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  Charts on the Astronomical Nature of the Seven Planes

  8 Unpublished Articles on the Planes © 1993
    These articles on the planes were started 1988-1991 and finally presented in 1993.   They are primarily meant to help clarify DK/AAB's language usage regarding planetary, solar and cosmic Logoi – written from the systemic perspective.   They are a work in progress, and contain notes to myself, unfilled-in citations, and probably some disputable points in technical detail.   They may still be valuable to those interested in some of the basic foundational sources of AAB’s synthetic work with DK.   There has been little time to work on them since 1991, but I intend to update them and copyright the new edition year.   These are meant to go with a separate set of articles on planetary, solar and cosmic constitution with a slightly different emphasis.   I hope the planetary article to be ready in the next year or so.

Chart   —   :   The Seven Systemic (and Cosmic) Planes

Chapter 0   :   Introductory to the Names of the Logoi on the Seven Systemic (and Cosmic) Planes
                        (Planetary names are given here...)

Chapter 1   :   Physical / Etheric — Spirit of the Planet

Chapter 2   :   Astral / Psychic — Planetary Entity

Chapter 3   :   Mental / Manasic — divine Manasaputra

Chapter 4   :   Buddhic — Seven Heavenly Men

Chapter 5   :   Atmic — Seven Ray Lords

Chapter 6   :   Monadic — Seven Spirits Before the Throne

Chapter 7   :   Logoic — Planetary Logos

  Journal of Esoteric Psychology Articles

JEP 4/2   (l988)   Hypotheses Derived from DK's CF and EA to Serve as a Basis for Applied Esoteric Astrology
Remarks on Terminology;   An Esoteric Astronomical Model;   An Esoteric Visualization Model on Four Planes;   A Chakra Model of the Local Universe;   Four Trains of Seven-Cluster Systems (Kosmic System);   Our Local Seven-Cluster System (Cosmic or Prakritic System);   The Sirian Seven-Sun System;   The Relation of the Sirian System to our Solar System;   Charts and Star Positions.

JEP 5/2   (1989)   Three Cosmic Decanates and their Axial Coordinate Systems
Pisces/Virgo 49-Cluster System,   Virgo/Pisces 7-Cluster System,   Scorpio/Taurus Sirian 7-Sun System;   Taurus/Scorpio Solar System;   The Galactic Atom and the Three Cosmic Decanates;   Three Wheels of Planetary Motion;   Three Wheels of Solar Motion;   Sirian Systemic Motion

JEP 7/1   (1991)   Searching for the Star in the East During the War of the Calendars, Part I
The Grand Trigon in Scorpio;   Sirius in Gemini;   Sirius in Cancer;   The Mystery Schools and Religions;   Claimants to Messiahhood;   The Piscean Advent;   Celestial Events Surrounding the Life of Christ

JEP 7/2   (1992)   Searching for the Star in the East, Part II
A 4000-year tabulation of the Grand Trigon in Scorpio by Sign and Constellation

  Miscellaneous Articles

  AAB Treatise on Cosmic Fire Compilations

  HPB Secret Doctrine Compilations

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