JEP 7/2 (1992)





The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn occurs every 20 years and forms, with 3 conjunctions, a great triangle in the zodiacal sky every 60 years.   This great triangle of 60 years has been termed the Grand Trigon, at least since the Medieval era.   The conjunction of these two "outer" planets implies alignment with the Earth, and therefore 3 planets are involved.   Since they remain aligned for a year, more or less, they eventually conjunct the Sun within that year.   It is for this reason, a triangle of planets conjuncting the Sun to form an alignment of 4 globes or a "tetrahedron" in a fourth dimensional sense, that they may be considered a reflection of the Divine TETRAKTYS (SD1.98-99).
    The points of the Grand Trigon progress through the zodiac to spend around 250 years in one element after another, completing the cycle in around 1000 years.   This 250 year period is the approximate time it takes for one arm of a pentagram formed by the Venus Heliocosm, or conjunction of Earth-Venus-Sun, to be replaced by the next arm of the pentagram, at the same constellational degree.

    Technical Esoteric Observations.   Keeping in mind that Jupiter is the agent of the physical Sun (297), Saturn being the correspondence to the solar physical permanent atom (CF.406), and Venus the alter Ego or Soul of the Earth, an amazing insight emerges.   These 3 planets, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, are said to rule the Three Super Principles at this time (CF.299), coordinating our planetary orb with systemic life (systemic in terms of the seven planetary schemes or the solar systemic economy).

    This article/tabulation is meant as an annex to an article in the previous issue (JEP 7/1), "Searching for the Star in the East During the War of the Calendars."   While Scorpio does lend itself to the theme of "rivers of blood" (212-217) prevalent in this idealist/fanatic Piscean Age, the sign is also beautifully expressed by the Dioscuroi in ancient Greek religion, as I attempted to illustrate in the previous article — the war of the personality values with those of the universal Soul.
    One of the major keynotes of this Piscean Age brought out in all the Middle Eastern religions is SACRIFICE — the internal, extroverted or spiritual expression of indignation of Spirit.   As M once said, paraphrasing, it is difficult to weigh which is the greater sacrifice or martyrdom — one taking a number of days or minutes, or one lasting an entire lifetime.   As long as we are truly alive, we make our choice.   The living principle of sacrifice is simply an expression of human free will — a free choice from among the array of decisions that face us every day from every direction.   As has been observed over the millennia, ethics (or philosophy) is the highest form of human and social intelligence.   In its most elevated and inclusive forms, it takes on the nature of pure, impersonal and engaged love.   In this light, the purpose of the living principle of sacrifice is to help induce human liberation.   It is hard to evaluate how far we have come during the past 2000 years in this respect.
    If a Jungian cast is given to the "Shadow," "Beast," or "Dweller on the Threshold" found so active in the constellation Scorpio, a very beautiful image appears.   Because Christ identified so fully with the collective ("unconscious") consciousness of Humanity, He cast His Shadow across 2000 years of world history.   DK has called His the "true broken heart."   His Work remains unfinished.

    Constellations and Signs

    Examining the placement of the Grand Trigons in relation to the five major western conditioning world religions during the past 4000 years, one notices a late start in the first cycle and an early start in the last cycle covered.   Let us entertain a possible explanation that is neither geocentric, heliocentric, but sidereal.
    From around 2000 BC, the constellation of SCORPIO2 was veiled by the sign of Libra, the sign of Scorpio beginning to merge with the constellation of SAGITTARIUS.   At 1 BC/1AD, signs and constellations coincided.   Until around 2000 AD, the constellation of SCORPIO was increasingly veiled by the sign of Sagittarius, and the sign of Scorpio veiled the constellation of LIBRA in the living sky.   During the next 2000 or so years, SCORPIO will be veiled by Capricorn.   In the context of the 25,000 year precession cycle, it was only several hundred years around the Advent of Christ, when the vernal equinox more or less coincided with the border between the constellations of PISCES and ARIES, that we had a direct correspondence of sign with constellation.
    Examining our tabulation, we find that events associated with the Judaeo-Classical-Christian-Islamic religion fall close to the signs late Libra and Scorpio in the first epoch (2000 BC – 1 BC), and to the signs Scorpio and early-to-late Sagittarius in the second epoch (1 AD – 2000 AD).   This implies the constellation of SCORPIO in the background of events all along.


    From the point of view of the Christ – the great Exemplar of the Five Major Initiations, Christianity, or churchianity, two arguments can be made here, considering the previous 2000 year Abrahamic/planetary deity dispensation and the following 2000 year Islamic/Christian epoch:
    1)   that the signs are most significant;   or
    2)   that the constellations are the important significators.

    1.   From the point of view of exoteric astrology, Babylonian/Judaic literalism/legalism (Libra) yielded to the battleground of the conflicting values of personality and soul (Scorpio), which values clarification after 1500 years of misery led to the incorporation of these ideals into action and society (Sagittarius), in forms which humanity prays will last until the next step upward (Capricorn) into collective enlightened living within a "lighted house" —our station within the "One in Whom we Live and Move and have our Being"— the planetary Logos.
    The observation can be made that Christ came in with a triple PISCES Trigon conjunct Alpha Andromeda, conducted his Ministry under the SAGITTARIUS Trigon (Sun, Mercury & Venus in CAPRICORN), and finished his historical work just before the 34 AD LEO Trigon (Mercury, Venus & Mars all Retrograde) — He came in for the Piscean Age on a Triple PISCES Trigon, but conducted his work in FIRE.   This lends itself to an interpretation that the Water sign Scorpio was meant to yield to the Fire sign of Sagittarius during the 2000 year Piscean dispensation.   Indeed, Sagittarius is closely allied with the 6th Ray.
    A number of the major martyrdoms in the Western psyche took place in FIRE — Christ (33) at the 34 AD Leo Trigon;   the Masada Zealots Revolt and mass suicide (73) at the 74 AD Sagittarius Trigon;   Apollonius' near-martyrdom (93) at the 94 AD Leo Trigon;   and Al-Hallaj's (908) return to Baghdad (908 AD Aries Trigon) and his torture and death (922) close to the 928 AD Sagittarius Trigon.

    2.   From a sidereal and more esoteric point of view, the constellation SCORPIO was present throughout, behind its 3 most recent veiling signs (the interesting sequence of Libra-Scorpio-Sagittarius [183, 180, 333, 337-9]).   To understand this, we must look at the triple rulership of Scorpio: Pluto/Mars (507), Mars, and Mercury.   His (Christ's) work was initially coopted by the predominant Scorpio trend in the human kingdom of conflict and crisis leading to Plutonian disruption and Martial confrontation.   Later the Mercurian and Hermetic trend of harmony and resolution of dichotomies (in minds and psyches), cultivated by the alchemists and esoteric schools of the Neoplatonic Renaissance, brought about an initial social and subsequent psychological revolution in consciousness which we have yet to fully understand, let alone actualize.
    This sequence is reflected on the Path of Discipleship where first, as an integrated personality, one gets a taste for the power of a personal integration which is expressed at the expense of the soul, producing conflict (Mars) in one's psychosocial environment (Pluto/Mars).   This in turn precipitates (assuming the Right-hand Path) an inner crisis (Mars/Mercury) between the mundane values of the personality and the universal principles of the soul.   Eventually, the `Philosopher's Stone' or `Mercurian Monarch' emerges and makes its appearance, when the determining will of the self-willed person is transmuted into the conditioning will of the group-conscious individual.   The exponent of determining will might be termed a `control freak' obsessed with psychological or social cybernetic defense/aggression mechanisms inflicted through the mentally or astrally polarized path of least resistence in the immediate personality, and thence to the nonintegrated kama-manasic collectivity (or, even, mob).   The generator of conditioning will "sees the end from the beginning" and leaves all persons and factors free to realize their greatest potential — or greatest lesson.   Conditioning will recognizes that all humanly created `things' arise from the `inner' and invisible mind, and that all true changes in line with universal order arise causally from consciousness within, rather than from a tired and distracted manipulation of factors external to the principle of Being — a Being which is still unexplained by all past and present thinkers.   Nevertheless, there is a reason it is stated that our solar system's goal is manasic in nature, even though our planetary School is that of Magnetic Response.

    3.   From the perspective of the esoteric astrologer, both the sequence Libra-Scorpio-Sagittarius and the sidereal SCORPIO are simultaneously relevant and effective, and must be taken into consideration in both individual and group cases and their charting.
    This is an important observation.   Human beings are not exactly iron filings shifting around the planetary magnet, yet the relevance of the above cycles (causally or ecologically) on largely unconscious collective socio-politico-migratory levels may have a local reverberatory effect on psychosocial levels as well, even upon human ego development for the personality, and technically upon causal development within the soul.   It is for this reason, among others, that the esoteric astrologer takes into consideration both the constellation of the "native," as well as the sign.   This relationship is probably best described as the convention of the seasonal Signs resisting, concealing, veiling, or revealing the actual energy impact of the Constellations themselves on solar, planetary, kingdom, and human etheric vehicles.   This may be considered parallel to the distinction between the force of planetary globes per se, and the energy of the planetary Lives flowing through them, though in this case we are speaking of the impact of systems of stars upon humans.

    The EARTH Trigon Cycles

    In terms of externalization of civilizations in coordination with the Grand Trigon, another interesting cycle is noticeable, and relates closely to TAURUS and hence SCORPIO.
    The Islamic mystical flourishing of the 11th and 12th centuries took place during Earth Trigons.   Both Pluto (1118-1152) and Transpluto (c.1128-1165) were found in TAURUS.   Of course, this is also the century of cathedral building, after the foundation of the Knightly Orders and revivification of the Masonic or architectural Orders by Crusaders studying masonry with their Islamic counterparts in Jerusalem (See Charpentier and Fulcanelli).
    The following Earth Trigon period is that which includes the American era or that of sociopolitical revolutions, from 1802 to 2000 AD, what might be called the externalization of major occult schools and their programs from the Old World, involving freedom and human rights.   At the same time, the small progressive, mystical, and occult groups have had a hard time, at first from the Piscean zealotry and exultation over the victorious and expansionist wars of religion, and secondly as a result of the rank intellectual positivist materialist attitudes spawned by western community overconfidence in the wake of the Industrial and Information Revolutions.
    The EARTH Trigon prior to these two occurred from (153) 213-432 AD, around the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of the Byzantine.
    A most interesting EARTH Trigon period is seen in (642) 582-424 (364) BC during the preparation and flourishing of 5th century classical life and culture.

    The Grand Trigon of the past 200 Years
    Since 1776, the Grand Trigon's 20 year period has coincided with the 21 year period of the cycle of Uranus' nodes, emphasizing the 20 year period in American political life.1 Their parallel motion is phasing out during the next century, as the Trigon moves from EARTH into AIR signs.   The first was a triple conjunction occurring with Libra in 1980-81.   The last Earth Trigon is conjunct the Pleiades in 2000 AD, the closest since the cathedral building period of the 1146 Trigon conjunct Alcyone.

    General Methodology
    The present method of elucidating historical shiftings and recapitulations through following the Grand Trigon is not unprecedented in ancient, Islamic, and Medieval works, which usually concerned themselves with the dynastic histories of their powerful patrons (See Kennedy & Pingree on Masha'allah).   My methodology has been to tabulate the astronomical cycles, citing major events from a traditional Western point of view, as well as from the angle of the history of mysticism, occultism and their fusion in modern esotericism.   I leave it to readers to draw their own inferences, albeit listing some Trigons other than the LIBRA-SCORPIO-SAGITTARIUS series for comparison/contrast, and including a fair number of events outside of the exact Trigon year, most often within Saturn's period, and sometimes expanding to Uranus' and Neptune's, rarely to Pluto's.   Noting these "higher octave" planetary influences will help sort out which influences are conceivably causal, which environmental or `barometric' — and perhaps even encourage controversy of the agreeable variety (See Johndro for theory).   Of course, this attempt is just the beginning of a much larger and inclusive database, and perhaps a group project.
    To simplify examination of the significance of the Grand Trigon in Scorpio for the Greek, Roman and Middle Eastern religions, it might be wise to offer a tabulation of the last 5 cycles of its occurrence (generally speaking, the WATER sign Trigons which include Scorpio).   I have dated the early reigns in part from Dr. Hans Goedicke's (Johns Hopkins University) date of 1477 BC for a pharaonic inscription which may fix the date of a secondary eruption on Thera and consequent land uplift coinciding with the Exodus from Egypt, in order to compare these dates with other scholarly works, e.g., The New Oxford Annotated Bible, J. Finegan's Light from the Ancient Past, and The Penguin Encyclopedia of Ancient Civilizations, tending to rely heavily on the dates agreed upon in the 1990 Encyclopaedia Britannica, 15th edition.   Admittedly, there is controversy over dating all these early events, but an attempt has been made to represent at least two positions when feasible.

    As for detail, the orb for the Grand Trigon is basically .5 to 1 year, due to Jupiter's period of one year in a sign.   Saturn's orb in the context of one sign is approximately 1.5 to 3 years;   Uranus' from 3.5 to 7 years on either side (noted from 1500).   This is as far as I would go, treating as we are the status quo mundane groups in relation to the progressives, intelligentsia, mystics, thinkers, and esoteric spiritual groups.   However, Neptune's placement from 1500 AD has been notated to facilitate examination in relation to collective, religious, mystical, and spiritual groups and movements.

    SATURN.   After having tabulated the Trigons with their associated historical events, then noting Saturn's period of tenancy in Scorpio or other Trigon signs, it was somewhat of a surprise to notice in what ways this focused the effect of the relevant Trigons.   I think it is possible for students of history to notice quite striking qualitative differences between those events that fall within, or outside, this 3-year Saturnian period.   For this reason I have added these Saturn periods to the table below, placed immediately after the Trigon degree.   Planets close to Trigon conjunction follow immediately after Saturn's period;   planets in other, relevant signs follow next;   with specific Trigon-conjuncting stars at far right.
    URANUS.   Researching the area of revolutions of thought brought on by religious, scientific or esoteric paradigm shifts, as well as group presentation of new thought and revelation (as distinct from religion), I imagine one might carefully use Uranus' approximately 3.5 to 7 year orb, particularly if working on the Trigon within one element.   The period of 1517-1522 around Uranus' tenancy in TAURUS depicts this method quite strikingly with the birth of Protestantism in the West.   The transition from Uranus in TAURUS (1767-1775) to GEMINI (1775-1782) coinciding with the SAGITTARIUS Trigon of 1782 (Sun, Mercury R, and Venus in SCORPIO) is a famous illustration of the cuspal shifting going on between sign and constellation.
    NEPTUNE.   Working with mystical trends leading to religious or yogic revelation, with mass movements, or group sociopathic addictive lapses, one might carefully use Neptune's approximately 10 to 20 year orb when considering effects within one element, in both the cycle and Trigon.   For instance, the Trigon of 165 BC illustrates Neptune's impact added to the Trigon extraordinarily well.   The coincidence of Neptune in PISCES during the PISCES Trigon (1520-1535) is aptly illustrated by Reformation (Martin Luther) and Counter-Reformation (Ignatius Loyola).   The notable adventures of Charles I of Britain (1628-1643) occur during Neptune's tenancy in SCORPIO, with the strong Opposition of 1632-33 in both TAURUS/SCORPIO and GEMINI/SAGITTARIUS.   The period of the British Revolutions during Uranus in TAURUS (1683-1691) leading up to the 1692 GEMINI/SAGITTARIUS Opposition is also illustrative of this principle of shifting.

    Particular Stars.   Stars conjunct specific Grand Trigons are placed flush right in the table, with the degree of orb from the Trigon conjunction, rather than the zodiacal or ecliptic longitudinal degree.
    In the case of Sirius, the sign in which it is found is capitalized (TAURUS, GEMINI, CANCER) during the period of its tenancy in that sign.
    It is also interesting to follow Alcyone's (and the Pleiades') placement (Aries and Taurus);   its transition to TAURUS in 245 BC.   Its tenancy signs have not been capitalized, but bear note.

    Signs and Constellations.   Among the purposes of this tabulation is an intent to clarify when DK's usage of the zodiacal symbols points to signs and when to constellations.   SCORPIO is closely related to the influence of Sirius on solar, planetary and human evolutionary levels (197) associated with the work of the cosmic Christ with the christ principle on these three levels.   It has been hypothesized in previous articles (JEP 4/2; 5/2) that signs stand for human and planetary levels, constellations for systemic, solar or cosmic levels.   The dramatic presence of both constellation SCORPIO with its Libra/Scorpio/Sagittarius sign sequence, along with the sign itself of Scorpio in the present tabulation, may help elucidate this issue.   If such a parallel correspondence is the case, then it can be reasonably posited for the rest of DK's remarks on the Science of Triangles, where he explicitly indicates human, planetary, solar or cosmic levels of impact.

