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After studying with Isabel Hickey (1967-1980) from 1967 to 1970, I was offered a Teaching Fellowship at Goddard College (1970-74)
for Esoteric Astrology, Medicinal Herbs and Identification, and international dance.   I continued study with Isabel until her death in 1980.
In 1987 I joined the Theosophical Society in Boston and became Treasurer in 1989 for a year;   in 1992 composing the monthly
Events Calendars until I stepped down as President in 1998 (two 2-year terms max. (1994-98); Interim Pres. 1993-4).
Student of Dodrupchen Rinpoche, Gyatrul Rinpoche, Tulku Thondup, 1974 to present

1967-70 Arrive in Boston to work at MIT, discover Isabel Hickey's Marsh Chapel Healing Group, and International Dance at MIT
1970   Astrological Consulting from 1970 and continuing esoteric astrological research to the present
1970-74 Goddard College, Teaching Fellow in Esoteric Astrology, Medicinal Herb Identification, International Dance

Founding member of Word of Mouth Chorus, which performed medieval and renaissance masses, motets, and American Sacred Harp music — performed throughout Vermont, New England, with four tours to Georgia and back.   Word of Mouth collaborated in many instances with Bread and Puppet Theater in Vermont and on tour
Helped establish Mahasiddha Nyingma Meditation Center in Northampton MA under the auspices of
Dodrup Chen Rinpoche (Sikkim), Gyatrul Rinpoche, Lama Jigtse, and later Tulku Thondup, our present director and mentor
1974-77 Early Sites and Dowsers groups visiting New England pre-colonial sites (Celt-Iberian, Tartessian, Phoenician, Egyptian, etc.)
1977   NEARA Convention — bring carved rock discovery to New England Early Archeological Research Association conference in Castleton VT
1977   Mahasiddha Center Consecration at its new location in Conway MA
Secretary to Robert Thurman for his 10-language dictionary of Buddhist Science,
and his American Institute of Buddhist Studies program at Amherst College
1979-87 Circle Typing — Freelance typing/editing business
1980-91 Mandala Folk Dance Ensemble — perform throughout New England, East Coast, and at Carnegie Hall
Harvard's Loeb Drama Center Opening with Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream to Purcell's opera The Fairy Queen [Elizabeth I] performed by Banchetto Musicale on early instruments (40 performances) and Chorus (bass understudy)
Castle Hill, Summer Early Opera Festivals, Ipswich MA — performances of Dido & Aeneas, Acis and Galatea, Bach Motets, etc.
Sing with Back Bay Chorale,   Ukrainian Liturgical Chorus,   Cecilia Society,   Concentus at Church of the Advent
1984   Mahasiddha Nyingma Temple machine-gunned and burnt to ground by ptsd Vietnam vets, who later help us rebuild
1985   Mahasiddha Nyingma 3rd Temple and Yumkha Tshok Re-Consecration, attended by Hope Cook, Queen of Sikkim
1987-89 Harvard, J.F. Kennedy School, Exec. Asst. to Ambassador Robert Blackwill
In 1987 I was fortunate to be introduced to the Seven Ray Institute at its first conference in Ridgewood NJ.
Thereafter I presented at several annual conferences:
1988   SRI-2 Paramus NJ — Panel on "Cosmo-Psychology and Correspondences" (John Sinclair, Johan Quanjer, Judi Laws, Stephen Pugh)
1988 Begin giving Talks at TS in Boston, starting with Esoteric Buddhism
1989-99 MIT Political Science, Exec. Asst. to Hayward R. Alker, Jr. (International Studies, Social Science, Political History)
1989   Begin Esoteric Astrology and Esoteric Buddhism Talks and presentations at TS;   Weekly Esoteric Astrology & Cosmology Classes begin in 1991, ongoing
1989   SRI-3 Meadowlands NJ — Presentation on "Three Forms of Planetary Motion and Their Interpretive Implications in Esoteric Astrology"
1989-90 SRI gives Workshops and Talks at TS in Boston (Michael Robbins, Keith Bailey)
SRI-5 Pocono Mountains PA — Presentations on "The Esoteric Planetary Constitution: Sirian, Solar, Planetary and Human Taxonomy," "International Dance in its Spiritual Dimension," "Heliocosms: the Soul's Signature in the Astrological Chart"
1992   Harvard Theosophical Union established by Richard Taylor and our TS in Boston Secret Doctrine study group begins
SRI-7 Lincoln Tunnel NJ — Presentations on "Monads, Atoms, Principles and Planes," "The Chakravala System and the Seven Rishis in Buddhist and Vedic Cosmology"

