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A Description of the Sevensuns Logo

This logo is meant to symbolize the seven systems of 'seven' stars (symbolized by the 7 five-pointed stars), surrounding our Sun in the center — the Thirty-Five Fires.   Their depiction as five-pointed stars is meant to indicate the five-fold development of our Solar Logos (on HPB's Kosmic planes), associated with the teachings on the Five Kumaras, or the Five Dhyani Buddhas — of Activity (three pratyeka buddhas), of Love (Gautama), and of Will-in-Action (Sanat Kumara).   The top central Star represents the Sirian System, or moving cluster, of which our sun is a member (See JEP 5/2 [1989]).   Ursa Major and the Pleiades are two other such systems.   These seven systems indirectly represent the source of the Seven Rays of esoteric studies, in their capacity as influencing the sevenfold reception and transmission of their prismatic energies by our own Sun.

The Shield with Wings represents the Planetary and human Heart, whose petals protect the essential integrity of the Identity or Presence within.   It is also meant to symbolize the three components of AUM, as Vac (Word), or divine Hermes – floating in the "Silence of the High Places."   Hence it is meant to represent the God immanent as the Christ, Krishna, or Buddha Nature within every human heart — as well as the cosmic Christ.

Mercury and the Sun are One, represented here by the solar disk.   Together they constitute the Life principle pouring through the three periodic Vehicles (Monad, Triad, Soul/Personality);   the monadic aspect pouring through the three head centers;   the buddhic jewel within the solar lotus pouring through the three tiers of petals of the causal body;   and finally the soul pouring its energies into the threefold personality (mental, astral, etheric-physical).   Therefore it also represents the future evolution of the Sutratma and Antahkarana sciences.   Mercury and the Sun are One.   The Solar Angel gives way to the Presence.   On the plane of Nous, it is said that "mind gives place to intuition, and reason to pure perception";   on the plane of Psyche, "faith is lost in sight."

The three globes on the shield can be seen as the three solar permanent atoms, only Saturn at present constituting a direct correspondence to the physical permanent atom of the Sun.   On a planetary level, they can be seen as the holy triangle of Mercury, Venus, and the Earth — the guarantors of spiritual evolution on our planet, Venus representing our planetary soul, and Mercury the revealer of the spiritual triad (human and planetary).