2000 BC to 2000 AD

(CYCLE 1)     Sirius in TAURUS

1992     8/1992     4° LIBRA Trigon     10/1993-1990.
2008     Mentuhotep I (2008-1957 BC) reunites Egypt and inaugurates Middle Kingdom period, building a massive temple complex to Amon Re at Thebes, later added on to by Hatshepsut with Temple of Mut, Amon's consort.

1953     3,10/1953     27, 23° Capricorn Trigon.     2/1955-1/1952.
1953     Beginning of the Sh'ia Dynasty with lineup of the 5 planets in Capricorn within 5°, "like a string of pearls," on February 23 according to the Bamboo Records (See Fagan).
    Akkadian invasion by Ilushuma (c.1953-1935) of Babylonian Ur and Nippur (the "Fall of Ur").

1933     11/1933     14° LIBRA Trigon.     9/1934-10/1931.

1873     9/1873     20° LIBRA Trigon.     12/1876-9/1872.
1876     The oldest Chinese record of a solar eclipse, in the lunar mansion Fang, or SCORPIO (See Fagan).
    Sesostris I (c.1918-1876) leads first dated invasion by Egypt into Canaan.
    Amenemhet II (c.1876-42) reigns over Egyptian "Middle Kingdom."

1814     12/1814     1° SCORPIO TRIGON.     2/1843-10/1840.     Sun Mercury
    One of the latest astronomical studies of the Amizaduga Tablets dates Hammurabi's accession to 1848 BC, with his reign ending in 1806 BC (See Huber).

1754     10/1754     7° SCORPIO TRIGON.     11/1755-1752.
    According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Hammurabi, the 6th of the Amorite Kings, ruled from 1792-1750 BC, consolidating the Babylonian Kingdom.   This version is determined by adding the known 146 regnal years to the year of the Venus Tablets, dated at 1646.   His reign would have started two years after a 17,17,12° Cancer Triple Trigon conjunct Regulus 5°, 0° of 1794-5.

1695     12/1695     16° SCORPIO TRIGON.     2/1696-10/1693.     Venus
    If Abraham's departure from Ur of the Chaldees to Canaan took place 215 years (Exodus 12.40) before 1477 BC, the date of Queen Hatshepsut's ("Pharaoh's Daughter"?) stela inscription which may fix the time of Exodus with one of the eruptions on Thera (God as a pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night [Ex 13.21], leading the Israelites out of Egypt) and with the parting of the sea and inundation (by tsunami) of pharaoh's troops, then that would put Abraham at 1692 BC, 3 years from the Scorpio Trigon conjunct Venus (Ishtar) of 1695.   215 years after Hatshepsut (Exodus 12.40), by contrast, would give us 1262 BC (3,2,29° Libra/Virgo Triple Trigon, 1,3,8/1257), explaining the 13th century razing and reoccupying of so many of the cities uncovered by modern archaeology, and suggesting an Israelite invasion of Canaan, or a vengeful Egypt in hot pursuit.

1635     10/1635     22° SCORPIO TRIGON.     1/1637-1634.     Venus
    The presence of Venus (Ishtar) along with Jupiter and Saturn in these two specific Trigons is suggestive of astronomical worship in Chaldean Ur during the Old Babylonian Period.   The Venus Tablets of Amizaduga, covering a 21-year period, and dated at 1646 BC (hence from one Jupiter-Saturn Opposition to the next), are used by some historians to date the reign of Hammurabi above.   Recent Greenland ice sheet and dendrochronologic studies seem to indicate the first Thera eruption at 1645 or 1628 respectively (See Doumas), years close to these very same Jupiter-Saturn Opp. dates (1644-43 [20, 24, 28° Aquarius/Leo], and 1626-25 [10, 17, 29° Virgo/PISCES]).

1536     6/1536     9° Aries Trigon.     5/1536-5/1534.     Sun Mercury in Gemini Alcyone 3°
1539     Ahmose (c.1539-1514), first pharaoh of the New Kingdom.

1476     4/1476     18° Aries Trigon.     7/1478-4/1475     Sun. Alcyone 5°
Mercury in PISCES-Alpha Aries 1°;   Venus in Taurus-Sirius 1°
1480     Fall of Knossos c. 1480.
1477     Thera secondary eruption with land uplift in northern Egypt might explain pillar of fire at night and column by day during Exodus (See Goedicke).   This is the date of the Hatshepsut victory stela inscription.

1417     8/1417     29° Aries Trigon.     6/1419-4/1416.     Alcyone 14°
1417     Mycenaean occupation of Knossos (c. 1420, see Wood, p. 213).

(CYCLE 2)     Sirius in GEMINI

1278     12/1278     7° Capricorn Trigon.     1/1278-12/1276.     Mercury Venus in SCORPIO
1275     Battle of Kadesh recounted on temple walls of Karnak, Luxor and Abydos, wages in the 5th year of Rameses II against the Hittites.

1208     2,12/1208;   11/1207     21, 8° SCORPIO/Taurus;   26° Sagittarius/GEMINI Oppositions.
1208     Series of campaigns in Canaan led by son of Rameses II, Merneptah (1212-02) against the "Sea Peoples," with the first stela inscription mentioning Palestine (See Yurco).

1198     10/1198     9° LIBRA Trigon.     10/1199-11/1196.     Sun Mercury Venus Mars in LIBRA
1200±     Israel occupies Canaan throughout the Iron Age I period (1200-1000) (See Stager).
1190     Setnakht (1190-87) establishes 20th Dynasty, followed by Rameses III (1187-56).
1193     Eratosthenes, Librarian of Alexandria, traditional date of fall of Troy (VI).

1178     6/1178     8° GEMINI Trigon.     7/1179-5/1176.     Mercury;   Venus-Mars in Aries 0° Sirius 7°
1183     Traditional date for the Fall of Troy (See Wood).
1180     Destruction of Hittite capital Boghaz Koy (See Wood).
1175     Reliefs at Medinet Habu illustrate Rameses III's victory over Philistines in Canaan (See Stager).

1138     8/1138     13° LIBRA Trigon.     10/1140-1136.     Sun Venus Mars in Leo
1146     Nebuchadnezzar I (c.1146-24) of the Pashe Dynasty presides over Babylon.
1145     Rameses VI (1145-37) presides over civil war and Libyan incursions.
1130     Temple at Boeotian (Greek) Thebes, City of the Dragon Cadmus, aligned to Gamma Draconis, built just after Rameses III's Temple M at Karnak aligned to the same star (See Lockyer).

1079     11/1079     25° LIBRA Trigon.     9/1081-10/1078.     Sun Mercury Venus in SCORPIO
1077     Decline of Babylonian Empire under son of Tiglath Pileser I (1115-1077).
1075     Division of two Egyptian Kingdoms in 21st Dynasty (1075-950) between northern Tanites and Thebans.

1059     7/1059     29° GEMINI Trigon.     6/1061-7/1059.     Mercury 1°;   Sun Mars in Cancer
1059     Fall of the Shang Dynasty of China, according to recent decipherment of the Bamboo Records.

1019     9/1019     29° LIBRA Trigon.     12/1020-9/1016.     Venus Mars Mercury all Rx
    Subtracting 480 years (I Kings 6.1) from a 1477 BC Exodus gives 997 BC, 2 years from the 7° Cancer Trigon of 999 BC.   This was the 4th year of Solomon's reign when he started construction of the First Temple at Jerusalem.   Other sources give 440 years from Exodus, or 1037 BC, 2 years from the 10° Aquarius Trigon of 1/1039 conj. Mercury and Venus.
    Adding 12 or 22 years (I Sam 13.1) would give 1013 or 1023 BC for the beginning of Saul's reign;   very close to this late Libra Trigon veiling the constellation SCORPIO.
969     1,8,12/969     11, 22, 29° Capricorn/Cancer Opposition.
971     Thiele's accession date for Solomon.

960     12/960     11° SCORPIO TRIGON.     12/961-958.
    If Solomon reigned for 40 years (I Kings 11.41) then the previous dating from 1477 gives 961 as his accession upon death of David (997 = 4th year of reign) — possibly exact, since Jewish new year was either religious or secular, both starting near the equinoxes and therefore possibly ± a year off.
    Finegan favors the year 966 for beginning construction of the First Temple.
    William F. Albright, comparing chronologies of Tyre and the Israelite Kingdom (ignoring unanalyzed biblical years), favored 959 BC, hence accession in 963, and division of the Kingdoms in 923/22.
    Edwin R. Thiele, assuming Judah's new year was set at fall equinoctial new moon, Israel's being set at spring, plus Judah's use of the accession year system (Israel using actual time of accession), counted back 78 years from Ahab's death to 931 for the division of the Two Kingdoms at Solomon's death;   971 for his accession.

931     7,9/931;   5/930     23, 25° Aries/LIBRA;   8° Taurus/SCORPIO Oppositions.
931     Thiele's date for the division of the Two Kingdoms of Judah and Israel.

920     2/920     1° PISCES Trigon.     2/920-4/918.     Sun, Venus
    Allowing 78 years from Solomon's accession (Finegan, 117) gives us 923/22, close to the PISCES Trigon conjunct Sun and Venus of 920.   This was the time of the division of the Two Kingdoms according to Finegan and Albright.

900     10/900     15° SCORPIO TRIGON.     11/902-899.
900     In Israel, 900 BC was the year of Baasha's assassination of Nadab, Jeroboam's son, and the entire royal family along with their courtiers (I Kings 15.27).
    In Judah, Rehoboam introduced new gods to the land and Pharaoh Sheshonk attacked Jerusalem and was the first to haul off huge amounts of treasure from the city and Temple.   At some period in his reign (913-873), Asa was kept busy fighting off an invading force from Ethiopia (2 Chron 14.9).
899     Chinese records of a double solar eclipse (at sunrise) on 4/21.   This is the famous eclipse of the Bamboo Records that enabled historian Hung-hsiang Chou and astronomer Kevin Pang to factor in a solar day slower by 42/1000 of a second, thereby greatly increasing astronomical accuracy for periods BC (Fagan).

841     12/841     26° SCORPIO TRIGON.     11/843-840.
    This is close to the year (842/1) Jehu marched on the northern kingdom, Israel, and slaughtered the entire royal family of both kingdoms (2 Chron 22.8).   A garrison commander from Transjordan, he accomplished this with the help of the Prophet Elisha and the underclasses who wished to see Baal worship eliminated.   Thus having alienated Tyre, he had to turn to sadistic Assyria for help, thereupon becoming a tributary.   This led to predations by Assyrian kings under 3 Fire Trigons:

741     2/741     0° Aries Trigon.     6/742-3/739.     Sun Mercury Venus in Aquarius Alpha Aries 4°
    Tiglath-Pileser III (744-727) early in his reign received 300,000 shekels tribute from Menahem which preserved the northern kingdom and Samaria, but raised ire to the point that an army officer, Pekah, slew Menachem's son and took the throne.   Ahaz of the southern kingdom employed tribute taken from Temple and palace, when Pekah was persuaded by the Syrian League to attack Jerusalem, Assyria's ostensible ally.   Just after 734, Tiglath destroyed Damascus (Syria) and took large numbers of hostages from the northern provinces, sparing Samaria but installing a puppet, Hoshea;

721     1/721     11° Sagittarius Trigon.     12/723-721.     MercuryVega 5°
721     Shalmaneser V (726-722) wiped out the capital city of Samaria (722), while his immediate successor Sargon II deported the "Ten Lost Tribes" of Israel (722/1);

701     8/701     29° Leo Trigon.     9/704-9/701.     Mercury
701     Sennacherib (704-681) destroyed 46 cities of Judah and besieged Jerusalem (701) when King Hezekiah refused to pay tribute (See Bleibtreu).
    It should be remembered that Scorpio, as well as Sagittarius, is found in the middle of what early astrologers deemed the Via Combusta, or "Fiery Way.   After Jehu's murderous Scorpionic intrigues came payment in Fire, both literally and astronomically.

682     5/682     14° Aries Trigon.     10/584-581.     Sun Mercury Venus in TaurusAlpha Arietis 11°, Alcyone 10°, Beta Persei 7°
683     Athens replaces kingship with institution of 9 yearly Archons chosen from the College of Archons.
682     Judah surrenders as tribute to Assyria.

582     9/582     16° Virgo Trigon.     Sun
582     Ten Archons chosen after two periods of anarchy in Athens.
    Pythian Games at Delphi instituted.
585     Thales predicts eclipse (5/28) that ends a war between Lydia and Media.
586     Fall of Jerusalem and Israel to Babylon.
    Isthmian Games instituted every 4 years (586 or 582) at strategic isthmus near Corinth.

463     10/463     3° LIBRA Trigon.     12/464-8/460.     Sun;   Mercury Venus in SCORPIO Opp. Alpha Aries 5°
464     A major earthquake at Sparta allows Revolt of the Helots (slaves).
463     Pericles' rise in the Ekklesia (Assembly) begins;   judges (and soldiers) receive regular payment, in part to make office available to poor citizens.
462     Athenians under Cimon attempt to aid Spartans after request, but are rebuffed and Cimon is ostracized.
    Argos takes advantage of conflict between Athens and Sparta to destroy Mycenae.
461     At Pericles' urging, Ephialtes presents legislation that takes power from the Areopagus, strengthening democratic access.
460     The Age of Pericles (460-429);   First Pelopponesian War between Athens and Sparta.
    During the Second War (431-21) Thucydides commands a fleet of 7 ships in 424 (18° Capricorn Trigon 12/424), just before exile (423);   Sophocles' "King Oedipus" (429-420), perhaps a commentary.

403     2,8/403     (12), 8° LIBRA Trigon.     Venus Heliocosm.     Venus Mars in GEMINIOpp. Alpha Aries 0°
404     Fall of Athens to Sparta with Spartan supremacy (to 371);   government by 30 Tyrants (9/404-5/403).
    Alcibiades assassinated while in exile.
403     The Spartan Pausanias restores democracy to Athens and Attica in September.
    Thucydides, Greece's first political scientist, sociologist and historian dies violently (c.403-01).
399     Death of Socrates, as Saturn moves into SCORPIO (Sun-Venus-Mars in TAURUS Opposite Saturn in May).

384     7/384     6° GEMINI Trigon.     5/384-6/382.     Mars;   Mercury, Venus R in Leo Sirius 5°
384     Aristotle born in Stagira, Macedonia.

344     10/344     19° LIBRA Trigon.     11/346-343.     Mercury Mars in SCORPIO     Opp. Alpha Aries 12°
346     Philip II of Macedon concludes Peace with Athens in March.
345     Demosthenes impeaches Aeschines (to 343);   Aeschines acquitted same year (343).
338     Philip of Macedon conquers Greece;   4th Sacred War over Delphi.
336     Philip assassinated in summer after divorcing Olympias and having child by concubine Cleopatra.
    Alexander elected supreme general of Greeks against Persians (23° Cancer/Capricorn Opp. 8/335).

324     5/324     13° GEMINI Trigon.     9/327-6/323.     Full Moon in SagittariusSirius 1°
Sun Mercury Venus Mars in Taurus
324     Hephaisteion, Alexander's favorite, dies in the Persian capital of Ecbatana with the most famous funeral games in history.
323     Alexander the Great dies in Babylon early in the evening of 6/10, when Saturns leaves GEMINI, where his (and his ancestor Achilles') star Sirius resides (See Welles).
304     1/304     4° Aquarius Trigon.     3/305-2/302.     Venus;   Sun Mercury in Capricorn
305     Alexander's generals, Ptolemy I and Seleucus I, become respectively Pharaoh of Egypt and King of Babylon, founding Eastern and Western Greek Macedonian Empires.

(CYCLE 3)     Sirius in GEMINI

284     8/284     23° LIBRA TRIGON.     10/287-284.     Mercury Venus Mars in Virgo
285     Ptolemy II Philadelphus (285-246) accedes to Seleucid throne.   The Serapaeum Library of Alexandria, "daughter library" to the main museum and library, founded by Ptolemy in the Temple of Serapis.
283     Capture (285) and assassination of Seleucus I by Ptolemy II;   accession of his son Antigonus Gonatus to Seleucid throne.
280     Hellenistic Achaean League established.

265     8/265     26° GEMINI Trigon.     8/267-6/264.     Sun Mercury Venus in LeoSirius 13°
    The 3rd century sees the flourishing of a Hellenistic Golden Age, waning Egyptian influence in Palestine, and increased Hellenistic building in Asia Minor and Egypt.
    Ptolemy II takes the responsibility of translating the Torah into Greek (the Septuagint Bible) with 72 scholars in the newly built lighthouse of Pharos, off Alexandria.   From various sources this occurred from 273-260 (the previous 2 GEMINI Trigons conj. Sirius).
264     1st Punic War between Rome and Carthage (264-261).
245     3/245     15° Aquarius Trigon.     2/246-1/243.     Sun Mars in Aries     Alcyone at Aries/Taurus

248     Persia falls to the Parthian Empire (c.250-248).
247     Ashoka (to 236), Buddhist ruler of Maurya Empire of India.
    Ptolemy III Eugertes (247-3), after invading Syria and Babylon, returns to Egyptian temples all religious statues stolen by Cambyses.
246     Death of Ptolemy II and Antiochus II, with accession of Ptolemy III and Seleucus II, who immediately embark on 3rd Syrian War (246-1) between Ptolemaic and Seleucid Empires.   1st Syrian War (279-6)(22,28° Capricorn/Cancer;   8° Aquarius/Leo Opps. 9,12/176;   7/275);   2nd Syrian War (259-3)(17,25° LIBRA/Aries, 3° SCORPIO/Taurus Opps. 5,10/255, 3/254);   (See 4th below, 196).
    Eratosthenes becomes Librarian at Alexandria.
241     Seleucus II reunifies Seleucid Empire.

