takes, considered as a unit, over large time cycles. In the Lemurian 3rd Rootrace period, Humanity expressed the solar plexus, or the lower animal brain (WM.360) – the present human gut-brain. This was a necessary precursor to the use of increasingly higher centers for intelligent coordination and expression. Venus' influence was felt powerfully then, during individualization, as it will be in the future:
As the 5th Logos' influence is felt [predominantly on the Atmic Plane], astral intelligent conscious control will be based not so much on desire for harmony [4th Ray], as on the desire for scientific, intelligent manipulation of astral matter.   When this is the case, the higher psychism will begin to make itself felt.   (435 [cf EP2.102])

Buddhic Focus.   Here a clear distinction must be made between the spirit of the Earth or Planet, a planetary Entity, and the planetary Spirit on the cosmic mental plane and systemic monadic and higher mental planes, another name for the (manifesting) planetary Logos (WM.431).   The spirit of the Earth, on the involutionary arc (WM.373), is the gestating physical body of the planetary Entity, which bears relation to the planetary Logos as the human personality does to the soul (EA.59).   In the case of our planetary Logos, these "Personality" energies are primarily astral-buddhic (WM.432), yet He is focused in His mental Body (WM.390) as He strives toward the 4th cosmic initiation (RI.205,248).   In this chain (384), however, speaking in terms of the Heavenly Man (soul/buddhic aspect/name), DK says He is polarized in His astral body (661, also 687, 721).

Although our planetary Logos is polarized in His astral Body, He is focused in his mental Body (WM.390), and the Lord of the World is occupied with helping more of advanced humanity take the 3rd initiation. This involves those prepared transforming the focus of their lives from the manasic to the buddhic plane, which is work supervised by Agni and Indra in this world cycle (WM.390-1), working as Deva Raja Lords from the manasic and buddhic planes, respectively. Their work (involving the kundalini sacred fire, and its gradual blending in the Three Fires) is symbolized by Gemini and Mercury in relation to Virgo, Scorpio and Aries, especially in relation to their three planetary rulers.


      cosmic Entity (393, 477)
      Deva Raja Lords (631, ______________________) in the logoic dense physical Body, which is not a principle

Chakra Focus on Plane.   The solar system, part of the Sirian System of 7 Suns and a cosmic "Child of Necessity," draws its life from the 7-fold Force currents of the One About Whom Nought May Be Said (WM.274).

The 7 Kingdoms in Nature represent the evolution made possible by the conjunction of solar lives, once attached to previous planetary rounds, with planetary or "lunar" forms developed to a certain stage in each round and at the present stage in this present round.   (Solar/Sirius) systemic deva substance informing the planes of our solar system, in this Second or Vishnu Aspect solar system, can be viewed as the 7 spirillae of the solar Logoic physical permanent atom.   It should be remembered that the 7 spirillae have 7 subsidiary aspects, considered as subsidiary spirillae cycling around the individual primary spirilla.   Each spirilla, seen from "below," is perceived as a vertical polar vortex of force issuing from a higher atomic Entity.   All these subsidiary aspects can be given plane, planetary or chakra names.

Kama-Manasic Focus.
"... in Kosmos, all the suns are the Kama rupa of AKASA and so is ours.   It is only when regarded as an individual Entity in his own kingdom that Surya (the Sun) is the 7th priciple of the great body of matter." [SD1.527]
hence Agnisuryans

Anima Mundi (WM.37)

The 7 Kingdoms in Nature correspond in the life of the planetary Logos to the 7 Solar Systems (WM.275), or "Sirius," ruler of the Planetary psychic nature (in the sense of astrally-polarized personality mechanism).

