Terminological Usage in Bailey's Treatise on Cosmic Fire

"The seven principles are the manifestation of the one Flame."   SDI.45, III.374
"Atma is not a principle."   SDIII.62-3, 265
"The physical body is not a principle."   SDII.652, III.445, 652
"The three lines of development must be remembered when considering the evolution of the Manasaputras."   CF.266

MONADIC Point of View:

1.   The life of the Logos in Whose body the Heavenly man finds place.
"A Heavenly Man, with His seven centres, forms one centre in the body of the solar Logos.   I would here point out to you the close connection existing between the seven Rishis of the Great Bear and the seven Heavenly Men.   The seven Rishis ... are to Them what the Monad is to the evolving human unit." CF.273
2.   The life of the Heavenly Man in Whose body the human Monad finds a place.
"In the case of a Heavenly Man the development proceeds through the seven groups of human entities who form Their psychic centres.   These groups are on their own plane developing intelligence, are inherently love, and can be objectively contacted on the seven chains of a scheme." CF.268
"A Heavenly Man has an originating source, His Monad, a semi-permanent body on the monadic levels of the solar system, but manifests through three lower sheaths, our atmic, buddhic, and manasic levels.   He is extraneous to the astral and physical planes just as a human being is to the physical.   ...the groups of causal bodies are the lowest forms through which a Heavenly Man manifests, just as the physical body is the lowest through which a human being manifests, and this in its etheric connotation." CF.271

The Monad's twofold psychic nature (two higher principles):
3. Active intelligence    
4. Latent love-wisdom   
5. Atma. Spiritual nature. Will.
6. Buddhi. Love nature. Wisdom.
7. Manas. Intelligence nature. Activity.
"... the mind aspect is in reality the ability or capacity of the logoic Existence to think, to act, to build, and to evolve in order to develop the faculty of active love." CF.268
"Manas is, really WILL working itself out on the physical plane, and the truth of this will be seen when it is realized that all our planes form the cosmic physical plane, whereon an Entity, inconceivably greater than our Logos, is working out a set purpose through the Logos, through us,..." CF.353

TRIADIC Point of View:

Absolute       Active intelligence
        (1)         0.     Monad

        (2)         1.     Atma
        (3)         2.     Buddhi
        (4)         3.     Manas

        (5)         4.     Causal body     (the shrine for the Buddhic principle)

Threefold Lower Nature (or Lower Quaternary)

        (6)         5.     Lower mind   (Manas or the 5th principle, forms the link between lower and higher.)
        (7)         6.     Kama-manas
        (8)         7.     Prana
        (9)       (8.)     Etheric vehicle
"Here we have the 7 formed by the union of the 3 and the 4, and another factor, making 8.   The ultimate seven will be seen when Buddhi and Manas are merged.   ... The above deals with the objective forms, corresponding to the sun and the seven sacred planets." CF.261,262
"Prana, or the vital principle, is the special relation of Atma with a certain form of matter which by the relation of Atma organizes and builds up as a means of having experience.   This special relationship constitutes the individual Prana in the individual body." CF.77

SOUL or PSYCHE's Point of View

1. Monadic egg, the sphere of manifestation
2. Atma Will
3. Buddhi Pure reason, wisdom
4. Manas Pure mind, higher mind
5. Manas Lower mind
6. Kama-manas  
7. Pure emotion, or feeling
"These are the principles for the microcosm viewed as having transcended the physical bodies altogether, and thus the tabulation deals entirely with the subjective life, or the development of the psyche or soul [on its own plane]." CF.264

MIND's Point of View:

0. Monadic Will, love-wisdom, intelligence
6. Atma pure will, realization
5. Buddhi pure reason, intuition
4. Higher manas abstract or pure mind
3. Manas lower concrete mind
2. Kama-manas desire-mind
1. Astral pure desire, emotion, feeling
"This [subjective evolutionary development] deals with the sevenfold development of inherent love-wisdom by the aid of mind." CF.267

EGO's Point of View:

                    (Atma.)             Pure will-to-be
            1.     Buddhi.             Pure reason, wisdom
            2.     Manas.             Pure mind
            3.     Causal Body
            4.     Lower Mind
            5.     Kama-manas
            6.     Prana
            7.     Etheric body

Let us begin where man begins, with the lowest:

7. Etheric body 1. Vital body
6. Prana 2. Vital force
5. Kama-manas 3. Desire Mind
4. Lower mind 4. Concrete mind
3. Manas 5. Higher or abstract mind
2. Buddhi 6. Wisdom, Christ force, intuition
1. Atma 7. Spiritual Will

SOURCE:   A.A. Bailey, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire.   NY: Lucis Publishing Co., 1925, 1962 ed., 1982 pr.
SOURCE:   H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, Centennial facsimile ed.   Los Angeles: Theosophical University Press, 1988.

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