225     11/225     3° SCORPIO TRIGON.     10/225-1/222.     Mercury, Sun
223     The Seleucid Antiochus III (223-187) annexed Palestine, but Alexandrian Ptolemy IV Philopater arrived there first, insisting on offering sacrifice in the Temple of Jerusalem.   This was the first abomination.   Kept from the Holy of Holies, he returned to Alexandria to organize pogroms against the Jews there.   Antiochus III returned later and conquered Palestine in 198 BC.
215     8/216;   2,7/215     7, 16, 24° Aquarius/Leo Opposition.
218     Hannibal of Carthage in Spain crosses Alps for 2nd Punic War and defeats Scipio in battle.
215     First Macedonian War (215-105).
    Philip V of Macedonia attacks Rome;   Hannibal defeated in battle at Nole (215;   decisively 202).

196     7,8/196;   5/195     18, 20° Aries/LIBRA;   3° Taurus/SCORPIO
196     Philip V of Macedon surrenders Greece to Rome, while the Romans make their first contact with Palestine in 196 when Antiochus III marchs into Europe to seize Macedonia with Hannibal.   He stalls, and is repelled by the Romans 191 in Greece, and again 190 near Ephesus in the 4th Syrian War.
185     1/185     20° Aquarius Trigon.     2/187-1/184.     Mercury
189     Rome's conquest of Seleucids enables King Artaches to establish an Armenian Kingdom.
186     Senatorial Decree "De Bacchanalibus" to discourage abuses during Bacchanalian use of the Temple of Hades and Persephone at Baiae suggests an Orphic influence of reform.

165     9/165     8° SCORPIO TRIGON.     1/166-163.     Mars
169     Just after the senatorial decree "De Bacchanalibus," Antiochus IV Epiphanes (175-164) sacked the Temple and murdered and tortured many citizens of Jerusalem.   On October 14, 5:40 PM, Neptune, Venus and Mars as evening stars were conjunct at 8° SCORPIO, 20° above the setting Sun at the 1° Gemini Jewish new moon of Sukkoth.
167     Antiochus returned to plunder and murder again.   On 15th Chislev (1 Macc 1.54), December 6, he "erected a desolating sacrilege upon the altar," burnt incense throughout the city and burnt all the sacred books he could lay hands on.   It was a full Moon rising in GEMINI on the horizon, the Sun having set with Mars-Venus in Capricorn as evening stars.   Mercury-Neptune in SCORPIO were square Pluto-MC.
    On 25 Chislev (I Macc 1.59), December 16, the eve of Country Dionysia that year (City Dionysia late January), Antiochus offered burnt sacrifice on the altar and tortured or killed those who would not participate in the debauched rites (2 Macc 6ff).   Mars-Venus in Capricorn were still evening stars about to disappear the next week, a SCORPIO Moon and Neptune, conjuncted Saturn in Libra, while Uranus was at MC when the evening festivities began.   A particularly deranged celebration must have been contemplated for some time, given Venus and Mars' near-conjunction dance as evening stars for almost 4 months, starting in the heat of late August, and arriving at climax with the full Moon on 5-6 December.   Orgiastic rites must have proven irresistible to those so predisposed.   The Romans defiled their own God in this case by calling Him Zeus, "Friend of Strangers," given their treatment of the locals.
164     Judas Maccabaeus retakes Jerusalem in 164, removes the status of Zeus and clears the Temple.
    Exactly 3 years later, on 25 Chislev (1 Macc 4.52), the first Hannukah is celebrated for 8 days to purify the altar, a tradition which continues to this day.   This was a year after 8° SCORPIO Trigon of 165 conjunct Mars and Neptune, both square Venus in Leo and Pluto in Aquarius.   Moon, Uranus and Alpha Aries (Zeus' temple star) were all conjunct, ironically for the Romans.
    Parallel to this was the Revolt of the Maccabees, which took place during the "Abomination of Desolation" defilement of the Temple in 167.   An old priest Mattathias was first to resist, slaying a Syrian who ordered him to celebrate.   He fled with his 5 sons into the hills, but died the next year (166) while his sons kept up the revolt.   Judas Maccabaeus retook Jerusalem in 164, removed the statue of Zeus and cleared the Temple.   While the Temple rededication was being celebrated as the first Hannukah, Antiochus was collecting taxes in the East;   upon hearing of the news, he died on his way back.
    Note that the Venus-Mars conjunctions occurred on all the significant years of this episode (and in all the significant signs): 10/13/169 in 8° SCORPIO;   9/9/167 in 27° LIBRA;   6/27/166 in 4° GEMINI;   and 5/15/164 in 18° TAURUS — a SCORPIO through TAURUS cycle, again...

136     5,11/136;   4/135     2, 0, 18° Taurus/SCORPIO Opposition.
135     The first slave revolt (Sicily) in the Roman Empire.
134     John Hyrcanus I, youngest son of Simon Maccabeus, accedes to the Hasmonean throne.
126     4/126     1° PISCES Trigon.     1/128-12/126.     Venus
128     Hipparchos of Rhodes discovers the precession of the equinoxes, proposed as a foundational concept of the Mithraic Mysteries (See Ulansey).

106     12/106     18° SCORPIO TRIGON.     12/108-105.     Mercury, Moon
106     Heron the mathematician founds the first college of technology in Alexandria.   Close to this year, the Stoic philosopher Posidonius (c.135-50) moves from Tarsus, city of the Perseus hero cult and probable origin of Mithraism, to Rhodes.
    Between 135 and 105 the Book of Jubilees, or calendric festivals, is first written.   The Essene capital of Qumran was founded around 110 under Hyrcanus.   Here the Book of Jubilees was zealously observed and probably written.   Their year (364 days) seems to have had a 5-week intercalary period every 28 years.
    Between 135 and 104 John Hyrcanus reigned over a period which saw increasing divisions among Pharisees, Sadducees and Essenes.   Under the Maccabean Kingdom (from the 165 Trigon), the Jews enjoyed relative autonomy and a flourishing of culture.   This began in earnest with the building projects under Hyrcanus.   However, in 63 BC, the Pharisees ceded political rule of Palestine to Rome under Pompey.

86     8/86     24° Cancer Trigon.     7/88-6/85.     VenusAlpha Ursa Major
88     Mithridates IV Eupator, King of Pontos, conquers most of Asia Minor by this year.   The Three Mithridatic Wars between Rome and his Cilician pirates take place during this Trigon and the next.
77     7,9/77;   5/76     2, 6, 17° Taurus/SCORPIO Opposition.
Uranus & Pluto in Taurus;   Neptune in GEMINI
78     Caesar returns from campaign in Cilicia upon death of Sulla, leaving rule to Pompey, whom he helps drive Lepidus out of Italy (77).   Pompey spends the next 6 years conquering Spain, returning in 71 to meet the remnants of Spartacus' army, which fugitives he destroys.
    Spartacus, a Thracian, escapes with the slaves of his training school in Capua (73) to hide out in Vesuvius' crater, defeating several Roman legions in the Revolt of the Gladiators.   He was slain in battle but 6000 men are crucified along the Appian Way from Rome to Capua (71) in this 2nd slave revolt.
77     Lepidus offers to support Caesar, who declines.   Caesar's early period of orations.   He decides to leave town with the loss of a suit against an ex-consul for extortion.
76     On his way to Rhodes to study rhetoric, Caesar is captured by Cilician pirates and ransomed.   He swears to crucify them and does so when he is released (Suetonius says this was only due to an oath he swore, not being vindictive by nature).   He arrives at Rhodes, and in support of Rome's allies he raises a force to to drive Mithridates' deputy from the province.
    John Hyrcanus II becomes high priest of Judaea (76-40).
67     2/67     8° PISCES Trigon.     3/67-2/64.     Sun, Venus
67     Plutarch mentions that Mithraism enters Roman life when Pompey is sent to subdue the Cilician pirates (1000 ships and 400 captured towns).
66     Pompey conquers the Cilician pirates and ends the Mithridatic Wars.

46     10/46     23° SCORPIO TRIGON.     11/49-46.     Sun, Mercury, Venus in LIBRA
49     The Senate demands Caesar give up his command of Gaul;   Caesar crosses the Rubicon with his famous laconic statement, "The die is cast," to begin the Civil War.
48     Caesar defeats Pompey at Pharsalia.
47     Cleopatra orders Pompey's assassination;   Caesar produces "On the Civil War" and makes Cleopatra his mistress.   The Library of Ptolemy I in Alexandria is destroyed by fire.   Antipater II, father of Herod, is appointed Procurator of Judaea, Samaria and Galilee, but is assassinated in 43 BC.   In this year (47) Herod becomes governor of Galilee.
46     The Julian Calendar is adopted throughout the Roman Empire, adjusting the solar calendar by adding 2 months to this year, one of Caesar's best.
45     Athenodorus (74-1 BC), Stoic and Mithraic philosopher from Tarsus, meets Octavian (Augustus), returns with him and Agrippa to Rome (44) upon the assassination of Caesar, and becomes Octavian's tutor.

38     11/38;   9/37;   3/36     24° Leo/Aquarius;   10, 19° Virgo/PISCES Oppositions.
37     Closing up of the Orphic Temple of Hades and Persephone by Marcus V. Agrippa, Octavian's closest friend and ally (see Paget).
36     Fleet of Octavian defeats Pompey, whom he accuses of allowing piracy to continue.

26     6/26     3° Leo Trigon.     8/27-24.     VenusRegulus 1°
27     Octavian is given the title Augustus Caesar.   His friend Marcus Agrippa builds the Pantheon.

7 BC     5,9,12/7 BC     20, 17, 16° PISCES Trigon.     3/8-1/5.     Alpha Andromeda 1°
6     In March, Christ is born a Pisces (conceived the summer before the Trigon of September, 7 BC), while shepherds watched their flocks the next spring, against winter-hungry predators.

BC/AD ——————————

5 AD     2,8/5 AD;   1/6 AD     7, 17, 25° Aquarius/Leo Opposition.     Regulus 2°
5     Cymbeline, King of Catuvellauni, acknowledged King of Britain by Rome.
    Ovid composes his "Metamorphoses," compiling the ancient myths.
6     Judaea becomes a province of Rome.

14 AD     12/14     4° SAGITTARIUS TRIGON.     10/14-11/17.     Sun Mercury Venus in Capricorn
14     Death of Augustus Caesar at Nola, Giordano Bruno's town in the foothills of Vesuvius.   Tiberius becomes Emperor of Rome.

34     10/34     16° Leo Trigon.     8/33-7/36.     Mercury Venus Mars all Rx
33     Jesus Christ's Crucifixion and Resurrection at Passover lunar eclipse in April.
34     Paul's conversion on the road to Damascus.   His first visit to Jerusalem.

54     3/54     28° PISCES Trigon.     2/52-4/54.     Sun, Venus
53     Marriage of Claudia (Gladys, daughter of Caradoc, adopted by Claudius), British Silurian princess, with Rufus Pudentinus, a young senator with estates in Samnium.   They were the first to offer their homes to Paul and Peter, removing them and their followers to the country villa when times became unpleasant in the City.   This forms part of the argument for first foundation of the Church in Britain rather than Rome (See Morgan).
54     Claudius is murdered by Agrippina.   Nero becomes Emperor.
56     Paul arrives in Rome during the second year of Nero, according to Jerome.

64     6/64;   2,11/65     12, 24° Aquarius/Leo;   9° PISCES/Virgo Oppositions.
63     Nero makes Tiridates King of Armenia;   Tiridates' magus initiates Nero into Mithraism and Nero is then considered by these two an emanation of Mithra.
64     On 7/18/64 Rome burns, so Nero can rebuild to his taste.   Nero persecutes the Christians as scapegoats.
65     Seneca, Nero's tutor, commits suicide under Nero's orders, but more probably in despair.
66     Petronius Arbiter is pursued by Nero to Cumae (where the Cumaean Sibyl resided) near Baiae, where he prefers to slowly commit suicide over a dinner party with friends, thrown by himself, rather than await Nero's peculiar preferences (Tacitus, Annals 16.17-20).
    In the spring, Apollonius of Tyana travels from Greece to Crete, and then to Rome, where he spends time introducing reforms to the temples with Pontifex Maximus Telesinus.   In October, Nero banishes both from Rome, after subjecting them to the interrogations of his favorite, Tigellinus.
    From 66 to 70 the Jews revolt at misrule by Roman procurators in Palestine.
    Josephus argues against Jewish rebellion;   is captured by Vespasian (67), his life spared by predicting Vespasian's accession;   he is imprisoned until his prophecy is realized (69), then released.

74     10/74     9° SAGITTARIUS TRIGON.     2/73-1/76.     square Mars
70     Jerusalem is destroyed by Titus.
73     On April 11-12 (the Encyclopaedia Britannica is mistaken, giving the 15th without calendric adjustments), the Zealots in the fortress of Masada commit mass suicide rather than surrender to Rome.
75     Josephus, Hellenist Jewish historian, writes "The Jewish War" (75-79) under imperial patronage.
79     In 8/24/79 Vesuvius erupts and buries Pompeii and Herculaneum.

94     8/94     25° Leo Trigon.     7/92-6/95.     Sun Venus
93     The trial of Apollonius of Tyana at Rome by the tyrant Domitian.   Tyana disappears at the bar.
94     Josephus completes "Jewish Antiquities" (93-94).

134     1/134     21° SAGITTARIUS TRIGON.     1/132-135.     Venus
131     Hadrian is in Jerusalem, promoting the worship of Zeus (to 132).
132     Tineius Rufus is governor of Judaea during revolt of Simeon Bar Kokhba ("Son of a Star" — see Venus conj. Trigon).
134     Hadrian returns in person to the battlefield with the governor of Britain to put down the revolt.
135     With the fall of Bethar comes the final Diaspora of the Jews.

193     11/193     26° SAGITTARIUS TRIGON.     12/190-193.     Mars, Sun, Venus in SCORPIO
193     Beginning of Praetorian (Guard) Rule of Rome with Septimius Severus.   His wife, Julia Domna, commissions an account of the Life of Apollonius of Tyana, a reincarnation of the 6th Ray Master.
213     10/213     15° Virgo Trigon.     9/212-8/215.     Sun Mercury in Libra
212     After Severus' death, Julia watches her two sons compete for the throne, Caracalla finally killing Geta in her presence.
214     Mani, founder of Manichaeism, born near Baghdad.

253     2/253     7° Capricorn Trigon.     12/252-11/255.     Sun Mercury in Aquarius
[transition of Trigon from Fire-Sagittarius to Earth-Capricorn]
254     Origen (185-254) is arrested and tortured by Emperor Decius (250-54), and dies after release.

292     6/292     12° Taurus Trigon.     7/291-4/294.     VenusAlpha Perseus 2°, Alcyone 5°
292     Diocletion comes to power (284) on the 7,2,5° Capricorn/Cancer Opp. 282-3.
302     6,6/302;   3/303     12, 3, 27° Virgo/PISCES Opposition.
300     St. Gregory the Illuminator of Echmiadzin Cathedral, converts Armenia to Christianity.
301     King Tirdat of Armenia proclaims Christianity the national religion.
303     Diocletian begins the Great Persecution of Christians on 2/23.   Christians are forced to recant or die (303-305).

312     12/312     13° Capricorn Trigon.     3/311-10/314.     Venus Mercury both Rx
310     Constantine executes Maximian, beginning his rise to power.
312     Constantine defeats Maxentius at Battle of Saxa Rubra (10/27).
313     On 6/13 Constantine and Licinius Augustus proclaim the Edict of Milan, granting freedom of worship to Christianity.   They then go to war with each other (314).

352     5/352     20° Taurus Trigon.     6/350-4/353.     Sun VenusAlcyone 12°
353     Constantius restores sole rule to Rome.
354     St. Augustine (11/13/354-430) discovers Cicero and philosophy (375)(23° Capricorn Trigon 3/372, Sun-Mercury in PISCES, Moon-Mars Retrograde in Virgo);   ordained (391)(11° Libra Trigon 10/392, Sun-Mercury in Libra, Beta Crux 0° orb).