Agni, Indra, Surya comments here ... Indra-Agni (493, WM.390,

Manasic Focus.   Manas is only beginning to demonstrate "predominantly" through the murky 7th mental subplane type of force at this time, associated with the return of the 7th Ray (440; WM.373).   The goal in this round for Humanity is to achieve predominance over the 4th mental subplane where the mental unit is to be found.   It is easy to see we have a long way to go.   There is a parallel development of conscious activity on the buddhic plane, however, by advanced groups of souls (407).   These facts illustrate the type of psychological “cleavage” that exists in planetary humanity at this time, and it has unfortunate consequences for the planetary Life as a whole.
Egoic/Buddhic Focus.   See next section on Sirius.


      cosmic ENTITY (396)

Sirian devic substance or the 7 Creative Hierarchies as the cosmic astral "Sons of Desire," plus the 5 Liberated Creative Hierarchies of the cosmic mental plane (Sirian Mahat [1225]) form the substance aspect of the 12-petalled egoic lotus of the solar causal body, identified by DK as Sirius (EA 47; 592), and the causal Lotus’ psychic and karmic qualification by "Sirian kama-manas" (624) from the cosmic astral plane. The great Sirian Law of Karma works itself outward into manifestation through the 3 Aspects of the solar Logoic PERSONALITY (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva/Mahadeva [_____]), through all the subsidiary Laws of the 3 Major (Aspect) Laws of Economy, Attraction and Synthesis.

[ Lipikas ]

Demonstrating the astral focus of our solar Logos through the Vishnu aspect on the cosmic astral plane, the 5 Liberated and 7 Creative Hierarchies, in their directed collectivity as cosmic Raja Lords (4 as Maharajahs), exert control through the 12 subsidiary laws of the Law of Attraction, in turn subsumed under and directed by the Sirian Law of Karma (1180). These 12 can be looked upon as the 12-petalled heart center of the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID (_____), our Sun in its astral/physical chakra [and nervous system (_____)] aspect.


      great cosmic Entity (393)

[ explain all 7-fold (393) ]
[ the mystery of Parabrahm beyond solar Logoic Personality Trimurti (609-10) ]

Varuna, ruling the Agnisuryans.

[ Kamadhatu, Rupadhatu/Loka ? = mental unit down (616) ]

The greater cosmic Entity, or “Sirius”/OAWNMBS, utilizes the 7 Heavenly Men Themselves, not just their Fire Aspect, as 7 centers in his body (296).

The cosmic Entity, or solar Logos, uses as its centers the 7 Brothers of Fohat of the 3rd Person Brahma aspect from the previous solar system.

His 3-fold Personality vehicle rules universally through the Laws of AKASHA, MOTION (1222), and _____.

The One Higher Than Our Logos uses the Law of Synthesis (148).

These 3 are superior to the 3 Solar Rays (141-3).

All motion is the result of the impact and interaction of Atoms (1039).

The Sirian Logos' logoic dense physical body on the 3 lowest (non-principle) supercosmic planes (which include the 3 lower cosmic planes and all our systemic planes) is represented by the three groups of Agnishvattas, Agnisuryans, and Agnichaitans (_____).

This matter aspect is distinct from the Logoic dense physical body of the 4 Ethers, and particularly from the substance aspect of the 7 Creative Hierarchies which, though "physical," stand behind the planetary and systemic chakras as the "latent germs of force centers... [manifesting] subjectively" (1201). This definition of the Creative Hierarchies is more easily understood when it is realized that this is the method the Sirian Logos uses to abstract individualized units into latency (pralaya) between solar systems, or mahamanvantaras (1201).

Another way to appreciate this fact is that they are Solar Monadic in nature, which requires that they respond to impulses from beyond Sirius, i.e., the Sirian System of 7 solar systems. They express an emanation from the 2nd row of petals in the Logoic causal Lotus on the cosmic mental plane (1225). They are a parallel to group units functioning without physical sheathes who yet remain part of a group (1219). This relates them to the 7 Laws of Group Work (1216-22) in relation to the 2nd row of causal petals, and to the 21 Methods of Group Interplay (1222-3) in relation to the 1st row of petals, since we are speaking of only 2 of the 7 tiers of 7 petals each, surrounding the triple Jewel of the solar Logoic causal Lotus (1161). These have relation to the Three Departments of our Planetary Hierarchy, formed by 3 groups of 35 Kumaras (387) of the Life aspect as distinct from the will aspect (EA 591-2).

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