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In the past Piscean Age (c.0-2000 AD, particularly at the Aries/Pisces cusp around 1 AD) signs and constellations coincided.   In the Aquarian Age (c.2177-4400) the Precession Cycle creates two influences, one from the sidereal constellations and one from the tropical signs.   Constellations rule cosmic and solar energy as it affects us directly, but only through the Sun as souls or environmentally.   The Signs related to the seasons (Aries-Libra Equinoxes and Cancer-Capricorn Solstices) govern cosmic influences as they pour through the Sun and condition the planet, directly affecting the Personality or Form aspect and environment.   This is why I utilize dual Const/SIGN names, capitalizing the seasonal Sign since the form and force of the signs tends to condition the constellational energy � just as for the mass of humanity the personality conditions the soul (when it should be the other way round, with the Soul in the driver�s seat), and the Moon or Form is said to condition the Sun.   The energy of the constellations only begins to impact the soul directly after the first initiations of the threshold.   In the Age of Capricorn, for instance, the seasonal sign Pisces will be Cap/PISCES and Aries will be Aqu/ARIES.   In other words, Aries around 4200 AD (500-year transition period) will be conditioned by what we are able to accomplish in the present Aquarian Age.

[ The Esoteric (ESO) articles are meant for students of Theosophy and AAB.   They are not written to �connect the dots� for the public at large.
They use technical language and are meant to suggest lines of thought and to inspire deeper reflection and insight. ]
Please read excerpt "The Ten Stages of Soul Consciousness"

Both Exoteric and Esoteric Astrologers will be dealing for the most part with Stages 5 through 8.
Soul contact �
If the patient is not at the stage in evolution ... where he can contact his own soul, the work of the healer [Esoteric Astrologer] is rendered inevitably futile.   The sphere of action, therefore, of the spiritual healer is strictly limited to those who have faith.   Faith, however, is the "evidence of things not seen" [ the inner world and inner life of the spiritual student �PK ];   that evidence is largely lacking in the majority.   Faith is not wishful thinking or an engineered hope.   It is evidence of a well-grounded conviction. (Esoteric Healing, p. 525)

CAPRICORN / Aquarius
PISCES / Aries
ARIES / Taurus
TAURUS / Gemini

GEMINI / Cancer
LEO / Virgo
VIRGO / Libra
LIBRA / Scorpio
SCORPIO / Sagittarius


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Inspiration:   Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Astrology, and her 24 books on esoteric studies.   NY: Lucis Trust.
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