411     8/411     3° GEMINI Trigon.     7/411-5/414.     Sun Mars;   Mercury Rx in VirgoPolaris 3°
408     Emperor Theodosius II (408-450).
410     Rome sacked by Alaric and the Visigoths;   Roman legions leave Britain.
    The Sack of Rome led indirectly to St. Augustine writing his "City of God."
    Proclus (c.410-485) is born, Neoplatonic philosopher who synthesizes the Platonic Theology just before the School of Athens is closed.   His writings exceeded the total of Plato and Plotinus combined;   most are lost.
412     British monk Pelagius initiates Pelagian Controversy, denying original sin and salvation only through the external church.
452     1/452     22° Libra Trigon.     9/450-453.     Sun;   Venus Rx Mars in Aquarius
451     Council of Chalcedon asserts Roman papal primacy in Italian church.
    Vardan Manikonian, martyr with his comrades for freedom of Armenian Church in Battle of Avarair with Persia.
452     Pope Leo I the Great (440-61) persuades Attila the Hun to desist invading Italy.

471     6/471     12° GEMINI Trigon.     6/470-4/473.     Polaris 5°
471     Accession of Theodoric the Great, King of the Ostrogoths, ends the Roman Empire (476).
484     Rome and Constantinople in a state of schism (484-519).

(CYCLE 4)     Sirius in GEMINI

506     Council of Dvin, Armenia rejects Chalcedon and Armenian Church remains Monophysite.

511     10/511     28° Libra TRIGON.     12/508-7/512.     Sun Venus
511     Death of Clovis and partition of the Empire of the Franks between his 4 sons.

531     5/531     20° GEMINI Trigon.     6/529-3/532.     Sun Venus Mars in TaurusSirius 3°
529     Justinian closes the Academy of Plato in Athens, and its head Damascius (student of Proclus) with his students flee to Persia until they are allowed back under stipulation not to teach philosophy.   At this time, they still possess and circulate all the writings of Proclus.
    Codification and recodification of laws of Byzantine bureaucracy, with subsequent enforcement and reenforcement, by Justinian.
    Traditional date for St. Benedict's relocation at Montecassino, and period of composition of his monastic Rule, dividing the day into prayer and meditation, worship, and work in field or cloister.
530     Benedict's Rule first incorporated into one of Justinian's Laws (11/17/530).
531     Nika Revolt of Constantinople razes the city (532);   St. Sophia built on the ashes.
540     7/540;   4/541;   2/542     15, 28° Aries/Libra;   12° Taurus/SCORPIO Oppositions.
542     Plague of Justinian (probably for violating guest-friendship by closing the School of Athens).   The first major recorded outbreak of bubonic plague;   in 4 months it takes over a million lives in Constantinople and spreads throughout the known world.
551     1/551     14° Aquarius Trigon.     3/549-2/552.
    Babylonian Talmud compiled (550-500), largely based upon the Palestinian or Jerusalem Talmud compiled by Rabbi Johanan in Tiberias yeshiva (with those at Caesarea and Sepporis) (See Hirschfeld).

571     3/571     3° SCORPIO TRIGON.     10/570-573.
    This particular Trigon is called by the 8th century Jewish astrologer, Masha'allah, the Trigon conjunction of the religion Islam itself (see Kennedy).
572     According to Al-Biruni and Masha'allah (f230r,2;   f231r,15) Muhammad is born (Aquarius Sun, Cancer Ascendant) the second year of the Trigon, the year of the Elephant — 7 February 572, at 7 PM in Mecca (Kennedy, p. 127).
573     His father-in-law, Abu Bekr, 1st Caliph of Islam, is born.

620     2,4/620;   1/621     24, 28° SAGITTARIUS/GEMINI;   12° Capricorn/Cancer Oppositions.
622     Muhammad migrates from Medina to Mecca (the Hejira) in 622.   Skirmishes start in 3/624.

630     11/630     13° SCORPIO TRIGON.     10/629-632.     Sun, Mercury Rx Beta Ursa Minor, Alpha2 Libra
628     The Persian-Byzantine wars end in 628 with Byzantium victorious but weak.
629     Dagobert I succeeds the Merovingian throne of France, dies 1/19/639 at St. Denis, France.
630     In January a murder provides the excuse for the war that wins Mecca for Islam.
632     Muhammad dies 6/8/632 from illness;   Abu Bakr succeeds him as 1st Caliph.
633     First war of Arab conquest begins with Battle of Aqraba (Place of the Scorpion).
639     8/639;   3,7/640     17, 26° Leo/Aquarius;   3° Virgo/PISCES Oppositions.
640     The Byzantine forces in Egypt are conquered in July 640, Cairo falling in 641.   According to a recent anti-Arab propagandist book, around December 640 `Umar I offhandedly ordered the Library of Alexandria burnt, its books used as fuel.   However, this seems to be a 13th century rumor of a late aftermath, since Alexandria remained in Byzantine hands for two more years and the Serapaeum library had been destroyed through internal dissension, around 272 AD (23° Virgo Trigon, Sun, Mercury, 273 AD) during the civil war under Aurelian (270-275);   the Serapaeum Library was destroyed by Christians in 391 AD under the sign of the Cross (Beta Crux) 350 years before (11° Libra Trigon, Mercury, Beta Crux 0°, Epsilon Ursa Major 2°, 392 AD).   Neither of these episodes are mentioned in the book under question (_________).
661     1/661     25° Taurus/SCORPIO Opposition. Saturn conj. Antares 4°
661     In January, Muhammad's cousin Ali, the 4th Caliph, is assassinated with a poisoned sword.   He was the first chronological arranger of the Quranic suras.

680     2,6,12/680     11, 19, 29° Capricorn/Cancer Opposition.
679     Murder of (Saint) Dagobert II (12/23) leads to unification of Frankish lands under Theodoric III.
680     Under this opposition, Ali's son Husayn is martyred with his assassination, October 10th (Sun-Mars-Mercury conjunct in Libra square Neptune-Jupiter conjunct in Capricorn), at the Battle of Karbala by Yazid, whose legitimacy he refused to recognize in April of that year (Aries 3/17-4/17).   This is the origin of Shi`ite Islam (Shi`atu `Ali, Party of `Ali), and the animosity between generally non-tribal convert Iraqis (Shi`a) and tribal Arabs (the wealthy Umayyad family of Medina) begins.
    Echoes into the 20th Century
    Did the latest Gulf War (1990-?) actually start with the TAURUS/SCORPIO Jupiter-Saturn opposition of 661 AD? This serves as explanation only in the sense that Karma marches on forever until the person, group, or Humanity takes responsibility for breaking our crisis-addicted thought generation and our conflict-addicted reactionary behavior and assumes a higher, more evolved ability to respond and cooperate intelligently with what is perceived as the rational, nonrational and irrational in life.   The duality/conflict/self-discovery interpretation of oppositions certainly is borne out through all the SCORPIO Trigons we are examining, and this series with Antares, the Heart of the Scorpion (Qalb al `Aqrab) poised overhead is quite suggestive.   Ironically, it marks one of the fortunate stations in Arabic astrological practice.
    The world should have been warned of the Gulf War when Saddam started the Iraq-Iran War on 9/21/1980.   Sun-Saturn-Jupiter conjuncted in Virgo just before a Libra Triple Trigon (1981).   Chiron, Venus, Mars, Moon and Nodes formed a Fixed Cross in 15-17° from Taurus to Aquarius respectively;   Uranus-Mars conj. in SCORPIO by 7°.
    When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait at 5:13 am on August 2, 1990, Mars at 13° Taurus was near the 3° Taurus MC and opposite Pluto at 14° SCORPIO, forming a cross with the Sun at 9° Leo, 3 min. from the Ascendant and opposite the North Node at 7° Aquarius.   This IS a Jupiter-Saturn Opposition Period, and Neptune retrograde at 12° Capricorn with Saturn retrograde at 20° Capricorn is opposite Jupiter at 26° Cancer (see 680 AD Jupiter-Saturn Opposition).
    When Bush certified to House Speaker Foley at 6:35 pm on 1/16 that all remedies had been exhausted, Jupiter at 10° Leo was on the Ascendant at 14° Leo (14° the Pointer associated with self will [EA 196-7]) opposite the Moon at 7°, and Venus at 14° Aquarius exactly, setting.   Rather apt.   Bush's Venus-Pluto square Moon-Saturn in Cardinal were under siege by Capricorn at the moment.   Poor Moon-Venus.
    At January 15th High Noon in Kuwait City, 3° TAURUS was rising, close to Saddam's Sun-Uranus at 7° to 9° TAURUS (nice horary election chart).   And with the first air attack at 2:32 am (announced at 2:45 am) on January 17th, Pluto was at 20° SCORPIO conjunct the Ascendant at 22°, still opposite Mars conjunct the setting Pleiades at 29° TAURUS.
    The assassination during the 661 AD TAURUS/SCORPIO Opposition was at 25° SCORPIO, and Pluto was in Leo.   That year's triple conjunctions of Venus and Mars started at 7° TAURUS in March as evening stars conjunct the Pleiades by 5 degrees.   What a curious world we live in.   What an echo!

690     9/690     18° SCORPIO TRIGON.     2/688-10/691.     Antares 4°
691     The Dome of the Rock is established in Jerusalem.   In October 1990 we had the Massacre at Temple Mount, Pluto at 16° Scorpio — watch the 17° fireworks this summer — Pluto square Mars-Venus in Leo around 6/24 and Pluto square Jupiter-Mercury-Moon in Leo on 7/13-14.   [6/23 "The Army Bans Reports of Disguised Units [posing as Palestinians]" NYT 6/24/91;   7/15 UN Report on Humanitarian Needs in Iraq;   7/18 "Police Criticized in Israel Shootings, Judge Reports on Temple Mount Riot, BG 7/19/91]
690     The Umayyad Caliph `Abd al-Malik begins a successful 3-year campaign against "rebels" and non-tribal Arab converts in Iraq, driving many into Iran.   This 2nd civil war helped start Iraqi-Iranian-Arab animosities.
709     9/709;   2,4/710     22, 19, 18° Cancer Triple Trigon.     6/708-7/710.
710     In 710, with the completion of the Arab conquest of North Africa, the Moors launched their first invasion into Spain, and continued through the PISCES Trigon (4/729) to the Pyrenees, at which point they were held back by Charles Martel (732) at the Battle of Poitiers.
711     Dagobert III accedes to the Merovingian throne for 5 years, dominated by Pepin II, mayor of the palace and father of Charles Martel.
719     5,11/719;   4/720     12, 20, 27° Taurus/SCORPIO Opposition.
719     These oppositions marked the reign of the pious `Umar II (717-720), the only Umayyad granted the title of Caliph by later historians.   After the 2nd civil war, started in 690, it was `Umar II who initiated major fiscal and land reforms which took effect at a deadline in 719.   This eased tensions between wealthy landowning Arab warrior aristocrat tribalists, and the much poorer non-tribal converts to Islam, or Mawali, along with the Shi`a, until 747.
717     Rabi'a (717-801), famous Sufi saint and poetess of Basrah, sold into slavery but released when observed in mystical radiance while praying.

749     AD     28° SCORPIO TRIGON.     1/747-9/750.     Mercury, VenusAntares 6°
750     With the 3rd Islamic civil war, the Abbasid Caliphate was inaugurated with the fall of the Umayyads.
751     Pepin the Short, a Roman Papist, founds the Carolingian Dynasty in November after subtly handling assassinations of the non-Papist Merovingian line, which some say preserved a direct bloodline from Jesus and Magdalen (See Baigent).   The Merovingians were said to "rule, not govern." Interesting to see a Colonel Pepin fielding questions from the press during the Gulf War in 1991.
    After 6 years of tribal strife and a revival of Shi`a and other "rebel" parties, the then extremist Shi`a Hashimites, centered around Basrah, initiated a coup in alliance with the followers of the moderate Abbas, descendant of the Prophet, who inherited their logistics network.
754     The 2nd Abbasid Caliph established the capital at Ctesiphon, or Baghdad on the Tigris.
789     2/789     16° PISCES Trigon.     4/787-3/790.     MercuryAlpha Pegasus 7°
787     Albumazar (8/10/787 - 3/886) writes "The Great Introduction to the Science of Astrology" and "On the Great Conjunctions," both in 8 books.   His "Book of Revolutions of the World-Years" posited the creation of the world with all (7) planets conjunct in Aries — its end with a similar conjunction in PISCES.

809     10/809     3° SAGITTARIUS TRIGON.     12/808-811.
809     Harun al`Rashid dies;   civil war breaks out between his two sons, ruling Iran and Iraq, respectively.
    Saracens occupy Corsica and Sardinia and pillage Italy from the islands until 916;   Harun al`Rashid sends an embassy to Charlemagne.
848     5/848     28° PISCES Trigon.     4/846-2/849.
851     Johannes Scotus Erigena (810-77) translates Greek Fathers for western scholars.   His "On Predestination" (851) is condemned by church theologians;   his "On the Division of Nature" reconciling Neoplatonism and Christianity (862-6)(2° Virgo/PISCES Opp. 1/860) condemned for pantheism.

868     12/868     13° SAGITTARIUS TRIGON.     11/867-870.
869     This coincides with the Zanj Revolt of black slaves in southern Iraq, which included two attacks on Basrah, briefly conquering it on the third attempt.
    Danes overrun most of Anglo-Saxon Britain, until Alfred the Great emerges as King (871-899).
908     3/908     4° Aries Trigon.     5/907-3/910.
908     Al-Hallaj (858-922), after 15 years of a teaching journey, returns to Baghdad where he begins a program of political and moral reform.   For this he is suspected of helping inflame the Zanj black slave rebellion in southern Iraq.   When he declares "Ana al-haqq" ("I am the Path [Truth]") in an interrupted mystical transport, that is all it takes for authorities to brutally execute him with hideous tortures (3/26/922), during which he remains lucid and calm.   Sun conj. Alpha Aries 5°, Mercury-Mars-Uranus in PISCES.
910     Imam Junayd (d. 910) practices and teaches Sufism "behind 7 locked doors," and as head judge of Baghdad signed the warrant for Al-Hallaj's execution, adding that "under law he is guilty;   by inner truth, Allah knows."

928     10/928     18° SAGITTARIUS TRIGON.     11/926-929.
928     King Abas of Armenia (928-953) presides over building of Byzantine-style cathedrals.
    Sa'adia ben Joseph (882 Egypt - 942 Babylon), philosopher and polemicist who helps coordinate Diaspora Jews in the Middle East during this period, defends in Babylon the traditional Rabbanic calendar, with his "Book of Discernment."
929     `Abd ar-Rahman III declares himself Caliph over Spain, severing ties with the East, and allowing a distinctly cosmopolitan Moorish culture of Muslims, Jews and Christians to flourish.   It was these Moorish cities and universities which established Scholasticism with the revival of classical studies;   large translation projects being undertaken in many languages, e.g., Arabic, Hebrew, Latin, Greek, Catalan and Ladino.
967     6,10/967;   1/968     17, 14, 12° ARIES TRIPLE TRIGON. Alpha Aries 1°
963     St. Athanasius the Athonite first organizes hermits of Mt. Athos in Great Laura Monastery.

[971]         [Sirius enters CANCER]
    The Seljuk Turks march into the Arab lands from the East.

978     3,9/978;   1/979     2, 12, 19° Virgo/PISCES Opposition.
977     King Ashot the Merciful of Armenia (928-77) and his Queen found monasteries and churches, followed by Sembat II (977-90) who reigns over Armenian Renaissance.

988     10/988     29° SAGITTARIUS TRIGON.     1/985-10/988.     VenusGamma Draconis
987     In July, Hugh Capet accedes to throne of France, displacing the Carolingian line.
988     Vladimir of Kiev introduces Greek Orthodox Christianity from Constantinople.
    Vikings begin inland raids on the Britain with Devon and Somerset.
1087     2/1087     3° Taurus Trigon.     5/1086-3/1089.
1087     The Christians recapture Toledo, the first great center for transmission of Islamic culture to the West.   Classical translation projects, undertaken by Spanish, Italian, Jewish, German and British scholars, continued under Alphonso the Wise of Castile and Leon (1252-1284).

1146     6/1146     17° Taurus Trigon.     4/1145-2/1148.     Venus;   Mercury Rx Mars in GEMINIAlcyone 1°
1144     Chartres towers and Rose Window installed (1144-50).
1146     St. Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153), defender of Mariolatry (his mother died at 16° Capricorn Trigon 1107) and Knights Templar;   appointed to found monastery at Clairvaux (1115)(Libra/SCORPIO Opps. 1116-7);   coerced by Pope and French king to promote 2nd Crusade (1147-9);   greatest work (1130-45).
1148     Cordoba conquered.
1166     12/1166     21° Capricorn Trigon.     3/1164-11/1167.
1164     Thomas ΰ Becket (c.1118 - 12/29/1170) forced by Henry II into exile (10/1164) for resisting his will to dominate English Church.   Becket's appointment to luxurious Canterbury on the prior Opposition (1154).
1166     Maimonides (3/30/1135 - 1204) begins "Commentary on the Mishnah" (1158-68) (23° PISCES/Virgo;   6,20° Aries/Libra Opps. 7,3,12/1156-7) as his family flees Cordoba for Fez (1159);   when his teacher Rabbi Shoshan was executed as a practicing Jew, his family moves to the Cairo area where he becomes physician to Saladin and his son.   There he starts "Mishnah Torah" (1166-76) in Hebrew;   his famous "Guide to the Perplexed" (1176-91) (SCORPIO/Taurus Opp. 12,3,11/1175-6) written in Arabic, was later burned in Montpellier as heretical (1233) (SCORPIO/Taurus Opp. 12,5,11;1235-6).