President, Theosophical Society in Boston, supervise two moves, lock financial assets into new building, renovation of new property in Arlington MA by foreman in charge of renovating the U.S.S. Constitution   //   anchor TS program with Secret Doctrine and Cosmic Fire weekly study groups;   Esoteric Healing study group started in 1994 by Kate Rafferty (TS Boston Past President 2004-2008)
SRI-9 Santa Fe NM, concurrent with founding of FCF and IAEA (Intl Academy of Esoteric Astrology) at Abiquiu NM, meetings in April and May;   most vivid memories of Kitchen Mesa and Chimney Rock
1996   IAEA 3rd Meeting at Rancho Santa Fe CA
Shakespeare Oxford Society Conference at LA (Edward de Vere Earl Oxford, Elizabethan Propaganda Minister authorship with his renaissance stable of personal secretaries/writers — John Lyly, Anthony Munday, Thomas Nashe, Robert Greene, etc., helping to maintain and protect theaters from rabid Puritans and Papists)
Oxford Library, help rescue books, establish Library, and clean/catalogue entire library
Two of us organize Blue Boar Society and conference at Harvard University, secure viol consort, and present Venus and Adonis in the Stars
1999-2000   Spiritual Retreat in Montpelier, Vermont
2001   National Braille Press (Exec. Asst.);   Boston Ballet (Payroll)
2001-03 Harvard Law School, Faculty Assistant/ Adult-child Babysitter
2003-06 Temp Job Hell in Vermont and Western Mass
2005-13 Unwitting economic self-exile in Pioneer Valley, W. Massachusetts (aka Dinosaur Valley, Valle Limaces);   forced to get some writing done
2006-2010   Monthly Talks on Esoteric Astrology and Cosmology at TS in Boston (Mar 2006 to 2010 May)
2006-present   Admin. Asst./Webmaster for progressive Nonprofit Public Service org (great colleagues)
2008   SRI-22 Mesa AZ, present book,   Heliocosms - Spiral-Cyclic Placements in the Astrological Chart
2009   SRI-23 Mesa AZ, present   The Venus Diary:   Using the Venus Cycle Heliocosm to Aid the Individual — Spiral-Cyclic Motion in Action
2010   SRI-24 Mesa AZ, present   The Jupiter Key and Diary
SRI-25 Mesa AZ, present   AMERICA:   A Reference Archive of Foundational Events Illustrating America’s Aquarius Soul and Gemini Personality;
SRI-25 Mesa AZ, present   Destiny of the Nations Revisited,   Vol. 1 – Great Britain, France, and Poland
2012   SRI-26 Mesa AZ, present   Mars Heliocosm Transits:   Character & Quality: Self-Possession & Presentation through Conflict & Crisis
2013   SRI-27 Mesa AZ, present   Dzogchen, Sky Flowers & the Light of the Soul
2014   SRI-28 Mesa AZ, present   The Triangle Leo-Scorpio-Capricorn

The Heliocosm Manual
Heliocosm Manual — Brief Synopsis

The Venus Diary:   A Cycle of Soul Opportunity
The Venus Diary — Brief Synopsis

America:   An Astrological Archive of Events
An Astrological Archive of Foundational Events — Brief Synopsis

The Destiny of the Nations Revisited, Vol. 1
Destiny of the Nations Revisited — Brief Synopsis

The Jupiter Diary and Key
Jupiter Diary & Key — Brief Synopsis

Mars Heliocosm Transits
Mars Heliocosm Transits:   Character & Quality:   Self-Possession through Conflict & Crisis — Brief Synopsis

Astrological Consulting Information
Peter Kubaska

Past President, Theosophical Society in Boston (1993-1998)
Personal student of Isabel Hickey (1967-1981)   /   past Astrology Faculty, Goddard College (1970-1974)
Remote student of H.P. Blavatsky, Alice A. Bailey, Nicolas & Helena Roerich
Fan of Dane Rudhyar, Liz Greene, Stephen Forrest