(CYCLE 5)     Sirius in Cancer

    The Eleventh through Twelfth Centuries Interim.
    Pluto in Taurus, 1118-1152;   in Gemini, 1150-1179
    During these centuries (outside the purview of the SCORPIO Trigon) mystical and philosophical Islam flourish.   From 1008 to 1206 the Trigon is in EARTH (excepting 1027 in Aries and 1186 in Libra).   The 17° Taurus Trigon 1146 was conjunct Alcyone by 1°, the 25° Taurus Trigon 1206 by 6°.

    Abu Ishak Chisti (d. 966)   establishes at some time in the 10th century the Chisti Order of Sufis, which was to spread primarily throughout Southeast Asia.
    Omar Khayyam (5/18/1048 – 12/4/1122),   Persian astronomer, mathematician and poet represents the Islamic Renaissance man, fluent as well in languages, jurisprudence, philosophy, medicine, history and geometry.
    El Ghazali (1058 – 12/18/1111),   a prolific writer in philosophy, theology and jurisprudence, became a Sufi in November of 1096 (28° PISCES/Virgo – 6° Aries/Libra Opp. 9,2/1097-98), and goes on to make Sufism acceptable to Islam at large.   In the "Niche of Lights" he attempts to reconcile the spectrum of cognition with direct mystical experience.   He justified his retirement to monastic life with an autobiography, "The Deliverer from Error." He believed that theology was inferior to direct mystical experience.   Earlier, he wrote tracts contra the fanatic muslim Isma'iliyah Sect of Assassins.
    Hakim Sanai (d. c.1131),   Ghaznavi mystical poet, composes "The Garden of Truth and the Law of the Path."
    'Abd al Qadir al Jilani (1078 – 1166)   establishes the Qadiriyah School of Sufism.
    Attar of Nishapur (c.1142 – c.1220),   renowned poet who composes "The Conference of the Birds [Sufis]," describing their quest for God in the form of the Phoenix King, in Whose Countenance they ultimately discover the mirror-like Wisdom.   His "Biographies of the [early Sufi] Saints" is an invaluable source book.
    Ziah ud`Din Jahib Suhrawardi (c.1155 – 1191),   founder of the Ishraqiyah Sufi Order and favored by Saladin's son, is murdered for espousing a Sufic pantheism in his Illuminationist school of Islamic thought.   His "Wisdom of Illumination" describes the stages of the mystical Path in terms of light and darkness.
    ash`Shadhili (c.1196 – 1258)   visits Tunisia (1218-9) and is exiled to Egypt where he founds the Shadhiliyah Order in Alexandria, suborders in Morocco and Tunisia.
    Ahmad ar`Rifa'i (d. 1187)   founds Rifa'i Order in Basrah, practicing extreme self-mortification;   outlawed in 1925 (26° Virgo Trigon 1921).

    The greater number of these Sufi saints chose to die in November and more often in December;   see Rumi (Sagittarius), Hakim Jami (Scorpio), Sa`di of Shiraz (Sco), Ibn El-Arabi (Sco/Sag), besides Khayyam (Sag) and El Ghazali (Sag) above.   Since belief in reincarnation is strictly proscribed, even in orthodox Sufism, the art of fixing the date of death might have been considered of major spiritual import.

    The Thirteenth Century Trigons.

1186     11/1186     12° Libra Trigon.     10/1185-1188.     Sun Mercury Mars in SCORPIOEpsilon Ursa Major
1186     Saladin spent 10 years conquering Syria and surrounding Jerusalem by 1186.
1187     Saladin takes Kingdom of Jerusalem with Crusaders' major defeat at Horns of Hattin (7/3-4/1187).
    Under Leo II and Saint Nersess, Little Armenia in Cilicia has its cultural Silver Age.
1195     7,12/1195;   6/1196     12, 10, 28° Cancer/Capricorn Opposition.
1194     Chartres Cathedral fire.
1206     4/1206     25° Taurus TRIGON.     4/1204-5/1206.     Alcyone 6°
1202     4th Crusade of Roman Catholic Christians versus Greek Orthodox Christians of Constantinople.
1204     Crusaders establish Latin Empire in Constantinople after sacking the city during 4th Crusade.
1206     Temujin proclaimed Genghis Khan.
    Ibn Arabi (1165–1240) as a youth in Andalusia studies with 2 Sufi women saints;   arrested and denounced in Cairo (1206) he flees to Mecca, Konya and then Damascus.   His works banned during his lifetime.
1208     Albigensian Crusade instigated by Innocent III to steal the supposed accumulated wealth of the Cathars (to 1213).
1209     St. Francis issues the first rules of his Franciscan Order.
1216     4,10/1216;   3/1217     6, 15, 23° Aries/Libra Opposition.
1215     Magna Charta framed and signed, solidifying Britain's common law and "living Constitution" traditions.
1226     3/1226     2° Aquarius Trigon.     1/1226-1229.     Venus
1225     Magna Carta signed in its third and final form.
1226     Death of St. Francis;   Genghis Khan (1227).
1228     Frederick II recaptures Jerusalem (after Saladin's conquest in 1187)
    Teutonic Knights begin their conquests in Prussia.
    Jalal ud`Din Rumi (9/30/1207 – 12/17/1273) moves to Konya (1228), and succeeds his father's preaching vocation (1231).
1229     Ibn al`Arabi (7/28/1165 – 11/16/1240) composes "The Bezels of Wisdom," which gives Islamic mysticism a considerable philosophic voice.   It represented the distillation of an earlier encyclopaedic work in 560 volumes on Islamic esoteric, etc., traditions and writings.

1235     12/1235     26° SCORPIO/Taurus Opposition. Antares 3°, Algol 10°
5,11/1236     6, 16° SAGITTARIUS/Gemini Opposition.
1236     Cordoba reconquered from Moors by Ferdinand III of Castile.
    The Knights Hospitaller and Templar threatened with excommunication for attempting to form a secular alliance with the extremist Ismaili subsect of the Assassins.

1246     9/1246     19° Libra Trigon.     10/1244-9/1247. Spica 1°, Zeta Ursa Major 1°
Pluto in SCORPIO, 1245-1257
1242     Alexander Nevski defeats Teutonic Knights (April 5) after defeating the Swedes at Neva in 1240.
    Friar Roger Bacon cites specific formulae for manufacture of gunpowder, and describes spectacles, two-lensed telescopes and microscopes in his prolific writings.
1244     Montsegur surrenders at the end of the last Albigensian Crusade.
1244     The greatest turning point in Rumi's life (November 30), when he meets the Sufi saint Shams ad`Din Tabrizi.   Rumi's wealthy family is implicated in Shams ud`Din's murder three years later.
1245     St. Thomas Aquinas (1224-74) studies Arab-Aristotelian literature with Albertus Magnus at University of Paris (1245);   returning to Paris from Roman Curia (1268) he argues relation of faith to reason.
    This Trigon sees a dramatic struggle between the Holy Roman Empire and the Papacy.   When the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II (Sun-Saturn in Capricorn opp. Pluto), son of Barbarossa, begins gathering armies and maneuvering to take over Rome itself, Pope Gregory IX excommunicates him in 3/20/1239;   when his troops occupy Rome and he is about to enter, the 95 year old Pope drives a procession of all the most sacred relics through the city (2/22/1240) and rallies the Romans, dying himself in August of the next year after summoning a general council of the Church on Easter Sunday, most of his legates being captured on their way to Rome by Frederick.   On 6/28/1245, Pope Innocent IV convenes a Council at Lyons which declares Frederick II deposed and excommunicated.   Frederick dies in 1250.
1246     Roger Bacon inaugurates an intense period of experimental research (1246-47), with the construction of instrumentation, compilation of tables, and amassing a library of "secret books" of which the Voynich Manuscript may be one, passed on to Rudolf II of Bohemia by John Dee in the 16th century (See Brumbaugh).
1256     2,6/1256     8, 13° Leo/Aquarius Opposition.     Pluto in SAGITTARIUS, 1257-1270
1257     Sa`di of Shiraz (c.1213 - 11/9/1291) writes his Bustan, "The Orchard" (1257);
1258     and the Gulistan, "The Rose Garden" (1258), just before the fall of Baghdad to the Mongols (1258). Both works contrast the life of the world with that of Sufi spiritual disciplines through aphorisms and anecdotal treatment of the standard religious virtues.

1265     7/1265     9° Gemini Trigon.     5/1265-6/1267.     Venus-Uranus north nodes conjunct
1261     Greek Orthodox forces retake Constantinople under Michael VIII Palaeologus.
1267     Roger Bacon's "Opus Tertium."
1268     Roger Bacon's "General Principles of Mathematical Science and Compendium of Philosophy."
1275     6,7,8/1275     7, 9, 4° Aries/Libra Opposition.
1273     Riots at Oxford during which Roger Bacon sets off gunpowder to simulate the opening of the threshold of hell.   It was a quote of Bacon's on the spherical Earth that encouraged Columbus to voyage.
1274     Ramon Lull, a prolific writer in Christian Cabala, has his vision on Mt. Randa regarding the essential nature of the Elements, which is to inspire the rest of his work, including the "Book of the Gentile and the Three Wise Men," attempting to unify classical planetary deity worshop with Islam, Judaeism and Christianity.   A year or two later (1275-6) he publishes his "Book of the Order of Chivalry" which spread across the continent in many languages, including an English translation by Caxton which influenced Edmund Spenser.
    On May 1, Dante meets Beatrice Portinari, the inspiration of his "Divina Commedia," in Florence.   The Sun is conjunct Alcyone by 3° orb and Mars, T-square Neptune Rx in Leo on the ascendant and Moon-Jupiter in Aquarius on the descendant, Venus-Mercury exactly conjunct in Aries (5 min. orb at noon).
1275     In 1275 the Zohar of Moses de Leon (d. 1305) is written in Castile, although circulated after 1280 and published in 1286 (8° Aquarius Trigon).   The Cabala from which it derived, according to Gershom Scholem (who published his major work in 1941 [Triple Taurus Trigon]), preceded it by about 100 years.
1277     Between 1277-79, Roger Bacon is arrested and imprisoned (to c. 1292) by King Edward and his fellow Franciscans, due to his "irascible" personality, attacking the status quo.
1286     1/1286     8° Aquarius Trigon.     1/1285-1288.     Venus
1285     In this year Lull finishes his "[Pope] Blanquerna," in which he advises "Masters of the Temple and Hospital" to train their knights in truth and wisdom so they might conquer by learning rather than by arms.

1295     1,3,12/1295     28° SCORPIO/Taurus;   1, 15° SAGITTARIUS/Gemini Oppositions.
6,11/1296     26° SAGITTARIUS/Gemini;   3° Capricorn/CANCER Oppositions.
1295     Lull is in Rome attempting to introduce Boniface VIII to his "Arbor Scientiae" or "Forest Encyclopedia" of 16 mnemonic Trees of Knowledge.   [This reminds one of the Buddhist teaching re the Vidyadharas or "Eight Knowledge-holders" with their 8 feminine Consorts;   sixteen being associated with the higher creative center.] Interest existed to some extent, and Boniface VIII summoned him to Rome in 1302 to assist with a religious controversy.   I mention Lull in detail to preface the work of his spiritual successors, the hermeticists, high mystics, neoplatonists and rosicrucians who flourished during the Water and Fire Trigons, their works generally published in the Cancer and Pisces Trigons.
    Marco Polo returns to Italy from China, Mongolia and the Silk Route.
1298     Marco Polo begins writing his memoirs in a Genoese jail.

1305-6     12/1305;     0° SCORPIO/Libra TRIPLE TRIGON.     12/1305-1308.     Venus
4,7/1306     27° Libra Trigon.   opposite Venus     26° Libra Trigon.
1301     Osman, a Turkoman chief under Seljuk Sultan Ala ed`Din and Father of the Ottoman Turks, begins an attack on the Byzantines.   He succeeds his father in 1288 (8° Aquarius Trigon 1286, Venus) and dies as Bursa falls in 1324-26 (18° Gemini Trigon 1325, Polaris 1°).
1302     Papal bull "Unam sanctam" on highest authority of Pope.
    Dante's house burnt, and he is condemned to death by fire by the Neri (noble Guelph) faction.
1304     Boniface VIII disagrees with Philip IV of France and dies in Vatican "house confinement."
1305     Ramon Lull publishes his mnemonic "Ascent and Descent of the Mind," illustrating the virtues associated with the great chain of being from creation to God.
    Pope Clement V moves to Avignon;   the fissiparous Avignon Papacy generally dated 1309-1377 — two Popes for Libra.
    Duns Scotus (c.1266-1308) appointed Master of University of Paris (1305) where he finishes his "Ordinatio," addressed to Peter Lombard's medieval textbook on theology.   Scotus wrote commentaries on Porphyry and Aristotle, believing will and love superior to intellect and knowledge.
1306     Meister Eckhardt (1260-1328), renowned mystic, rules Dominicans in Saxony (1303);   becomes Vicar (1306) of Bohemia.
    Philippe IV le Bel expels the Jews from France.
1307     Philippe le Bel orders (10/13) all Templars in France seized and arrested, their goods confiscated.
    Dante begins his "Divina Commedia," an early work of the coming Renaissance.   He works on it until his death in 1321, 4 years before the 18° Gemini Trigon conjunct Polaris (1°) — truly a reorientation "refacing and recovering that which is lost" — the Soul of Italy and Europe (EA 196).
1308     On August 12, the Inquisition draws up charges against the Knights Templar.
1314     8/1314;   1,7/1315     27° CANCER/Capricorn;   4, 14° Leo/Aquarius Oppositions.
1314     Jacques de Molay (c.1243-1314), Grand Master of Knights Templar, lured into Paris for planning Crusade, but all Templars are arrested (1307) in France.   He is burnt at the stake (3/18/1314).

1325     6/1325     18° Gemini Trigon.     5/1324-6/1326.     Sun.   Mercury-Venus in TaurusPolaris 1°
1325     The traditional founding date for Aztec Tenochtitlan, astronomical city of the Temple of the Sun.
    Nizam ud`Din Awliya (1238-1325) goes to Ajodhan and becomes Chisti Order successor, settling near Delhi.   One of the greatest Sufi masters of medieval India, Sufism spreads rapidly at his death in 1325.
1326     Teutonic Knights begin the First Polish War (to 1333).
1328     Robert Bruce recognized by England as King of an independent Scotland.
    Ivan I of Russia makes Moscow and the Kremlin his capitol.
1335     5,11/1335;   3/1336     21° Aries/Libra;   1, 8° Taurus/SCORPIO Oppositions.
1332     Constantinople falls to Ottoman Empire.
1335     Benedict XII orders reform of the monastic orders.
1338     Schism of the Holy Roman Empire and the Papacy.
1345     3/1345     18° Aquarius Trigon.     1/1344-12/1346.
1343     Jan van Ruysbroeck (1293-1381) founds Augustinian abbey at Groenendaal (1343-45), where he writes mystical "Spiritual Espousals" (1350) and all but one of his major works.
1346     Battle of Crecy and ensuing Black Death (1346-50), which kills one-third of Europe's population.

1365     10/1365     6° SCORPIO TRIGON.     11/1364-1367.     Sun, Mercury, Venus
Pluto in Taurus, 1362-1396
1363     St. Catherine of Siena (1347-1380) finally admitted to Catholic Mantellate Order of charitable widows, although a young unmarried and unwidowed woman.
    Tamerlane begins conquest of Asia.
1365     St. Catherine experiences her mystical marriage to Christ in a vision.
1366     Dominicans begin their inquisitorial campaign against Lull's works.
1368     Hafiz (c.1325 - c.1390), Sufi poet famous for his "Divan," falls out of favor at the court (1368);   but returns (c. 1388) just before his death.
    End of Yuan Dynasty in China;   start of Ming Dynasty.
1369     Tamerlane becomes King of Samarkand.
1373     10/1373;     29° CANCER/Capricorn Opposition;
        8/1374;   2/1375     13, 22° Leo/Aquarius Oppositions
1373     Dame Julian[a] of Norwich (1342 – c.1416) is healed after a vision of the suffering Christ and Blessed Virgin (May 13), and writes the beautiful "Revelations of Divine Love" as a result.
1375     From 1375 to 1379, Ibn Khaldun (5/27/1332 - 1406) retreats to a desert castle where he composes his "Muqaddimah" ("An Introduction to History"), visualizing history as a cyclic flow of nations' rise and fall.   In this work he anticipates Giambattista Vico and modern sociology, developing a sociological methodology and historical philosophy, which remain unprecedented for its time.

1384-5     10/1384;   4/1385     0° CANCER;   25° Gemini Trigons.     7/1382-5/1385. Sirius 5° CANCER
1384     Baha ad'Din Naqshband dies, founder in Bukhara, Turkestan of the Naqshbandi Sufi Order, one of the few Orders tracing its lineage to Abu Bekr rather than Ali.   Called Masters of the Design (or Painting) for the 'pentimento' stratifications upon the heart resulting from prayer and meditation.
1385     Giangaleazzo Visconti captures Milan on May 6, just after exact Trigon.
1386     Union of Poland and Lithuania under Jagiello and Jadwiga consolidates resistance to Teutonic Knights.

1394     6,8/1394;   4/1395     23, 25° Aries/Libra;   7° Taurus/SCORPIO Oppositions.
Pluto in Gemini, 1394-1423
1396     Ottoman Turks conquer Bulgaria.
1398     Tamerlane sacks Delhi;   1401, Damascus and Baghdad;   1402 most of Ottoman Empire.
1405     1/1405     23° Aquarius Trigon.     12/1402-2/1405.     Sun
1402     Jan Hus becomes preacher of reform at Bethlehem Chapel, Prague (to 1411).
1405     Death of Tamerlane.
1409     Battle of Grunewald (to 1410), where almost all masters of the Teutonic Order are slaughtered.

1415     1,6,12/1415     3, 12, 21° Capricorn/CANCER Opposition.
1414     Hakim Jami (11/7/1414 – 11/9/1492), considered by some the last great mystical poet of Iran (from Herat, Afghanistan).   Collection of poems entitled Haft Awrang ("Seven Thrones," or "Ursa Major");   and the Lava'ih ("Flashes of Light") on the existential unity of Being.
1415     On July 6, Jan Hus, founder of the first reformed (Bohemian) Church in Europe, is burnt at the stake in Konstanz, Germany.   He decreed the burning of Wycliffe's works, for which he was excommunicated (1409), and opposed the abuse of indulgences.   Offered safe conduct by the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund (of which more to come) to the Council of Constance, he was arrested by the notorious John XXIII.   His martyrdom and suppression of the Hussites precipitated civil war in Bohemia (1419-1434).

1425     2,3,8/1425     17, 17, 12° SCORPIO TRIPLE TRIGON.     11/1423-1426. Alpha and Delta Librae
1428     English begin siege of Orleans.
1429     Jeanne d'Arc military commander;   burnt at stake (1431).
1433     9/1433;   1,7/1434     12, 19, 28° Leo/Aquarius Opposition.
Uranus in Taurus, 1432-39;   in Gemini, 1439-1446.
1433     Cosimo de Medici imprisoned by the Albizzi, manages to bribe the presiding gonfaloniere, and escapes to become political leader of Florence (1434), and to set up his banking empire.

1444     7/1444     9° CANCER Trigon.     8/1443-6/1446.     Jupiter north node 3.5°Sirius 1° 1443     From 1443-1444, Hunyadi Janos leads the "Long Campaign," a crusade against Murad II, returning to Buda in 2/44 after driving the Turks out of most of the Balkans.   He is made Voivode or Governor of Transylvania, Count of Temes, modern Timisoara (which HPB visited and wrote about).   His greatest victory, at Belgrade on 7/22/1456, freed Hungary from Turkish dominion for 70 years.
    Hunyadi's 20th century spiritual successors, under the Oppositions in 10° CANCER/Capricorn 11/89;   22° CANCER/Capricorn 7/90;   3° Leo/Aquarius 3/91) free Rumania from the Ceaucescu brood.   The Hunyadi/Dracula - Tokes/Ceaucescu parallels are quite striking.   The Tokes Mass and demonstration took place in Timisoara, Hunyadi's hereditary capital.   The Ceaucescus fled to and were captured in Tirgoviste, being executed on Christmas Day in Tirgoviste, Dracula's capital, as if to exorcise them for good.   1-11° of Cardinal signs are emphasized in all charts.
1444     Cosimo de Medici founds the Library of San Marco, Europe's first public library.
    Ottomans defeat Christians at Varna on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast (11/10).
    Sultan Murad lures young Vlad "Tepes" Dracul (Dracula) into a trap, who remains captive as a janissary page until 1448.   After Varna, Vlad blames Hunyadi Janos for the death of his father and brother, and they became lifelong enemies.
1446     Hunyadi Janos declared Voivode of all Hungary (to 1452).   Early in his life, he studied warfare with Francesco Sforza of Milan and the Bohemian Hussites, who developed the idea of wagon-mounted cannon.
1447     In December, Vlad's father Dracul is murdered.   The name Dracul came from his investiture with the Order of the Dragon of the Holy Roman Empire by Sigismund (1411-37) in Nuremberg, 2/1431.

1454     3,10/1454;   5/1455     7, 15, 24° Taurus/SCORPIO Opposition.     Neptune in SCORPIO
1451     Muhammad II Sultan, Establisher of Ottoman Empire.
1453     Ottoman Turks capture Constantinople;   end of Byzantium;   fleeing Greeks spread language and classical manuscripts.
1456     Hunyadi's greatest victory at Belgrade on 7/22/1456.
    This was the year of Halley's Comet, accompanied by earthquakes in Italy, and the plague.
    Cadamosto discovers Cape Verde Islands, while Diego Gomes sails up the Gambia River and meets traders from the Islamic university town of Timbuktu.   Both men's work represented the culmination of Henry the Navigator's purpose.
1464     4/1464     4° PISCES Trigon.     2/1464-1/1467.     Neptune in SCORPIO
1460     Dracula's St. Bartholomew's Day in Brasov claims close to 30,000 victims on stakes.
1461-2     Although outnumbered 6 to 1, Dracula insults Mohammed II and the Wallacho-Turkish Campaign begins with Dracula impaling the entire Turkish citadel town of Giurgin, leaving the bodies to rot outside Tirgoviste for six months until Mohammed II arrives, appalled.   Where Dracula's scorched earth policy fails, the plague outbreak succeeds (See Florescu & McNally).
1462     Hunyadi's son Matthias incarcerates the terrible Vlad (1462-1474), called by some a "premature nationalist." Vlad later marries Matthias' sister.   Glamor is strong in the water signs!
    Marsilio Ficino spends 22 years translating the Hermetic Corpus for Cosimo di Medici, completed on the SCORPIO Trigon of 1484.

1484     11/1484     23° SCORPIO TRIGON.     10/1482-1485.     Venus
1482     Leonardo da Vinci, pursuing his empirical research under the shadow of the Platonic Academy, seeks patronage in Milan, offering his military and civil engineering skills to Ludovico il Moro, who ignores him.
1483     Edward V and brother assassinated in Tower, perhaps by Richard, perhaps by Buckingham.
1483-5     Richard III, last York king.   Cunning enough, but probably overly vilified by Tudor propaganda.
1484     Papal bull, "Summis desiderantes" against witchcraft and sorcery.
    First complete translation of Plato into Latin.
    Morte D'Arthur collection of legends published.
1485     Matthias Corvinus, son of Hunyadi Janos of Hungary, captures Vienna.   Italian and German Humanists flock to his Court, fleeing Protestant-Catholics vying for mutual martyrdom and glory.
1486     Pico della Mirandola publishes his 900 theses harmonizing philosophy and Judaic, Christian and Islamic mysticism.

1493     8/1493;   7,14/1494     28° Leo/Aquarius;   7, 14° Virgo/PISCES Oppositions.
Pluto in SCORPIO, 1491-1503
1492     Columbus sails for the Far East, but runs into the Americas.
    Expulsion of 200,000 Jews from Spain by Catholic bigots, Ferdinand and Isabella.
1495     Charles VIII of France enters Naples in May and carries syphilis to France and Europe, just in time for it to stalk the wars of religion.   By Luther's Bull-burning in 1520, it had spread through Eurasia to Japan.   Named after a shepherd in a Veronese physician's poem (1530), fellow student with Copernicus at Padua.

1504     5/1504     16° CANCER Trigon.     8/1502-6/1505.     Sirius 9° 1502     Leonardo becomes military engineer to Cesare Borgia, and friend to Machiavelli.   Leonardo paints "The Virgin and St. Anne," and "La Gioconda" (Mona Lisa) (1500-06), which recent scientific scrutiny seems to identify as a sort of self-portrait (See Schwartz).
    Safi od-Din establishes the Safawiyah Sufi order in Iran, inspiring the Safavid Dynasty (to 1736).
    Amerigo Vespucci states that Columbus must have discovered an entire continent, hence the name.
1503     Henry the Navigator publishes one of his major works.
1504     Michelangelo sculptsthe "David," beginning in 1501 and finishing 4/1504.
1505     In March, Magellan begins his career on an expedition to Africa and India to challenge Arab control of the Indian Ocean.

1513     7,9/1513,   5/1514     8, 10, 23° Taurus/SCORPIO Opposition.
Uranus in Taurus, 5/1516 – 3/1524
1511     In July and August of this year, the Portuguese siege of Malacca in Indonesia, under Afonso de Albuquerque (with Magellan), takes control of the Arab capitals of sea trade in the East.
1512     Michelangelo completes and unveils the ceiling frescoes of the Sistine Chapel on 10/31.
1513     Machiavelli writes "The Prince," some consider modeled after Cesare Borgia (see de Grazia).
1514     Ottoman Turks defeat Persia.   First printed version of Septuagint published in Complutensian Polyglot Bible (1514-22).
1516     War of Ottoman Turks with Egypt (to 1517).   (Uranus enters Taurus 5/1516)
1516     Sir Thomas More's "Utopia" published in Latin.
1517     Martin Luther posts 95 theses on the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg, and Reformation begins.
1524     1/1524     9° PISCES Trigon.     1/1523-1/1526.     Sun, Mercury, Venus in Aquarius.
Neptune in PISCES 3/1520 - 1/1535.
Uranus in Taurus, 5/1516 - 3/1524;   in Gemini, 7/1523 - 4/1531.
1520     Luther is served the Papal Bull (10/10), then burns it (12/10) on the deadline.
    On October 21st, Magellan rounds Cabo Virgenes to discover the Straits named for him.
1521     Pope Leo X excommunicates Luther early in the year.
    Ignatius Loyola writes his "Spiritual Exercises," recuperating from serious wounds received as a Spanish officer.   He goes through a period of solitude and asceticism before returning to the life of an aristocrat.
    The Diet of Worms bans Luther after he refuses to disown "The Babylonian Captivity" (4/17).
1522     Luther finishes his translation of the New Testament into German.
    Polyglot Bible (Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic) published in Spain.
    Teutonic Knights secularize their Order and support Luther.
    The "Victoria" under Captain Elcano returns spice-laden to Spain after circumnavigating the globe, proving it is indeed spherical.
1524     Pietro Aretino, "Scourge of Princes" and friend of Titian (3rd Ray), is expelled from Rome.
    Paracelsus (1493-1541) returns to Switzerland;   burns books of old classical and scholastic authors on medicine (6/24/1527), introducing an understanding of the chemical properties in pathology (silicosis, goiter) and in medicinal healing.   Forced to flee the murderous medical establishment (1528), he introduces mercurials for treating syphilis and writes his "Great Surgery Book" (1536) on the Opposition.
    Zwingli abolishes the Catholic mass in Switzerland.
    Verrazzano begins (1/17) his voyages to the Americas (1524-28).
1525     Luther marries.
    Machiavelli writes and dedicates his "Florentine History" (1520-25) to Medici Pope Clement VII.
1526     Luther presents German mass;   the first Protestant university established in Marburg.
    Babur, founder of the Moghul or Islamic Dynasty of India, Emperor (1526-30).
1527     Castiglione's "The Courtier" attempts to set civilized, even noble, standards of bearing and conduct in a world of violent contradictions.
1534     1,6,12/1534     19, 28° Capricorn/CANCER;   8° Aquarius/Leo Oppositions.
1533     Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim publishes "De Occulta Philosophia."
    Ivan IV Vasilievitch "The Terrible" accedes to throne of Russia (to 1584).
1534     The Jesuit Order is founded by Ignatius Loyola with 6 friends, allowing that "it is permissible to do evil that good may come."
    Luther completes Old and New Testament translations into German vernacular.
    Jacques Cartier sets sail (4/20) on his first voyage (See Morison).
1535     Sir (Saint) Thomas More executed (7/6) for refusing to support a bill allowing Henry VIII's theological domination over the Church of England.

1544     9/1544     29° SCORPIO TRIGON.     10/1541-1544.     Venus, Sun, Mercury in Libra
Neptune in Taurus, 5/1547 - 5/1561;   in Gemini, 7/1560 - 4/1575.
1541     Neoplatonic Academy reestablished after Ficino's death.
    On April 22, the Jesuits of Loyola officially take vows as members of a new church Order.
1542     Pope Paul III inaugurates the Inquisition in Rome.
1543     Nicholas Copernicus publishes 6 books of his "De Revolutionibus."
    First Protestant burnt at the stake in Spain.
1544     Henry VIII and Charles V of Milan invade France.
1545     Council of Trent convened to correct abuses and encourage conciliation with Lutheran Protestants, but ends up hardening doctrinaire extremists — Reformation and Counter-Reformation.
1552     9/1552     27° Leo/Aquarius Opposition.
8/1553;   4/1554     13, 25° Virgo/PISCES Oppositions.
1552     Secularization of church properties and religious minority emigration regularized in Europe.
1553     Already in possession of several (Roger) Bacon manuscripts, John Dee writes one of his first works on astronomy/astrology for Lady Jane, Duchess of Northampton, mother of Robert Dudley, earl of Leicester and favorite of Elizabeth.   Lady Jane's husband, John Dudley, profiteered as a "fence" from Henry VIII's policy (1538) of seizing church lands, properties and possessions — including old libraries.
1555     Peace of Augsburg attempts to solve religious conflict territorially.
1563     8/1563     29° CANCER Trigon.     7/1561-5/1564.     Venus
Uranus in SCORPIO, 12/1555 – 8/1563;   in SAGITTARIUS, 12/1562 – 12/1569.
1561     First Calvinist refugees arrive in England.
1562     Catherine de' Medici presses for freedom of public worship for Huguenots in her Edict (January).
    Third session of the Council of Trent.
    Massacre of French Huguenots at Vassy leads to First War of Religion.
1563     Flourishing in print of Spanish mystical poetry (Teresa de Jesus, Luis de Grenada, Juan de la Cruz, Luis de Leon).   This time in WATER Trigons, unlike the Sufis in EARTH Trigons.
1564     John Dee, Elizabeth's librarian, publishes his Monas Hieroglyphica, a Rosicrucian work combining Magia, Cabala, and Alchemy.
    Ahmad Sirhindi (1564-1624), Naqshbandi Sufi reformer, gives the Order new life in Mughal India.
1565     Najib Suhrawardi and his nephew `Umar found the Suhrawardiyah Sufi Order in Baghdad around this time.   They practice the mantric repetition of various sets of 7 names of God, in turn identified with 7 "Subtle Spirits" and 7 Lights.

1573     5,10/1573;   4/1574     21, 27° SCORPIO/Taurus;   8° SAGITTARIUS Oppositions.
1571     Mulla Sadra (1571-1640), Persian gnostic of Shiraz Illuminationist Ishraqiyah Order, advocates balance of direct spiritual experience and reason, and so is made an outcast by Shi'a orthodox.   After 15 years retreat in Qom, he writes his Asfar, or "Journeys."
    Battle of Lepanto where Ottoman Turks are defeated at sea.
1572     St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre (8/23) of French Protestant Huguenots by Catholic fanatics, 112 years after Dracula's.   This time in SAGITTARIUS, then in PISCES.
    Tycho Brahe observes a supernova in Cassiopeia (11/11), and views it (until 3/1574).
1573     Venice establishes peace with Ottoman Turkey.   Don John recaptures Tunis from Turks.
1574     Turks recapture Tunis from Don John.
1576     Protestants banned in France.
1583     4/1583     20° PISCES Trigon.     2/1582-4/1584.     Uranus in PISCES, 1584-1593.
1580     Jesuits begin mission in England.
    Montaigne's "Essays."
    Tycho Brahe completes Uranienborg on Island of Hven, Denmark.
    Jan Baptista Van Helmont (1/12/1580 - 1644) lives between two PISCES Trigons and bridges alchemy and chemistry.
1581     English Jesuit missionary executed.
1582     October 5th/15th, Pope Gregory XIII takes advice of Luigi Giglio (1510-76) and revises Julius Caesar's calendar.
1583     John Dee visits Rudolph II in Prague and the Rozmberks (to 1589) of Bohemia while a mob, suspicious of sorcery, destroys part of his (and Elizabeth's) library back at Mortlake (1583).
1584     Bruno publishes his "Expulsion of the Triumphant Beast," on the immanence of God in His Creation.   Since Reason pervades all substance, he visualized nature mysticism, philosophy, the arts and sciences as forming a new religion of reason.
    Feeling cramped in Uranienborg, Brahe builds the Stjerneborg underground observatory nearby.
    Queen Elizabeth grants Sir Walter Raleigh a charter (3/28) to explore and occupy the New World (enabling him to found the "lost" colony of Roanoke, Virginia in 1585).
1586     Sir Philip Sidney dies unexpectedly at Zutphen in the Low Countries.
1587     Mary, Queen of Scotts, is executed by Elizabeth I.
1588     The Spanish Armada blown to Kingdom Come by North Sea storm.
1594     1,9,12/1594     7, 19, 25° Leo/Aquarius Opposition.
1593     "Shake-Speare" publishes "Venus and Adonis."
    Christopher Marlowe is ostensibly killed in a tavern brawl (unless he continued writing as Shakespeare on the continent, passing through Italy, Bohemia, etc.).   The latest computer analysis points in the direction of Queen Elizabeth herself (See Elliott & Valenza) (See Yates, generally).
1594     Giordano Bruno seized for supporting Copernican theories, or more likely for his espousal of Neoplatonic esoteric philosophies.   He is betrayed to authorities in Venice (May) by Mocenigo, who, uninterested in Bruno's universalist theories, desires his "occult secrets."
    Edmund Spenser (1552-99) marries (6/11).   His "Faerie Queen" (1590), dedicated to Elizabeth I, is an elaborate symbolic conceit fashioned upon the knightly exemplifications of 12 Virtues.   His "Venus and Adonis" (1593);   "Lucrece" (1594);   "Epithalamium (1595), help to regularize English vernacular.
1598     Fyodor I dies, last ruler of the Russian Rurik Dynasty.

1603     12/1603     8° SAGITTARIUS TRIGON.     12/1602-1605.     Venus Heliocosm at Galactic Center
Sun Mercury Venus in Sagittarius;   Full Moon in GeminiAntares 4°
Uranus in Taurus, 8/1599 – 2/1608;   in Gemini, 6/1607 – 6/1614.
Pluto in Taurus, 1606-1640
1599     Tycho Brahe (d.1601), first full-time modern astronomer, settles in Prague under patronage of Rudolf II).
1600     While Giordano Bruno is being burnt at the stake in Rome (Feb.), Tommaso Campanella is jailed and tortured for similar ideas, but feigns madness and lives to write "City of the Sun" while in prison (1602).
1602     Jihad between Turkey and Persia.
    Rudolf II continues persecution of Protestant Moravian Brethren.
1603     Elizabeth I dies;   James I becomes King;   [Ieyasu becomes Shogun in Japan]
    Sir Walter Raleigh arrested and tried for high treason by suspicious James I.
1604     Persecution of the Puritans.   James I bans the Jesuits.
    Kepler observes supernova in Ophiuchus when Mars conjuncts the Trigon in SAGITTARIUS nearby. These two constellations flank the Galactic Center.   The observation of an anomalous star argues for the mutability of the firmament.
1605     Akbar the Great, of the Moghul Dynasty of Greater India, dies.
    Francis Bacon publishes "The Advancement of Learning" and later the expanded "De Augmentis Scientiarum" in 1624.
    Rudolf II of Bohemia, Kepler's patron, deposed while distracted with esoteric, alchemical and astronomical studies.
1607     First permanent English settlement of Jamestown, Virginia in the New World (5/14).

1612     9,3,8/1612-13     13, 21, 29° Virgo/PISCES Opposition.
1612     Jakob Boehme (1575-1624) publishes "Aurora" on mystical philosophy, for which his works were subsequently banned.
    Rudolf II of Bohemia dies.
    The February marriage of Princess Elizabeth (daughter of James I) to Frederick V, Elector Palatine, the "Winter King and Queen of Bohemia" (1619-1620) (See Yates, Rosicrucian Enlightenment).
1613     Fire destroys the Globe Theatre.
    Galileo presents "Letters on the Solar Spots" concerning sunspots, solar rotation and acceptance of the Copernican solar system.
1614     Raleigh publishes his "History of the World."
1615     Cardinal Bellarmine (1542-1621), after having watched the trial and burning of Bruno, produces "The Ascent of the Mind in God by the Grade of Natural Things," a year he presides over Galileo's trial.
    After two short pamphlets, circulating from c.1610 (publ. 1614-15), Johan Valentin Andrea publishes "The Mystical Marriage of Christian Rosenkreutz," introducing Rosicrucian philosophy to the world stage.
1616     Robert Fludd's subsequent "A Brief Apology for the Fraternity of the Rosy Cross."

1623     7/1623     6° Leo Trigon.     8/1622-6/1625.     Mercury     Alpha Ursa Major
1620     Kepler races home to rescue his mother, who is indicted for witchcraft.
    On November 8, Protestant "Winter King" Frederick V is defeated at the Battle of White Mountain outside Prague.
1622     Massacre by Indians of settlers in Jamestown (summer).
1623     Jakob Boehme, Protestant mystic, near the end of his life writes 30 books (1619-24) in defiance of his ban, including "The Way to Christ" (1622);   "The Great Mystery" on threefold `Paracelsian' Creation, and "On the Election of Love" (1623).
    Abbas I, Shah of Persia, conquers Baghdad.
    The great First Shakespeare Folio, with 20 hitherto unpublished plays, mysteriously appears.
    Witch-craze starts with the Rosicrucian Scare in nervous France.   The French Marin Mersenne begins the published attack on Rosicrucians, Robert Fludd answers, and it becomes a European controversy.
1627     Kepler's "Rudolphine Tables" published in honor of his deposed alchemist patron (Rudolph II), one of the most accurate ephemerides to date, due to amalgamation of his work with Brahe's.
1628     Parliament presents a money-short Charles I with the Petition of Right, securing civil rights for Britain.

1632     7,9/1632;   5/1633     22, 25° Taurus/SCORPIO;   7° Gemini/SAGITTARIUS Oppositions.
Neptune in SCORPIO, 11/1628 – 10/1643;   in SAGITTARIUS, 1/1643 – 10/1657.
Uranus in SCORPIO, 11/1639 – 1646;   in SAGITTARIUS, 3/1646 – 12/1653.
1632     Queen Christina (b. 1626) accedes to the throne of Sweden;   begins reign in 1644.
    Second Shakespeare Folio published.
1635     Treaty of Prague.
1636     Library donated to Cambridge by John Harvard to start a College.
1638     Harvard College inaugurates its classics-based curriculum.
1643     2/1643     25° PISCES Trigon.     5/1640-3/1643.     Mercury
1639     Academie Francaise begins work on a dictionary of the French language.
1641     Descartes' "Meditations metaphysiques," suggest thought is tantamount to existence.
1642     Charles I raises the royal standard at Castle Hill, Nottingham;   English Civil War begins (to 1646).
    Hobbes' "On Government."
    Cardinal Mazarin succeeds Cardinal Richelieu in the French government.
1643     In early spring, Charles I begins his triple advance on London.
1644     Roger Williams writes on separation of church and state in "Queries of Highest Consideration."
    Descartes' "Principles of Philosophy" establishes modern positivist materialist atomism.
1645     London scientists meet to form what is to become the Royal Society.
1649     Proclamation by Louis XIV of French Protection of Catholic Maronite Church in Lebanon.
1653     3,7/1653;   1/1654     6, 15, 25° Aquarius/Leo Opposition.
1653     Angelus Silesius (1624-1677) converts to Roman church (1653) and begins writing (1652-55) with 300 couplets composed in 4 days, his "Epigrammatic Verses on the Spiritual Life" (pub. 1657), better known at the next Opposition (1674) as "The Cherubinic Wanderer."

1663     10/1663     15° SAGITTARIUS TRIGON.     12/1661-1664.     VenusAntares 6°
Pluto in Gemini, 1638-1670
1660     The Restoration forces Charles II's dependency on Parliament.
1661     Cavaliers (Protestant) exclude all Roman Catholics from public office.
    War between Holy Roman Empire and Ottoman Turkey (1661-1664).   Treaty (1664).
1662     Act of Uniformity requires all clergy to use Anglican Book of Common Prayer.
    The Royal Society receives its charter from Charles II.
    Descartes' "On Man" suggests a radical separation between mind, body and environment, depicting man as a nonreflective cognitive agent.
1663     Descartes' writings put on the Catholic Index.
    The reflecting telescope, intimated by Roger Bacon in the 13th century, is introduced in a paper by James Gregory of Scotland.
    Third Shakespeare Folio published.
1665     Isaac Newton's Cambridge B.A. on early theory;   conducts experiments for his "Opticks" (1665-1666).
    Great Plague of London.
1666     Great Fire of London.
1667     Locke's "Essay on Toleration," advocating the right to dissent.
1671     10/1671;   1/1672;     13, 18° Leo/Aquarius Oppositions.
9/1672;   4,8/1673     29° Virgo/PISCES;   9, 13° Libra/Aries Oppositions.
1670     Spinoza's "Tractatus Theologico-Politicus" published, advocating a balance of faith and reason under religious liberty.
1671     First written copies of Locke's "Two Treatises of Government."
    Newton delivers lectures on optics (1670-72) which comprise most of Book I of his "Opticks";   and introduces his reflecting telescope (1671) to the faculty.
1672     Cornelius and Jan de Witt, Spinoza's best friends, murdered by mob.
1674     Spinoza's "Ethics" completed, arguing God's transcendent identity with Nature, Whose perfection is reflected in natural ethical laws;   his work a later inspiration for Rousseau, the Enlightenment philosophes, and the Romantic Movement of the 19th century.   Tractatus is put on the Catholic Index.
1675     Newton completes Book II of "Opticks," where the world is described as "God's sensorium."

1683     5/1683     16° Leo Trigon.     8/1681-6/1684. Beta Ursa Major
Uranus in Taurus, 6/1683 – 5/1691.
1680     From winter 1679 to 1683 Locke finishes his "Two Treatises of Government" under the title "De Morbo Gallico" ("The French Disease" [Despotism]), slang for `syphilis,' to avoid detention;   his patron Lord Shaftesbury, however, is arrested July 1681 (See Locke).
1682     In late summer Halley's Comet blazes across the sky, named for the English astronomer who first observed its cyclicity, predicting its recurrence in a letter of 1758 to his friend Newton.
    In America, Cotton Mather uses the comet in several tracts from 1680-83 (Kometographia, 1683) to inflame the witch-craze chaos from which he capitalizes through real estate confiscations and social notoriety.
    John Locke joins Lord Shaftesbury at 9/15 meeting of Whig leaders, at height of "Insurrection Plot."
    Pierre Bayle writes "Thoughts on the Comet of 1680" against superstition.
1683     Jan III Sobieski of Poland (1624-1696) defeats the Ottoman Turks at Kahlenberg (9/12) on land outside Vienna;   the constellation Scutum is named for him, and croissants are created to celebrate the event.
    Locke and Shaftesbury attend 4/24 meeting at Essex estate during "Rye House Plot" preparations.
    Locke's self-exile in Holland, after England's last book-burning (7/21) at Bodleian Quad, Oxford.
    Newton explains effect of Sun-Moon-Earth barycenter on sea tides.
1685     Spaniard Michel de Molinos, founder of the mystical Quietist movement, teaches a form of Christian contemplative absorption and high meditation, publishing "Il Guida Spirituale" (1675, 1685).   In August, he is arrested by Jesuits on charges of heresy.
    Increase Mather is appointed Harvard's president (1685-1701);   his will forbade his son Cotton's accession to the Presidential Chair.
1686     Leibniz' "Discourse on Metaphysics."
    The Royal Society receives Book I of Newton's "Principia" ("The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy"), defining the scientific method for the modern era (See Berman).
1687     Molinos is put on trial (9/3), and in spite of many influential friends, is jailed for life.
1689     After final abdication of James II, the Convention Parliament establishes the British Bill of Rights.

1692     6,12/1692;   4/1693     7, 15, 22° Gemini/SAGITTARIUS Opposition.
1689     Recovering from a series of anti-Catholic riots, England institutes freedom of worship with the Declaration of Rights;   William & Mary's accession in the February "Glorious Revolution."
1690     Locke's "An Essay Concerning Humane Understanding" encourages the British social and environmental Improvement movement among landed middle classes.
1692     Salem witchcraft trials.
1693     Increase Mather's "Case of Conscience Concerning Evil Spirits Personating Men" apologizes for '92.
1702     5/1702     6° Aries Trigon.     3/1702-2/1705.     Venus
1701     With the Act of Settlement, British Parliament establishes law of constitutional Protestant monarchic succession under the Church of England.
1702     Cotton Mather's "Magnalia Christi Americana," lauding/lamenting the rise/fall of the New England Puritan Kingdom of God on Earth.   His solution to avert its decline — "I'll shew them the Graves of their Fathers" — undoubtedly directed at the Quakers, Antinomialists and Roger Williams.
1704     Leibniz writes "New Essays on Human Understanding" in response to Locke's essay remains unpublished due to Locke's death.   Leibniz transfers his thoughts on Locke to a voluminous correspondence.
    Final edition of Newton's "Opticks";   the world now described as "like God's sensorium."
1705     Ferencz Rakoczi Hungarian Rebellion (to 1711).

1710     Leibniz' "Theodicy."
1714     Leibniz' "The Principles of Philosophy, or, the Monadology."
1718     Voltaire imprisoned for 6 months in the Bastille on suspicion of satirizing the Regent.
1719     Jesuits expelled from Russia.
1720     Vico's "On One Universal Principle of Law," outline of his later "Scienze Nuova."
1721     Investiture of Peter the Great, Tsar of all the Russias (to 1725).   He immediately abolishes Russian Orthodox Patriarchate and establishes a ruling Holy Synod.
    Cotton Mather's "Christian Philosopher" discusses God's immanence in nature and the universe, anticipating Enlightenment Deism.
1723     1/1723     23° SAGITTARIUS TRIGON.     12/1720-1723.     Mars, Mercury
Neptune in Taurus, 5/1711 - 4/1725;   in Gemini, 7/1724 -5/1738.
Uranus in SCORPIO, 10/1723 - 1730;   in SAGITTARIUS, 2/1730 - 11/1737.    
Pluto in SCORPIO, 1737-1749
1724     Voltaire publishes his "La Henriade," a national epic written during his stay at the Bastille.
1725     Catherine I, later a correspondent with Voltaire, establishes the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences.
    Vico's "Scienza Nuova" founds modern cultural anthropology and ethnology by unifying history and the social sciences.   He observed the duality of body and soul, but not personality and soul, which would have to wait for A.A. Bailey.   However, he was a keen observer of social and psychological conditioning (karma).   Influenced by the Neoplatonist Pico della Mirandola, he declared the primacy of religion (not necessarily spirituality) over anthropology.   Criticized for his idea that society passed through and could revert to a Bestial stage where Reason is eclipsed, he had implied this might happen to Christianity.
1726     Voltaire writes "Lettres philosophiques" during self-imposed exile in England (1726-29;   publ. '34).
1729     Newton's "Opticks" translated into English, compiled with an annex, "Hypothesis Explaining the Properties of Light."
1742     9/1742     28° Leo Trigon. 8/1740-6/1743.     VenusRegulus 2° 1742     Voltaire's mission to Berlin to rally his tutee, Frederick II the Great.   His successful Mahomet (depicted as an imposter) is banned by the court.
1743     Emanuel Swedenborg (1/29/1688 - 1772), modern mystic, composes his "Economy of the Animal Kingdom" (1740-41) and "The Animal Kingdom" (1744-45), both in 2 volumes.   Along with his then controversial "Journal of Dreams" (1743-44), he attempts to find the `soul' of creation [`anima mundi'] in animal movement, to demonstrate the soul to the senses.   His vision of Christ occurs on 4/7/1744.
1744     Definitive posthumous edition of Vico's "Scienza Nuova."

1751     8,10/1751;   6/1752     7, 10, 22° Gemini/SAGITTARIUS Opposition.
Pluto in SAGITTARIUS, 1749-1762
1750     Sayat Nova (1712-1795), Armenian court poet to Irakli II of Georgia;   enters monastery of Haghbat (1770 Opp.);   martyred by Persians (1795 Opp.).
1751     British calendar begins its New Year on January 1st, by Act of Parliament.
    Powers of Portuguese Inquisition greatly restricted by government.
    David Hume's "Enquiry Concerning Principles of Morals."
    French "Encyclopedie" published (to 1772).
1752     Benjamin Franklin invents a lightning conductor, the Leyden jar, proving lightning is electricity.
    William Law (1686-1762), mystic criticized by Christian theologians for espousing unity of creation with Creator, composes "The Spirit of Prayer" (1749), "The Spirit of Love" (1752), and "The Way to Divine Knowledge" (1752).
    David Hume's "Political Discourses."
1753     An Act of Parliament allows naturalization of Jews in England.
1762     3/1762     12° Aries Trigon.     3/1761-4/1763.     Mercury Rx
1758     Voltaire's "Candide," a disciple of Dr. Pangloss (Leibniz) extolls "cultivating one's own garden."
1762     Rousseau's "Social Contract" and "Emile";   Voltaire's essay "On Tolerance."
1763     Kant's "One Possible Proof for Demonstrating the Existence of God," attempting to reconcile Newton's empiricism with metaphysics.

1772     3,7/1772;     23° Aquarius/Leo;   0° PISCES/Virgo Oppositions.
2/1773     11° PISCES/Virgo.     Sun, Mercury, Venus in Aquarius
Uranus in Taurus, 5/1767 - 4/1775;   in Gemini, 7/1774 - 4/1782
1771     Luigi Galvani discovers the electrical nature of nerve impulses.
1772     Inquisition abolished in France.
    French "Encyclopedie" completed (1751-1772).
    Mirabeau's "Essai sur le despotisme."
    Captain James Cook's Pacific voyages on Endeavour (1768-71) and Resolution (1772-5;   1776-80).
1773     The Boston Tea Party.
    Pope Clement XIV dissolves the Jesuit Order.
1774     The Jesuits are expelled from Poland.
    Mesmer begins using hypnotism and "magnetic readjustment of nerve fluids" for healing.
    Anne Lee of Massachusetts begins a revival of Spiritualism in New York.
1775     Franciso Goya (1746-1828), painting at the court of Madrid (1775-1792), begins "The Madhouse" series of paintings on public life in an "exaggerated realist" style, a prelude to his "Los Caprichos" (1799) on "extravagance and follies common to all society" [read glamour].
1776     The American Declaration of Independence.

1782     11/1782     28° SAGITTARIUS TRIGON.     11/1779-12/1782.     Sun Mercury Rx Venus in SCORPIO
1780     Riots against Roman Catholics in London.
    American Academy of Sciences founded in Boston.
    Serfdom abolished in Bohemia and Hungary, two countries with an early strong Rosicrucian influence, beating America and Russia to the challenge.
1781     Joseph II brings religious toleration to Austria with "Patent of Tolerance" abolishing serfdom, ignoring pleas of Pope Pius VI in 1782 to the contrary.
    Rousseau's "Confessions" on natural religion and innate nobility of humankind.
    Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason" [read Buddhi].
    British land operations cease in the American Revolution.
    Herschel discovers Uranus in GEMINI near north Uranian node, influential in American history.
1782     Benjamin Franklin negotiates peace with Great Britain in Paris, resulting in the Peace of Versailles.
    Joseph Priestly's "A History of the Corruptions of Christianity."
    The Montgolfier balloon;   the Watt steam engine.
1783     Kant's Prolegomena to his "Critique of Pure Reason," wherein he claims to achieve a "Copernican revolution" in philosophy;   his "Prolegomena to any Possible Metaphysics."
    Herschel's "Motion of the Solar System in Space."
1790     12/1790;   1/1791     29° Virgo/PISCES;   1° Libra/Aries Oppositions.
1787     Constitutional Convention held in Philadelphia to frame a constitution, distilled during the next two years by Federalist and Anti-Federalist debates, and completed with the Judiciary Act setting up the third branch of government most concerned with human rights.
1789     The American Constitution is inaugurated along with George Washington in the spring.
    The French "Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen."
1791     American Bill of Rights is ratified as an amendment to the Constitution (12/15), prohibiting curtailment of freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and due petition of grievance.
1792     Louis Claude de St. Martin (1/18/1743 – 1803), as "le Philosophe Inconnu," leaves army (0,11° PISCES/Virgo Opp. 1772-3) to share his mystical experience with "The New Man" (1792), "The Spirit of Things" (1800), and "The Ministry of Man and Spirit" (1802)(6° Virgo Trigon conj. Venus 1802).

    Neptune in SCORPIO, 11/1792 – 11/1806.
    The culmination of philosophical and material foundations set when Neptune was in TAURUS (1711-25) — the American Bill of Rights and French Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen, in contrast to "The Terror," Napoleon, the Indian Wars and roundup onto reservations, and Aaron Burr.

(CYCLE 6) Sirius in Cancer


SCORPIO as a Sign in the Libra/Scorpio/Sagittarius Sequence.

    A Note on Sagittarius Veiling Scorpio.
    Given that Sagittarius frames two extremes in the Libra-Scorpio-Sagittarius sequence at hand, due to the reversal of the Wheel, perhaps it would serve some purpose to illustrate the lower aspect of Sagittarius — the obsession with social acceptance and popularity.   Popularity — the word has a nice `pop' to it, as in culture.   And what is to be said about "non-advanced" humanity?   Their behavior has remained typical and miserably predictable for decades, centuries and even millennia of years.   Sluggish and distracted by trivial pursuits, it takes more than lifetimes for this group to emerge from inattentiveness to recognize the next step humanity as a whole must take — spiritually, sociopolitically, culturally, psychologically, etc.
    In another lifetime, surrounded by the new conditions and attitudes, these types are then arrogantly self-assured in the very conditions which they obstructed just a lifetime before, reacting or rejecting the next step that follows, particularly if they can capitalize materially or psychically with essentially antisocial antics.   In short, they cannot think for themselves, and therefore cannot take responsibility in any given situation besides an automated, convenient and comfortable conformity.   This includes the heartless and gutless variety of neo-pseudo-conservative parvenus and white-collar plunderers/panderers, as well as the small percentage of benefit cheats they are so attached to criticizing — both groups are undeserving of welfare beyond the solitude required for intelligent reflection upon the riches of their own soul (technically, causal body) which, finding itself suppressed by the personality, remains in a stagnant potentiality, and for a possible yet denied inner thought life of contemplative reflection (admittedly leaving spiritual life for some future period).
    As for the homeless, the destitute and the children, perhaps it is too much to expect from the limited intelligence, imagination and affective capacity of the typical corporate, government, bureaucratic or finance trough-managers and executives to reorganize their priorities around anthropomorphic, rather than "mechanomorphic" models of human constitution, society and institutions.   This is not meant to disparage the "best and brightest," and certainly not the truly noble world workers who expect nothing but misunderstanding, abuse and assault for their efforts.   However, it must be realized that not all meritocracies are based on humanist ethical, intellectual or compassionate merit or capacity.   Many late 20th century "meritocracies" are based upon criminality or raw cunning.   Nevertheless, just as the Information Revolution drove the pseudo-communists from power, perhaps the next paradigm shift (the Internet Revolution) will drive the ribald and irresponsible neo-pseudo-conservatives and casino-capiddlists out of their vile business.   We might expect something of the sort at the going out of the 5th, and coming in of the 4th Rays, perhaps by 1994-95, 2005-07, or later.
    And interestingly, on the Mutable Cross it is Sagittarius which, in a peculiar way, unifies the 4 arms of the Fixed Cross — through the triple sign rulers of the 4th and 5th Rays:
    Sagittarius – Taurus/Scorpio     4th Ray Humanity
    Sagittarius – Leo/Aquarius     5th Ray Science and 5th Kingdom
    The Triangle of Sagittarius-Leo-Aquarius rules the evolution of consciousness through the 5th Ray, facilitating the relation of Humanity to Hierarchy, and the approach of Hierarchy to Humanity (492-3).
    The Triangle of Taurus-Leo-Aquarius, which combines the abovementioned rays in some sense, rules the expression of the 5th or knowledge-holding Kingdom arrived at through the experience of initiation in Capricorn (488).   In this 5th Ray world of Knowledge: Taurus gathers knowledge through experience;   Leo expresses and justifies it;   while Aquarius uses knowledge to serve, thereby subjugating Knowledge to Wisdom and arriving at the higher aspects of Sagittarian intuition and inspiration once again.   The arrow of transmuted desire or spiritual aspiration (Taurus) directed upward, returns as the arrow of intuition (Sagittarius) illuminating the next steps upon the Path.

    Sagittarius/Scorpio/Libra on the "Wheel of Mutability"
    This sequence of signs is found prominent during the series of lives before the Reversal of the Zodiacal Wheel takes place, where the circumscribed self-referencing values of the personality begin to yield to the universal group and world-reoriented values of the soul.   For instance, on the Wheel revolving backwards by entropic momentum, Capricornian obsession with self-checking according to current sartorial, expressive or intellectual fashions moves on to heightened expectations and calculated risk-taking self-aggrandizement in Sagittarius.   In Scorpio, these lower values are wrested from the person's environment in a martial manner and are competed and fought for as personal possessions.   Ultimately, one loses oneself psychologically or physically in the game, and a sense of balance swings in to rescue the confused and beleaguered entity.   The self-interested little personality pays the price of that self-interest, and learns to move on.   It is time to reflect, and initiate a period of reevaluation.
    The Quarternary of Taurus-Libra-Scorpio-Pisces, mentioned as constituting the "history of desire" (232), illustrates the victory of spiritual desire (Scorpio) over the "bull" of personal desire (Taurus) evidenced by the worldly beguiled.   On a psychic level, however, the desire of Taurus passes from spiritual aspiration to intuition, and from thence to directed loving will, illumination, or pure reason/intuition and inspiration (375-377, 154, 393).

    Libra/Scorpio/Sagittarius on the Reversed Wheel
    The Bull of Desire swerves in its tracks in Libra and the Wheel Reverses.   When the personality has proven to itself that it can fight equally bravely for the decentralized and higher values of the soul, the soul begins to take interest and the battle is on between soul and personality in Scorpio.   At this stage the seeker faces a series of self-imposed tests, brought on by the goals demanded by a new set of values, and Sagittarian attitudes begin to result from these tests (206).   Sagittarius focuses on the goals, ignores at this stage any reactions in the psyche and environment, and reaches these goals, only to discover in the ensuing insight of work and service, another set of goals.   With regard to Scorpio and Sagittarius, Mars definitely enters the scene, presenting a progression of attitudes toward the uses of the lower vehicles which make up the entire form nature of the personality (209-11).   Personal desire becomes aspiration, soulful desire, or spiritual striving, according to the aspect of the triad predominating.   Sagittarian sensitivity to the Plan, and a one-pointed discipleship attitude begin to demonstrate.   The power and persistence to tread the PATH, and the ability to create in thought and in a higher spiritual sense are two lessons learnt in Sagittarius (191).

    Scorpio, as the central pivot of the Libra-Scorpio-Sagittarius sequence, is the point at which the 3 "cosmic decanates" of a great zodiacal decanate begin to make sense.   The Triangle of SCORPIO-TAURUS-PISCES (204, 486-7) in relation to the teachings of Hercules, Buddha and Christ, "test and perfect the 3 personality aspects" as reflections of the 3 divine aspects of the Triad.   These are externalized and made evident through 3 sets or stages of 3-fold tests in Scorpio, and have a direct relation to the three decanates of each sign of the zodiac (203).   These also relate at a certain stage to the 9-fold choice of triadal emphasis (CF 177), since it must be remembered that as Mercury supercedes the influence of Mars in the Scorpio native, it is Mercury which reveals the triad to the soul (349, 354).
    Taking the SCORPIO-TAURUS-PISCES Triangle into consideration, PISCES Trigons have been added to the table, along with Taurus.   It is good to bear in mind that the signs of Aries, Virgo and Pisces are those associated with the Cosmic Christ principle (67, 232, 243).   Aries turns up quite often with the Grand Trigon in major world events and turning points (esoteric rulers Mars, Mercury and Uranus).

    Ultimately, it is the Triangle of ARIES-SCORPIO-PISCES that "links and merges the Three Crosses" (98), Aries and the executive qualities of the soul asserting themselves over the light-bearing Taurus of the immediately preceding Triangle.   This triangle is that of the three deaths, through water (Pisces), earth (Scorpio), and fire (Aries), mentioned as constituting the Science of Divine Dying, symbolically liberating the planetary Logos into Air, the goal of our system (97).   Incarnation into the human personality can be looked upon as a type of death for the soul, a suspension of the soul's life activities on its own plane, vividly illustrated by the symbol of PISCES — the two fish chained to each other in manifestation (116) — personality capturing and enslaving the soul, soul mastering the personality.   Pluto or death, personality ruler of Scorpio and esoteric ruler of Pisces, never destroys the consciousness aspect (127).   In fact, the vast percentage of death episodes take place psychologically.   This triangle depicts the passage out of the "anima mundi" or planetary Christ nature of PISCES and the Mutable Cross, into the life of the individual Christ on the Fixed Cross of Light;   and finally in Aries into a greater LIFE, to see "the jungles of experience... set on fire and dissolve in flames... [—] the Path stands clear and unobstructed vision is achieved" (95).

    Let us look at two tabulations in Esoteric Astrology which open up the inner significance of this basic sequence of Libra/Scorpio/Sagittarius.
    1)   Leo concentration, Virgo meditation,

Libra Contemplation, Scorpio Illumination and Sagittarius Inspiration (228-9).
    2)   Cancer Instinct/desire, Leo Intellect/ambition,

Sagittarius Intuition/aspiration,     Capricorn Illumination/intuition,

Aquarius Inspiration/service, Pisces Identification/liberation (178-9).
    In this light it is said that Humanity is under the pervasive influences of Cancer, Leo, and Gemini force;   disciples of the world and advanced humanity under the forces of Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio;   initiates to the energies of Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces (161-2).
    World disciples are related to the mass of humanity through response to Gemini, to each other through Scorpio, and to their own work through Leo.
    Initiates coordinate their relations to world disciples through Scorpio, to the 7 Rays and centers of hierarchical endeavor through Capricorn, and to the mass through Pisces.
    From the above 9-fold triangulation, is can clearly be seen what a central position Scorpio occupies for the entire spectrum of human consciousness.

    Scorpio as a Constellation
    Scorpio as a constellation is intimately related to Sirius and the Seven Solar Systems, source of the Seven Rays and egoic groups, and the life of the Seven major Ashramic groups within Hierarchy.   Its Triangle with Taurus and Leo brings in a clear influx from the Heart of the Sun, revealing the nature of the soul (111, 620).   Scorpio is presently bringing to bear the influence of the Hierarchy upon Humanity (379).   It is said that in this world period, the mass of intelligent humanity has moved on from Libra, which now is beginning to exert an increasing influence on world affairs at large (238), and is coming directly under the influence of Scorpio (203, 239) and Ray IV (490) as a "world disciple."
    Looking at the "war between Saturn and Uranus" (VIth and VIIth Rays), and the dynamic relationship between the Jupiter-Saturn Grand Trigon status quo/reform cycle and the Uranian Nodal cycle of innovation/progressives, makes this much clearer.   Uranus is exalted in Scorpio, initiating "a new order of life and conditions" (224), and ultimately a transfer from strictly human consciousness to the spiritualized group consciousness of the soul.   Uranus is related to the influx of influences from the 7 or 12 Creative Hierarchies onto collective human levels and into events (99).
    The energetic influence of the Creative Hierarchies through Uranus (or Neptune) upon the "anima mundi" and human psyche is what technically provides the opportunity, through Saturnian ability to respond, for mystical or alchemic self-transmutation and subsequent identification with the next developmental turn of the spiral.   This represents an order of magnitude above psychosocial ego development and individuation.   This is a higher octave purport of what modern psychology, sociology and political science denominate "identity formation," from a lower or materialist epistemologic grasp of the principles and processes of spiritual individualization, identity, and identification.   When DK mentions that "Scorpio [or the principle it represents] is the great constellation which influences the turning point both in the life of humanity and the life of the individual human being" (198), it has become a most apparent and self-evident fact for us all in the late 20th century.
    On an individual level, the experiences of memory and 9-fold testing of the Dweller on the Threshold (206) serve to stimulate the spiritual imagination in world service (225).   The mass of glamours attendant upon unconscious externally imposed conditioning are turned into the conscious self-imposed conditioning and mastery of the lower vehicles of the personality by the soul.   Scorpio presents either the "crises of the battlefield" (101) experienced by the lumbering personality to be negotiated through conflict management, or provides "points of crisis" in psychospiritual growth and "moments of reorientation" resolved through spiritual crisis orienteering.

    Concluding Reflections
    Looking for the Christ principle in these cycles, it is easy to get lost for a while in mundane patterns which, while they may not exactly illuminate, reflect basic principle even as in a stained glass window, for instance, symbolic of the Great Work of timeless Guilds and Orders, which sometimes lies shattered on the ground — yet still persists reflecting what light may be found.
    Psychologically and from the point of view of the unit, Humanity —dominated by the crisis habit and dependent upon conflict for any degree of thoughtfulness— the sustaining principle of Life is Sensitivity to Contact, which evokes its own inherent coherence in mutually constructive and enlightened Relationship, and through intelligent, loving and impersonal Service.
    This seeming paradox will have to be resolved by world actors psychologically at first, and then socio-politically.   In other words, consciousness first.   This implies the three divine Aspects of Rays I, II and III governing Ray IV Humanity.   Typical procedure has been vice versa.   We still have a planetary House to build and guard, one which has the capacity to radiate its own light infrastructurally from within.


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